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Lightbulb Experience


My story started a little over 5 years ago. I was having a lot of coincidences happen to me as if I was being taken care of. I started to have materializations happen to me. Too many to be a coincidence.

I would go shopping for things I needed and they would appear for me either for free or I would find them at a price I could afford.

This was happening for me for about a few weeks between August 2004 to September 2004. I counted about 5 items in a very short period of time. One of the items that materialized for me was a filing cabinet. I went to a second hand office supply department to purchase a filing cabinet they didn't have one I thought was worth what they were asking for, that was on Saturday Sept 19th 2004. On Tuesday Sept 21st I found one in the holding area in my apartment building exactly like the one I went to purchase a couple of days before. (This holding area is where people throw out items they don't want)

This is item number 5. I take it in the elevator and I am very thankfully for this and I express my thanks.

The next day Sept 22nd 2004 I go to work. When I come home I am getting ready to go on a date with someone so I go in to take a shower and while I am taking a shower the light goes out. At least I think that's what is happening. I open my shower curtain and the light is glowing an orange color and its in the shape of a quarter (that's about the size of the glow) Then the light expands and lights up the whole room, when it did that I said to myself what the heck am I witnessing. I also said to myself I can't take my eyes off this for one second. It then went back to the shape it started in and glowed for a few more seconds and expanded one more time to fill the room up with light.

It went back down in size one more time then the light went out.

I couldn't believe what I just witnessed I rushed out of the shower took the light bulb out of the socket and checked it. There is a silhouette of hair and a face in the light bulb I still have that light bulb today. Because of that experience I have grown so much since then spiritually and mentally. I am being driven to understand how the laws of the universe works in a literal way. It feels like I am in sync with the universe that's why the materializations were happening to me it was to awaken me to a degree and the light bulb was the biggest factor involved in my awakening.

As I am ready to absorb more information it comes to me easily.

I discovered for myself that it was the law of attraction that was in play when I was having these materializations.

I remember telling my sister that I know why I was having materializations it was the law of attraction in play and the following month is when I saw the show the secret which helped me understand it a bit more.

When ever I am having a hard time I always think back to the light bulb in my bathroom it always gives me hope when I think about it, before this happened I was not sure what to believe but now it's a knowing that God does exist and he is looking out for all of us...

I hope that I explained this so others can understand what I went through. I am not a writer but I do know that my story must be shared with others. I have been assured that as long as I tell the truth there is nothing to fear.

God bless Edward Hutchison

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Sheila (guest)
4 years ago (2020-03-16)
Well wish
If it should be so easy like you are saying, why the wars for over 3000 years in countries as irak, syria and so on... Wake up
SarahDenise (guest)
4 years ago (2020-03-16)
Well wisher

You must be kidding!

So what you are saying is that the 3 wise men (magies) who came to maria after jesus was born was evil men... And even jesus are evil when he use 'magic 'to get more fish or heals the sick

Isnt it men/people like yourself who invented that a bathroom is an unclean place and God or the holy spirit won't show up there... To me it sounds just like people in jesus time saying that he (jesus) couldn't speake to maria magdalene or do good things on a sunday!...what you are saying are just bull#### and the top of small knowledge about God/JESUS
Edward (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-08)
Thank you for all of your comments and theories but I do know what I have gone through and what I am still going through. The lightbulb was a sign I know this. It goes along with everything that has happened to me. The law of attraction is one of the laws of the universe that everyone works with. What you wish to call it is up to every individual but it all means the same.
There is no right place or wrong place for god to give you a sign its only someones opinion on where would be a good place for him to do so. God works through people and he speaks to us everyday if we care to listen. Thanks for taking the time to give me your opinions on my story
aaron (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-05)
Hi Edward, I think what you have gone threw and continue to go threw is awsome, I do disagree with wellwishers comments or more so the way they were exspessed, I beleave that the law of attraction exists, by saying the law of attractions gives it a more physical understanding. Say the law of god, gives a different out look where people who don't beleave in god will take no notice or very little notice for me I beleave in god and all the laws we see and don't see, as for your exsperience with the lightbulb, being an electrician there is a physical exsplanation for part of your exsperience, this being when a lightbulb is ready to blow the fillerment weakens at a certain point and when current is trying to move threw the weak point of the fillerment it starts to overheat causing it to glow then dim and glow then blow or most times just blow, its the picture that it left that tells you its something else and for the record things can happen anywhere. (were there bathrooms with flushable toilets in gods time). THE SECRET IS THE BEST WAKEUP CALL FOR US ALL.

Thanks Edward and continue to walk the way your walking all the best.

Well Wisher (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-05)
Dear Edward,

Allah / GOD is rewarding you for your good deeds and service to mankind.

However, I would be weary about the experience you had in the bathroom (the lightbulb with the face on it - I don't believe that this is from Allah /GOD).

Please continue to pray and be thankful to Allah /GOD alone and he will continue to bless you in your life.

I don't believe it is anything to do with the law of attraction (this is just a made up theory) so please do not get caught up in this.

Long before in the times of the prophets when King Solomon (pbuh) was living.

Two Angels from Allah /GOD came to teach men magic but warned them this was a test /trial and they should not perform such things and those that did would be in loss both in this life and in the hearafter.

These people at that time were known as magians. Nowadays they are called magicians.

The reason I am telling you this is that there is no such thing as the law of attraction. It is just a term that has been made up by people (who are actually magians) and do not necessarily have faith or truly believe in Allah /GOD and they want to lead others astray (to deviate) people from the truth.

The simple truth is if you give then you get (from Allah /GOD).

And what you give is what you get.

This is Allah /GOD's Law... (nothing to do with, that you attract it!)

Example 1: If you love, then you will receive love or Allah /GOD will love you.

Example 2: If you give of your money to poor people, Allah /GOD will give you much more back.

Example 3: If you do good unto others, good will be done unto you.

Allah /GOD rewards you for you good intentions and deeds to others and because you have faith in him.

So you see manifestations happen because Allah /GOD is giving you back what you have given freely of yourself to others.

He loves you because you love others and treat them well.

Please continue to remember him and pray to him, he will continue to bless you with more of what you need.

Also please remember or bring to mind Allah/ GOD's commandments often so you do not commit anything that you know is a sin.

P.S. Anymore bathroom experiences, please ignore them... The bathroom is an unclean place because you relieve yourself there. Otherwise the accursed one may lead you astray.
Edward (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-15)
Your welcome. I have had other manifestations as well as the ones I mentioned here after the lightbulb experience it always occured after I performed service for someone in need. I think that may be the key to the universe is the service part and to treat others the way you want to be treated. Everytime even before the lightbulb when I had a manifestations it was when I agreed to help someone or did something nice for someone. The manifestation would happen almost imediately. Like the universe was sending me a message.
I was not looking for any recongnition for it or any rewards they just came.
Wow (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-13)
Thanks for sharing I also have had some manifestation experiances and this only furthers my hope and faith! Thank you!

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