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Around 1986/87 I had a really strange experience of Jesus that at the time seemed totally out of the blue as in unforeseen and inexplicable. I had split up with another in a series of girlfriends and wives that I had been with for the previous twenty years. It was traumatic but not unexpected, but still it was a difficult thing to go through. After things had settled down a little I was working in a house under construction, I was a drywall subcontractor. I was alone at the time when suddenly, and it would be difficult to say just how sudden it was, I experienced what can only be described as a hand reaching into my chest, seizing my heart and physically turning it around. Wrenching it around would be an accurate statement of the suddenness and physicality of the action. Simultaneous with this action I experienced an overwhelming and again physical awareness of being loved. I am not certain which aspect of this was more startling, the turning of the heart or the love. I cannot really describe eithr accurately but the love was truly indescribable. It was like being immersed in it, no experience I had ever had could even come close. At the same time all this happened I knew without question it was Jesus. I literally spent the next six months breaking into spontaneous tears as I worked tbrough the aftereffects of this experience.

I was not a particularly religious person before this, in the sense of church going traditional religion but I had always had a sort of fond regard for Jesus for a good part of my life. Needless to say the experience has significantly changed my life. Oddly although I have explored both traditional and new age churches, I have found that the experience and what I have learned from almost thirty years of exploration in the bible have not made any particular denominational expression of it important. It almost transcends organized religion. I had more experiences, but nothing like this

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