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It had been a 4 hour driving trip and I was tired. We got to the hotel which was a 1 hour drive in the forest - no lights and hardly any vision because it was raining hard. My three other friends wanted to go to town and party. After a shower and shave we headed out.

We got to town about an hour later and started drinking. I was DD so I didn't drink. We hit bars, pubs and clubs and by now it was 2 am. Two of my friends were ready to go home but one, V, wanted to party more. We let him. 2:30am and a hour drive in the rainy, dark woods would not be fun - plus I was tired.

Both of my friends went in the club to get V on separate occasions. But I had had enough. My friends told me to leave him and go. But I couldn't do that because he was my friend. So I got the car, parked in front of the club and went in to get him.

Finally he came with me at around 2:50am. I was pissed off. When we got outside, their was a cop giving me a ticket for no reason except to be difficult.

I lost it, I told him that I'm DD and trying to get my friend out of here. I am trying to make your job easier. He was still a dick. And continued writing the ticket. I told him I wanted his badge number and I was going to file a complaint for harassment. But he wouldn't give it. So I started to make a scene.

I got people coming out of the club to back me up and told them that the cop is harassing me and giving me a ticket for taking care of a drunk friend.

He got nervous and let me go.

I was pissed off with V that he was so selfish that he didn't think about my feelings and my being tired for the hour drive in the forest when its hard to see and I'm tired and it's late.

While driving all three passed out. It was a hard drive home. I was pissed off and asked God WHY?

WHY, WHY,WHY? WHY did I not leave him like the others were saying.

WHY did I feel for this friend not to leave him stranded?

Why God, Why God, Why God?!?!

I was shaking from inside out while on this hour long trip to the hotel. It was a shaking that was brought up by EXTREME emotions. It was a shaking that rocks one to their bones by questioning and asking questions to find an answer. It was a shaking I felt when a brother died, and when my girl cheated on me. It was emotional.

Finally got to the hotel and had some wine and eventually fell asleep thinking about the night.

The next day woke up, had breakfast, and told V how he acted. His response, Oh well we are here to party. Very dismissive, and very unapologetic. It make me upset.

Day Two- My day to party.

I started partying with the boys and some more friends and I went crazy. Having a wild time, but then I got aggressive to V. Not physically, but verbally. Saying things that I, usually calm-cool and collected, would never say. But I did and I lashed out on him that night. He got the point of not to piss me off.

The next day I didn't remember too much and said sorry.

We had to head out and go back home. We packed up and left. It was a beautiful august day around 28 degrees and cruising home in a convertible mustang. Around an hour into the trip I looked up at the Sun, and that's when it happened.

I looked at the Sun and said to myself, "I love the Sun." And that's when I saw it, the SUN or a smaller version of it, came down and hit me right between the eyes near my forehead. I instinctively closed my eyes and felt and enormous flow of energy enter my mind and body. I felt my AURA.

I saw my brains, both left and right hemispheres, IMPLODE! First it was the left brain imploded and then the right brain imploded.

As soon as that happened, there was a rebirth one perfect entity that looked like the sun in my head. A perfect circle of energy, perfect circle of light like the sun was now in my head and it felt like all the endorphins in my mind went off at once. I've done E and this was that times 1000. It was a wonderful feeling and it seemed like God blew me a kiss to show me WHY.

This is why you do the right thing because the reward of being in the presence is an awesome feeling.

With eyes shut I enjoyed this vision of the Supreme Source and felt how life can be lived if you are connected to one and all.

Then I opened my eyes and I could see the energy fields around my friends. It was like heat coming off their body and there was a certain Lightness to how I perceived the moment from that point on.

And that's where the story really begins. Trying to figure out what just happened and more importantly why it happened. Not just that, but once you've realized what and why it happened, the challenge is WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO about it? You've been given a gift of experience, and know its about what are you going to do about it.

SERVE with it and SHARE with others for we'll all in this together!

Trust me, its driven me crazy trying to figure it out and I Have for myself figured it out. But I don't want others to go through the same struggles that I had to. It was hard on family, friends and ME. It's still hard when others don't see it your way, but I don't let anything get me down because there is not enough time for negative energy in my soul.

And the story continues...

Bye for Now,

Paul that's ALL!

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timciurdas (4 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-12)
That is an amazing story! 😁 Just make sure you depart from all your ways. In Corinthians it specifically tells us not to drink and many other places in the bible. I'm not saying you do but I just wanted to let you know just ion case you haven't read it in the bible! God bless you man:)
scarlett2 (1 stories) (34 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-29)
Dear Paul,
Wow! What a beautiful and awe inspiring story of your conversion! Thank you for sharing it as no doubt many people will come across your story and be touched by it. Isn't it just amazing to actually feel G-D, our perfect Creator? What a grace you have been given! People in your life will be touched as well, just by seeing your changes! Oh, you are in for a beautiful, heavenly ride!

My conversion started in a similar way and I feel like a completely different person. He has taught me that love is the most important factor. And He has revealed Himself and returned that Love a billion times over to me.

He next taught me that humility is so very important. In the beginning, I was like, wow, what did little ole sinful me do so right that He would show himself to me? And He brought me scripture teaching me about Humility. It is amazing!

Try Internet search on Holy Spirit transformation, or Holy Spirit conversions.
You will find there are many others in recent years being touched by Our Creator. I believe this is a time of His Grace... He is giving us some time to convert. All He asks is for each one of us that He created only open their hearts to Him. I found once, I stopped being scared and totally 100% let Him come in, He in fact did!
Reading your story has made my day brighter and the world brighter as well!
Please, Paul, continue to write more about your transformation. I can't wait to hear more!
Blessings my friend! ❤

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