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Something Is Protecting Me


When I think back to all the things that have happened to me in my life, all the things that should have killed me or at the very least hurt me, I think of all the times I've walked away without a scratch.

The one thing that happened to me was my car accident back in December 09.

It was a Friday I believe, and the roads weren't terrible so I picked up a few of my friends and headed into town. We decided to take a road we barely used (for a change of scenery). Now on this night I took a corner and hit a patch of black ice. After a lot of swerving on the empty road I managed to drift into the ditch.

Oddly enough I was fine. My friend in the passenger seat who had his feet up on the dashboard was fine. My friend in the back, not wearing his seat belt was fine.

While this was all happening I felt like I was out of my body. I only vaguely remember the swerving, and don't remember the impact of the ditch at all. In my head all I could see was a dark night, with a large almost empty field, with a big tree. The place I was seeing was stormy, but I felt safe. I don't know if this meant anything but I kept hearing a song while I was there and then throughout the night in my head. The song is called phantom rider by Tokio hotel if that means anything to anybody.

I don't remember doing anything for a few minutes. Then for some reason I put my car in park, turned off the headlights, turned down the radio and then took out the keys. Then I turned around and asked if everybody was okay (which we were).

Another amazing thing that happened that night were the people who lived in the house we crashed in front of. Not only were they incredibly nice, but they knew someone who could get my car out. My car had no real damage done.

The reason I think something is protecting me is that for one, the road was empty of all traffic. That alone is a rare occurrence. There was a telephone pole and a large rock less than ten feet away from where we ended up. And of course we were all completely okay despite the lack of a seat belt.

What do you think?

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BKKK (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-21)
ok what about me then, I been hit by car twice on foot, 3 times on bicycle, got smashed in the face with a swing, fell down tall trees, had a desk for 10 people fall on my arm, got my foot stuck between a bicycle wheel while it was spining really fast, fell down on my head twice from at least a meter high places, had a grinder almost slash my face, so what is protecting me and oh yeah my dad almost drilled through my hand with a screw driller on my bday still a mark there
elle2028 (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-06)
i had a similar expirence I was hit on the passenger side of a sedan I was driving. My 2yrold daughter is behind the passenger seat and my infant son, only 2 months behind me. I was hit. Windows blew inwards to the car. We were all fine I had low blood pressure I guess because of shock. But my infant didn't have not 1 scratch and my daughter was just shook up. I believe that if you believe in a higher power then you are being watched and taken care of. Just ALWAYS believe and never lose hope.
sapphire (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-30)
that means god has a purpose for you, wake up and be more carful.
HansMichaelChi (8 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-11)
If you are connected to the Holy Spirit, things ARE like that. There are SOMETIMES angels too in that field. But there is even more, nl.; that you could wonder whi it happened. You have to be more careful? Or does the happening could give you a hint about something else? Interesting matter! ❤
ZiShu (1 stories) (27 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-05)
God is protecting you. He gave you your perfect Guardian Angel since birth. That Angel is with you everywhere you go.

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