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An Overview Of My Experiences


For an overview this will seem long but my experiences are very detailed and I remember it well. What takes place is through many nights of sleep and over a period of many years. At first I dismissed it as mere dreams. When I researched it I was blown away. I didn't expect to find anyone else going through similar things. Even so, it took me a long time to start believing.

When I was a child, before I ever heard about spirit guides or out of body experiences, I was contacted by a being that only introduced himself as my spirit guide. He wasn't the spirit of a deceased person. He only let me know he was from that realm. I couldn't see him but I could tell he was there and "felt" his words, feelings and intentions. He wanted to teach me to leave my body and the rules of that realm.

At first I couldn't leave my body, probably because of fear. The first time I did, I felt as if there were beings or spirits there that wanted to take advantage of me somehow. That caused fear and made me not be able to control myself while floating. I was "sucked" back into my body. My guide assured me I will be able protect myself as I get stronger.

As time went on I went further and further. Things appeared exactly as they would if I was awake. I felt both good and bad presences. My guide told me not to interfere with any of them and everything would be fine. I could go into some people's houses while others seemed to have some kind of invisible barrier or protection to keep me from entering. I only had to think of a place then it seemed like I would be there. I traveled to different parts of the country. I had the thought of going to a different country but the distance caused me fear. My guide assured me that distance was irrelevant. So I went to a different country. The only thing I knew was those people were Asian. I knew it would be daylight there but it seemed to be always dark in the realm.

Later on I knew distance didn't matter so I had a big curiosity to find heaven. I thought of that and seemed to leave the surface of the earth. I didn't get very far until there seemed to be another invisible barrier. I didn't want to give up. There only seemed to be one place I could go. It was a different planet. It seemed so vibrant with more colors existing. I only sensed good spirits there. Not only could I feel them, I could see them. They were aware of me also. There were many of them. I was floating but they were walking on the ground. I also noticed that was the only place my guide wasn't with me.

That seemed to be my last out of body experience. My spirit guide still contacted me but it was to show me the different paths my life could take. That will be shared in another story.

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