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The Good, The Bad And The Ugly


I was in a committed relationship with my girlfriend and for the most part everything seemed to be fine. Looking back on it I should have questioned a few things. One evening we had an argument and we couldn't resolve it so we split up. She insisted that I never contact her again.

I really cared for her a lot, so I was devastated. I don't think I remember ever being in so much pain emotionally. I thought the relationship was going great and now she never wanted to speak to me again. I have never been a very spiritual person, but I have been a member of Alcoholics Anonymous for many years. This hurt so bad that all I could think of to do was pray for god to take the pain away.

I started to pray and the pain would go away. At first it was only for twenty minutes or so but it seemed to work. When the pain came back I would pray again, it worked, but for the first week or so I did a lot of praying. As the days past so did the length of time that I could go without praying. After about two weeks I could go about every two hours or so before I needed to pray again.

During this time I was taking some time off of work and I was doing a lot of meditation at one of the local lakes in Minneapolis. As I was doing this prayer and meditation I would get ideas that would just come to me, like God was speaking to me. One morning as soon as I opened my eyes, a thought came to me, "this is how everyone around me felt when I was drinking, and leaving damage everywhere I went..." I thought to myself, WOW, I never looked at it like that before, I immediately thought about making amends to the people in my life that I had hurt.

I felt a sense of relief like I never experienced before. It was like all the weight of my life was lifted off of my shoulders and It felt really freeing. Now I was upset with myself for some things that I had said to my girlfriend in emails since the breakup and she didn't want to talk to me again, I felt terrible.

I kept praying and a couple of days later I was walking the path around the lake and all of a sudden, BAM, it felt like my head opened up and all kinds of information just started rushing in, fast, very fast, faster then I could sort it all out. The info seemed to keep rushing in for a minute or more, it was the strangest feeling. When it was over I knew the Holy Spirit had just entered my life for the first time and it was amazing, absolutely amazing. I felt completely at peace with myself and I immediately saw the world as connected, everything seemed to be connected in some way, through the spirit, it was truly incredible.

The story does not stop there, it gets even more bizarre. The next day I seemed to cross over into a different plain of existence, and everyone seemed to be looking at me and taking my picture, it was such an odd feeling, everyone seemed sinister or downright evil and everyone that that came in contact with me looked at me, some laughed at me, others seemed to be scared of me. But everyone had a reaction.

The following day I went the other way, I seemed to cross over to a place that seemed like Heaven. I was truly peaceful and everyone was young and beautiful, everyone. On this plain everyone also looked at me but everyone just smiled. This experience lasted about a half hour where the sinister experience lasted for over a day.

I believe I was shown the Truth, how the world really is, and during all of this I seemed to be clairvoyant, it seemed almost like I could read peoples thoughts, or at least figure out what was going on from the littlest clue. People that I thought were my friends, I wasn't so sure about anymore, and people I thought were stupid or crazy seemed reasonable and nice, it was a very strange thing, this whole experience.

This whole experience lasted a couple days and it has passed. There does seem to be lasting effects though. I seem to attract the opposite sex, women both young and old seem to be attracted to me, maybe it is my imagination but I don't think so.

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Bliss (1 stories) (6 posts)
14 years ago (2008-08-17)
It seems to me as if your day when people looked at you in negative ways in fact happened to show you that hell is created by our perceptions of things, hindered by our judgements, which makes us feel down, affraid and mocking. Next, you shifted to a more accurate perception of things, seeing everything and everyone as beautiful and recognised it as heaven. One day for hell, a half hour for heaven: it's much easier to sustain false perceptions and true ones. Your comments about having completely different perceptions of people who knew confirms that you did learn the power of perception and compassion during your experiences. What you thought was nice in others before were maybe in fact superficial appearances, and strange people just seemed downright honest with themselves. Also, if your energy is more loving, it's normal people are attracked to you. Most probably don't realise why they like you, they just do. Take care! ❤
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
14 years ago (2008-08-13)
When we start to trust the Lord, for our welfare the more we can see, feel and hear then when trying to do it on our own all the time.
Gina Sciarrino (guest)
14 years ago (2008-08-05)
The moment of realization is the best answered prayer and when we're allowed to see the Spirituality behind it all, there are no more questions, when our pain goes so deep, we do mentally tap into a more Spiritually intune world, it brings an inner peace, while getting through the pain, leaving you and the people around you in a better harmony.

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