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NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
8 years ago (2012-02-05)
I too am scientifically educated. This ist not at all a contradiction to spirituality. On the contrary, great scientists, as Galvani and Newton, were full of praise and admiration for God, the Genius who made the great things in Nature which they researched on.

As to the image of Multicolored Light for the realm of Eternity, this is already known. Read the book "Engineman" of Eric Brown, a so called Sci fi novel from the 1990s, which in fact is a Buddhist spiritual book. It describes a "continuum", a hyperspace of Eternity, which can seem to its viewer like a clear blue space if perceived incompletely, but rather is a multicolored-light realm as which it is seen correctly in a state of enlightenment.

Your experience while smoking a cig at fifteen also has a background already known. Those "Red Indians" who have organized in N.A.C. (Native American Church) know well why they smoke tobacco whilst praying. Tobacco, if smoked by someone with a rather pure soul who has not yet developed a nicotine habit, can induce an opening of the Heart chakra, an experience of "Oneness with all Things" (this is an expression from the "engineman" book again). I had it too, when smoking a strong cig (but only tobacco in it nothing else!), at thirty-five years, half a year after taking part in a NAC ceremony in Europe...

Thus your path is true and valid. It is even more so as you seemingly don't belong to any sect or church that gives you a fixed dogma and a fixed language for spiritual matters. You belong to those who prove by mere existence that there is a Beyond and a Soul. Don't worry about the "Ego matter"! Be happy that you got a healthily strong Ego! We got Ego for survival and for promoting goals. Without an Ego one can sing Hallelujah in Heaven but do nothing useful on Earth. A human being completely devoid of an Ego but living on Earth as it is to-day would become only a weak-willed groupie or slave of the first strong-willed Ego, human or even demoniacal, meeting with him/ her.

One thing may be important. You think it is of no importance what people think of you. It can very well be of some importance - if they for example put you into the category of being "mental", "crazy", because of you openly confessing to your spirituality. If people don' t take you for serious no more, they won't listen to you no more if you got something important to say to them, i.e. If people think you mental this may make you less useful for the world, thus better keep your heart's path top secret from the ignorant public. Even Jesus shunned the public at the beginning of his 3 year healer / preacher career!

Nb read my "Liberty Dignity Infinity" story here
Vivien2 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2012-01-30)
Hi, thanks for you post. I am a very well educated person too. I am a medical researcher. I am drawn to these stories but rarely talk about them with others. I know that lots of people exaggerate or misinterpret experiences but, having said that, I feel compelled to navigate through all the stories, confusion, exaggeration and try to see if there is truly more to this reality.

I had an intense dream one night. I was on a plain of some sort-like a vast desert and next to me was my dad (who was in the hospital having an operation at the time). It was rather dark and overhead was a sky that kept changing colours-as if it were going from night to day, from night to day, at a very fast pace. But instead of changing from night to day the colours changed from blue to red to orange, etc... Their vibrancy was overwhelming, it was so beautiful. It was so very beautiful. I can't describe it much better than this. I have never felt this before. My father and I kept staring at it and then kind of smiling at each other-incidentally we have always had a difficult relationship.

The next morning we called him at the hospital and he insisted on talking to me. This is odd in itself. He does not regarly seek me out like this, he speaks to me though my mother. When I got on the phone he just sort of mummbled and said nothing. And neither did I-I don't know why I just couldn't open up and ask him, but I couldn't, too much history between us. But I wonder still if he experienced the same dream. It was so profound. I can't explain why. But I have never had a dream like this since. It was as if I was supposed to learn something from it, but I don't know what, unless it is that life is more profound than we realize. That there is more to us. That there is a purpose.

Take care.
Maddam_M (guest)
8 years ago (2012-01-13)
My grandmother saw her dead husband in a dream and described him and everyone else she saw as being made of light.

You're right we are here for something and yes we have a choice, but if truth has presented you in such purity as light and peace why do you fight it? Your heart I see is trying to make a choice or perhaps you already have so give in all the way already.

Its the human mind opening and seeing what our everyday reality covers up. Its the true essence of being human and recognizing a piece to our puzzle that isn't made of us. Its like two lost lovers meeting up in the heavens. I probably don't make any sense myself but even though I cannot specifically relate to your experience I know the feeling. When I feel truth I almost feel like a fool for not knowing truth always

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