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A Young Experience


I am a Catholic, and I had a very special connection with God when I went to a private catholic school. I then left because of bullying, and went to a public school. I very much distanced from God at that time, and I began to only pray for help occasionally. I got into my dream school and was very happy. Then my parents fought more, because of my becoming a teen, having a new baby to the family, work stress, confusion, and so much more. (They still are together, and will be for a very long time.) And my mom cussed more, which caused me to also, which I didn't like, and I had a break down that night.

My mom who is always telling me to pray and at that time it would make me angry when she said that and I didn't understand why. After an hour of talking and getting things out, and crying, we began to talk about our religion, and how I wasn't agreeing with other parts of my friends religions, and was very confused. I said that I didn't understand that some say that people who aren't part of that religion will not go to heaven. I thought anyone who was nice should go to heaven. Then I feel a slight burning in my throat. Then I felt like a cloth went over my mouth and face twice. Then I told my mom while crying and shaking badly. I have a loft so she was on the ground in the middle of my room. And I told her what I felt, and she said it was like gases in my throat or something. After she said that I closed my eyes and I saw a demon like bat. And I was shaking and crying, and screaming, because I was scared. My mom was trying to settle me and I kept seeing those evil bats, and they were smiling evilly, and bearing their teeth. I then cuddled up to my mom, crying like crazy. And she told me to ask God for help and I did out loud.

The burning immediately stopped and I saw Jesus' face. He was smiling, telling me it would be ok. I then felt better, but still shaking crying, repeating this is soo weird, and scary, etc. My mom asked me if I wanted to ask Him anything. I've always wanted to know how my family who has passed away is doing. Such as my mom's parents who died in a car wreck when she was a teen, the older sister I lost a year before I was born because she was born too early, and my Great Grandpa who I was very close to but he had a stroke and I was too small to remember those times, he then died a year ago. And I saw them in Heaven. My mom's parents were holding my older sister, and my Great Grandpa was in his wheel chair. The were all waving and smiling. I'm telling my mom everything and she is now crying also. She asked what they look like. And I told her they look like they do in the picture I see them in. Then I know that they are about to leave so I tell her the are now waving goodbye. My sister is giggling in my grandparents arms, and my Great Grandpa stands up out of his wheelchair, and waves also. He had not stood up in YEARS. Then I saw an angel waving goodbye and smiling. Guessing that was the angel at the gate of heaven, I said that I'm leaving. God was telling me goodbye. And that he's always there for me.

Then I saw me as an older teenager, in white clothes with gold, dancing. I was done shaking. And I was amazed. That was the night before my 13th birthday, and I want to have some advice on what to do. Please try to explain what was happening. I was thinking there was a demon inside of me and God took it out, then answered my questions. Thanks for reading.

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BrightMichaela (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-02)
Thank you guys for trying to help me out with this. It still bothers me to this day, and I'm wondering who I should share this with. Like friends and stuff. I'm still working on handing over the reins completely, I think I still have a hold parcially on one of the reighns but I'm working on it. 😁 and no I don't meditate...why? Would that help?
LitlAngel (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-25)
At Michaela - you did well sharing all that with us. Thank you. At MidnightBlueSwan - it is interesting you wrote: 'the reigns have been handed over'... I had some similar experiences to Michaelas with a message of reassurance about it being time to hand over the reigns... Because I had done my bit - actually that is an understatement - but basically, I had worked hard for years and it was now time to let go of the reigns!
Adaryn7 (23 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-19)
Thank you for sharing your experience. I felt similarly to you in terms of heaven and hell as a child--I sort of thought that as long as someone believed in God and tried to do what was right, then they'd go to heaven. Sometimes, in order to find yourself and what you truly believe, it's good to look back at the way you were as a child, before other people told you who you were and what to believe. That's what I say, anyway.

Blessed be
MidnightBlueSwan (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-18)
No I don't think they were daemons... Some times spirits will play with you by trying to cause you fear and harm. Do you meditate at all?

~The reins have been hand over...

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