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Let It Be


My first wife and I bought a 100 acre property in the Australian bush. The furthest town was approx. 30kms away and with about 1 km of river frontage we had a large number of wildlife around about, including kangaroos. When we arrived, God said to me that he was going to teach me what the true meaning of Dominion on the earth was and that it would start with the kangaroos.

I was told to let the kangaroos be and just leave them alone. I was not to establish eye contact with them. If I wanted to observe them I was to do so from the corner of my eye.

In the area around the house there was a particular female kangaroo that was distinguishable from the others, in that half of one of her ears was missing. We would notice her grazing in the home paddock around the house and before long we noticed that she, or any other of the kangaroos, never touched our vegetable or herb gardens, nor our fruit trees, they only ever grazed on the grass.

After about 8 months our first daughter was born and after another 10 months she was taking her first steps. By this time, 'half-ear' as we called her had a Joey of her own.

One particular day my wife and I were outside in the garden with our daughter who was just beginning walking, when 'half-ear' bounded up and stood about 2 metres in front of us. She looked directly at us and we established eye contact for the first time in 18 months and as she stood there she nudged her Joey from her pouch. The Joey sleepily rolled out of the pouch and slowly hopped around her mother who, still looking at us, seemed to be saying, "See, my baby is walking too". Then a few weeks after that some neighbours were visiting and we all went out on the front verandah. While we were all standing there talking, 'half-ear' suddenly bounded from around the side of the house and stopped next to the garden that was in front of the verandah, quickly followed by her little Joey. We were all surprised, particularly the neighbours, as anyone who lives in the Australian bush knows how shy kangaroos can be.

The Joey then jumped on the garden bed and began grazing. To everyone's amazement 'half-ear' went behind her joey and began to push her off the garden. The joey gave a little grunt of resistance, at which her mother (half-ear) growled at her. The joey then jumped off the garden bed and 'half-ear' looked up at me. I sensed her telepathically saying something like "I'll teach my young ones to stay off the gardens".

Needless to say that as we finished our tea we all discussed what had just happened and everyone agreed that they had indeed sensed 'half-ear' saying something like that.

About an hour later we were all walking around the garden. We came to the corn patch and 'half-ear' was standing on the edge of it. When I looked at her and our eyes connected, I sensed her say "Here's the deal, I like a bit of corn".

Now the interesting thing here, is that we had an elderly man who visited us every week. He had beehives in the area, which is how we met, and he had given me a couple of hives, which he helped me with, in return for allowing him to put hives on our property now and then. Also, his family had owned the land we were on and he grew up there. When I told him what had happened with half-ear he said that it was interesting because a family had owned the 4 adjoining properties, one of which was ours, before they had been subdivided, roughly 30 years beforehand and that they had grown corn crops all along the river. We speculated that it could possibly have come from a genetic memory.

Approximately another 18 months went by with no further communication or contact with the kangaroos, until early one morning, when I stepped outside. By this time half-ear's joey had become full grown and as I stepped out that morning I was extremely surprised to find her standing in the middle of the herb garden that was in the front of the house. I was so surprised I called out "What are you doing, I thought your mother taught you to keep off the gardens!" Half-ear's daughter looked up at me and she seemed to say "I thought we had a trust?" At which I said, "OK, I'll trust you, but I'm going to stay here and see what you're doing".

As I watched her, she bent down amongst the herbs and I kid you not, she began to pull out the weeds with her teeth and place them in a little pile on the path. I could hardly believe it! Ever since then, we would notice where she had weeded the garden, yet we never saw any piles of weeds.

Not long after this we had a prowler coming at night. We would find his footprints in the gardens outside the windows of the house. It took us a couple of months to deduce that he generally came when the moon was half full. Just enough light to see but not to be seen, we thought. Anyway, I arranged for a friend to stay the following month when the moon was half full so we might lay a trap for him.

I saw a group of male kangaroos gathered on the edge of our home paddock and I thought it wouldn't hurt to try communicate with them, especially after everything that had happened with half-ear and her joey. I crouched approx. 6 metres away so as not to scare them off but they were aware of my presence and I said this to them "We have a shadow man coming here disturbing our peace. I would appreciate it, that if you see him to thump your tails that we might know where he is", then I walked away not sure if it would amount to anything.

That night my friend and I were prepared and waiting in the bushes. After about an hour I saw a figure appear out of the bushes, so I leaped out and shone my torch on him, only to discover that it was my friend. "What are you doing?" I said. "You've broken cover, if he's around he'll know we're onto him".

My friend began to answer, but before he could get a full word out we heard the kangaroos, thumping their tails like crazy in the bottom corner of the paddock near the river. I ran to where they were and as I did I heard the prowler running the other way along the river bank, so I turned to chase him. I hadn't got very far when I heard him cross the river and start up a motorcycle and take off.

We never noticed any evidence of him after that and were all amazed that the kangaroos had actually stood thumping their tails the way they did, as kangaroos usually thump their tails once to warn the others, then jump away.

The conclusion of this lesson came about 18 months after that, when I was sitting with another friend of mine beneath the large mahogany tree outside the house. While we sat there talking about God and spiritual matters, a kangaroo bounded up and stood no more than 2 metres away from us. We decided it had to be a male as he stood about 6 feet tall. As we watched him he put his 2 front paws together and bowed. We were stunned and we both heard a voice in our minds say "I serve the same God that you do." Then he jumped away.

The holy spirit came upon me then and told me, "This is the true meaning of man's dominion over the earth. God made all of nature to serve mankind and if we 'Let It Be' then nature will gladly serve you. But when you try to control it, to dominate it, it will not".

I realized that the kangaroos had observed us and made the first move towards a relationship, based on trust.

So, in the words of John Lennon, "Let It Be".

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NotJustMe (1 posts)
8 years ago (2013-08-28)
FINALLY! A site I can share some thought! Loved your story and I too believe we are all equal and that animals are smarter than humans! I grew up with all sorts of pets and they are amazing.
Spydro (6 posts)
11 years ago (2010-08-11)
wow wow your story is very amazeing and wonderful I went throught your whole experience with you as I read wow your story was inspirational the kangaroos talking with them being in australia and how you said God told you, you would be taught a lesson its a wonderful story I wish to have one of my own invovling nature great story! 😆
Mandy1984 (12 posts)
12 years ago (2009-02-19)
hey there wow that is amazing and very neat. What a wonderful experience:) Loved reading that.
vagabondfaith (49 stories) (90 posts)
12 years ago (2009-02-11)
I really enjoyed reading that. I have never heard anything like it except in kid's tales and of course Saint Francis had a way with animals including a wolf. There are stories of saints being protected by strange dogs when someone was trying to kill them. Please write more it was very very interesting.

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