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What A Dog Taught Me


I had rented a small 2nd floor apartment from a lady who lived below with her teen daughter and a quite older Boston Terrier dog. I used to visit often, and became friends with the dog. It had several traits: such as playing with a small rubber ball by shooting out of its mouth against the wall, then chasing it. He also would go into the daughters' room and bring out an article of clothing he undoubtedly found on the floor. When tired, he would walk to the landladys' door, and stand at the door until she opened it.

I changed jobs and moved closer to it, although still within visiting distance. One night, around 4am, I was wakened by the dogs next door in their spirit bodies. The landladys dog hopped onto the bed in his spirit body, came over and licked my cheek... Then disappeared. I figured he had died. It was too early to call. Sure enough at 6am she called and gave me the news.

Later I transferred jobs several hours away. There was a shopping center nearby. One day a friend came inside with an abandoned puppy and wanted me to take it. I resisted but took it anyway. I bought the normal stuff... leash... collar and ball. It played the same way the terrier did. At this time I had several OBE's and knew life goes on beyond the human body. The dog's actions were so similar to the terrier (although a cross between a Lab & Sheppard) I began to wonder. We took the 3 hour drive to visit... Sure enough it did the same things the terrier did. A piece of clothing... Standing at the closed door.

Having had OBE's, and not fearing death, I volunteered at Hospice. They allowed the dog free run inside. We used to make the rounds visiting the patients. Several times patients would say that "the dog came by, but you didn't visit." We were not there at those times. I figured it was the medication.

Every morning we would take a jog at the park. One day the dog cut her paw and I had to leave her in the car while I jogged. Rounding a bend on route there was a Shepperd-lab mix laying down and watching me. I heard about bi-location and decided not to pet the dog... Just let things be. But still I wondered about these events.

Some time later we were giving talks at a nearby community center. I walked the dog, took her back to the apartment, and decided to walk to the center. She looked at me like "aren't you forgetting something?" Me! Anyway, we had the talk and were putting the chairs away when a lady came up and commented that she liked the talk, but "where was that friendly black dog that was greeting every body?" So I learned about reincarnation, animals can project, and usually you are given your answers if asked as a child does.

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linda s lassley (guest)
11 years ago (2009-05-19)
Can you please explain what you meant in your comment? Thank You. You do know that after my obe, that my sister who I had not heard from in 18 years called and when I called her back, she told me she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, do you think my obe had something to do with that? This has not happened when I lost my parents and other loved ones. Thanks so much. What was up with "what's that smell" have no recal of any smell, just that I did not want to go... Not yet.
linda s lassley (guest)
11 years ago (2009-05-16)
I have always believed that "the meek shall inherit the earth" and I am totally on board with what you have written, Thank You for sharing.
I have had experiences with animals also through out my life.

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