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Darkbutgood (1 posts)
7 years ago (2013-07-05)
Hi my name is colton. My story is from the age of 12 of which I am writing now. So I was at a 4th of july festival and everything was going great until about 10:30 p.m. So I was with my girlfriend and her other friend when she started acting weird. She went over to this railing and started playing with this chain. We decided to leave her alone for a while and when we came back she was gone. We were looking for a while and the fireworks started at 11:00 and it was about 10:55 so we went over to the fireworks. And then she came up to us and said she needed to show us something. So we went over to this baseball field and carved in the dirt was a symbol of power. It was the Triquetra well the person who was named jade said she went unconscious over where the chain was and woke up here. I completely believe her because she isn't one to lie. After some investigating jade told us that the fourth of july was also the revelution of the demon uprising. I also had an illusion of a scaly dog looking creature walk up to the triquetra and then it was gone. After looking closely at that spot we found lizard tracks. I live in belgium so your not going to find lizard tracks there. So if you don't know what the triquetra is it is a symbol drawn into the ground and you have to have a creature of the light, dark, and neutral. We suspect the light and dark creatures were floating and the lizard was the neutral. E had to leave shortly after that and I didn't have a camera with me so we couldn't investigate for very long. We also think jade was possesed and drew the symbol without her memory.
Shan (1 posts)
8 years ago (2013-04-14)
To the user "old". You are neither demon or angel but are simply a strong spiritual energy. Whatever path you choose to take with that is what will determine your spiritual karma
roosta18 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2013-02-05)
my name is josh and I am 18 years old. When I was a young boy I was always able to see and talk to spirits. About a year ago I was laying in bed next to my girlfriend and I felt a cool breeze come over my body. I got up and looked by my door and saw a little boy. He asked if he could sta ywith me and asked if I would protect him from the dark one. I willingly said sure. 2 days later I saw 2 hands at the top of my closet door and a part of a face coming out. I got up and turned the light on but nothing was there except for smudge marks from hands. A day after that I felt another pressence when I was about to fall asleep and I got up to turn the light on. The kid was gone. There was 3 small scratch marks on my chest and a big hand print on my shoulder.
cvmeline (1 posts)
8 years ago (2012-10-30)
My name is Cole and I too suffer from demons. A little about me is I started getting into satanism when I was 15. Really into it when I was 19 and doing lots of meth. I was in jail trying to figure out why I had all this confusion and chaos in my life and one night I witnessed the devil and a couple of demons come to me to claim my soul for I sold it for temporary solutions. That night I prayed and prayed for forgiveness from God. And when the sun rose that morning the chaos stopped. I started to go to church and NA meetings for the support to get off drugs. I still had occurances for a while, but it did get better. I had to change the music I listened to which now all I listen to is christian, stopped doing drugs, bible studys, and church. The key point is to not give up no matter what. If your really desperate like you say you are, I recomend doind ALL of these things. And PRAY PRAY PRAY. Even when you feel like hes not there. PRAY and get people to pray for you, because I promise you one day you will realize that He has been there all along and everything will make sense. Its very scary stuff, but you WILL make it if you don't give up and keep fighting. NO MATTER WHAT, because Jesus saves.
Onawingandaprayer (30 posts)
8 years ago (2012-06-25)

Within our mind we have the greatest tool for creation we could ever possess, yet it works in many ways. Dude someone got hold of you as a kid and it had never let go and now fear is so deeply rooted within you that it may never leave, if you choose that it to be so.

I won't claim to fully understand what you have gone through simply because I don't believe in demons or anything of that nature. I have not allowed myself to think they are real, so to me they are not and have not manifested as such.

However one cannot push aside the fact that SSSSSOOOOO many people believe they are real.

Fear is one of the greatest destructive forces that we possess within us, it will literally destroy you in the end. It can block all sense of worth, create situations within that we feel will kill us, literally and figuratively.

Your Dad died in an accident, that is exactly what it was Dude AN ACCIDENT, you didn't cause it or create it. They beat the snot put of you that is very real and a sad fact of them being cowards and fearful in their own right, you got the blunt and sad end of their fears.

You can move forward but it requires courage and removing fear of the Dark Cloak. The Dark Cloak dude can do nothing to you, have you noticed how he only comes when you dream, when you are vulnerable to suggestion and maybe it is reality and maybe it isn't period of the day.

"...God doesn't love me..." take that crock of crap out of your head right away and understand that God doesn't stop the nightmares alone, he works with you to stop them, notice I said WITH YOU.

A learned a phrase from someone very near and dear to me. The son of another friend was having trouble with demons. He simply asked that the following phrase be passed along when the demons came calling:

Stare the S.O.B in the face, smile or even laugh at loud the following... " I BELONG TO GOD AND YOU CAN NO LONGER TOUCH ME, BOTHER ME OR INFLUENCE ME"

Just added the last 4 words for you as this is applicable here. I asked my freind a few days later how it went and she said her son said those words and "poof" the demons vanished and have never returned.

Now Mr Dark Cloak seems persistent, but just keep smiling at him, laugh in his face and so those words. He may threaten, curse, snarl or even try to harm you physically, but you will awake and nothing has happened to you. Do this until he no longer comes to you, then see you true nature and relationship to God.

You have no need to worry about whether you have been "saved" or not, you already have been, we all have, we all just have to forgive ourselves and realize that.

Are you worried about going to heaven or hell, don't be, look within yo the answers are all there and once you rediscover your relationship with God and who you truly are you will realize you have already discovered YOUR place in heaven.

The road ahead is not an easy one, you have years of internal and external abuse to get through, make no mistake though, you are not and never have been without the love of God. You have had to travel a road that has been laid out in front of you, for some it is a road of riches for some a path of terror. Yet in the end the clouds of fear clear and the journey becomes much clearer and certain, you just have to BELIEVE. Believe in God, believe inYOURSELF, trust that the answers you seek are found deep within...

Not one person in this world can truly explain the what and why of your experience, most myself included, can only provide a little insight, it is within you to end all this you just need to find the courage to tell Mr Dark Cloak to finally get lost and never come back. When you can do that you will be on your way to healing yourself.

Let no one tell you all was your fault, that is BS, sadly you have been the victem of others fears; your fathers, birth mother and your own inner "demons"

Before you take that final step into oblivion, look deeply within and ask for help if you can muster the courage to do so, only this time really ask for it. Let the Divine within know you are finally ready to let go of your fears, let go of the past and start living NOW.

It isn't about saying Hail Mary's, or praying for forgiveness, you have been forgiven a long time ago, you must develop the strength to say " no more"

I wish you all the blessing of the Divine that is within you, rediscover it and move forward my friend. You are a miracle of God, whether you see it or not, I see it as clear as the sun shines on my face, now it is time for you to see it as well...

Namaste my wonderful friend

Cm7891 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2012-06-22)
Oh man I thought I was going crazy! Ever since I was about 4 years old, I have seen, talked to, touched, been physically hurt and tormented by the dark cloaked, long pointy fingernails, Sharp teeth, monster. He was bald and had a pointy nose but no eyes. And as I still get older the more he uh wants me to give up.
First time I saw him was the night my parents got divorced when I was 4 and my dad beat me unconscious. I was dreaming and I remember he never scared me, he just said, "when you wake up, I got something for you." And he walked away. When I woke up my room was dark, except for my blue nightlight, which was red this time, I could see him. Again I wasn't scared at all. He came over to me and told me that my mom and dad weren't my real parents but my real ones gave me up because they didn't want me. That upset me and I layer down and went to sleep and asked my mom the next day why my real parents didn't want me and she accused my dad of telling me that, later that day he hit a truck headon with his motorcycle and the the dark cloak came back and said I killed one of the only people who loved me and I should just give up. Then he was gone. He tormented me in my dreams, reality, embarrass me torment me nonstop until my mom met my steodad, when I was 9. Who also started to beat me to a pulp as they said I Do. He would do it every night like clockwork, come home from work, get drunk and beat me up, everyday until I was 14 and I saw him hit my mother and I broke a chair over his back. Once the beatings stopped Dark Cloak was back. It's making me cry. Cry right now just thinking about he showed up. I was trying to go to sleep and my blankets flew off and he layer on top of me face to face, smiling and laughing this, I can't even explain the laugh, it gave me the feeling of complete hopelessness and unhappiness. I was calling for my mom and crying so hard, when one bad thing ended another sing started. He was in my presence for a complete year, nonstop, my mom thought I was schizophrenic because he wouldn't let me sleep, he wouldn't allow me to eat, he would tell me talk to him with others around, and just stare at him during dinner. One night my mom asked who I was staring at and I told her "the same stupid f* [at] # who told me I was adopted, and oh yeah thanks for letting me know my birth c*$t drank with me all nine months because she couldn't get an abortion." She left and the next day she asked how I found that out and I laughed and said "f***in Jesus told me and he says your a B***h" right after I said that Dark Cloak said I was almost ready and he was gone. I got saved
Shortly after or so I thought until he came in my
Dreams again. Then I started using drugs, drinking,
Fighting, sex, both sexes, even though I was completely straight,
Getting in horrible fights, stealing cars. What was the
Point? My birth mother tried to kill me, mom didn't
Seem to love me, got beaten up by both dads until I
Killed one and forced the other one to stop, and oh
Yeah god didn't live me. And during that time I was
Not seeing the guy, no dreams, nothing. Then when I
Turned 18 and joined the military he came back, but
He was different, now he had eyes, white eyes. He occasionally showed up until I got stationed on the USS NIMITZ, I tried carving up my wrists with a knife, I was trying tp do a good thing amd turning my life around and I couldn't. He left me alone while I got my degree but I signed up for the Army a few months ago and he's saying I need to give in hes given me long enough time. Am I completely helpless am I never going to be on. Jesus good side, I live by myself now and I'm on the verge of just overdosing, I can't deal with it anymore, has he been grooming me for something bad? Any advice please. Cm7891 [at] gmail.
Whats he want? Why me? Can I be saved? I'm Freaking because I'm going to. Hell
Rico (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-02)
My turn, I'm 24 now. This happened when I was 8 to 12 not sure when. I don't remember my past all that well but something like this... Was rather hard to forget. I've told myself it was a dream or super savage imagination but, something I saw on the news got me thinking. How the individual in the news talked about the demons moving mouth. I don't know if it was a demon or what kind of spirit or energy but it was a see through dark shadow with no human shape just a outline shadow. No arms or any other body part I could see. Only its eyes and mouth which where not human. They weren't even eyes or a mouth. Just a different kind of shadow. Two different color of shadow. Dark and not as dark and the eyes didn't move but the mouth piece on it did and it wasn't a mouth like you or I. Could and did open up wider and the shape was jagged. I was tossing and turning in bed and what I do when I can't sleep is I open my eyes to see how heavy they are. Haven't don't it since that night lol. It was in my bedroom and the thing was just a few inches from my face paralell to my body. I member the voice and that it was a language that I had never heard of before or since. As soon as I can I plan on getting hypnotized or put under some sort of trance so I can find out what it said. I can and should have written down word for word what it said but I tried telling myself it wasn't real for such a long time. The voice was deep and raspy and not what I would call human either... I'm not on here trying to get someone to believe me or to tell me what it was. I know I need to find out what it said to me. Had a "male" voice but I still call it an it. I just thought maybe someone would like to hear... Read this. What if the language is one of them old dead ones huh... Ohh yeah, beast status and not like 666 beast I mean like animal, savage status. I hope when I found out what it said it is something important or relevant and not something I should have heard years ago haha anyways. I send positive vibrations to all who read this. It's long I know, sorry haha but I'm not just going to say. Something spoke to me and done. This is meaningful to me. I was scared then but now I'm just angry at myself and curious. Wish me luck people!
maxdreams (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-02-09)
Wow! I had this exact dream last night. To the detail of arms opened as if it was going to get me. It woke me and I heard myself wimpering and made myself wake all the way up so I would not slip back into this dream.

I turned and saw an average height figure standing next to my bed. It was dressed as if in a black grim reaper costume complete with a hood over its head and wearing black gloves. It seemed to be saying to me, "is this what you wanted to see?" as it spread its hands horizontally.
I have begun having these types of episoded for the past couple of months now and never had them in my life. It is making me afraid to go to sleep at night.
What is going on? I am a very healthy person, exercise, eat a vegan diet... Sooooo what the heck? This is out of the blue and it is freaking me out. 😢
MarcyBatman (1 posts)
10 years ago (2011-04-03)
Hello, My Name Is Marcy!
And Like I Had The Smiler Story as you guys.
But Am Not Religions Like You Guys.
But I DO Believe In God!
Any Who,
It All Started When I Was About 5 or 6 (Am Not Sure) But I Know it Was SomeWhere Around There. Well It Was A Normal Night Until I Had Woken Up. I Looked Up Where I Was Laying Down And I See A Ghosts. On One Side The Ghost Where Coming In And From The Wall Above Me. And The Other Part The Other Ghost Were Leave Thu The Wall.
I Was Sleeping With My Mom. She Was Sleeping One My Right Side. Her Arms Were Spread Out. The Left Arm Was Under My Head But The WEIRD PART WAS THAT HER BODY SEEMED LIKE JESUS HIMSELF ON HIS CROSS!
Do I Explain My Self?
I Tired To Wake Her But She Didnt Seem To Respond. I Sat Up And Looked In Front Of Me And I Saw... If I May Say The Gremreper!
I Saw Was A Man All Black, Black Hood On, Reading A Book, Had Long Sharp Nails, He Was Sitting On A rocking Chair Rocking Back And Froth. I Had Never Seen A Rocking Chair In My Moms Room OR A Book Shelf With Book.
I Was Confused And Said Hello?
The Thing Looked At Me While Moving His Sharp Nails. He Didnt Do Anything. I Went Back On My Back. I Tired To Move My Mom But Nothing. So I Cover My Face And Tired To Fall Asleep. The Next Morning I Woke Up And I Saw My Mom Opening The Cretins Like Nothing Happen. I Looked In Front Of Me And Their Was No rocking Chair No Book Shelf.
I Though It Was All A Dream.
Sometimes I Might Hear My Name Or Sometimes I Glance And See Someone Standing And I Look Again And Nothing!
Now Am 15 1/2
And I Want To Know That Does This Mean?
I Want To Know Why Was My Mom In A Cross And Why Did I See A Black Figure In A Rocking Chair!?

If Any Answers Or Questions
Please Write Me In My E-Mail
G.marcy [at]

Thank You,
mindalindalou (1 posts)
10 years ago (2011-01-04)
My Dear Candice,
I want to share with you my personal experience so that you may know you are not alone. I myself have suffered and overcame affliction from the deamons by jesus christ and God Almighty! Praise upon their behalf. I have always been very spiritual, as long as I can remember, and been afflicted by satan through others. At an age where I was away from the vessels of his destruction I started having a "visitor" in my words "the shadow man" I have received testimony of others seeing my shadow man who would be angry for not being able to find me when I would switch foster homes. I thought it was a manifest of fear, and didn't realize he was a real thing. I have spent many years moving to and fro in order to avoid him. This last time I moved I started having questions from my past. The shadow man had not found me as of yet. Ignorantly, I contacted a Clairvoyant. After I received the first email, I had realized what a poor decision I had made. I did not contact her back and awoke one night with the "shadow man" standing at the foot of my bed scanning my thoughts. The next day I logged onto my email and found that she knew things that was not for her to know, by the power of the evil and violent ones. I had contacted her and she sent him right back into my life. I told her to NEVER contact me again and left it at that. For months I was tormented, as I had been before. Talked to my family about this furious shadow. Whos face I could not see. The blackest black. Pacing within my house and threatening my safety. My sister pointed me to a pastor whom I desperately needed to help to reassure me in the lord, and that I had been trying to resolve something that only the Lord can handle. After my realization in the truth I sought the Lord in my tribulation, and he sent me a dream. Which said "talk to Josh and Michael" immediately as I awoke I connected the book of Joshua and the Ark Angel Michael, whom the Lord sent to Joshua. The comforting words given to Joshua from the Lord, delivered by Michael were this Joshua 1:9 "Have I Not Commanded Thee? Be strong and of good courage; Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: For the Lord thy God is with thee Witherso-ever thou goest." Amen. At first they may not seem to be threatening, but do not entertain the devils. If you have further troubles know that the Lord God can give you back your freedom from oppression.

God Bless you, and keep you. In Jesus Christ, Amen
Love, Melinda
nit (guest)
10 years ago (2010-05-02)
When I was around 6or7 I seen a skeleton in my mums wardrobe mirror we had been out for the evening to my grandmothers an went straight upstairs I don't remember telling my mum or being frightened I also have seen what I remember as a man in a black suite with a bowl hat and when I screamed out to my friend he disappeared I was 17 at that time not so long ago this was only about 6 months ago I seen the grim reaper I don't follow god to the same way as all above so can you help me and tell me as to why I have had these experiences thank you
Pan (guest)
11 years ago (2010-04-23)
Ive had a very similar experience. Imagine seeing two glowing luminescent eyes in the woods staring at you for 30 minutes, then running away and never seeing the beast again? I was only 17 then 20 now but perhaps this "demon" was a figment of our imagination, something extremely deceiving and demonic. It wouldn't be smart to trust such a thing, for such a thing could drive you crazy and be blasphemy to our God Jesus Christ. Just know you can see the demons deep within whereever you go and move, but they won't be able to see you as you are a herme or hermit within. Their powerless to your good, and although they may show themselves and try to haunt you, your protected by the light and the art of fearlessness...
dm (guest)
11 years ago (2010-04-22)
I have and still have incidents such as all you all have described. When I first became a born again believer in JESUS I had a lot supernatural stuff happen hearing voices seeing feelin even phone calls calling out my name. I knew they were evil presence. I learned that there is power in the name of Jesus. Every evil demonwill flee. Also for more comfort open your bible start
Reading scriptures and this will give you sweet peace from JESUS. Believe the bible it works. So next time we all have evil presence come at us let
Us call out In the Name of JESUS flee. Believe me they flee. This is my favoirte scripture I memorized Psalm 34:7 "The angel of the LORD encamps all around those who fear him, and delivers them.
Guinevere (guest)
11 years ago (2010-04-21)
I stumbled upon this site tonight to read about all of your experiences due to the fact that I have had many terrible experiences with this type of phenomena. But just a couple of nights ago my little sister told me she had a nightmare about these four cloaked figures. One of which spoke to her and seemed to have no face and no hands really, just claws/long fingers. She said in her dream the figures stood outside nearby where my Fathers room window is. This is an area where I sense a lot of strange and uncomfortable presences. So this already made me very uneasy. On top of that, the creature she described was very similar to that of the figure that my brother had seen standing over my father when he was very sick (he had been possessed by a demonic entity.) So yeah, if anyone can help me I would very much appreciate it and you may contact me at in_fin_it_e8 [at] I am very scared right now and could use some guidance or advice.
Frankie (guest)
11 years ago (2010-03-25)
For the past 5 years or so I have experienced unusual, perhaps demonic behavior, but it was not until last night had I experienced the worst behavior. It was around 4 am and I was just about to fall asleep until I felt a presence, as though the room was becoming heavy. I was laying on my right side and began to feel weight on my left arm and then the rest of my body. At this point I felt nothing but dreadful emotions all at once; it was as though all of the happiness and purity was sucked out of the room. I tried to move but was unable to. After struggling for about 30 seconds I was released. I whipped myself up and standing right in front of me was a figure cloaked in what looked like a grim reaper. Despite the darkness it was detailed. It had a sickly pale face and seemed to be bald under the hood. It stared at me with a sharp grin and dashed towards me until he was face to face and then vanished. Today I was speaking with my roommate about what had occurred and only mentioned that a demon was present. Before I could explain in detail, he described the exact demon to me. Before he went to bed he encountered it but it was not as aggressive. God bless
Kc (guest)
11 years ago (2010-03-23)
I have a story similar to the ones above, but my encounter was with Satan himself. One day I was on my way to school and it was about 6:30 in the morning and nearly completely dark out. I myself am a very religius person and I believe in God but I wanted to see something. So I began to "call out" Satan, calling him a coward and other names and asking him if he was afraid and saying he was nothing to god. So I told him to show himself to me. On my bus on the way to school we drive by a fairly large stream, and on that morning after saying that stuff we went by the stream. As we went past I saw a black figure halfway in the water. It had no apparent face but it was as if it was staring at me intently through the window. Before we completely passed the figure pulled itself straight down under the surface of the water. When I asked Around the bus nobody said they were paying attention to the stream as we passed. I believe this figure was Satan himself. I advise that nobody attempts to call or summon any type of demonic figure, if you do you are to be prepared for the consequences.
TheBlackSheep (guest)
11 years ago (2010-03-10)
As interesting as your situation sounded, I must say that this is an area that you DO NOT want to wander into. I just had a rude awakening tonight and is the reason I am up and on the computer. When I was a kid I went to church every Sunday and Wednesday. I was completely devoted to God. One day a friend and I decided that we wanted to see what the "other side" was like. We started really looking into witchcraft and satanism and found that it was a bit more fun. Well, just like you, our curiosity got us into a lot of trouble. Although this was a very short lived period in our lives, the things that followed weren't. Until I was 22 and decided that I had enough I saw, heard and experienced the worst things imaginable. See, I have always had a prophetic gift of sorts. After this little en devour at the age of 13 I started hearing voices. Voices that were speaking in a type of language that I could never describe but somehow I understood. They would tell me things about other people (dead accurate might I add) and they would tell and suggest other things as well. Then I started seeing daemons EVERYWHERE. For years I was in a constant state of fear and in a constant state of knowing. These things were also aware that I knew that they were there. The stories I have are long so I won't go into great detail but I will give you an idea.
There were at one point 12 demons that had attached themselves to me. For months they were there taunting me and just doing things to scare me away from God. For instance, my unplugged TV had a energy surge in the middle of the night. It was blinding bright white. I remember punching the TV out of fear. Another time one of these demons attacked my sister in the middle of church. For hours it had control of her. It stared at me the entire time. Her pupils were so large that you couldn't see the color of her eyes. And it kept staring at me. I later found out that this demon was staring at me for comfort. I was reason it was there. Another time one tried to attack my unborn daughter over a deck of tarot cards. By the way, I tried to burn that night but was unsuccessful. Not because I didn't use the entire bottle of lighter fluid, or the wrong fire. It was one of the odder things I have seen. They just wouldn't burn. I ended up taking them to the dumpster.
My point of all this is. You don't need confirmation from a demon to know that God is real. Take it by faith and take what he gives you and be grateful for that. Trust me if no one else. Opening the door to your house to demons is a door you will find is much heavier to close than to open. Although you have power over them, they will not go quietly. There will be a fight. Mine lasted 9 years.
"You know the oven bakes cakes. Why bake yourself to prove it?"
Kelcy (guest)
11 years ago (2010-02-17)
I've had experiences like this too. I'm a firm believer in God and Jesus Christ and have been since I was 13. I started having what I thought were hallucinations caused by a mental condition. However, my hallucinations were always negative and scary. I recently started having seizures. After almost every major seizure, I start seeing things. The shadows take over the room, like a darkness or an evil presence is taking over the room. I see figures dressed in black robes as well, and, while mine do have a face, it's not a detailed face. It's more like the shape of a face but no mouth or anything. Sometimes, though, I'll see the figures eyes, and they glow red like fire. Sometimes, they just stand there. But sometimes they motion to me to come over to them. I'm always afraid to move because I don't want the evil thing to come into me and possess me. However, I had a friend who prayed over me and told me to say, "In the name of Jesus Christ, I demand you leave this room and leave me alone." Say it with authority. Then I closed my eyes. When I opened them, the shadows had receded to where they were supposed to be. The figure was still there but now there was another presence. It was a white figure glowing brilliantly with it's hand in front of the figure making sure it didn't come towards me. God had sent a guardian angel to protect my roommate and I from the demon. There were also angels hovering over both our beds so that they could watch us and protect us while we slept. Demons even hate hearing the name of Jesus so start praying, reading scripture, or something of that nature and the demon will probably go away.
paula (guest)
11 years ago (2010-01-30)
yes. Tonight or early this morning around 5 am I was having o.b.e I could open my eyes but couldn't move or talk. Next to my bed cloaked in black was a figure in a hood and robe and everything. I felt it's dark power holding me down. I tried to scream but I breathed no voice. I tried to move and with every fierce struggle I was able to wriggle out of the o.b.e eventually. And I'd look and would only see the dark of my room. But every time I lay back down the o.b.e hits me instantly and I see the demon again. About the third time around I saw it, it had what looked like an arm held up high as if to come down on me or something. It horrified me because I was completely defensless. Finally at 6 30 am I decided to turn on all my lights and stay up. I wish someone could tell me what is going on... If anyone does know please email me at kiamaru [at] thank you
Zecheriah (guest)
11 years ago (2010-01-29)
If you are having problems with demons at night, go to bed with worship music on, true worship music, not this contporary Jeremy cp like crap, I mean stuff from the 80s and 90s that has true spiritual power and sings about truth and scripture and praises the lord. Satan hates true worship music. If you have a sin in your life you are willingly choosing to do of any kind, that gives a demon a spiritual right to torment you. Repent of that sin and put your faith in Christ. Pornography, any and all forms of witchcraft or manipulating people through intimidation or emotions, lust, etc, will give them power in your life. Remember those who are ccalled will be persecuted but that should make you run to the lord even more. Shalom my brothers and sisters. I don't know who this is for, but god brought you to this blog to read this message: YOU ARE NOT ALONE, CHRIST IS WITH YOU, and so are all of your spiritual brothers and sisters throughout the world. The lord will send a friend your way to fellowship with. Praise Jesus Christ, amen.

I wrote this on an iPhone so please forgive Any typos.

petrified (guest)
11 years ago (2009-12-07)
i actually heard a demon over the walkie-talkie at work a few months ago. It was one or two days after I went downtown and had a very long conversation about God and Jesus Christ and starting to gain a momentum in my faith for the Lord. Not to mention while I was talking to the evangelist a was pulled aside and tempted by a girl I have never even met to go to a bar down the street with her and she said my name was john... Which its not. The evangelist said that was the devil... It was enlightening to an extreme. Then a day or two afterward out of nowhere I hear this CREEPY, DISTURBING, AWFUL wailing of something that no human could EVER make, when I heard it I just froze in terror and chills went up my spine, I couldn't move. And this wasn't like some weird sound that a human would attempt to make... This was the most CREEPY noise I have ever heard in my entire life, scarier than any other movie or anything like that I have seen. The spiritual world is real and the devil will do ANYTHING to pull you away from Jesus Christ. Dont think about materialism... Think about Jesus, he's what matters, nothing else really.
phillip (guest)
11 years ago (2009-12-01)
HI. I have had the same thing happen to me, three times. When it first happen I was out side on the phone with my friend. Across the street I saw, want appear to look like a man but he was in all black (just like you saw). Why'll talking I told my friend about this guy and right when I said what I was my phone began to have a stack noise. I thought someone was going on-line (back then we had dial up). So I went inside and found that everyone was sleeping. It was about 9:30pm. So I told my friend what was going on and right then I looked across the street and saw that "man" and the phone stop making that noise and then he was gone. I was scared so I huge up the phone and went to sleep. That happen about 2006-2007.

In 2008 I was in the house all alone, well I had three little dogs. Out of no where I felt sacred again like that night when I first saw him. My dog was barking at my kitchen where I thought the demon was at. I could feel him looking at me, so I try to talk to him but nothing.

This year (2009) God has giving my the gift to see dreams but not just any dreams. Dreams about the TIME. The third time I felt this demon was in the dream. In my dream I was at church and at the end of my dream I felt him around me. Where I was at was full with light and still I couldn't see him. I was so scared In the dream, just like really life. When I woke up I was more scared because "HE" made it in my dreams.

I haven't felt him around much but I know he is there. Right now I am 18 and a Kids church teacher. I believe this "Demon" or what ever it is is following those how God is really calling. Is God calling you? What are you doing for HIM? Just want to know. I hope that was the only time you seen "IT". Be strong and GOD BLESS.

P.s If you want to fine me I'm on facebook. Name in Phillip Ortiz.
Arnold (guest)
11 years ago (2009-11-07)
hey I had a few visits as a kid from devils, when I was about 6 or 7 years old I was sleeping on a bed on the ground in my aunty and uncles room, when in the middle of the night I had this fearful feeling and as I was laying on the ground I quickly jumped up in between my aunty and uncle and I jumped under there blanket between them and kept looking at the end of the bed... As I listened there was a toy truck under the bed and all of a sudden I heard the toy truck driving under the bed and it drove out at the end of the bed then stoped... There was a dead silence, but out of no-were this white figure appeared. What I saw I never forget. It had big white wings, massive head and the eyes were as big as your two fist put together, the eyes were blacker than the night sky and no feet just floating lookin me into my eyes and skinny arms but with extremely long sharp fingernails... I tried to wake my ralatives up but they couldn't even hear me. I looked under the blanket and saw all these green eyes. That thing was still there just floating. Then it flew in the closet, then my uncle got up and just said do you want a cup of milk, I said yes then he turned on the light and it was one of those light switches you can dim the light, as my uncle went to the fridge the light started to go dark, then my uncle came in and gave me the drink... He turned the light off and went back to sleep, then it came back out... It stared at me again and I was screaming but no-one could hear me, it flew out the window and my uncle got up and turned the light on again. He went to get another drink for me, so that thing was running his sharp fingers along the window. My uncle came in and turned the light off and went to sleep again. So it flew back in and stared at me again. I put my head under the blanket and as I had a look to see if it was there... Wow it was right there in my face and flew behind the bed, then I didn't see it again then I fell asleep.

Two or three days after that, I went to bed in my room, my bed was next the window... Man I'm sick of windows aye. So as I was ready to go to bed, all the dogs in the street started barking than a silence... I looked around than all of a sudden this dark greyish thing that looked just like the white one put his head through the window and smashed it... He looked straight at me and gave me this evil smile showing his sharp teeth, then something just grabbed it and through it back out the window, something grabbed that ugly thing so fast. It was like something pulled it back lightning fast, then it was gone.

I had some wild things happen to me as I was a child. But I'm 22yrs old and I gave my heart to the lord when I was 16 or 17yrs old, I backslidin hear and there but I'm back with the lord now. I said to the lord I will never turn away ever again, and just recently I had a spiritual attack and I felt like I was goin to die, but thank you jesus I'm saved and you know what I have: authority over satan and his devils now, but just recently a few weeks ago my brother died and you know what? Let me encourage you on what I said to god... I said jesus no matter how I feel or what happens in the natural or spiritual I will never give up on you father no matter what! Brothers and sisters no matter what happens in your life remember jesus has your hand, hes standing on water hold your hand wether you sink back he will pull you back up. He is as real as real. He IS THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, I THANK YOU JESUS FOR YOUR BLOOD AND FOR SAVING ME... THANK YOU MY KING.

Honesty811 (guest)
11 years ago (2009-11-02)
I have had many experiences through my life with seeing and hearing. When I was 20 I used to see a dark figure shadow at the end of my bed and at first I used think it was my imagination in what I was seeing. I was a believer in Jesus at that time and recently gave my life to God in the pit of my despair. Also when iwas a young teen I had seen a dark shadow walking into my brother's room. They never seem to have a face to me either. We are cast out this figures in the Blood of Jesus. Whatever never let it fear you, because if you do then they can enter in and make there home. Satan knows what little time he has and his agenda for Christians is to put fear in God children. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
old (guest)
11 years ago (2009-10-24)
this is going to sound strange, but I don't believe I am human. I think I may be an angel or a demon but I am not quite sure which, I influence lives too an extreme doing little and have been told I have a prescense to others. God talks to me in many ways but I have spoken to demons conversational and they do not threaten me just talk, they ask about my life how it is and I ask about there's, they are almost like old friends. But I have never spoken to an angel or felt them near. Anyone input anything?
Darien (4 posts)
11 years ago (2009-09-04)
To Psalm 96 v 2,

I think that you would find the book "Prayers that Rout Demons" By John Eckhardt very helpful. It contains scripture for every circumstance which is essential in successful spiritual warfare. As you remember, Jesus responded to Satan with scripture, calling it the sword.

Here's to being a doer of the word and not a hearer only, God Bless you,
Darien (4 posts)
11 years ago (2009-09-04)
Hi Candace,

I have a feeling that there are many people who have had your experience. These beings or demons are very real and capable of presenting themselves in many different forms even as "Angels of Light". They gain entrance through so called "harmless" activities and curiosities, such as Ouji Boards, fortune telling and other "spiritual" activities as well as other avenues. We are capable of closing these doors through the asking of forgiveness (for opening them to begin with) and rebuking the demonic presence in Jesus' name.

Yes, I have had similar experiences to yours as a child, unfortunately. My father, a practicing christian, became curious at one point about the power of demons. He began calling on them to show themselves. He got his questions answered but was sorry he had asked. Our family was harassed, attacked and terrified by these beings night and day for years. Our church did not teach spiritual warfare. As an adult I did learn spiritual warfare and I won't put up with any type of harassment from these evil beings. They flee in Jesus name. I am a strong, seasoned christian and I am not confused about these "beings" mission concerning human beings or what they desire to gain through deception with us. I would like to say that I am amazed at the stories I hear about them terrifying people or presenting themselves as light and guidance, but I am not. Jesus spoke about this in the Bible, we are not without information concerning this subject, it just isn't popular these days for a variety of reasons which I won't discuss at this time. I am sorry that you had this experience. However, it sounds like you learned a very valuable lesson. Kudos to your mother. Listen to her, you could learn a lot.
God Bless You Candace,
psalm96v2 (guest)
11 years ago (2009-08-20)
Hello! I have read a few of your entries and I am delighted to say that we all have something in common. No, we are not alone... Not now not ever. The Lord or the Devil is staying close. I consider myself to be a very spiritual person although it seems the older I get the more I understand my true calling as a spiritually sensative individual. We all are spiritual, some of us are more aware than others.
Ever since I can remember I've had detailed dreams with angels, demons and once with Jesus himself. I've seen images in my room floating above me at night. I have been awaken by the motion of "something" sitting on the edge of my bed yet when I look know one is there. I have been awaken by a loud whisper in my ear saying "psssst, HEY!"
Last night I woke up only to see a large dark image floating next to my bed, close to the ceiling. My initial response was to gasp but since it has happened to me several times my family usually says, "are you sure you werent dreamin?" I decided to calm down and focus in on it. Surely enough it was there and I was awake, It then floated directly over my bed leaning against the ceiling and it turned into a skeleton. I began to rebuke it in the name of the Lord and it went away. I came to this site hoping that some one can give me a little guidance as to what else to do when this happens. I am Christian and go to church as often as every Sunday or every other Sunday. But I want to learn techniques! Bible based techniques, prayers for warfare against evil spirits that come to cause distress, sickness, torment. I feel that this is my calling and could be yours too if you have experienced the same things. I also believe that if you experience this as a young child that maybe God is preparing us to not be afraid of confronting these things. Nevertheless, I know that I am not afriad any more, at least not as much as I used to be and my encounters or more frequent. If any one has any information for me or would like to share experiences please share.
Mar (guest)
11 years ago (2009-08-19)
Hi I had few out of body experiences as well in past but the reason I'm here is that last night I woke up and over my bed was standing a figure wearing all black with a hood. I know I saw black pants as I saw the outline. But I couldn't see anything else other than black hood. Like someone was wearing hoodie. It is pitch black in my room and there is no light coming in. I did get scared and jumped under the blanket and waited. There was no sound and few minutes later I came out and it was all over. So I went back to sleep. Anyone can explain? Was it demon?
kr (guest)
11 years ago (2009-08-17)
If you do not believe in God, I am hear to tell you that God is real! One night as I was washing dishes and I asked God to show me that he was real. That night I went to bed. I woke up with a pain above my right chest. For a minute I thought I was having a heart attack then I thought, No, becuase my heart was not there. So I got up and got some water and laid on the sofa. I went to sleep and I was in a paralzed state very still and a black gray figure came to me. I then realize it was a demon, being paralyzed I tried to get the demon off of me with my right arm where my chest was hurting and I begin to say, God is in controll of my body get away and I repeated it and with my arm trying to get the demon away and I repeated it until I was able to get it off of me. When it was release, it made a loud scream. I woke up and being to walk through my house saying God is in controll of my house, family, etc. A few months later, another demon appeared as I was sleeping, this time I saw the body and it was about 3ft. The body was floating above me and I was in that paralyzed state again, I begin to repeat, God is in controll of my body get away and it floated away. The third time, two big demons came and they were big blackish gray. I repeated my self again God is in controll of my body get away. And they left. I had never experince anything like this. The demons are hard to describe almost like what you see in the movies. I know I will never foget the scream nor the way they look. And God is real! I hope I never have another encounter with demons in my life and now I refuse to watch any of those demons, scary movies.
whoishere (guest)
11 years ago (2009-07-31)
I'm a distance energy healer and a psychic. I've had 17 different visions namely out of body experiences in my life so far that I have been shown my mission and my path. That's the major reason why I'm returning to med. School to fulfill this chapter of my life. It's my calling. I had another vision this morning (not a dream!).
My consciousness left me and went into this "monastary" like training school, where I was still with my ex partner. I saw myself trying so hard to keep him beside me but he was very worldly and materialistic. He looked around everywhere and did not seem to pay much attention to my care and love. I was a top student of the school and scored pretty high on exams. One day I was walking on the hallway and accidentally ran into the library and went inside. I looked up a big book with pictures and calligraphy. I then flipped a few pages and looked over to my left. There was suddenly a wide opening into the sky. I then followed my consciousness and drifted outside into the sky, literally flying (not the first time, I fly all the time in visions). I saw many lighted beings flying along me and I followed them for a while. It felt so good. Pretty soon, there was a force from down below to pull me downward which I had experienced it in my earlier vision but due to fear I didn't want to go down, but this time I took the courage and wanted to find out what that was. It kept pulling me down passing the earth into a thin ice, I went through a hole and suddenly the being with big eyes closed the "lid" of thin ice for me and I went down by myself! I was a little scared and it was foggy. I decended to a place where for the first time I saw many many many demons like figures running after me trying to grap my legs (I've seen some before but not at that level!) I then cried out for help, "God help me God help me" very quickly I began to leave the chase and ascend upward back to the entrance, I broke the ice and climbed up as fast as I could upward, there several fearsome wildcats were reaching out there claws to get me but I felt no pain. I even swallowed one of their heads in my mouth and came back to consciousness.
Everytime I had a vision, it means something, a warning or an ability that I might have, like in one earlier vision I had the galaxy opened up and I saw Christ and I was traveling in the galaxy, I saw aliens and they told me my ex would leave me (indeed he left me several months later) and that I would have a small house (I never a big house) in San Francisco. I didn't want to hear that part because it saddened me. Now I have the ability to connect to any galaxy and distant stars. Sometimes the energy is so strong that I can literally see them. I have yet to find out the meaning of this vision.
Could anyone tell me what it means?
Thank you very much
Light and love

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