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My Unusual Experience


Before I tell my story, I'm just going to lay this out. My mother had about five miscarriages in her life. Both my parents hat told me and my sister not to say anything to my little brother until he was old enough; thus we agreed. In addition, as a child I always wished I had a little brother. My mom and dad would always tell me that it wasn't possible because of my mom's age and her body stage. However, as an ignorant child, I'd still hope, pray and wish I had a little brother. In December, 2001, my mom delivered a baby boy, my little brother.

In 2006, my father, five year old brother and myself went to Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Everyone in my family, except for my little brother was born in Sarajevo. I haven't been back to Sarajevo for over twelve years, since the war had started. We visited many places in Sarajevo. One of the places we visited was both my grandpa's grave site (mother's dad), and my other grandfather's grave (dad's father).

Once we found the gravestone of my dad's father, my little brother started to tell a weird story to my dad and myself. He told us that he was buried down by my grandpa's feet with my brothers and sister. That grandpa took good care of my brother. Before my mom had my brother that my brother kept looking for my dad and mom for a long time until he saw them and found them. He held onto their hands so they wouldn't let go. Both my dad and I stared at each other for a long time being speechless not knowing what to say or how to react. My brother pointed out saying that the people that are buried by my grandpa are his friends both including males and females. In Bosnia, we mark the men's grave stones with a fedora looking hat almost like a chess piece, and the women's as a curved surface grave stone to distinguish. I was in shock that he pointed correctly at both the men and women's grave stones.

I pulled my dad aside and asked him what my brother was talking about because I didn't know how to distinguish the two. My father explained to me the difference, like I mentioned before men's gravestone being like a fedora and females more rounded and curved. Both my father and I think that maybe my brother is reincarnated as one of my brothers but it's only a guess.

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kawaiichelsii (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-03)
The younger you are the more susceptible you are to the 'truth' or things that have happened. It's the pure mind and ignorance I think. That's cool though I think you may have a reincarnation case on your hands. 😊
Kay (guest)
15 years ago (2009-10-29)
Very good story. Your brother most probably was reincarnated.

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