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Daniel Quinn Daniel Quinn (born 1935 in Omaha, Nebraska) is a U.S. writer. In 1975, he abandoned his career as a publisher to become a freelance writer. Quinn is best known for his book Ishmael (1992), which won the Turner Tomorrow Fellowship Award in 1991. This fellowship was established to encourage authors to seek "creative and positive solutions to global problems". Ishmael is the first of a trilogy including The Story of B, and My Ishmael. Ishmael and its sequels brought ever-increasing fame to Quinn throughout the 1990s, and he became a very well-known author to certain segments of the environmental movement, the simplicity movement, the anarchist movement and Anarcho-primitivism movements. Quinn has traveled widely to lecture and discuss his books.

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We can no more alienate ourselves from Nature than we can alienate ourselves from entropy. We can no more live against Nature than we can live against gravity.

Even though there are hundreds of millions of species, it can’t be imagined that eliminating 200 every single day is a sustainable way to live. The community of life as a whole is what makes this planet livable, and it’s absurd to imagine that we can reduce that community to ourselves and a few hundred food species we like to eat.

The world is not in any sense in danger from itself. The world is in fact not in any danger at all. It is we who are in danger.

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