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Led In The Right Direction


So often you hear about being guided in the right direction by some outside, unseen force and I am sure that this is what happened to me in the following story.

Last year we lost a very important part of our family, our beautiful 9 year old black lab. It was a very tragic loss and affects our family even to this day. His loss was sudden and unexpected and we had very little opportunity to even say good-bye. I know how corny it sounds and possibly even heartless, but my husband and I had discussed years prior that when this day came, we were immediately going to get another black lab, not with the intent to replace him, because that would be impossible, but because we love dogs and we love the breed and we knew we could never be without.

So, shortly after our beloved pup passed, we started doing some research on breeders. Unbeknowst to us, our search led us back to the kennel where our black labs father had come out of. The owner of the kennel informed us that he did not have any black lab pups available at that time, but that his friend was going to be having a litter of black lab pups and that we should contact him and see if he met our criteria. So that is exactly what we did and upon talking to this gentleman, I just had this sense that this was the person and that this was the litter we should be looking at, so I immediately put a downpayment on a litter that was yet unborn and who we hadn't yet even seen the parents of. Sounds foolish from all standpoints, but something just felt right about it, like we were being directly led there.

When the time came to take the hour long journey to the breeder's house and actually meet with the breeder and for the first time see the mom of the pups, we were even more surprised when we got there to see that the mother of the puppies was wearing the exact same collar that our previous lab always wore (a lime green Remington collar). The final sign that we were being led in the right direction came when I spoke with the breeder about where the father of the puppies came from, and it turns out that the father of the puppies was the brother of our previous lab!

Needless to say, we got a puppy from that litter a year ago, and he is without a doubt the smartest and sweetest dog and we love him dearly. I think about all of those coincidences and I am convinced that our beloved lab is watching from above and made sure we took the right path.

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