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alphaandomega in The Eye Of The Mind

I just wanted to say. "Thank You!" you are a an inspiration in my life. Your words of kindness and thoughtfulness is a blessing and is encouraging.

I pray that God keeps his loving arms around you and your family and that He will always remind you how much he loves you.

Many Blessings! Michael
alphaandomega in Realization Of God

That's some story! For me to understand it all to it's fullest will take some time. However, very interesting read and very thorough.

I think it's amazing how "God can speak with you and guide your footsteps all the day long and while I'm yet in another place in the world, He and I can communicate at the same moment in time. I find it absolutely incomprehendable or to just even try to imagine, "How does God hear so many prayers all at the same moment in time. He is The Omnipotent, meaning, "He is in all places, all the time", so he is involved in all of creation.

He said, "We shall give in account for every idle word we speak!" That there's a record being kept of what we say. He even knows the number of hairs in our head, in my case it's the number of hairs falling from my head...LOL

I find your story fascinating, with very little room for idle speech and intriguing to read. It's a lot to comprehend. There's so much to God, one cannot comprehend all the amazing things he creates, we can only enjoy trying.

When God said, "Let us create man in our image!" I believe that He was referring to us being creators as He is. We are creators, continually creating and contibuting to all of creation. Love being the greatest creation of all and made for all to experience and enjoy, for God is Love!

I believe we are born creators, and that's our prupose in life. To create all things good and with Love, something that's created "without" Love are vessels of dishonor to the Master creator and will serve no purpose of the Divine's will.

Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. He is the way to true Love, joy and happiness which fills any and all void in our lives. What a wondeful world it would be or should I say could be, only if everyone of us created love each and every day, there would be no room for the creation of hatred, lies and deceit.

All things are created for God's Divine purpose. How can one know or experience true love if they have never experienced true hatred? How can one experience true happiness, if they've never experienced true sadness. So we as humans must accept the bad to enjoy the good.

So God's Love for us is the greatest gift created and meant for all of us to share with one another in becoming "One".

God Bless You and Thank You for sharing your thoughts!

May God's Love and Wisdom forever abound in your heart.


Hello my wonderful Brother In Faiith!

Thank you for publishing your story and the subsequent commments.

The energy changes I am referring to originate from within the ethereal realm directly from what some people refer to as "SOURCE" most of just say GOD. It requires to have an open mind regarding quantum phyiscs as well and how the universe is made up. There are several very technical names for these shifts in energy but to simplify it one just has to look back at the last week in September and the first two weeks in October.

How many experienced days of anxiety, some days of complete confusion, days of absolute clarity, deep religious insight they have not felt before now, visions and experiences of the religious people from their holy books and other days of internal energy flows that were off the clock in intensity.

I know I experienced all of those things, sometimes within minutes of each other!

We are seeing a shift in the universe at large as the Mayan calender comes to an end, and no I don't have visions of the movie 2012, only what is beyond and it looks pretty damn good from where I sit.

The last month has seen the greatest number of people awakening to God and WHO THEY ARE that has been witnessed in a millennia and may it continue from this day forth.

There are several more changes to come, finishing in the spring of 2013 and then it is truly up to us from that point on. In Universal time, God is at his or her seventh day.

To the average person these changes are not noticable, however to those whom are sensitive to even mild swings in energy levels the next couple of years will be quite a ride some days.

Now as you can see I have been a little vague in some of the info because quite frankly some of it sounds tooo far fetched even for my expanded way of thinking these days and yet I just KNOW it to be so, once again can't explain it fully, I just know.

As for LLIIFE, well that is a typo, the word should have been LIFE!

The greatest gift from God we can ever receive. One that doesn't end at the passing of the physical body (at least not unitl the completed journey of our soul takes place), for we are not our bodies. We are the essence of the exiistance that lies within those bodies.

LIFE - LOVE - GOD: alll three words are completely interchangable, all mean exactly the same thing, try substituting one for the other in various sentences. When we "live" we live as an experience of God (don't shoot the messenger here gang just passing this along!), some live very differently from others and are judged by human moral standards as such.

As children of God we come from God, will experience life through the eyes of God, who will experience life as us through our eyes. All of the experiences gained through our many mortal lives will be eventually returned to the one true heaven, GOD, whereby they will be joined once again with GOD, to be reborn as a new Soul and begin the experiences of another existence again.

To understand life in another way, try and wrap your head around the following two statements. These will prove to be difficult or impossible for some to even comprehend the thoughts of, however give some really deep thought to them.

1. This statement came from a very good friend of mine during one of his mass consciousness seminars:


2.This second one came directly from the ethereal realm and I struggled internally with this one for a very long time. Once I looked at life beyond what we deemed LIFE in human and linear terms it was a momment of complete clarity. I do not expect some to even entertain the thought because of their faith, family or cultural history, it is merely an example of the larger vision that is life than we currently DESIRE to comprehend.


Food for philosophical thought...

Thank you for your comments on this post. I really appreciate that the comments were not negative towards my experience. This happened to me ten years ago. I was afraid because of the negative presence I invited in had already been harassing me. Then to have this other thing happen scared me. Looking back I can see whenever the light came, I was in a relaxed and happy mood. Like in the laundry room I had a flow of good thoughts and feelings. With the other thing... Nothing like that at all. It was cold and dark. I believe this was a lessen that there is a holy spirit. Since then my inner spiritual relationship with god has been strengthened. ❤
James, please tell me more about the recent energy shifts that you know of, and also please tell me more about LIIFE. Thanks.

Have you published your book yet? And do you ever get back to Washington? If you do, I would be very interested in meeting you as I live in Seattle. I am only 2.5 weeks past my awakenning experience and I really want to meet people to share stories with. That electric pulse and being left with pure feeling without words of explanation is ever so similar to what happenned to me (for me)! Please describe the feelings you were given.

God Bless! JAndrew
Thank you James and QT for sharing your thoughts. Yes, we are all brothers, even those led far astray. There is some good in everybody and its up to all of us to bring out as much good we can in each other. It is so true that the more you give the more you get. We truly are all one, even more than I can explain. It is an incredible feeling to just KNOW, isn't it!

It's just a theory but I am beginning to believe that our lives are ongoing lessons that we go through to purify our souls. Once we purify our souls over a number of lifetimes, we get to stay in heaven. Between lives we make pitstops in heaven until our soul is called upon again for the next lifelong "class."

I am convinced that there is reincarnation but you are also correct in saying that we must live in the moment and appreciate every moment we are given in life. I look at everything much differently than I have before and I try to see the good in everything and everyone. It has always been there, I just didn't look for it.

I find it very empowering and rewarding to find the good and the positive in the least likely places! If nothing else, a negative event can viewed as partially good because its existence provides balance to allow something equally positive to occur somewhere else in the Universe. So negative events basically create positive event "credits." Life is sweet so enjoy every part you can!

--Peace Brothers! JAndrew
quixoticqt in And There He Was
Wow, no, thank you for sharing your story with us.
It was like reading a lost story from the bible.
When a person goes to talk to God they go onto a hill/mountain and there they could see God.
You also remind me of my Grandfather. When he was alive, he was like you and went up the mountains to go talk to God.
❤ Qt

Good morning my wonderful friend!

Re-incarnation is a strange thing, does it exist or doesn't it!?!?!?

That is in the eyes of the beholder, however one issue about the whole thing is what people do with the knowledge.

The answer you received is indeed correct, that those who believe and keep "score" go to people like that medium for answers. They then use this information to "guide" their present lives instead of living and experiencing life as they are living it now, not what God intended for us to do with the precious gift of life that we enjoy. In reality none of it actually matters, you may have been Ghandi in a previous life, but guess what that has no significance on who you are now, it may SHAPE and influence your line of thought, but it has no bearing what-so-ever with WHO YOU ARE.

Modern society continually clings to the past as if all the answers are found there, hogwash, we use the past as a building block but nothing more.

Whether we have only one life or several life-times makes no difference it is WHO WE ARE right NOW that is key, our past is in the past, our futures have not been written and how we live today is the wonderful experience of life.

An example from my own journey, I used to believe that if I carried the cross of Jesus (symbolically), that I would experience the burden he suffered and would endure it for modern man. I soon discovered that it is not necessary for me to cling to the cross as a symbol of the struggle and life Jesus lead. By clinging to the concept of the cross I permanently planted myself in the past and the ideals of the past, leading to a revolving door effect. Things just spin round and round and the same things kept happening to me all the time. After I moved beyond the cross and realized Jesus is much more than the cross, has life ever changed for the better.

Does re-incarnation exist?

To you NO, to me YES, does it matter NO. God, he or she, will show us life as we encounter it and as we desire it, you want to have suicide bombers in your life, guess what they will be there. You want poverty and hardship in your life, you got it, think the world is collapsing around you, here you go, think the joy of life is to love another without reservation and you only see good things, guess what that happens as well.

The past is the past, the future has not been written and what we do NOW is all that matters, for what we do NOW shapes and creates the future. So it doesn't matter if you were Ghandi, Paul of Tarsus or Ghenghis Khan, whether you believe in it or not, who you are in THIS life, what you DO in this life, how you LOVE in this life, how you ACT in this life, is all that truly matters.

God stands not apart from us but with and within us and all the answers we will ever need are there inside, not from the past or knowledge of the supposed future.

" peace I leave you..."

Good Day Nick R.,

Thank you for your kind words, and more importantly, the depth of emotion contained in them that I 'feel'. Just after I read your comment, I happened to find a notation that I had written months ago, and finding that serendipitous, I know that I am to share it with you. One evening following this experience (that I wrote about), I found myself unsettled about an event at work that day. I knew it was trivial, but because I am living (and learning through) a human experience, I was succumbing to the power it was trying to exert over me. So I wrote what, I knew, to be true... Then I let it go and was again at peace. This is what I wrote: I'm a Being of Light - filled with the love of God. I relate on a Spiritual level with all living things. I'm Bright - Opulent, in fact... I'm healthy in my human body, in my Spiritual self, and Love guides my words and emotions.
I now consider this experience (that I wrote about) as an evolutionary step for me as I walk the path of my Spiritual 'expedition'.

Wishing you: Friendship, Love and Health, from Treetoucher
I like the way you put it/him down as *smile* I see God as a hermaphrodite; both male and female that can create in a whim. It's not dominating; I believe that both male and female could be equal in all subjects.
The love part is true. God is pure love, happiness, joy, peace, and everything that is good of this world.
Although you do believe in reincarnation I on the other hand do not. I believe that everyone has one life to live on this earth and one life only. Why do you ask? Because believing in reincarnation makes people who want to commit suicide want to relive their child hood but that's not true.
There is even a heaven for those that are concieved in heaven, waiting for either their adoption or their parent to get to heaven. The ones that do not have a parent going back to heaven stay the same size until they are adopted.
I found myself watching this lady/psychic who was very intriguing. She made me believe in confusion that there are past lives and I wanted to figure out what mine were.
I asked God, "I know half of what she says is true. Love is something you don't want to live without, but how in the world does she know of past lives? Why can she know from the bottom of her heart that these people had past lives? Why do I know the truth from the tablet of my heart that this is wrong?"
"There are those who record past lives. Those that live on the earth forever that cannot die but is always there with you. Those that record talk to that lady and show her what they have recorded. She is not the only one. There are many like her that can see these things."
I know that feeling when God is there. Its like nothing in the world; very carefree. Hard to get to that state of mind.
Thank you for sharing your story.
❤ Qt
quixoticqt in Realization Of God
BTW thank you for sharing your perception with us.
Made me feel at peace with myself. Made me cry a tear drop.
❤ Qt
quixoticqt in Realization Of God
"I love you all because you give me joy when you make yourselves happy" That I do understand.
Once I asked "what about people all around the world? What of them? Would they go to "hell" just because Jesus wasn't in their village?"
God replied back "Love. I am love, I dwell in love. As long as they know me they will come back to me."
❤ Qt
Foundations in The Eye Of The Mind
HI Michael,

You also mentioned "Put your trust in Jesus, He will never let you down or let you be misguided."

I struggle with feeling as though I am not doing enough and should be pushing myself more. Well, today I got in my car and the song "Patience" by Guns and Roses started playing. It was Jesus talking to me, telling me to stop worrying, it will all be ok. Follow me and you'll be fine. So you are 100% right, put your trust in Jesus and let him work it all out in the way that is right for you.

Thanks again,
Foundations in The Eye Of The Mind
Hi Michael,

Thank you for your comments about my open mind and honest heart! What a beautiful thing for you to say! Don't get me wrong though, I have my emotional days too LOL!

Funny how you mentioned about reading scripture and getting different interpretations from the same verse. This happens to me quite often. I find myself continually trying to put certain things together, like a puzzle, in order to find the common denominator.

Jesus guides me in so many different ways that I think I better start writing it all down! I get messages in countless ways, from songs, to scripture, to license plates, birds (yes somehow I can understand what birds are saying if Jesus or God is using them to communicate to me...) you name it. I just know in my heart when it is a message directed at me. It is true when he said "The blind shall see and the deaf shall hear" You need to have an open mind to see the bigger picture.

I will be certain to take all of your advice, your encouragment means a lot to me.

With love,
Foundations in Room Filled With Light
Hi Rachelle,

This is a beautiful experience that I can fully relate to. Don't be afraid, because there truly is nothing to be afraid of. I had the same issue with fear at the beginning because it was something unknown to me. I was shocked and wondered "OK am I going nuts or something?" Once I started to open my mind and let go of my fears I realized that this was God manifesting himself to me in the way that I could understand. For example, last week I was in my living room with my family when all of a sudden the entire room became bright with white light, and glitter seemed to be encompassing everything and everyone. The people in the room glowed with the same bright white light and an aura of the most beautiful blue. Did my family notice- nope - only me. In the darkness I see orbs and "sparkles" and have become accustomed to it now. At first it shocked me that my mind was opening up to all of this, however now I embrace these experiences. There is truly more to this world than the eye can see as I have come to discover. Each person experiences God in their own special way. So please don't be afraid, go with the flow!
With love,


God is to all of us in our own way, for what is to me is not to you and vice versa.

I share a common spiritual and religious belief as you, having grown up a catholic and became so disillusioned by institutionalized religion I needed answers elsewhere.

I had a voice talking to me for all my life and just wrote it off as my brain playing games most of the time and yet there was a turning point a few years ago that was a game changer and I finally realized it was indeed God all those years.

When I looked back at all the suggestions that I ignored, it turns out that everyone of them were the correct choice to make and you guessed it I made the wrong choices because I wouldn't listen to the "voice" at that time.

Many converse openly with the Father all the time, not just you and I, God speaks to us all, all the time and yet 95% or more do not hear what is being said.

Neale Donald Walsche wrote a whole series of books based on his conversation with God, many called him nuts and yes many think one should be locked in a padded cell for thinking God talks to us lowly humans.

Hogwash... Our inner faith is what drives our ability to understand what is being said to us. Once we re-awaken to that innner faith and belief, well then the universe is truly an open book to us all.

I haven't commented on the content of your post, simply because I have to re-read it again and absorb it a little more, but I will.

Please keep writing here on this site, the more others can gain from another the better we all are

" peace I leave you..."


Hello my wonderful friend!

Do not fear the light, the next time you see it, close your eyes and relax your body, something like a meditative state if you know how to do that. Then simply ask God if he is that light, wait for the answer, it will be there in a form appropriate for you.

I have twice had experiences with a BALL of light and seen bright lights in the room. The answers surprised the dickens out of me when I was able to hear them. I wrote about the experience of the ball on this site.

In short do not fear the light, for part of that light is YOU, don't worry if you don't understand that notion, in time you will. Remember you are a CHILD OF GOD, the light is of God ion one form or another and while it is present, whether actually or in your thoughts, nothing from the ethereal realm can hurt you.

If you think something evil is present, just simply smile and state loud and clearly "I am of God you cannot harm me, cannot scare me..." Let the universe take it from there...

Bless you my wonderful friend in God!

Well hello Brother!

I say that because it is indeed an appropriate term and Libra is very correct in her comments to you, there is so much more to all of us than we as humans can truly imagine!

You talk about "knowing" that is exactly the point, you reach a juncture whereby you just KNOW.

You can't explain it to anyone, you just know. We are all capable of that understanding but very people actually open themselves up enough to truly discover it within them.

There have been many changes within the earths' energy levels, fields, call it what you wish within the past two weeks and talk about energy shifts and emotional swings, wow!

When you fully realize the ALL, and simply KNOW, you reach a state of bliss that will not go away, for the universal experience at that point is something that few will believe you and many will want to lock you up in the rubber room.

What many do not fully understand is our relationship to each other and how we all relate to the universe as a whole. Like Libra said we are just energy, started out as such, have use of these physical bodies for now and will return to our state of pure energy (also called LIIFE), when our physical existance ends.

We all come from the same place, made up of the same stuff and will return to the same place, GOD.

Once you understand and accept the truth of that, boy does life seem so much sweeter here on earth. I no longer see the bad side of things, yes they are still there, however I see the glory that is everything, that is everyone, even the suicide bomber is a Brother, I don't condone the act but the person is a brother to me none-the-less.

I can't explain those feelings, I just KNOW...

You see the grander vision of what we are, do not forget that or ever doubt that, for the Source of All Life, Source of All Love has helped you open your eyes, your mind and your heart to what has always been there, what will always be there and HE has shown you the true YOU of WHO YOU TRULY ARE!

May your journey be a long and bountiful one, through this physical journey and the life beyond

In my experience, upon confessing my belief in a Higher Power and reincarnation, God came down in the form of an electromagnetic force of some kind, and took my soul to Heaven to give me a taste of it. I don't remember seeing anything but the FEELINGS I remember are so crystal clear. All souls are together as one and a feeling of everlasting love, happiness and complete bliss is shared by all.

I believe it as FACT that all of us are one, from one source, that we will all return to in the end. We do not have one soulmate, which is a little dissapointing on the surface, until you consider that we are ALL soulmates. The message that we are all one was made so incredibly clear to me that I have absolutely no doubt about it.

I keep reminding myself that we are all pieces of each other when I encounter frustrating situations with others. It brings me back to serenity after a few moments when I do. It has only been two weeks since my moment with God so I am still adjusting to practicing new behavior that is based on the newfound truth I discovered on my day of confirmation.

I agree that we do see miracles every day. I am more open and aware of their existence after having my experience. They were so easy to dismiss as ironic coincidences before. Now I have a much deeper appreciation when those tiny miracles expose themselves.

-With everlasting love and bliss for all, JAndrew
I have a little girl also, they are so cute! As far as picking our parents? When I saw my parents, I knew that's who they were. I remember it being more of a feeling. I only remember what seems like moments before I entered this body. I didn't relize it wasn't "normal" to remember that, until I told my Father I saw him waving to me just after I was born. My mother told me never to repeat that, people would think I was crazy. So, I only speak about my experiences with people who have had similar experiences. That is why I enjoy this site. 😊
Thank you for your comment, Libra1. I am sure it is no accident that your monaker (Libra) is also my daughter's sign. She asks me to read her "horse-scope" (too cute to correct) every day. I am looking forward to reading your post to gain more insight into this part of our world that is so new to me. You mention that you remember entering your body just before you were born. In the James3 story, he said he remembers flying above the hospital and actually choosing his parents. I can't wait to read your story. The Oneness and unity of everyone really does appear to be such a strong common theme among so many individual experiences. There is so much that we can take away and build with from that alone. That feeling of eternal love, happiness and unity I will never forget. We are so incredibly blessed and privileged to have knowledge that so many people will label as too good to be true, in turn labeling us as well. I suppose the labeling and judgement from others is just the universal balance of the blessing itself.
Great experience!
I have had experiences all my life, including one just before I was born, I remember moments before entering into this body.
It is true, we are spiritual beings made of pure energy, living in a physical world. I have never had any doubts because of what I remember. I have had more spiritual experiences than I have time to list! They still happen almost weekly. I cannot pinpoint where or when they happen, sometimes its as large as a voice being heard, sometimes its as subtle as something being placed somewhere else. They are all just reminders of the bigger picture! Everyone experiences differently and everyone is on their own journey~ I wish I had more time to write!
Please read my post "healing lights that saved my life" also, I have several stories I posted on the other site, psychic experiences, if you pull up "My first memory, insight" you can read about the very first spiritual experience I remember.
You are absolutley right about us all being ONE~ Without You or I, the Universe would be incomplete! Take care ❤
I would love to read your story.
Often these types of testamonies are not welcome in the churches and we often may feel left out in the cold - but the Spirit of truth within us insists that we must persevere.
I would really like to thank you for what you have wrote to us all on this site. I think it is a wonderful experience and I hope it helps you in your life. What you had sounds like a very strong and profound experience and it brought me joy to think about you surrounded by these white loving light beings.

The main reason that I wanted to thank you was because this experience made me reflect on a couple of my experiences that I have had, and I really brought me joy to get to know aspects of myself and my spirit friend better. (I don't really know what to call her because there is a presence that is always with me and always "talking to me" (hot and cold shivers) as I talk to her. And she let's me know when I do do/say something bad (or disagrees) , or do/say something good (or agrees))

I love this freind that I have and she loves me to, and you have helped me get to know her better and you have no idea how grateful I am. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Have a Wonderful and love filled life.
Quote of soulsearcher:
*i love this artical. It is so true. The light can blind you from the truth and illuminate the lies. Alone in darkness we only have ourselves to find.*

And our friends 😉
alphaandomega in The Eye Of The Mind
I seen on your profile about when reading the Bible about having wisdom and knowledge and understanding the word of God and it's meaning. I think it's great that you keep an open mind because just one verse of the Bible can have more than just one meaning.

Sometimes when you read a verse, you understand right away. Then you read the same verse again later, you may see it or get a total different revelation from the same exact verse.

God's word is amazing, it's a live, it's life. God gives us the Holy Spirit, to guide and confirm with our spirit, so when we read his word he will open our understanding to the parts that will help us during that specific time in our life, because each day is different.

Bottom line... When reading the Word of God, we must have a pure heart and open mind. He will lead us and guide us into all truth. As he say's. "He will give to us the desires of our heart". So if we sincerely desire in our hearts and are hungry for His Word, He will feed us 'til we're full.

Jesus said, "I have set before thee an "Open Door", that ye may go in and out to find green pasture!" God's word is the "Open Door" and we can go in and out to find green pasture or (Read) to find all the nourishment we need to grow into a strong and faithful servant.

You have an honest heart and open mind, so just put your trust in the Lord and before you even open your Bible or (Break The Bread), sincerely ask the Lord to bless you as you part the Word. Ask him to guide you as you partake of the reading of the gospel.

The Lord will help or enlighten you to the scripture that's profitable for your spiritual growth at that present time in your life. I hope you understand what I'm saying.

If I remember correctly. The Bible say's, "line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little, "Rightly Dividing" The Word of God we shall understand. He want's us to divide, part his word and combine scriptures together to get a clear understanding. It's like a puzzle, you put all the pieces together and it you will see the whole picture and not just pieces.

Sometimes, a single verse alone can mean exactly as it reads. However, if you compile (reference) some other verses along with it, that single verse can turn into a complete story with several meanings and really resiginate with your heart and mind and you'll carry it with you the rest of your life and apply it when you need it.

Kathleen, hope I didn't confuse you with all that. The best way to simplify it all, When Breaking the Bread of Life, always ask the Lords blessing to help you understand your needs and He want's for you, and to increase your knowledge and wisdom of his word in order to do the perfect will for the purpose of your life.

In the Old Testament, God's law was engraved in tablets of stone[The Ten Commandments). Today's Generation, we have the Holy spirit to engrave God's law (His Word) in the Fleshly Tablets of our Heart".

God Bless You Kathleen, Put your trust in Jesus, He will never let you down or let you be misguided.

I pray that the Love of God may forever abound with you and Yours... Many Blessing!
Awesome! I had a similar experience. The only difference, was I had a dream right after the electrical feeling. Felt like I was actually there in the dream! This was an encounter with God! Keep your eyes on what matters, Jesus!
davidbelieves in A Powerful Testimony
Great testimony! I had a similiar experience about a year ago, my life will never be the same. I will post my testimony soon. God is good! And Jesus is very much alive!
Your experience closely matches mine more than any other story I have read in the 6 days since it happenned last week. It was my first and only experience but I can only pray I have more. Please read my story "Secrets of the Universe Shared". That feeling of universal love and unity, brought forth by the joining of an electromagnetic field of energy and the feeling heaven is what happenned to me.
The unity of all of us as one in the Universe is common ground among many experiences including my own that occurred just 6 days ago. Please read my story "Shared Secrets of the Universe." We are all one in the end. Thank you for sharing your story. I am happy to see that I am not alone experiencing a miraculous event such as ours.
I had a very similar experience myself 6 days ago. (Oct 18th 2011) I posted my story on this site under "Secrets of the Universe Shared." They have not read and approved it yet since I just posted today. I still have a hard time believing what happenned to me but there is no denying it and my friend even witnessed it. The main feelings I had was complete oneness among all souls, eternal love, and the feeling of an eternal entire body orgasm (best way to describe). I believe that I was blessed with a moment in heaven. It has been very difficult adjusting back into normal society and many of friends think I am crazy. I have not been able to even tell my wife yet. I am looking for others to connect with.
miiish in The Sadhu
Hi James!
I dint even look at the woman sitting there to support me! But I do remember she was really skinny and she had really short curly hair... Like Mel B from the Spice girls! I did have my second baby... He is a year and a half now and I have named him Nathan! But... He was born here in Dubai and not Sri Lanka! So I'm thoroughly confused... The first prediction was bang on...!
Ah, my friend of darkliness. I love both light and dark, and the bliss of darkness you describe is the exact reason I love and accept darkness. Yet remember the light, for action and excitement and more knowledge lies there as well. Appreciate both elements, for the world is incomplete without one of them, and so is the living creatures of the world.
The Devil is like a devouring lion, going forth to steal, kill and destroy. It's evil spirits that causes depression and suicidal thoughts. Satan even afflicts our bodies with sickness and pain, but The Lord will not let us bare more than we can stand.

Anytime a spirit wants you to die or for you to kill yourself is an evil spirit.

If you ever have anymore encounters as such, you need to say to that spirit, "Flee from me satan! In the Name of Jesus Christ!" And he "must flee" when you use the NAME of Jesus Christ against him.

When an evil spirit aproaches you like that, don't speak back to it, because by doing so you are giving it the power of recognition and may open a door for more evil spirits to enter.

The Bible tells us to "try the spirits" to see whether they be of God or "not". The spirit of God doesn't want you to committ suicide.

No, you should not be scared. Fear is another weapon of the devil he uses against us to weaken our faith. So be strong in faith and put your trust in the Lord Jesus and "Fear Not".

Just have FAITH and be bold and tell the devil to depart from you in the name of Jesus Christ. Because the Word of God say's he must leave you alone and you have power over him in the name of Jesus.

For "Greater is He that is in you", "than he that is in the world". We have power over satan in the name of Jesus!

God Bless you and keep you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Michael
alphaandomega in He Found Me

I like how you titled your story "He Found Me"

There's a song titled "He Was There All The Time" Waiting patiently in life, He was there all the time.

Sometimes I think most people underestimate the power in the the NAME OF JESUS and they fail to use it as often as they should.

Most people say "I found God", I know what they mean when they say it, but you actully phrased it right when you said "He Found Me". It is we who are lost, not the Lord. He's right there, all we have to do is call on "His Name" and "His Name" is "Jesus", He is The Divine. "Immanuel" which being interpretated is "God With Us" There's no other name given among men, whereby we must be saved.

So the next time you attend church, and you're moved by the spirit, or feel a burden, or a need to join with them at the alter, that's The Lord tugging at your heart, that's the Lord calling you, laways try to heed and obey.

I might also add, it don't have to be at the alter at the church, you can make your bedside the alter or anyplace where you are, just keep calling on that Precious name of JESUS and watch what happens in your life, Jesus Christ our Lord is there all the time!

I done as Peter said in Acts 2:38, "Repent and be baptized evryone of you in the "NAME" of "JESUS CHRIST" for the the remission of sins, and "YE SHALL RECEIVE THE GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST"; THE "PROMISE" is "TO YOU", "TO YOUR CHILDREN" and "TO THOSE THAT ARE AFAR OFF" and to as many as the Lord our God shall call.

So The Holy Ghost wasn't just for the 140 that waited for the return of Christ, it's for all of us today. The day of Pentecost was only the beginning, the "Comforter" also known as "The Holy Ghost", Jesus said will come to us in "HIS NAME".

The word of God tell us that the "Holy Ghost" will "LEAD US" and "GUIDE US" into "ALL TRUTH"

I believe you with all my heart and have no doubt that when you called on "JESUS", it was "HE" that picked you up as you said! You have a great story and very inspirational and you continue to witness for "JESUS" for to me "HE" is "THE DIVINE" and gives us the "Holy Ghost" as our "GUIDE".

So to stay on message, the most important words in your story that stood out for me were the words you spoke, "JESUS HELP ME!"

May the love of our Lord Jesus Christ abound in you and always protect you.

In the name of Jesus, God Bless You! Michael
Foundations in The Eye Of The Mind
Thank you Michael, and God bless you too! Your words of kindness touched my heart. Thank you for brightening the day!

With love,
alphaandomega in The Eye Of The Mind
God Bless You Kathleen,

I'm happy to know God is still using me to help others, for this is my true hearts desire. May the peace and joy of our Lord abound you and keep you safe through life's journey.

Many Blessings! Michael
What inspiring stories, Rhonda & Gregory-Brown! Thank you for sharing. You have both shown us first hand what it means to love thy neighbor, and one of our Lord's most important, love, love... Blessings and peace, always. ❤
Wow. Empowering dream. It sounds like your going to be a leader.
This will just be a reminder that no matter how hard the poop hits the fan *smile*, your always going to be able to ask God and he should turn it off and straighten your problems out.
❤ Qt
When I was younger I had that happen to me as well. Not exactly, I would start out crying but then would feel the sense of love and then start laughing until my sides hurt. It only happened at church. That was when I, my mother and brother went to church like 4 times a week.
I would think that it was the Holy Spirit. I believe in the trio. God/Son/Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the one that dwells within us, God is the one who watches over us and the Son is the one who saved us.
I wouldn't think it was your guardian. Your guardian is the one who delivers the messages back to God. When push comes to shove he/she is allowed to help in any way they could; Like one of my favorite stories on here is "stalked by the devil, saved by an angel" by alarmman2011.
Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be open to you.
Having this happen is like a recharging experience for me. No matter how many times you have it done it will always make you feel loved, cared for and even might make you appear younger.
Jesus loves you; everything about you, from the tip of your head to the souls of your feet.
Prayer; someone out there is always praying for you. In my case I would think prayers are retroactive. My grandfather loved me and he was a very powerful intercessor. His words still bless me to this day 26 years later.
"God is love." No matter where you go, if there is pure overwhelming love then God is there.
I wouldn't think so. A "ghost" as you put it is a spiritual entity that died but keep wanting to live even though they can't. They haven't found it in themselves to leave this earth and enter into judgement. Sure ghosts scare me as well they're more of a nuicance then anything else.
If it wasn't a ghost and if it was a dark entity then that would be a different matter.
If I at all offend you in anyway I don't mean to. I'm just explaining my pov I gather from my life.

❤ Qt
I think you're absolutely right, we hear about cot deaths in adults all the time and it sounds as if that could have been you had it not been for your guardian angel. Great story!
Foundations in The Eye Of The Mind
Hello Michael,
Thank you for publishing this story! Without knowing it you have answered my prayers about this same vision! I saw almost exactly what you describe, a large ship with people that I could not make out, sailing into a light in the distance. Your story, combined with James' answer to you, has truly been a light for me and to all for that matter! I am realizing more and more with each passing day, that the answers are all around us, we just have to take the time to open our eyes and listen more closely.

My love and peace I send to you
Hello Munchie,

It is incredibly interesting that I've stumbled upon this because it reminds me of a dream I had a couple nights ago where there was a demon who was attacking me and it was like a force of darkness surrounding me and putting pressure on me and in my dream I rebuked the demon in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I even awakened to myself repeating the same words and the scariest part was that when I first heard myself, in that state in between completely waking up and sleep, my voice sounded completely different it was as if my throat was even different it sounded like a deep and mocking voice but I kept repeating those words and sure enough the feeling subsided and I was safe. And this is not my first encounter either. Demonic entities are very real and they are terrified of our Lord Jesus Christ and at the mention of his name they flee. All you've got to do is call upon his wonderful name and believe that he will save/help you. Trust me my friend, He has never left your side and he is waiting for you to call upon him. I am happy to hear that you prayed and trusted in our Heavenly Father, for only He knows what could have happened. These happenings aren't very common. Please do keep praying and searching for the truth. You are very close!

Ivy ❤
Pretty. The story feels simply clean. Let that memory keep you going, and don't let the demons take it away from you. It's pretty and it will come back when you need it to.

My wonderful Friend

It doesn't get much better than that for an awakening!

Embrace those visions and cherish each one after that, for your life is forever more changed, you may doubt any of it ever happenind one day and right it off to being nonesense at some point. Yet the feelings are real, the words are real, to you IT IS REAL and you are indeed changed for it.

Thank you for publishing this story, please continue to do so for those whom are following in YOUR footsteps

" peace I leave upon your wonderful SELF..."


Hello My Wonderful Brother In Faith

A few words from a prayer for you:

"...thank you Father for the Path you have laid before US,
We may stumble on that path, but we cannot fail to reach you
Thank you for understanding our human emotions
As we endeavour to understand them in others..."

Michael the ship is indeed the pathway and the light at the end of that path is the Glory that is God. Our Souls are on that journey to "home" and when we doubt our true course, the light is always shining brightly for us to hopefully see and be guided by that light.

I have said this before on this site, when we look behind us at our footstpes in the sand how many pairs of foot-prints do we see... It is not just a nice poem.

You have been shown your path and I have felt it as well, in the words of your poems. This experience is just cementing all that information together. Those people on the vessel are familiar to you, now let the guiding hand of the Glory that is within you continue to steer your course and may fair winds, calm seas and clear skies guide thee on thy course for home.

With my brother at the helm you are in wonderful hands my friend!

Never be afraid to publish any experience here, many of us have moved on now, but there are truly thousands coming along their paths and this site is a learning ground for all of them.

Let your music be heard and let the light that is you be seen by ALL!



Hello "Uncertain One" do not fear or worry these are not unusal feelings or experiences. We all experience faith, belief, religion, spirituality, call it whatever you like in our own ways and yes it is different for everyone.

THe key is to "let it flow" be yourself and let whatever or whomever you pray to help you and guide you. Ask what you need to ask and look for the answers. SOme experience them as a spoken word, others a song on the radio or a conversation of a passer-by talking on their phone, or perhaps a bird landing next to you.

The feeling of warmth is the internal essence (or energy if you like) flowing I response to your realizing that "hey there is something wonderful within me!"

THat divinity that is within ALL OF US, is denied by a lot of people because you cannot see it or measure it quantitativley and yet it exists. Your fears brought about the cold and the pressure, your re-wawakening divinity brought about the love and warmth that removed the problem.

You may think I am smoking some good stuff here, but it has happenind to many of us at one point or another and you are not alone, never have been nor ever will be.

THere are many changes happening around ol' Mother Earth right now and these "feelings" and issues are becoming common place with more and more people.

If you find the fear is getting a grip again, simply sit back in a chair or lie down. Concentrate on your breathing, now envision every breath of air going into and out of your heart. Concentrate on that action, do this slowly and deeply and allow your body to become relaxed and feel yourelf reaching a point of inner peace. Contimue this "heart breathing" unitl you feel you have vanquished the fear, stress or anxiety of the moment. Try it for longer periods each time and enjoy!

Try this breathing technique out and you may be surprised as to what happens within your body and your mind!

Sorry for babbling on a bit, but you are not alone in this experience and certainly do not have anything to fear, for fear is a human thing buried within us, the Soul knows what is real and it knows the fear is not real.

" peace I leave with you..."

James in He Found Me

Hello Precious One Of God!

Four years ago I almost had my right hand removed by the propelor of a radio control airplane. After surgery, feeling like a complete moron and 6 months of recovery, I had the use of my hand back as well as the answers why?

It was a message, signal, call it what you like from the beyond for me to slow down, open my eyes and really see the world around me. Heck of a way to get a message across but it worked, for that was the just before I started to "awaken" to what is really important.

The Heavenly Father has always been there with you, he never went anywhere, however you experienced your life as you wished (yes we do choose what we experience, all done at the soul level).

When you reached the peak of your helplessness you simply called for help and it was there with out question. You didn't have to repent anything for what is there to repent, you are a Child of God, born in the glory that is God, only most of us haven't figured it out until something happens and we suddenly "rediscover" the Lord.

My wonderful Friend, your story is one so close to my heart in many ways and it is so close to the hearts of ALL fro as it happens to one it happens to all of us.

Please continue your journey with the Father and experience all the wonders that lie ahead of you.

Namaste my wonderful Friend

gysyblue in Whispers
This is so beautiful. The whisper is wonderful, and also your father's dream. I also love the words you say God spoke to you. This is very inspiring, thank-you.

I just wanted to comment on your experience of dreaming about the tornadoes. God has given me dreams and scripture that's simular, and He's spoke to my heart about things to happen in these last days.

Jeremiah 23 talks about a whirlwind of the Lord's fury shall come out of the North, a grievious whirlwind shall fall upon the heads of the wicked and shall not return until He have performed the thoughts of his heart and in the (latter days) ye shall consider it perfectly.

Isaiah also talks about a great whirlwind out of the north and it shall go from nation to nation. I'm not exactly sure of the meaning of it all, but I truly believe God will Judge and punish those that are wicked and follow after Satan.

I need to add though, that our God is an awesome God. His love and compassion for all mankind is everlasting and his mercy endures forever. He want's all those who will, to come and drink from the water of life freely and to forgive us of our tresspasses, so that we may be able to stand in his presense forgiven. God Bless You! Michael
alphaandomega in Spiritual Purification
I was very touched and moved from your heartfelt comment 4iiiiz1111. I appreciate a kind soul such as yourself. The world would be a better place with more people like you in it. I consider you a friend and part of my extended family of God.

Keep seeking and knocking, God will open the door and reveal His Divine prupose for your life.

I pray that He keep you safe and your Guardian Angels keep watch over you and your family. Blessings Michael
Hello AlphaandOmega... I love your name first of all! Secondly, I hope this post ends up in the correct order... I want to thank you for your kind words and thoughtfulness in replying...Yes, Jesus is our Lord and King of ALL Kings! I wish I could have confirmation about all my experiences, but instead, I wait patiently for His return:) ❤ I thank you so much and send you my love as well!
Thank you for your comments.
Please remember that God sees us as His church and we don't have to be in a physical church. I find that walks in the early mornings - or when ever - and speaking to God about everything really helps us put our lives into perspective, as He knows us better than we know ourselves.
quixoticqt in Seek Ye First
Yogi bear... I think that just made my day a lot more cheerier!
❤ Qt
quixoticqt in A Powerful Testimony
Wow. I believe your story. There was one time in my life where I felt the love of Jesus. And that was when I was a kid at church.
Thank you for sharing your experience. It was amazing!
*laugh* When I was younger I thought God talked intricate;"thus... Thy humble servant... Blessed be ye..." kind of like the king james version of the bible.
I do hear God just like you said, directly to the point, exactly what you need to hear at that point in time.

❤ Qt
Yeah I too had a lot of traumatic experiences almost dying off weed going to the hospital on ecstasy really fcks you up. For me personally it built a lot of bad mind sets where I'd listen to people and hear them talking to me. I can't smoke weed anymore or do many drugs because I'm so crazy and caught up in a fantasy word that I mostly just end up getting sick and throwing them up.

It's been a while sense all that and my advise now is just keep pushing forward. Get in tune with the energy's I have a lot of gifts that go with my craziness. I can smell flowers coming from my body and it gets me into this energy then I'm feeling Ecstasy. I can literally smell when people flow the energy comes off of them.

Most of all it's letting go and let the universe take us remember we construct our selves threw our egos. When we let go of our selves we let go of all our problems remembering that we are energy.

You should try and maybe meditate every day when ever you are stressed. Build good habits like sitting still remember the habits!

I feel blessed or depressed most of the time I find that its mostly because I'm sitting at the house doing nothing. Even getting on the internet and simply reading people post gets my mind off those thoughts that are sending you back.

Focus on the now stop all thoughts at all time! Research Pranayama and try and get in tune with it.
alphaandomega in My Life With Jesus
I'm so happy that Jesus found you, for you see, it was you who was lost. He has been right there all the time. All you have to do is call on his name and he will awnser. Your story is so very inspirational and you continue on your journey with him, he is your closest friend. He said I am your father, your mother, your sister, your brother. In other words, He's all that you need, and in serving him is joy unspeakable! Many Blessings! Michael
quixoticqt in The Black Wolf
*laugh* to all the comments put below:
It's Maddam M, not a madman. Maddam sounds feminine not masculine like madman. *sigh*
Any who, thanks for posting this story Maddam_M. Very interesting. Reminds me of a dream I had when I was younger. Different much different.
Your right, the world is changing, not only is it changing time is as well, just yesterday it seemed like it was Sept 1 and now its Sept 30.
❤ Qt
Incredible story! I was on the edge of my seat reading this story all the way through! Very well written. Thank you for sharing your experience.

❤ qt
One day a young boy was talking with his friends and they were laughing at the object his grandfather called a boat. For it was in total disrepair, the wood was rotting away all except the transom (the rear of the boat), for the wood here was a fresh as the day it was felled in the forests on Mt Hermon.

Now Isaiah was a proud man and he knew his grandson didn't think much of his tired old fishing boat, for it has been on dry land since he retired several years before from a life of fishing on the Sea of Galilee off the shores of Bethsaida.

"Grandfather why don't you just get rid of that old boat, it will just sink when it returns to the water"

"Why don't you try it and see what happens" replied the wiser old man.

"No way not on my life would I trust that boat" answered Ismail rather abruptly

"are you afraid"

"I am not afraid of anything, but that boat..."

"try it you'll see"

The three youngsters began pulling the vessel to the water, it creaked, the wood twisted and it was heavy. As they pulled it closer to the shore it was as if the weight of the boat was vanishing, it seemed to come alive, stiffen-up and boy did it float!

The boys jumped in and spent the afternoon sailing around from Bethsaida over to Capernaum and back again. They had such a great time and were filled with questions for the Grandfather.

When they asked why the back of the boat looked so new, they asked if he had just had it fixed.

"Oh heavens no that was 70 years ago!"

Now the boys thought perhaps he had been in the sun too long so he told them the story.

" A long time ago when I was just a boy, not much older than you three, my father died and I had to man the nets to catch fish for my family to eat and live off.

We had a bad storm one night and I came down to the water to see the stern all broken up and I knew there was no money to fix it. I tried casting my net from shore but no fish would swim into it, I tried to wade in the water and catch them that way, nothing. For many days we went without food after our money ran out and we had no fish to sell.

My mother became distraught as we tried to make everything work, my younger brothers and sisters could not help so it was left to me.

I became very angry with God and wondered why he had forsaken my family, first my father dying and now our livelihod was taken away.

When I thought it could not get any worse a man came by the water one day and looked at my boat, I muttered some profanity about the boat and he just smiled. That smile seemed to remove the weight of all that had happened from me and I didn't feel pity anymore.

I explained what happened and he just smiled again, as if he knew exactly what had happened. He left me saying "Go in Peace my Brother" which I thought was odd as I didn't know this man,

When I returned the next morning, he was there again, only this time with tools and wood. He fixed my boat with the precision of a stone mason, look for yourself can you see the seams in between the planks of wood?"

The boys looked closely and to this day 70 years later there was not a seam to behold, not a speck of battan in a joint and yet it was clearly many pieces of wood.

"As I was looking over the work and admiring the craftsmanship, I hadn't noticed that he had gone, just vanished and I never did get a chance to thank him.

Until my retirement that stern has held steady and true keeping the entire vessel together as if God himself was holding it together"

"Grandad did you ever find out who the man was, or where he came from?"

"There were many stories afterwards about a stranger who would help those in need, always seemed to be there when they were at their last breath of hope and would just as quickly vanish when things had been set right'

"Grandad that sounds like Jesus from Nazareth?"

"No Ismail, I don't think so, he was the son of Joseph the carpeter, he died in Jerusalem before I was even born. My father told me he was a rabbi of sorts but didn't amount to much in the end"

"Grandfather then how do you explain the man and the fact the wood shows no sign of rot after all these years"

"I have wondered that myself for many years"

Miracles abound every day and yet we very often, like Isaiah, never realize it.

"...My Peace and Love I leave Upon You..."

Kelly, I noticed the part of your story, where you you said you were confused by John saying, " That Jesus was the word". Vs. 9 says and "The Word" was made flesh and dwelt among us. Keep searching the scriptures, and you will see the truth. Jesus said in Rev. I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, which was (past) which is (present) and is to come (future) the Almighty! Jesus was the Almighty God, he is presently the Almighty God, and will always be in the future, the Almighty God. Read Col. And Acts also, these may help enlighten you as to who Jesus really is. His love and mercy endureth forever! Many blessings to you. Michael
Foundations in Forced To Sleep
Hello Gysyblue,

I read what you wrote, then re-read it again with insight - IT IS what what we all wanted...
gysyblue in Forced To Sleep
Oh, this is beautiful. It's what we all want - a final hug, words, to see someone we love again. Thank-you for sharing. I find this inspirational.
alphaandomega in Seeing Jesus In My Dreams
Armatinez, I saw Jesus in a dream also, but it was before he was crucified. Too many details to go into, but in my dream his hair was black, very wavy and short, not quiet touching his shoulders, and his beard was nice and trimmed as you said in your vision. The cross was lying on the ground and there was someone beating him with a long whip as the others tied and nailed him to the cross. I felt so guilty as they kept beating him because I knew it was me that had done wrong and he was taking my punishment and as they kept beating him, he said, "I did nothing, I did nothing!". I felt so ashamed as I looked at him and his beard was dirty and his face was bloody. They pulled the cross up with ropes and stood it up straight and a man in a long robe stood at the foot of the cross and he had a small piece of mirror and used it to reflect the sun light on the face of Jesus, and I could still see his lips moving as he said "I did nothing", "I did nothing". I'm Michael, and I'm almost 50, that dream was around thirty years ago. Isn't is Amazing? I saw him before he was crucified, and you saw him in his Glory. "HE Has Risen!"
"Jesus" The only "Name" given among men whereby we must be saved. The "Name" by which all of heaven and earth is Named. He did say, "YE shall cast out demons in my Name!" Greater is "he" that is in you, than "he" that is in the world. John said, "In him was life, and the life was the "LIGHT" of men. And the "LIGHT" shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. You're exactly right, the demon had to leave. If you ever have anymore experiences like that, just say, "Flee from me satan in the name of Jesus! The devil must flee. Jesus, Buried with him in baptism, we likewise shall arise a new man. Peter said to be saved, we should repent! Be baptized in the name of "Jesus" and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. (The comforter that dwells within) Do ye know not, that your body is the temple of the Most High God? Last but not least, Isaiah said, "Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government (the sins of the world) shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow, and tongue confess, that "HE" is "Lord". Thank you for sharing your story Wayne, it was awesome and very inspirational. God Bless you in the name of Jesus!
I'm encouraged to see you young people have such great spiritual awareness. The gift of healing is one of the nine gifts of the spirit. The greatest of these gifts, is the gift of prophecy. Healing is a great one too, because satan afflicts mankind and makes them weak and suffer. These spiritual gifts only come by fasting and prayer and being faithful to God. So God bless you all, in the name of Jesus!
wifey4lifey in My Angel Encounter
Cardell, this may seem strange but I think I know you, I also think I have purchased one of your CD's. Did you ever work for the State of Texas?
alphaandomega in Spiritual Purification
To shed some light! That's the main focus here! John ch.1, 1-14 In the beginning was the "Word", and the "Word" was with God, and the "word" was God. The same was in the beginning with God. "All things" were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In "Him" was life; and the life was the "Light" of men. And the "Light" shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. There was a man sent from God, whose name was John. The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the "Light", that all men through him might believe. He was not that "Light", but was sent to bear witness of that "Light". That was the "True Light" which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. (Here's the part I like, talking about a spiritual awakening!) vs.10-14 "He" (Jesus) was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not. He came to his own (The Jews), and his own received him not. But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to to them that believe on his name. Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of "God". And the "Word" (God) was made flesh and dwelt among us, [and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,] full of grace and "Truth". 4iiii1111, I can't provide any insight about your experiences but to just say, put your trust in the Lord Jesus! So for doing research, Jesus said to search the scriptures and you will find the testimony of him. The book of Revelation, Jesus said, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, which was, which is, and is to come the "Almighty". (Scarlett2) God bless you! I read about your dreams, so I want to share this dream.
I heard a loud and mighty sound of the trump of God, so mighty it shook the earth, and complete silence followed and total darkness. I looked up and there was a light and the clouds began to roll apart and I saw three books that were opened and the writing in them was so beautiful, two of the books I couldn't read because of the clouds rolling in front of them. The one book I could read, there was only two words written, "COME FORTH". I have more dreams and visions to share if you're interested. God bless you and God bless you also 4iiii1111 in the name of Jesus!
omg I'm a healer too! Well only 2 years younger though... I just don't get this whole spririts can drop by whenever they want! I mean a little privacy please!
Dear Mohit,

What a beautiful encounter you have been Blessed with. I have no doubt you experienced the Holy Spirit! Thank you for sharing your experience, it truly touched my heart. Reflect and meditate when you are alone and He WILL come back to you. Ask Him to guide you and soon you will feel Him enter you more and more! Praise the Lord our God! I will pray for many more Blessings from above for you, Mohit. Bless you and thank you for sharing... ❤ ❤ ❤
I must say your honest heart and open mind God loves. Most Christians are set in their ways, and sometimes fell to open their hearts and minds to God and his word. At least you're honest and I respect your views.

If you believe the word of God and I think you do, you have faith in his word. I read the part about Christ being too young and I smiled. The Book of Col. Tells us that Jesus was before "ALL THINGS" and by him, all things consist. (exist)
Whether they be thrones, princpalities, in heaven and in earth.

The book of Revelation, Jesus said, "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, which was, which is, and which is to come, THE ALMIGHTY!"

I also think it would do you good to be baptized in his name "Jesus" by water and then you recieve the Holy Ghost and he speaks throuh you, to. You'll never have any doubt!

I respect others beliefs and try to stay open minded, but I fell as the word says, that every knee shall bow, a tongue confess that hi is LORD!
alphaandomega in The Light In The Lord
Dearest Floro,
your story of the colors in the palm of your hands is refreshing. By the laying on of hands they shall be healed. The woman with an issue of blood was healed by touching the hem of his garment. You are a blessing and a great example of "True Godly love"

One shall no a tree by the fruit it bears, and you bear fruits of love and compassion to help the poor. I know God is so proud of you and smiles down on you.

Just one more thing, " with God, all things are possible!" So I believe your story and thank you for sharing. Michael
The first half of the story made me feel very sad. I hope that you are living a better life now. I feel like I am in the same boat as my parents are christians not really practicing though. I converted to Islam a year ago. I respect your choice of a spiritual path. I pray that you will find happiness in this life in the next friend.
I too am young and very much spiritual. I am 16, and my journey started when I was 14. I always remember taking God and religion seriously. Not in a bible beaten way but I genuinely loved God and believed in him (I still do). My great-grandparents are really devoted to their church and when I was 10-12 I would always attend their summer sunday school. I remember that one time the teacher was talking about "God has prepared a place for you" and at that moment I seriously just couldn't wait for heaven it just seemed so amazing.

When I go into middle school spirituality sort of took the back burner. Then fast forward to the start of 10th grade year in high school, I had this english teacher who was as I saw it a very spiritual man. At the start of class we would have a discussion about how our lives are and the like. Whenever someone would tell of something unfortunate or bad he would tell them that he would "keep them in his thoughts and would keep that in mind during his meditations". So this help fan the flame of my spiritual side.

If you can remember (and I am sure you do) back in 2010 there was the controversy of the "ground zero mosque". I used to be very harsh whenever the topic of muslims came up. Well for some reason this really grinded my gears people saying that a group of people could not build a place of worship ITS AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION to deny them that right! Well I remember having a debate in class to have or not have the mosque built. After that I started to really research into the religion of Islam and see if there were any similarities with it and Christianity. At first I was skeptical but then I saw that the prophet Muhammad was visited by the angel Gabriel. The same angel that visited Mary about the birth of Jesus. Long story short I fell in love with Islam and ended up converting.

However that is not the end, I have recently come across more spiritual ideas. I have looked into spiritual things such as shamanism and going on "journeys" to the 3 worlds (upper world, middle world, and lower world). I have done a few and I have concluded that there is some truth in the practices. However right now I have deviated paths so much that I feel lost and need something to anchor me down. To really give me fundamental I have questioned so many of my beliefs that I don't know who I am anymore.

I can say this: I know that there is one God. This is the only fundamental belief that I can say I truly hold onto.
Dear Maranatha,

Thank you for sharing your Blessed encounter. Your story is very beautiful. My heart was filled with joy and love for our Lord Jesus and Father as I read your words.

Our Lord Jesus is working mightily in you. I imagine you are one of our Father's Apostles (aka Servant), so filled with His Light & Love. You should reflect on the realization that you are most likely bringing a lot of people to Our Lord just by being "you." And you probably don't even realize it! So Blessed with humility you are. Isn't that amazing? I also imagine all kinds of people are drawn to you spiritually without even realizing it. Family, friends, strangers, and even those you meet fleetingly. You have made a difference in my life. Thank you for that.

I, too have had some powerful, crazy, wonderful, supernatural encounters. However, mine have occurred over the past 1 1/2 years and have 100% completely and utterly changed my life in a way I never dreamed of! Although I have always been a Christian since I can remember, I had no idea that Our Lord and Father are absolutely 100% real, here and TANGIBLE!

Something wonderful is taking place, and it's happening to people that are ready all over the world. I am so grateful to of come upon this awesome website. I found my new family.

Since my Blessed and unexpected conversion by the Holy Spirit in April, 2010, I believe there is a possibility that God shows Himself to various cultures differently over the course of our human history. Of course, obviously only God knows these answers. But I can't wait to find out! Until then, I walk in complete Faith. A faith I never knew in my wildest imagination could be had here on Earth. Its impossible to describe accurately in human language, written or verbal. It' so resolute. A faith without any doubt whatsoever is something I previously thought only Jesus Christ's Apostles and early followers such as Peter, John, etc. Could have, because they had seen him for real and supernaturally after He resurrected. But I was so wrong, because I tell you, I have a rock solid Faith since my encounters.

I have also personally come to believe my encounters with God are similar to what some people call "Kundilini" or "Kundilini Awakening." This is just one small example of why I just feel so connected to everyone and everything that God created. We are all one big family. There are just too many similarities between religions, especially the big 3. It just makes my heart skip some beats.

Thank you again for sharing your amazing story. I would love to hear some more about your experiences, as others have mentioned as well. Please post some more if you can!

In Peace and Love,

Florida, USA ❤ ❤
Yes, my whole body has chills running through it as I was reading. I'm so happy for your survival, your prayers, and your sharing this with others. Thank-you.
Whatever the terminology, your story was so interesting. I like how you lead us from one place to another with honest emotions. I'm glad you overcame things that hurt you, and others and turned it around. Your grandfather must be proud of you.
Hi, Scarlett2 Yes, it seems God and His angels are on a mission of awakening/activating many people on the planet!❤Thank you for commenting on my story:) I read yours also and found it quite amazing! I send Love, Light, Peace and Prayers to ALL at this time... God Bless and Eternal Light ❤
naveenahsn in Third Eye Activation
Hi Morgan. This is Naveen from India. I am doing research in Spiritual field and in Metaphysics. I just want to contact you. (naveenahsn [at] that is my e-mail ID. When you get this comment please mail to me. Waiting for your reply...

Foundations in A Message Of Song
Hi Gysyblue,

I will overcome my addiction, just a matter of pushing my ego out of the way. Reading the book James suggested in his last experience is very eye opening.
Have a wonderful day and continue to be the loving person that is you!
gysyblue in A Message Of Song
Oh Kathleen - heehee. I haven't been on this site for a bit, and was so happy to see what you wrote tonight. It would be wonderful for others to hear your voice, and I know God listens and enjoys.
Foundations in A Message Of Song
Hi Gysyblue,

I read this story and it hit a chord in me. I am a smoker, and wish to quit so that I can sing again... I LOVE singing although my shyness has always kept me from letting anyone hear my voice. This is the one thing that motivates me to quit... To sing songs of love to all.

Bless you Gysyblue - Kathleen
Hello Jess

I find it interesting that this experience dates back two years ago and the subject is still relevent today as it will be next year.

I too wish people would stop referring to Mary M as a prostitute, she was not and in the eyes of Yeshua Ben Joseph she was the Glory of the Father that she truly IS (note I didn't say WAS but rather still IS).

I hold an Abundant amount of Hope that very soon ALL the misquotes and errant ideas about The Son of Man, his life and followers will be seen for as they are and not how we as MAN have interpreted the information for our own needs throughout history.

IamJESS, an interesting name, for indeed you are and more, but you already are aware of that my wonderful Friend in God!

" peace, blessings and love I leave with you..."

I totally recommend reading the articles on this site. They are some of the most well written and truth infused informative pieces I have ever read. They should be able to help shed some light on things.
I'd also recommend "Keys to the Kingdom and New Dimensions of Being" by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, this book should answer any other questions you have. It did for me:)
Lovely story and thanks so much for your inspiration. I just felt the need to address one part where you said Jesus had a prostitute as a close friend and confidant. I assume here you're speaking of Mary Magdelene? I just wanted to cleqr up that Mary was never a prostitute and there is no place in the bible where she is named as such. She was indeed cleansed of "seven demons" but was never a prostitute. This slanderous belief was founded in the 15th century by a Pope during a sermon to discredit woman and their right to be onvolved in the inner circles of the church. You can wikipedia her for the full story. Mary Magdelene is very close to my heart and I feel very sad when I find people still have tue wrong idea about her. The early Christian Gnostics even wrote that Jesus gave her teachings that even the disciples weren't worthy of.
I had a very similar experience with 2 men. The first, I felt so much pain with, and the second was just a replacement situation. I tried so many techniques to let go including forgiving, but I still feel so much pain. How did you do it?
Hello TreeToucher

I am beyond words at this time, you have shown us all the side of you that is US.

My wonderful Friend you speak words of wisdom and compassion that I think you have yet to fully realize just how your words will affect others.

You held the hand of one passing from this plane of existance to that of another and all the while the greatest bond you shared was the love that the Father has given us all, a love that is to be shared with each and every one of us, unconditionally.

That is all the Father asks of each and every one of us, to show and express our love for those we call our brothers and sisters in our love of God.

You watched another beautiful Soul continue their journey into the next phase of life, a life in the arms of the Almighty, a life of pure wonder and joy.

You showed another the love that is you and that person.

You showed another that fear is not of God, it is of man only

You showed another loving soul that they are more than the flesh and blood that is our bodies

You showed another that love is what it is all about, nothing more and nothing less

Bless you my wonderful Friend, today your actions have been triumphed in your faith and your faith has spoken volumes through your actions.

When you look in the mirror you are a reflection of that wonderful person who passed from this life to the glory that is the Father in Heaven.

Today the light that is TreeTouucher has shined brightly for all to see, I see it shining as bright as the sun. You are a reflection of ALLL, bless you my Friend

Thank you, for the "moment" is not something that occurs and vanishes, it is something that continues from here on out until you leave this physical world and beyond.

I lost my brother a long time ago and the moment you describe is something that occurred to me one day, in a cave of all places. Since then I have "known" what I must do but didn't fully comprehend the knowing of such until very recently.

We all "know" what we must do, or have been asked to do, without truly realizing it, part of our spiritual slumber for lack of better words.

Treetoucher you have experienced the true essence of "giving of yourself to another," cherish that feeling, remember how it felt and never look upon life in any other way again.

The Father asks we be generous in our love for our fellow man, today you have shown WHO YOU TRULY ARE, thank you my Friend and may the blessings of the ONE continue to shine through you, within you and all around you forever more

" peace I leave with you..."

I understand what you mean by projecting thoughts into your mind. I call it a spiritual experience as well.

I was in a religion that was hurtful to people, and at the deepest moment of my hurt, I woke up in the middle of the night with thoughts pouring into my head. It was what I called "loud thoughts," and the thoughts told me me in so many words that this was not a good place for me to be. After the thoughts stopped, I found I could not return to the religion.

But this left me feeling numb for about 6 months, and I couldn't tell if it was "numbness" or just peace.

But due to being hurt in other religions since my heart is still blocked. Hopefully, I will get over it, because my spirituality has been lost.

Meditation can cause you to get headaches if not done properly, I believe this is what I read. It may also contribute to the pressure on your heart, but I am not sure. I hope you have a meditation teacher who you can talk with about this, and if you don't search for one that can give you an answer that feels right to you.
Dear James,
I am gladdened to read what you have learned - truly. I do not know if you will check to find this 'post', but I have something that I need to tell you (my apologies at what the length of this writing could become). This is Treetoucher, and I 'posted' a message to your story, Stepping up... My posting was about having a 'life moment' of insight, while reading your story. I did not say what the insight was, but it came to fruition today. I have been trying to apply, what I 'feel' was the practice that I was guided to do when I had that 'I see it now', moment of realization in your story. When you connected with the little one's Spirit, I knew that that is what I am supposed to be doing - with everyone. That may not sound clear unless you heard the story of a Spiritual experience that I had months ago; so you could better understand my perspective (I met some Spirits - the bright ones, not a paranormal meeting). I digress though - I wanted you to know that I thought of you today in a brief moment, but did not have the time at that moment to think about what it meant. Today I lovingly held the hand of someone, who is passing from this human life, to the love and light of our Creator. I stroked her hair and kissed her brow. I told her to close her eyes and rest. That I knew she was tired and that she needn't be upset or frightened - that I loved her and it was time to sleep. As she closed her eyes, my Spirit reached to hers. Her Spirit was there, but it seemed thin and fading - just like her body. So I sent my peace & love, and thought - yes this human body has lived longer than many and it is done. This evening I went to the spot that I love to go to share my time with God. I talked and prayed to The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit about this person I love, and her passing. As I thought about my time with her earlier, I realized that I had made the connection with her Spirit, as I was supposed to do. I knew that it had not been something planned out or that I had worked at doing, (as I mistakenly thought I was to do) but just something I 'knew' I was to do - naturally. Then I thought about discovering, through your experience, which that was something I was supposed to be doing. I do not know what is next, but I am going to stay aware of what I have been guided to do. At the same time, I now know not to 'work' at making it happen, but follow my 'knowing' as my cue. If we pay attention, (but not over-think-it!) we will be directed to where the Holy Spirit wants us to go.
Wishing you, Friendship, Love, and Health James
Hello Ayumi,

I read your story over a few times, when all of a sudden what popped into my head is that you are the light that you saw. You are not ready to go back to the light yet, because you are a beaming beacon of light to others... Just my interpretation...
Wow! God is awakening us! I posted my experience from about the same time frame! Interesting... Yours was just before Easter 2010... Mine just after. I posted my experience on this site if you want to read it, just click on my user name I think! In the beginning... A week or so after my BIG Holy Spirit Baptism that lasted about 4 glorious hours with tears of joy and repentance washing down my cheeks... I too remember a few nights in a row when I would literally feel like a little "plop" of an invisible presence just plop in... So fast... Like I would feel someone rubbing my calf or another time, my side flank area, then plop... Like something snuck inside of me that was alive! As crazy it it sounds... This really happened to me! I started praying to God and Jesus (I am a Christian but love everyone and don't judge them for not sharing my own beliefs) that if this wasn't from God I would appreciate The Lord's protection... Those were my fears coming up I think... I figured out that God would never scare us or give us anymore than we can handle during his Baptism/Infilling/ I tested this Spirit as I shouldn't be afraid... And once I put my absolute complete trust in God, it was glorious every visitation... I never felt that fear again... Only love and peace...Amazing!

God is working big time today. My insides tell me deeply that something is going on... I too have wondered if that was my judgment and seal... I am not scared anymore... Only hopeful and I now pray for so many others... Not just myself... This is new and feels so right to pray for my fellow brothers and sisters. I now am focused in a way I never knew I could... With my true love being trying to please God. It's strange, when I feel my old ways drawing me back into material world and away from my #1 focus and #1 priority of My Lord Jesus Christ and God, Our Father... I stop feeling His presence, the quickening I feel so often and this is when I realize I need to hurry up back on the beautiful sparkling path to God... The Lord's path... The one we were meant to be on... To Our Father, Our Creator. He Keeps me focused on my own humility and service to others... Praise God...

P.s. I started having some really vivid dreams of end days. One in particular was so real! These black mini tornado winds were everywhere, people screaming, running, then sky darkens, turns orange-red hue over this body of water, then I was immediately prostrated on ground when I saw this outline of a face of God take up entire sky, I was so fearful and in utter awe I couldn't look, that was when I flew to ground prostrated and I awoke immediately! I only saw vision of outline of His face, couldn't look directly at His face, as He is too Holy and Perfect.

2nd dream was a bunch of lights liike fireballs, fireworks or something consuming our entire sky... There were ships or planes in sky too... But all the fireballs were literally everywhere, thousands, millions, I don't know... Sky was pitch black... I awoke before any more details.

Just wondering if you have had any similar dreams?

Thank you for sharing... It is so nice to hear from others experiencing similar. Praying for many Blessings for you... ❤ ❤ ❤
Dear WMBuzz... What wonderful Blessings to hear your miracle news! I have not checked in for awhile, so I pray this will find it's way to you somehow. I believe 100% that you have been touched by Our Father, Our Creator. For me, it has been only a start at a transformed life, that will be full of trials and errors as we grow closer to Him. It is late now, I will write more later if you happen to check in. Would love to hear how the past months have been for you... I am 1 year and 4 months into my spiritual change and it has been quite a journey! To say the least. May God continue to Bless you and strengthen you during these times. Please draw strength in knowing you are not alone. Keep your armor on... And ask our Lord for His protection always, and He will ALWAYS keep you close to His Heart as He promised. A part of me feels God is pouring His Spirit out mightily these days on those that are ready... And open to His perfect love and complete transformation. Maybe we are to help prepare others for His outpouring... I keep praying for others to open their hearts to Him... He loves ALL of us... Despite all of our differences... Exactly the same! Pretty amazing. In Our Lords name, forever...

Thank you for the kind words, continue being the wonderful person you are and that will be the greatest compliment you could pay to anyone...

" peace I leave upon you..."

You know james... I really want to say something really long to express my thanks towards you... But I can't think of a darn word... So I will just say planely: Thank you again, for you have helped me... Yet again.

P.S. Funny thing how I came to this site after you published this, and after not being here for a couple of months.
Pete in My Dog
For Being a Dog lover and owner. I can definitely agree with you... I don't know if you have ever heard of St. Roch (Patron saint of dogs). I named my dog after him 😁
Hello Vicky,

I have had some scarey experiences as well, as well as wonderful ones, and ones that are just really wired. I have seen both black and white flashes in my normal vision. And when I close my eyes these black/white orbs are normally still in the general area were I saw the flash. Sometimes I try to interact with them, and sometimes I don't. I however haven't heard any voices that don't come from me speculating about what they are trying to say. And them letting me know if what I'm thinking is correct with a "yes" or "no" answer (hot or cold energies).

But as to what you saw and felt. I feel as if this spirit is offering and telling you something at the same time. When she said come with me I do believe that she was trying to offer you death. I believe that this girl was not a being of complete darkness (death) or she would have appeared this way in the pool. It could very possibly be that she had experienced the same things that you were going through in her life and she was trying to offer you "peace" by trying to give you what you wanted. But I also believe she was trying to tell you this, because of how she appeared to you: death is not as great as it seems, she didn't reach peace just because she was dead. And who knows, maybe it got worse for her after judging from the tattered cloths that she was wearing (broken shoes, striped leggings, brown (maybe dirty) skirt). Also she showed herself to you when you were around your friend. I believe she did this for a reason, and in my opinion it was to show you that you have people in this life who care for you, and you don't need to be dead to be happy. Also after you started to cry that probably showed her that you didn't truly want death, so she left you alone.

As for these other experiences it could very well be that because you though that you might accept death once, other spirits are trying to take advantage of you and stress you out more by making yourself question what you are thinking, seeing, and hearing. And they can tell that you are stressed/depressed because your body gives off certain auras when you feel certain ways because of how your brain functions. And these dark blurs you see in the windows may be the same spirit as the first but, the fact that the first spirit was so direct tells me that they are not the same ones. I also don't think you have anything to worry about from these spirits, I don't believe that they will try to hurt you if you don't let them, and keeping calm if you feel there presence is key because they will try to prey on that fear. Causing fear and torment makes some spirits feel better/more powerful. And the more fear they can pull from you the more they will try because the more they will be attracted to you (it is basically a big cycle that keeps getting worse).

As to your question of how to get rid of these things that are happening to you. You have to be able to make peace with what ever is causing you to feel stressed/depressed. Also now that the "barrier" between your mind and the "spirit world" was "weakened" by the contact from the first spirit your mind now picks up on spiritual things a lot easier. Also because your mind is in a stressed state it will pick up on these "bad spirits" easier than it would pick up on "Good Spirits". Also starting to meditate/pray, and ask god and your inner self to help you stop these scary things from happening can help a lot. You may also want to have someone close to you you can talk to about things that are going on in your life. Being able to tell someone why your feeling stress out/depressed can really have a positive effect on your whole mind set, and it is a lot easier to get through this than feeling alone because these type of spirits prey on loneliness as well.

I am just trying to speculate on your situation. I am not a "medium" or a "psychic" or anything like that. But I am human, so I know how it feels to be sad and alone. And I am also a child of god, as are we all, and I want to try to help you in any way I can. So if you feel that I didn't quite understand something please try and help me understand better. It is also unfortunate that your first experience was such a scary one, because there is a whole universe (literally) of spirituality and it can be wonderful and beautiful, or scary and dark, it is only our perception and mindset that really makes the difference.

Also one more thing. Last night I had a dream. I saw someone in a church (I couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl) and he/she had all of these black blurs/spots/orb thingies forming and disappearing around her, and he/she was sitting on the steps right before the alter and he/she had his/her head in his/her lap and was crying. And there was a little black spirit that was just watching her and he had is mouth wide open as if he was "eating". I don't know if this was you or not, but as I was meditating this morning and I said to myself that I wished I could have help him/her. And after I got done meditating I for some reason decided to come to this site because I hadn't been here for a couple of months, and then I saw your post. And I thought that was very interesting how that worked out (I swear this is true as if I was looking god in the eyes and telling it to him).

I hope this help.

Nicholas Ryan Rasmussen
Thanks for your comment. I'm a big knowledge seeker, it's something I enjoy. I collect information from outside myself (books for example - the Rampa books are great), and I also collect much information from within myself (meditation, for example). However, I haven't read Autobiography of a Yogi - it sounds much like the Rampa books. Since Yogi Bear is "smarter than the average bear", I suspect Yogi is trying to teach Boo-boo to transcend his ego - apparently stealing picnic baskets is a primary transcedental teaching:P Anyway, I went on a tangent there, thanks again <3
If I were you I would post this story to a link of this site, maybe more can help you there as I can't.
IwanttoHelp in Seek Ye First
I am having the same thoughts now as you, and am also Scorpio, did you read Autobiography of a Yogi. It has made many things clear for me and I think it will also interest you.

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