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So I'm not a religious person per say. I think of logic over everything, I mean do I think there something else besides this? Logically it makes sense for there to be. Because of so many unknown things. But I'm not At church every Sunday. Well you get the idea. So my whole life I've always been positive, things would workout sooner than later. Till recently I've had these negative vibes and I don't know why. Been trying several things to shake it, not just that, financially I was doing my best about a year ago. Then everything fell apart which feels like a blink of an eye. Not just with work, but relationships as well. When I've tried to pick up the pieces to my life and believe me I'm no couch potato nothing works out. I've also felt weird sensation while sleeping not a dream I guess more like knowing exactly where I am and feeling someone hold me down. Than I would repeat to them to get off me and they wouldn't. Till I got angry and forcefully moved my body or spirit I don't know. Then I would see flickers of light on the wall when the sun wasn't hitting it at all. Dishes moving, I didn't think much about the dishes because they were placed at an angle or something. But this never happened before and it's more continues now. Sounds coming from rooms. So anyways all this goes on I don't think to much of it. My mother is a lot more religious than I am, she calls me and tells me she had a dream about me telling her about a spirit and then she tells me she needs to be pray for me. I think right away oooo man ok. Because she insisted. So she comes over does the whole bid, but the strangest thing happens to me while she's praying... My stomach gets hot and I start sweating through my poors. I tried to logically put it together, maybe just a hot flash. When she was done praying it went away. By any means will this making me any different on my beliefs or going to church ect... Just maybe there's things controlling the other side, like a company. Meaning they put us where we are today in our current bodies. Just a thought. But that's my story hopefully I get luck back on my side after this. But most important always stay positive.

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