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Garden Experience


In November 2008 I had an experience which at first frightened me because I feared it had medical implications. On the day in question I was not working and had had a normal day although I remember being filled with tremendous anger and sadness all at the same time. I went into my back garden to go through what for me was not an usual work out using light weights and stretching and pull ups, it was nothing I hadn't done on many occasions and certainly wasn't feeling unwell. Then nothing, I came too standing in the kitchen (about twenty feet from where I had been) not really knowing how I had got there feeling frightened and with no memory of anything I had done that day.

What I can remember was this, that nearby I could sense family members who had died many years ago but all of whom I had known. It was an overwhelming feeling and one that I could not explain. I had no memory of anything that had happened, it was as if I had sleep walked away from where I had been although it was not a case of sleep walking or epilepsy or my heart (I had all the tests). My eldest daughter was envious when I told her and proclaimed that I had had an out of body experience which I rejected at the time. On talking to my Doctor about it he couldn't explain it either but he did believe in out of body experiences.

Looking back this occurred at a time when I was in turmoil over career choices and really felt that I was not being honest with myself, I had seen somethings that deeply affected me and made me think that we are all sinners and that we judge people far to quickly. It was at a time when I started to feel deeply about the poor and those who are shunned, but also a sense of frustration about how I was conducting myself in my life, I wasn't being honest with myself.

I can only say that if it hadn't been for the feeling of not being alone, the feeling that someone was there in spirit I may have written it off as a medical incident, there were those who said I'd fainted or had a funny turn but it wasn't. Well I haven't had a repeat of the experience, but, I think it has benefited me in that I am able to be true to what I believe in, and not to constantly focus on things that I really don't believe in but kid myself that I need. IT was also a reminder of how we can die with no notice or warning and that we should be ready.

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