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A Raw Experience, Nothing Held Back


I'll begin by stating some information that may put many people off to the story. For many years, I have had the experience of hearing thoughts which appear to come from an external source.

I have no idea what it could be. I've approached it from a standpoint of psychology, spirituality and everything in-between, in the end it is just a part of my experience of life, and has largely been positive.

Many times offering insight and advice far beyond my own personal wisdom and understanding. The greatest aspiration in my life is seeking an understanding of exactly what life is, who and what we are, an unending curiosity for exploring what this absurdly strange experience is. This is usually the content of exchange with this voice.

Now for the experience, one night while sitting outside staring at the stars, pondering many of these questions and realizing the apparent futility of seeking an understanding of life by pure brute force thought, I was extremely overemotional, deeply sad and begging this voice to show me the 'truth', a truly poor question in hindsight. What happened next is probably the single most intense experience I've ever experienced.

Pure unconditional love, radiating with an intensity that is beyond anything words can describe. Tears instantly fell from my eyes like a waterfall, and during this experience there was also a dim understanding of what I was experiencing, and the only way I can describe it is that this love was the heart beat of the universe.

I was staring at the universe, and found that what was staring back, was myself.

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spiralarray (1 posts)
8 years ago (2012-03-23)
Sounds much like the mayan code of honor In La'kech. It means, I am another yourself. When we truly realize how connected everything is it becomes clear how ONE we really are with everything. Even the stars and space. ❤
TreeToucher (1 stories) (8 posts)
8 years ago (2012-02-16)
Both of the things you write of are fascinating. I can relate to each, in my own fashion; also not of typical experiences/acceptance/understanding. Your encounter with the universe does not shock or surprise me. My thoughts are that we are closest to God, when surrounded by those things in nature, because they are 'pure' and contain the Love of our Creator. I too have been impulsive with my questioning, as many others have unquestionably been. In terms of your hearing thoughts from an outside source; I've had that also. Your experiences sound as though they are much more extensive than mine. I do have my own understanding/belief about what my events are about; of course I may or may not be correct! Anyway, if I can 'share' my most recent one - this happened while I was driving. It was early morning and I was making my long drive to work along rural country roads, and I was praying as I drove. I heard this in my head, "Even unknowingly, you have our blessing". I pulled over in the approaching Village and wrote it down in the record part of my checkbook - for lack of a note pad. I felt that it was very special and I was afraid I would forget the exact wording (obviously it was not sourced from my common vocabulary!). Thank you for your story, I enjoyed it (and appreciated the fact that I could connect with it).
Wishing for you: Friendship, Love, and Health - Treetoucher

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