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A Wish Granted


This starts last January 29, when I lost (didn't know she was a dear friend then) a dear friend. Her name was Annette. I am much older, but she was 30 when she passed away on the above date. Annette (she preferred Annie) was an artist, and I might add, a very, very good artist.

Initially, my wife (who is a nurse) went to work for Annie's mother in a resource center, which cared for the needy, gave medical advice, and counseling. Then, my wife met Annie, who then lived in Oregon (as she loved gray skies, and lots of rain).

She would occasionally come down to Southern California to see her parents, and while on one of her visits, she painted a Wisteria on one of the bedroom walls in my home, and some beautiful mountain/sky backgrounds in my living room for my Christmas village background. That was the first time I had a chance to talk to Annie. She spent most of the day at my home, but unfortunately, I didn't get home until late so only got to talk to here about two hours.

She want back to Oregon, but sadly, due to a very rare disease that she contacted at age eight, she was not destined to live to be very old. Shortly after going back to Oregon, her kidneys shut down permanently. Since my wife was a nurse, and she and Annie got to know each other real well, Annie, being somewhat afraid of where her life was heading, called my wife almost daily - concerned about her blood pressure, etc. Just really concerned, as anyone in her situation would be.

Well, this one night, she called and my wife wasn't home. I asked her "how are you doing Annie", and she said fine. We talked for a solid hour, and did nothing but laugh like a couple of teenagers. She never mentioned her hurting, her illness, or anything else. We just had an enjoyable conversation that I will always treasure, as about a week after our conversation, she had a stroke. She recovered in about a month, except for her speech, and she couldn't paint anymore, so that frustrated her.

Just last Christmas season, I am cleaning my living room, and thinking, boy as soon as Annie recovers, I will see if I can be a kidney donor. Well, soon after that, Annie had a massive stroke which took her life.

Now, I go to Annie's service (no casket) and I felt awful and cried a lot for a girl/young lady whom I really didn't know that well.

All that kept going through my mind was, "if only we could have talked more over coffee, lunch, or dinner, and gotten to know each other better". If only, if only. How many times do we say that to ourselves. Unfortunately, Annie had to move in with her parents, and her parents didn't make you feel comfortable at all dropping by. So, I never really got much visitation time with her. Annie was a 'free spirit', and it was very hard for her to have to move back home; but she needed dialysis treatments that she couldn't do alone in Oregon.

I didn't realize it then (at her service), or even a month later. But then, for some strange reason, I felt a strong spiritual connection to her. No, I won't say anything like voices, horns, or anything else was experienced by me, but I will say, I still feel that same connection. I never go to sleep before praying for her and about her. I also talk to her, being sure she can sense what I am saying. This feeling, I have decided, is here until my last day on earth. But, you know what, I love the feeling. I visit the cemetery regularly to put different things on her marker which covers her ashes. Many around me have since acted like I am somewhat strange, including her parents. I don't care, I know what I feel. Before Annie died, I never went in any cemetery. Not even where my childhood family members are buried. Hated those places.

Now, another twist, which may or may not have any merit. However, I have to tell you, when it happened, it gave me a feeling like I have never felt. Could just have been the moment, and nothing more.

Here is the explanation of that twist I just spoke of. As I said, my wife is a nurse. She runs into another situation in the resource center where she works. A really super neat young lady (Veronica) comes to her and says "Shirley, I have been diagnosed with a brain tumor and I can't get any referrals to get the operation I need". This young lady was 19, and scared to death. My wife, who has a way of getting things done, found a doctor in Northern California who would do the operation. All the necessities are done, and Veronica asks Shirley "will I remember everything when I wake up"? My wife says, "sure". Sure enough, Veronica calls Shirley and says, "Shirley, I remember everything". All cancer was removed. However, she has gone five years, but still has to survive another five to be considered completely free of cancer.

Since then, this young lady has graduated from a Northern California college with three granted scholarships (given to her by the cancer society - had to have very high scores to get them), and was just awarded another scholarship for a Southern California college. She then moved on to become a math teacher right near where I live.

Veronica first invited us to her graduation from the Northern California college, as Shirley said, "I will be there for your graduation". I met her then, and thought to myself, nice person, but probably will never see her again. Well, when she was awarded her most recent scholarship, she invited Shirley and me to attend the ceremony. I picked on that poor girl all the way to Los Angeles and back. Ha ha. I mean, I joked and pulled her leg so many times---.

Well, here is where this has a twist and yet was so beautiful. We get home from L.A., and upon Veronica's leaving, gave me a hug. Now this, in itself, wouldn't seem like much to the person who just saw it happen, but it did something to me.

Here is why. As I daily pray and talk to Annie, the two things I always thought to myself and said to her was, "Annie, I would give anything to spend a day with you and receive a hug". I have been saying and thinking that since January 29th of this year, the date of Annie's passing. I now think to myself, "was that possibly Annie working through Veronica, or was it just coincidence"?

Since that night that I got the hug, and a whole day with Veronica, we have gone to lunch once by ourselves. Now, I don't think anything out of line in the least with this young girl. My wife is fully aware that we are going to lunch. I just love her company strictly as a dear friend. What is an older guy like me doing asking a friend out to lunch as young as Veronica? Only the Lord knows. It probably seems strange to a lot of you, but for those that question, it was a totally innocent, beautiful, fun experience. I just love her company, as I like to chat, and so does she. I am not a lonely man either, just enjoy nice friends. I have friends of all ages and genders.

We will meet for lunch every three months we decided. How neat is that?

Well, that is my story. Not a real intense spiritual experience to many, but special to me.


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Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-29)
[at] Jack, if you like to read WHY I PICKED FLUTTEROFWINGS you can see why I picked this name long ago. I use it no matter where I go on the net. Thanks for your compliment to me.
Jack (guest)
16 years ago (2008-04-29)
Flutterwings, you are welcome. With a name such as yours, you sound like an angel.

Regards, Jack
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-05)
Thanks for your reply back Jack, with the other information you added. I do appricated it.
Jack (guest)
16 years ago (2008-03-27)
Flutterofwings, here is something that I should have mentioned before this time. Had Annie or Veronica been 50 or 60, the same feelings would be there. It just happened that I met these two ladies when they were a young age.

Like I said, I love my wife very much, and we have been happily married for 45 years, and I hope to live to make it 50. She has gone to lunch and dinner with male friends, and that is fine, as we both know our boundaries. Everyone needs friends along with their mates, and like I said earlier, I have friends that are kids, adults, and older adults; both male and female.

Friendships come when we least expect them, and like I also said earlier, I don't think when we were put here, that the Lord put an age limit on friendship.

Summon of it all---these friendships were and are very innocent and beautiful.

I appreciate your reply, and realize that not all replys to this aren't going to be on my side. That is okay, as I know you are sincere in what you believe to be right.

I apologize for not writing back sooner, but have moved to a new smaller house to downsize some, so my computer was apart for almost two months.

Regards, Jack
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-27)
If you and your wife were going to meet this young lady and have lunch with her then I see nothing wrong with that. But an older man with this young lady I just hope don't cause a break up with the concern you have with the young lady and the wife.
Veronica is not Annie.
I do think that Annie' spirit is with you and your wife but her spirit is not in Veronica however.
Jack (guest)
17 years ago (2007-12-11)
Rhama, I replied to your letter today, but must have done something wrong, as I don't see it here. I am a computer non-nerd for sure.

Anyway, I just wrote to thank you for your reply, and to say I greatly appreciate your comment and input. I didn't want you to think I just skipped over your comment.

I fully agree with you by the way.

Thanks again.

Regards, Jack
Jack (guest)
17 years ago (2007-12-10)
Maria, thanks for your input. I accidentally signed up with the wrong comment on here that said basically that "I wouldn't participate in discussions", but I will.

Maria, you sound like a very nice and faithful person. That is as it should be.

Now, I know you see me as someone who is older and shouldn't have friends that young. But, when the Lord put us here, I don't think friendship had any age. I have child friends, young lady and men friends, and friends my age. When Annie died, I had no control over what I started to feel.

The kind of friendship I have with the abovementioned ladies isn't going to affect my marriage at all, as my wife and I have been married 45 years and are very much in love. She has man friends at her work she sometimes lunches with. Friendship is great, as long as you know where your boundaries lie, and I do. A few years back, my wife had me take out two of her friends who were a few years younger than me to teach them to country dance. See, the secret here is trust, and my wife and I both have that, so we get along great and love each other deeply.

If she were grieving over, or friends with someone male or female and much younger, I would not resent it at all.

I am sorry you feel that I shouldn't have written my letter, but I felt the need to share, as Rhama mentioned. There is no false statements here at all. Everything happened just as I told it, and that is what movtivated me to write about it.

If you are offended by it, I apologize, but I would write it again, as it is my feelings, not anything the Lord wouldn't approve of.

I don't profess to be knowledgeable of the spirit world--far from it. I am studying it now though, as it is interesting me more and more. There is so much to learn about it.

Thanks Rhama and Maria for your comments. They are greatly appreciated.

Rhama (guest)
17 years ago (2007-12-10)
I enjoyed your story, Nice to see your compassion and desire to share your spirit with others.
If someone judges you concerning your story the judgment is about them and not you.
Maria (guest)
17 years ago (2007-12-10)
You are a married man and you have your lovely wife to love and to be loved. Why do you think of Annie and Veronica? I don't think this is healthy for your marriage and your spiritual life. I would consider that you have some sort of weakness towards some ladies. Be careful. Don't spoil your and others life. You are a matured old man. Please think. Don't post your experiences as it is not going to help anyne.

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