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Did I Just Levitate?


Back when I was between seven or older when my mother still had custody, my legs were criss crossed, and I was humming for a good five minutes and kept on going before my mother walked through the door. I was attempting to be silly and wasn't aware of what was going to happen, but as soon as she walks into the living room she became surprised as to why I was levitating with my legs crossed, and my hands in a position that I of course don't remember. It was in my childhood so it feels like a long while ago to remember the actions in full detail.

A short while after that my father ended up talking to me about how it's easier to understand the words coming from the person I am talking to if I pay attention to the center of the four head, and he was right, it worked for me at the time. That lead to a new conversation about auras, and I was able to see a yellowish or green color. A color that meant happy, and at sometime I saw it change to read, or pink. My father knew how to open his third eye, and I was able to see what a person looked like when the third eye is open. He got me to focus on how to see the aura and he looked like an angel, and I was not used to seeing things like that so I was acting all funny trying to see if I can feel the aura rather than just seeing it, but seeing it was all it was in the moment, and my reaction along with how I moved made my father laugh.

Sometime after that I was starting middle school, maybe this was before I was in middle school but it was tons of years ago, between the age of twelve or older. My father and I watched a show about a magician, and I of course do not remember what the show was, but I learned this trick from him. And it wasn't a fake trick, my father thought it may have been but I wanted to give it a try. This magician said he needed four people, and the fourth person included himself so he just asked three girls, and pretty much a random choice of people he just saw walking by right? The three of them just watched him and wonder what he's going to do, and the guy closes his eyes, had both arms to his sides, and both legs not parted. He basically stood in the position like he's a tree, and then his feet levitated from the ground when he slowly lifted up his arms. I wanted to test it out, and give it a try to make sure the trick was real, but definitely it looked real and I wanted to make sure of it. We were a family of four at sometime, and so my father, step mother, and my brother surrounded me. I told my father what I was doing, and I think he was aware of it. I did the same instructions according to what I remembered, and he acted as if it required focus as far it looked in that one episode that I've remembered for years. I did the same thing as him as accurately as I could, and I didn't think it would work with me, but I levitated from the ground to, the same as he. The three of them were so surprised, and their jaws dropped. And literally, my brother was screaming "WOAH, that was cool!" and the other two screamed other things similar to that, but more like "WOAH!" I don't remember if they had the words. My father said that day that he didn't know what I was doing even though I tried to be clear and he didn't think I was doing anything serious, or anything that would be humorous, but he was wrong. Sadly he doesn't remember, and he calls it the dead zone, but I will attempt to try it again this year when I can remember, and when he's in a good mood. I couldn't figure out how to levitate slowly back down like the magician I had remembered, so my parents had to catch me from falling on my bottom.

This same trick occurred again at the beginning seven years ago when we first moved, but when my brother and my father and I were with a different family. So at least three spiritual things happened so far in my lifetime.

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