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Stonehenge - All Hail Great Stones


Kathy and I hit the ground running. She got into the English car on the wrong side and started driving on the "wrong" side of the street. We were off to Avebury, a four thousand year old standing stone circle shaped in the form of a dragon through a circle, the symbol of alchemy. The town of Avebury was actually surrounded by the standing stones.

Everything was foggy and cold. Our first stop was across from Silbury, known as the pregnant Earth Goddess energy. A flock of goats started toward us as we approached. I brought out a bagel and fed it to them. They were so gentle, even the ram. I knew I had done this before. The first thing people do when they see animals is want to feed them.

We arrived in the Avebury pub and didn't have a sixpence for a cup of coffee. A reality check, we had no pounds, no currency in a foreign country. We took a walk along the Avenue of the Stones. I kept repeating Mother, Mother at each one. The henge around Avebury is man made. The henge encircles two circles of stones, male and female.

It seems this trip will be a returning for me to my former home. We are returning to the home of the Mother Goddess energy. The theme is to help balance the male and female energies within, and to unite our higher selves with our "earthly" selves. We will be walking the paths that many ancients have walked.

We came back to our B & B, the last place available in town at Heather's house. I was so tired that I had to lie down for a nap. I started to hear the stones singing, a great hum was going on and on. The nap seemed like I had slept all night. We got up to go to dinner, and another walk near the "cove." The Mary and Michael lines cross here. As we toned near the stones, I felt as if I was going into the void. The Mother stone is the root chakra and the Father stone is the crown. I kept seeing the color red, even in the darkness.

The stones were placed along the ley lines of the earth. The ley lines are like the meridians of our own bodies. They carry the "life force" along its way. Each stone becomes a conduit of the earth energies. We were told that someone sat on a stone, without asking permission, and was thrown off!

Heathers house was 300 years old. The foundations of the house were the "sarsen" stones from Avebury. The "stone killers" dismantled many of the stones and used them to build the houses. Part of it was to get rid of the pagan beliefs associated with the stones. The Christian church was built very close to the circles to try to offset the influence of these ancient temples. When I got home I had a dream that Avebury was a fairy circle.

Heathers house was so colorful, it was like a fairy house. She was born in the village and a bit upset by it all. She told us that sometimes on a summer night she might be taking a walk and look over to the stones and see naked people dancing around, or banging drums, or clanging bells. "You say to yourself, am I really seeing and hearing this?" The local policeman teased her after the "dancing episode." "What were your where abouts at the time of the dancing? Can you be accounted for? Are you sure you weren't out there amongst them?" For English breakfast she served us some special mushrooms. We were joking that they were "magic mushrooms." We felt like we were staying in Alice in Wonderlands house!

Before we left Avebury we met some Druids. They told us that they were to be in Stonehenge that night. We asked if we could join them, the answer was no. We left for the Henge about 4 pm. We asked the lady at the ticket office for a place to stay. She referred us to a 700 year old mansion with 22 rooms. It was a B & B and was supposed to be the former home of Ann Boleyn, one of the wives of Henry VIII.

We casually mentioned that we knew the Druids were going to be in Stonehenge that night. Before I knew it we had an appointment from 9 to 10 pm to have Stonehenge to ourselves after the Druids. When we approached the henge, that afternoon, I kept getting chills walking around. I call it "the chills of truth."

We arrived at 9 pm to a star filled night, the Big Dipper, Orion et. Al. All day there was no sun and not one star last night, but tonight the sky was abloom. The guard brought us in and told us that we were not permitted to go into the center because they had just laid new turf. We found out later that the center is where all the magic happens. If there is frost all around the stones, it will never be in the center circle.

Kathy started setting up the "ceremonial fires," little candles and incense we had brought in. She set this up on the first of the two fallen stones facing toward the center circle. I had to walk the "avenue of the stones." I slowly walked around touching each giant, but asking permission first. As I started to walk I kept saying out loud, "All hail great stones!" I couldn't believe I was there, this great temple of the sun and moon, an Earth temple to the stars and God Goddess. I walked the whole outer circle. At one point I swore I saw a caped man in the foggy distance. It turned out to be a stone!

As I completed my walk, I came back to the two fallen stones. It was Kathy's turn to walk the outer circle. It was so pitch black, I started to feel my way along the two stones. As I inched my way toward the center, I hit my shin on a low fence. I fell into the stone and I heard it rumble, and this massive giant stone moved to my left as I braced my self from falling! I turned around and started back toward the other fallen stone. I thought to myself, "What just happened?" I turned around and headed toward center. I kept going and asking myself what happened to the fence? Was it invisible? Just where is it? I was bending down and literally feeling my way in the darkness, I didn't want to hit my shin again. I walked forward and hit nothing. I realized I was standing at the head of the stone in the inner circle.

I prayed my prayers of hope and thanksgiving, the Our Father and Hail Mary. I also prayed the prayers I say when I say my rosary. "I pray these prayers for the peace of the world, brotherhood of man, peace on earth. I pray that the Christ Spirit be born in each and every one of us and that our bodies are filled with light. I pray that each and every human being on this planet come to know, use, and become one with the Will and Power of God, the Love of God, and the Truth, Faith, Wisdom and Thought of God." To get to say my special prayers in the center of Stonehenge was an incredible gift.

Kathy came back, "Are you in the center?" She flashed the flashlight and there I was in the center. The fence was a good foot and a half from the stone. I had walked through it and never touched it! I was supposed to be there, I was invited! The only photo that came out that night was a picture of the fence stopping short of my moving giant.

We walked to the opposite side of the outer circle and sat to meditate. I felt as if the entire night sky flooded my awareness. It was like being in the void, all and none. I was immersed in the stars and all being. This was happening to me when I put my head on the great Mother stone at Avebury.

I looked up and saw a white arc over Stonehenge that night. It was like the white half circle I saw in my dream about the rainbow back in the US. In my dream I looked over and saw a rainbow in the distance. The rainbow didn't end but continued under the earth to form a circle. This rainbow was white in color. I realized that the rainbow of earth is really a complete circle, that makes sense that it is not just one part of an arc. Later in that dream I saw the end of the rainbow. I stepped into all the colors and awakened to the vibrations of all those glorious colors going through me. Here was the white arc, the white rainbow, over Stonehenge!

We sat in silence for awhile. We heard music playing. I thought the invisible choir was present. I prayed to the angel of Stonehenge. I thanked God Goddess for being there. I thought of all my loved ones in the circle that night and prayed for them all.

The fog started to roll in. As we drove back to the manor, I had to put my head out of the car window to see. As we walked away from Stonehenge it had totally disappeared in the mist. The mists of Avalon to come...


I found out later another important piece of this gift. I discovered that the stone that moved was a piece of a huge stone broken in two. That stone was lying on top of the fallen alter stone. When I moved into the center I was standing on the fallen alter stone!

I met Mary Hardy months later. I call her a wizard. She is a dowser, Homeopathic Dr., and works with aromatherapy with Young Living Oils. She told me that Stonehenge was built after the sinking of Atlantis. People would go in and alter the stones to help heal the grid of the earth. Maybe I was sent there to do just that.

Stonehenge - All Hail Great Stones!

All Hail Great Stones!

They have with stood all time.

They stay erect with age,

As man rises and falls.

They give us life.

They show us the reverence for our Mother.

The Temple of the sun and moon,

Set in circles, out in space.

Invisible to some,

For their greater meaning.

Knowledge to others,

Who know their feelings.

They sing in the bright sunlight,

And the fog of the greyest night.

They sing in unison,

Where God meets humankind.

They sing in the silence,

As we fall to earth.

They stand as memorial to all gone by.

©2009 Merry C. Battles

March 16, 1996

10:30 PM after Stonehenge

©2009 Merry C. Battles

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