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James (10 stories) (151 posts)
9 years ago (2011-02-27)

With every passing day I gain a little insight as to what I am doing here. Mostly, right now at least it is to be an ear to others and help them discover "Who They Are."

I have read and re- read your post below many times in the last couple of days and the wonder of who you truly are is not lost on me.

I used the term "Glorious" regarding you a long time ago now and that sentiment is even stronger today than it was then.

You are a Doctor with a sound grounding in science and yet a deep theological insight. You are deeply spiritual, which some will claim is the opposite of what a person of medicine should be.

This tells me you are of an open mind, a free spirit and one at peace at the soul level. You help people not just with your medical training, you touch people at the soul level as well, which is a far greater healing.

"... Heal the Soul and the Physical body will follow..."

Do not be afraid to send your ails my way at the inner most soul level. For I am just continuing the work started by a man 2000 years before. My human brain will probably not comprehend what is happening, at the soul level, well that is a different matter.

May the Source of All continue to guide you and comfort you...

NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
9 years ago (2011-02-21)
Hi James, I of course read this awesome story of yours the same day I commented on other stories. The fact that I did not by now was because I felt it to be beyond my comment - things too high to talk about are to be meditated on in silence... But after reading it I was "egotistical and insolent enough" to try whether something like Telepathy exists and by thought sent a message to your innermost soul, asking it whether you could take over instead of me the old pain in my right side of chest...?
I tell you how I came to that pain, now. But not for you taking it over - this really was a rash idea, throw it off to the junk-bucket - just for you knowing why I had such an idea.
It was about nine years ago when, after having taken some weed I had laid down to dream.
I felt after some time as if someone, or something, wanted to force me to give up my medical profession, with arguments like "it is useful only for your ego" which I then still took for serious - now I know it is nonsensical to talk people out of their useful jobs for rejecting them to get some acknowledgement because of that superstitious fear of "too much Ego".
I reacted to the psychic attack, if it was one and not just a delusion, with taking all my will together and saying, just by thought but "thinking it as loudly as possible": "NOPE! I WILL REMAIN A DOC!"
At the same moment a severe pain went through my right side, near the place where the gall-bladder is, but still in the thoracic part of body, not in the side of abdomen - it was exactly where the flank-wound of Jesus would have been. It was so intense that I would have been fainting or at least screaming with it if there had not been the sedative mary jane circling in my blood.
Since that time I was never free from pain or at least discomfort in this region and although it kept me from soul-flying in spite of all my trials most of the time until now, its effect was mostly a positive one, for it made me a Wounded Healer, humbly open for the patients and not above them,
And it also as I suppose kept my mind sane in spite of doping. It tied my feet to the ground by force, no matter how I longed for taking off... Thus I was never off ground in situations where it would have been risky to my reputation.
Thus I still am a doc - although I still am fond of weed. Otherwise I'd have probably gotten the negative attention of German medical authorities and lost my license.
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
9 years ago (2011-02-21)

I had not thought of lloking in that direction, however NaturalScience has brought up St. Francis in the past so perhaps I should have a look.

I know the changes have already started physically as my body is beginning to go through another cellular detox.

By the way I enjoyed your posted experience, please keep them coming!

JosephRex (1 stories) (8 posts)
9 years ago (2011-02-21)
James, are you familiar with the story of St. Francis receiving the stigmata? The five wounds of Christ from the cross appeared on his body. They bled regularly and were painful. He accepted this gratefully as a blessing. There seems to be a similarity to what is happening to you. Perhaps it's going in this direction, step at a time.
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
9 years ago (2011-02-20)

I was sure of a few things previously regarding my "journey" or so I thought I was. I do know for certain it is not my leaving of the physical world that will take place.

My time here has not been fullfilled yet and I have more work to do, or so I have been told.

"my hour" has to do with the glory of the Divine and working within that here on earth with God's children, my brethren.

I once said there is much about me that I am not letting-on about and that is as it should be for now. However at some point my actions will show my faith to God and Jesus.

How much more work I am not sure, I was told yesterday that this coming year will be a difficulty one at times for me physically as my body will be undergoing, physical, emotional and spiritual changes. I thought I had that all behind me but I guess I was mistaken.

We will just have to see where the road takes US from here, for we are completing this journey AS ONE.

So stand-by to stand-by is the expression I believe and let's see what happens...

"...My Peace I leave you..."

IwanttoHelp (32 posts)
9 years ago (2011-02-19)
A beautiful story James, but what is going to happen, will you leave this world? Is that what it means?
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
9 years ago (2011-02-18)

You are a beautiful Friend in God indeed, let us know how it went for you and if you had any sensations.

The fact that I couldn't move any extremety was a little daunting to say the least, downright scarry at first. Absolutly no energy what-so-ever to move an arm or a leg, it was as if being pinned (bad choice of word sorry!) to the one spot.

This was the first step in my journey, if the rest of the journey is as wonderful as this experience I can't wait to see what happens

"...My Peace I leave you..."

gysyblue (2 stories) (80 posts)
9 years ago (2011-02-18)
James, I have goosebumps from head to toe. I will try this! Thank-you God for James! I feel all different emotions enveloped into one, when I read, and feel somewhat of your experience. It's so incredible, it's almost too much, but too much in a magnificent way. James, you are a beautiful soul. Can't wait to try this.

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