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Your experience resembles mine in many aspects.
The pure and transparent energy field you describe sounds much like the one that I encountered. I have wondered if it is God in the form of the Holy Ghost, but I am unable to conclude that with certainty. No words were said but communication was clear and unmistakable. The vibration you describe is also similar to what I experienced, as is the indescribable feeling of oneness with everyone and everything.

I noticed that you are from WA as well as I. If you are willing and able, I would like to meet up with you some time to share stories and local contacts, if that interests you. I met a Reikki Master this last weekend and have plans to meet a Shaman Monk next month when he gets into town. I am looking to explore astral projection and possibly have a repeat or similar experience as I had before a couple of months ago. Perhaps we can help each other. I live in Seattle-Magnolia, and my email is j.gustavel [at] Please drop me a line.

It is "CHRIST"mas eve, December 24, 2011 and I felt a sudden urge to go to my Computer and check in on my favorite website here at As often times happens to me, I feel a brief flurry of disappointment that there are no "new" stories posted. I always get a warm sensation of the "feel goods" when I click on this website bookmark and see that someone has posted a new story!

This morning, with no new stories, I look to the bottom right to see what random story is listed... And I see it is your beautiful story... I am filled with a powerful feeling of love and joy from reading your story... Especially because I am a CHRISTian and for me personally, to read stories of G_D bestowing such powerful grace on someone is just such an awe inspiring moment of intense love for our Creator. I love to hear or read about such times when G_D transforms a fellow brother or sister with His magnificent presence through the Holy Spirit. 😁

I wonder how you felt when He came to you. Did you feel Him moving throughout your body like a Holy electrical charged life force? How long did He stay? I would love to hear more of your experience? I am so grateful that the Lord led me to your story today, on the eve of His birth... What a divine encounter you had. Please post more if you may, as I would love to know more about your experience!

Merry Christmas to all my fellow siblings in Christ!

Scarlett ❤
Hi my friend, Say these two prayers. They work; No matter where they are extracted from:
"In the name of God the Beneficent, the Merciful
Say I seek refuge in the Lord of the dawn
From the evil of what He has created
And from the evil of the utterly darkness when it comes
And from the evil of those who slack off earnestness knots
And from the evil of the envious when he envies"
"In the name of God the Beneficent, the Merciful
Say I seek refuge in the Lord of men
The King of men
The God of men
From the evil of the whisperings of the slinking
Who whispers into the hearts of men
From among the Jinn and the men"
Wow, what a cool story. I believe it was St. Michael the Archangel, since he is the patron saint of security guards:)...

Merry Christmas,

Hello, Alan & Tina... Your story was very moving and inclined me to respond... It sounds like you are being contacted by higher dimensional beings...I'd happily suggest researching Light Body Activation and Ascension 2012 topics... Good luck on your journey and God Bless ❤

What a beautiful, heart warming experience (as I type this with tears streaming down my face). I am at a loss for words.
I had my first "sleep paralysis" experience when I was 11 and it kept recurring right up until I was 32 (I moved from that house which was haunted)

According to science it's that state of REM where your muscles are so relaxed and you can't move when you are in your half-waking-half-asleep state. Coincidentally; everytime I experienced sleep paralysis was always either before or after an apparition and it was always a shadow person or something in white.

I have also had extremely successful Astral traveling (Astral Projection) sessions. The people who I visited said they saw me in their dreams. I have also induced dreams into people when I knew they were sleeping. You need to be extremely mentally strong and well meditated before you can try all this. There are lots of procedures. IF something goes wrong it can be fatal so I suggest you study a little more on meditations because there are safe methods and unsafe methods.

You can email me at angel710 [at] and I can guide you on the meditation and Astral projections parts.

Good luck and stay safe.
Charmsdes in My Spirit Animal
Deep! Sometimes you just have to listen to their messages. Spirit guides always come with a powerful message. Don't shut these things out but embrace it.
timciurdas in Implosion
That is an amazing story! 😁 Just make sure you depart from all your ways. In Corinthians it specifically tells us not to drink and many other places in the bible. I'm not saying you do but I just wanted to let you know just ion case you haven't read it in the bible! God bless you man:)
scarlett2 in My Dream Of Jesus
Dear Michael & James,
My fellow dear brothers...
Thank you from then bottom of my heart for your heartfelt reply and for taking the time to write...
I appreciate sincerely your thoughts & suggestions...

Since my conversion... I have nothing but love and tolerance for all my fellow brothers and sisters, regardless of their personal religious beliefs. I belief that every one of us has a G_D given right to their own beliefs without fear of judgment from anyone. Please know that I truly did not intend to "judge" "well-wisher." I am sad if my words came across that way. Typed words are always so hard to interpret because they lack the writer's inflections, etc.

I truly have no ill feelings towards "well wisher" at all. It is hard to explain, I just felt very passionately compelled to point out that his/her words might come across as being intolerant and pushing his/her own personal beliefs as the only true belief... As this forum is for people to write their stories without fear or worry of persecution.

I believe, we are to be examples of tolerance and love... And are not to judge others and force our own beliefs on others. For me, as a Christian, that is the bedrock foundation of my faith. I personally would never tell a friend their religion is wrong. I have many friends of different faiths, and we all respect our differences.

To be honest, after I posted my remarks, I did worry that my intention would come across different from my intent. I must tell you, I truly am grateful you pointed that out. Truly, it was the way the post was "worded" that made me feel protective of each of our rights to our own opinions without persecution. It was solely the... "You are wrong... Jesus is not what you think." I don't know why it affected me so very deeply... But thank you for responding... As I will do some serious soul searching as to why "well wishers" comments affected me so. I have always been keen to standing up for anyone that is persecuted for their own beliefs. I am 100% for religious freedom and tolerance. I love all my brothers and sisters regardless of their religious beliefs or lack of. This I say with a full, sincere heart. I also believe that our Creator presents himself to different cultures in different ways... Somewhere deep inside of me, I often times wonder if G._D didn't come to His children on Earth throughout history differently. For instance, Jesus to Christians, Mohammad to Muslims, etc., etc. I believe perhaps it "could" be a possibilty that cultures saw what G_D knew they would be comfortable with, depending on their culture. Like a teacher using different teaching tactics depending on the needs of the class. There really are just so many similarities!

I love all my brothers and sisters...Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. All the same. G_D has His own way and own plans... And I respect that. I guess bottom line is that my intent was just to comment on the way "well wisher" went about his post... It wasn't about his/her own beliefs... Only the wording... The "you are wrong... Let me tell you why you are wrong"- the lack of tolerance I perceived. I never would say to someone... You are wrong, your G_ D is a fallacy, only my G_D is the true G_D. Yes, that is offensive to me. But being offended does not make me angry or make me dislike someone. My remarks truly have nothing to do with "well wisher" personally... I pray for him/her for peace and love as I pray for others.

But as in all experiences, a lesson is to be learned... And I really appreciate your response... I value both of your feedback and respect your words. Bless you both, James & Michael. I love reading your stories & posts. You both have been very Blessed and I wish nothing but peace and love always to you both.

Blessings, Scarlett ❤ ❤ ❤
alphaandomega in My Dream Of Jesus
I can understand your frustration and can see why you would be offeneded by "Well Wisher's" comment. We are suppose to forgive people of their tresspasses. He's obviously a Muslim and a disrespectful one at that. I'm not Catholic but I'm a Christian and we may differ in our beliefs but I respect others for their beliefs and I totally agree that "Nobody" should force their regious beliefs on others but to let God lead them as "HE Will". So just keep your faith in God and put your trust in Jesus and ignore others ignorances and their disreguard for others and know they will have to give in account to the Lord for their tresspasses. As Jesus would say, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do".

I read the Holy Bible and the Bible tells us that Jesus Christ was God manifested in the flesh and is the image of the invisible God.

The Bible also tells us that at the name of "Jesus" every knee shall bow and tongue confess that "HE IS LORD". So for a person to say we have changed or perverted the Word of God is offensive and it's hurtful but we must forgive people like him and to know in our heart that all will be revealed in the end.

I Loved your story, it's very heart warming and heartfelt and you should be very happy with yourself for sharing such a wonderful dream and your thoughts concerning the dream.

Just know it's a blessing to me and from what I read, it is to others as well. So focus on the positive that's come from your sharing the dream and don't let the devil rob you of a blessing.

May the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ forever abound in your heart.

alphaandomega in My Dream Of Jesus
The word of God tells us that Jesus is the "IMAGE" of the invisible God. The book of Collosians refers to Jesus as the creator, that He was before all things and "BY HIM" all things consist (exist) whether they be thrones, dominions, powers or principalities. So well wisher believes in a so called Allah as his God and Jesus a muslim. We all have a faith of a different kind and I as well as you do not agree with Well Wisher's faith in the Muslim's beliefs. Just because he believes it, doesn't make it to be the truth.

There is only one God and his name is Jesus, Well Wisher will meet him one day, then he will believe as so many others. He's not a Muslim, he's King of Kings, Lord of Lords. He Alpha and Omega, the first and the last. Which was, which is, and is to come the Almighty!

God Bless You in the the name of our Lord Jesus Christ


My wonderful friend

Be not concerned about the path or comments of Well Wisher for that is what is in His/Her heart as your love and beliefs are in yours.

A long time ago a man stood in front of a crowd who wanted to throw him from a cliff because of his beliefs and yet no one could do it, they didn't know why they couldn't do it, yet their anger and disbelief of this person was very strong and real.

In the end they let him go on his merry path and never realized it was the love within them that prevented them from doing what they so desired.

A round-about way of saying "...let the love that is you, that flows through you be the champion..."

Do not let your ego take charge and feel that you have been threatened for you have not and your values have not been threatened either.

There is no reason for the moderator to step in and intervene, yes Well Wisher' Intent was to impress the views He/She has been taught, but remember those views are also OF MAN not of God.

ALL present public thoughts of God and The Son of Man come from books and interpreted by man accordingly into those books and from those books. This is the foundation of modern religions (all religions!'!).

Look into your heart and see the glory that is God and know that the love he has for you is stronger than any anger we can hold for another of our brothers or sisters here on earth.

Forget not that this experience is about the beautiful experience of Yeshua of this wonderful Child of God, for her eyes have gazed upon the glory that is Jesus and the glory that is all of us.

My wonderful friend look upon Well Wisher and send only your love and understand that the opinions expressed come from a book and not from an experience deep within, for once you have put fear aside and truly experienced the source of ALL life, source of ALL love, deep within you, you will never look upon your fellow man in the same light again, regardless of their opinions or beliefs.

"... My peace I leave you..."
I read your story and I got chills, your experiences are very similar to mine and you managed to put them under words so eloquently. I do hope the scientific community will start studying these phenomena.

You said the light was bright, do you mean the light was clear white? Because in my experience it was multi-coloured and consisted out of geometrical shapes but exactly the same otherwise.
scarlett2 in My Dream Of Jesus
Regarding the post from a Guest- Well Wisher. I don't believe this wonderful site is for people to push their own religious beliefs on others... And tell others they are wrong. Is there a way to report "guests" on this site to Administrator who are very offensive and go against the guidelines? I love this site... And my heart hurts from reading the post from "Guest--Well Wisher.". Thank you.
Dear Kiki,

Here is what I think regarding your beautiful testimony... ❤

I believe G-D has blessed you immensely with a visit from Jesus Christ. I have had a few lucid dreams very similar to yours... Although it has taken me many years, and a recent Holy Spirit Baptism to open my mind, heart and soul to this truth.

The beautiful man, dressed all in white was Jesus Himself. How Blessed you are to of been with Him. He was telling you that He is always here for you, and that He loves you fully...always. He is telling you that no matter your earthly trials & errors... All you have to do is remember He is with you, a part of you, always. He wants you to always rely on Him during good and bad times. He wants you to always take His hand and He will lead you to Paradise with the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.

He loves you mightily... And I sense from your words that you are a very special soul, full of warmth, compassion and love for others. He is so proud of you... He sees and knows you better than yourself.

What a gift you have been given! I am in awe of your experience. ❤

Try an Internet search of "dreams about Jesus from isolated people who have never heard of Him." I have read about this miracle a great deal... Dreams of Jesus Christ... Especially from people like in Africa or isolated jungle tribes in Amazon... Who have never heard of Jesus before. It will drop your jaw and make your heart go pitter patter for love of Our Creator! And especially when you read about people having dreams of Jesus dressed EXACTLY like you described him... All in white and bare footed. Wow!

Please, Kiki, write more when you can. I would love to hear how life has been for you since your divine encounter.

Praise G-D...He is pure perfection.

Blessings, my friend always. ❤
Dear Partisan,
I am hoping that you still check in on this website. How inspiring and beautiful your words describing your divine experience are.

You have been very Blessed with the Grace of G-D...and He has bestowed the gift of wisdom/knowledge on you... His precious child.

I am very grateful that you had the courage and strength to realize that Our Lord wanted to help you just when you needed Him the most. You took His hand and allowed Him to lead you out of the darkness of despair and pain that addiction causes on others & their loved ones. You allowed Him to give you His light, love and strength and He bestowed His eternal joy on you. He led you to a divine spiritual transformation.

I pray so much for the ones that don't take His hand when He offers it. We all need to inspire others and lead by example.

You have done a wonderful thing in sharing your story. I pray others going through turbulent times with addiction will learn from your experience. He loves ALL of us, His creation, no matter what... And as you shared... He is always here waiting for us to open the door to allow Him in. He WILL come in. We just have to be ready for His knock on our door, and simply open the door when He does come.

I personally believe we all need to encourage and support our fellow brothers and sisters. The Lord taught that one can always test a Spirit with patience and understanding... By looking at the fruit. And the fruit of your divine encounter was... A transformed life "free of addiction." ❤

Blessings my friend.
What a beautiful description, Zechariah! A dream and awakening together are very powerful... And cleansing! You are a gifted writer... Please write more when you can. Thank you for sharing. Blessings! 😁
I know this feeling...
I had it a few times in my life...
It is hard to explain what a wonderful feeling it is... Compleatly out of this world...
It was with me for days...
alphaandomega in Picked Up By The Enemy
The strangest thing just happened. It's late and I just heard my roommate stuggling in his sleep. I went to check on him, and he was so frightened. He said something was holding him down, he couldn't move, it was like a blanket over him holding him down. I told him he was dreaming, but he said he was awake.

I put a prayer cloth in his pillow and prayed for him. Sounds a like Satanic spirit. My roommate isn't very spiritual and doesn't pray. It's ironic, while I was typing that last message, that something like that happened. My roommate was scared badly, but I prayed for him and told him to use the name of Jesus.

So my friend, be strong in faith, and put your trust in Jesus! God Bless You... Michael
alphaandomega in Picked Up By The Enemy
What a beutiful screen name. I'm happy to know you have received the Holy Ghost speaking in tongues. Some people say we're crazy. The Bible teaches us that though the tongue is one of the smallest members of the body, it's the hardest to control. So when God speaks us in tongues, it's a sign that you have gave him complete control and submission of your body and mind to him and therefore it's his spirit speaking to your inner man and sometimes it's not meant for our interpretation but to comfort our inner being with the peace and knowledge that God dwells within us.

Your story stikes a sensitive place in my heart. Everytime we try to do good for the Lord, Satanic spirits are right there to stop us, to rob us of a blessing. He's like a devouring lion, out to kill, steal and destroy. So it doesn't surprise me to hear he's trying to stop you in your tracks.

"Don't Fear!" Fear is a tool of satan, a tatic he uses to weaken your faith and once he's weakened you, then he's able to gain more control of you, so please don't fear. Always remember, "Greater is He that is in you, than He that is in the world!"

The devil know's you have power over him in the name of Jesus, that's why he's trying to stop you from using it, there's power in the name of Jesus. We can cast out demons in the name of Jesus, there's healing in his name, even the dead can be raised in his name.
So you tell satan to flee from you and get behind you and you have power to tread on that serpent all in the name of Jesus.

Your dreams about disaster are being fulfilled, the day of judgement is approaching so swiftly. We can only warn people and if they don't turn from their wicked ways, then their blood will be upon their own hands.

God came to the Jews first and they turned him away, and then he turned to the gentiles (us) and we accepted him and have been blessed. Now that so many gentiles have turned from God, it only seems feasable that impending disasters are befalling mankind and I'm afraid things will only get worse. However we have hope through Jesus Christ Our Saviour, through whom we have redemption and salvation.

You keep praying and call on the Name of "Jesus" with every breath you take, the devil has no power over that name and he must flee from you. So keep your head up and tell satan to depart from you and that you claim victory in Jesus's name.

God Bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

alphaandomega in A Prayer Gets Me By
I love your honesty. God works in mysterious ways. That may be his way to get you to talk to him. Praying is a good thing and something we all can never do enough of. Keep on praying, you'll get an awnser.

Ask and keep on asking, seek and keep on seeking, knock and keep on knocking. Be persistant in prayer and you will get an awnser by asking, you will find that which you seek for, and it shall be opened to you, the door you think is closed. Michael
Thank you Kathleen,
You are so kind. I love the word of God, especially when we apply it to our daily lives. To me, it's the most important thing on earth and the most precious by far...
scarlett2 in Implosion
Dear Paul,
Wow! What a beautiful and awe inspiring story of your conversion! Thank you for sharing it as no doubt many people will come across your story and be touched by it. Isn't it just amazing to actually feel G-D, our perfect Creator? What a grace you have been given! People in your life will be touched as well, just by seeing your changes! Oh, you are in for a beautiful, heavenly ride!

My conversion started in a similar way and I feel like a completely different person. He has taught me that love is the most important factor. And He has revealed Himself and returned that Love a billion times over to me.

He next taught me that humility is so very important. In the beginning, I was like, wow, what did little ole sinful me do so right that He would show himself to me? And He brought me scripture teaching me about Humility. It is amazing!

Try Internet search on Holy Spirit transformation, or Holy Spirit conversions.
You will find there are many others in recent years being touched by Our Creator. I believe this is a time of His Grace... He is giving us some time to convert. All He asks is for each one of us that He created only open their hearts to Him. I found once, I stopped being scared and totally 100% let Him come in, He in fact did!
Reading your story has made my day brighter and the world brighter as well!
Please, Paul, continue to write more about your transformation. I can't wait to hear more!
Blessings my friend! ❤
I was nineteen years old and my mother begged me to go to Morris Cerullo crusade, I told my mother I didn't want to go, but I loved my mom so I went. I was a trouble teen that had a alcohol and drug problem. When ever I did one, I did the other, and I got into a lot of trouble! My Mom & Dad put me into treatment for alcoholism & drug abuse when I was 17. While I was there they talk about the 12 steps of recovery and talk about God. I had no up bringing of any faith at all. So it was pretty difficult to wrap my mind around something greater, but I was willing to give it a try. That lasted a couple months before I started drinking. I found myself in treatment again, by this time I was living on the streets and had a bleeding ulser and coughing up blood. This time I meant business but again had trouble with the God thing. My mother after the first treatment found Alanon and then found the LORD JESUS, she was Spirt filled, that's when she asked and then begged me to go to see Morris Cerullo. I went and didn't hear much of anything accept at the ending, he said there's a young man in the audience that God has told him to pray for and ask him to come forward, half the men went forward, not me, I was to cool, so he said it again, and a few more went forward, again I wouldn't budge. He did that 3 or 4 times. I wouldn't move, I was afraid someone might see me. So he said, God told me to Pray for you here, and then I felt what you were describing, I felt this energy flow through me that no drug or booze ever allowed me to feel, I was crying with tears of joy, I had the biggest smile, and my whole body was tingling! I was sold, I went foward then and they gave me a handbook for a change life. I left there and tried to stop everything, drugs, drinking, smoking, chewing, cussing, lusting. I failed miserably, it only lasted a couple of weeks before I thought what the use. I can't quit sinning. I missed it, That is why JESUS came here in the first place, to wash away our sins with HIS blood. I may still struggle with sinning, but I'm not in denial of GOD existence and LOVE!
Thank you lina, it has taken me awhile to get back to you. Anyhow, I wouln't be sure of the Cougar anymore, it seemed to be with me for a while. The other animals have been popping up in a a dream sequence recently...
September-October:Polar Bears
November:Grizzly Bear
This has been meaningful and helpfulm in many ways since I have asked for my spirit animals to give me messages. And it Definately appears they have been listening:)
Good Day J. Andrew,
A comment regarding your statement, "The feeling I had was like a never ending feeling of happiness, joy, and love, like an infinite entire-body orgasm. I was given a moment in heaven and could feel the truth of the world, that we are all just pieces of one soul, from one source, and we will all become one once again in the afterlife. The incredible feeling of love and that orgasmic bliss is what we will feel for eternity when our soul is welcomed to heaven." Yes, you are correct. I am sure even without your saying so, that the Love you felt, was pure in a nature beyond any you had known. I believe that what you were gifted with was a small 'jolt' (humanly tolerant level - without bodily evaporation or disintegration of all brain cells) from our Creator. It was a 'plug-in' for realization of your true essence, and a connection to what is beyond your (our) current human experience. You, J. Andrew, were gifted with a conscious, 'live feed', that was a touch of the Infinite Love of God. My view is that human love includes attachments. The Love you felt does not have those attachments - it is pure. Pure Love, is unfettered joy. Amazing isn't it? Thank you J. Andrew, for sharing the story of your connection.
Hello Michael and JAndrew,

I asked within and was led to the following scripture John 5 verses 20:29.

I love how you have such an open mind! I will say that I do believe in reincarntion, however I also know that it has NO importance as to who I am right now. I do my best to live in the present moment.

Honestly, it doesn't matter if you believe in it or not. Has it helped me to understand the concept of eternal life, YES. So for me, it has been a positive step towards being closer to God. Having an open mind is what it is about! Whatever makes one feel closer to God, I say, go for it! I certainly don't have all the answers and realize that we all awaken in our own special way, no right, no wrong in my mind. Loving our father is what matters in my heart. He did create us all perfect!

Unconditional Love for each other is the key I live by!

With love,
That helps me to understand better. I think I understand more clearly about reincanation. I've never given it much thought to tell the truth, but what you said sounds logical. I guess I'm more of a Bible Based person and to be convinced of such a thing, I would like either you or Andrew point me to the scriptures in the word of god that will back up the theory of reicanation, what does the Bible say about it?

I sure don't mean to offend you Andrew or you Kathleen, especially about something I don't know anything about. Jesus said, I am the way, "The Truth", and the life. I'm not disputing or totally disagreeing with either one of you.

I'm a firm believer in the word of god, because I know it to be the truth and will guide me into all truths, it's promised unto us if we have faith in god's word.

Andrew, I'll check out the James3 reincarnation and hope that the Author of the piece has scriptures from the word of God to back it up. So I will get back to you on it. Thank you, I find this discussion very interesting and want to know more.

Kathleen, thank you also for your words of wisdom. I'm not disreguarding neither of yours or Andrews views, I take it to be serious and that you're both speaking from the heart and I want to learn more because I have an open mind and we all have room for improving and expanding our daily lives.

God Bless you both and many blessings! Michael
Dear Rosieblue and all the others that posted and also come about to this article... On Thanksgiving Day (today) I am most grateful to Our Lord God and Father... What a Blessing we have all had to actually be in the presence of our Father himself... The Holy Spirit. I just wanted to say I was moved deeply when I stumbled across your post just prior to eating our Thanksgiving meal. I give thanks to God today for all the mighty love he has for each and every one of us! His creation in His image! Blessings my brothers and sisters. Xoxo ❤
Rosiebrightlight in Extremely Bright Light
Hello Rosieblue I was shocked when I read your article as I JUST HAD AN EXACT experience as you identical and I almost fell off of my chair when I saw your name ROSIE! JUST LIKE MINE...ROSIE...spelt the same. This morning I woke up to a quiet room, I too sleep on my stomach... I felt a light woke me up behind me... It was over my left shoulder as the light was BEHIND ME... To the right-side of my room... As my door is on the right-angle of the room... I saw this extremely bright light... And I believe I too looked away... It did not talk to me... I did not feel fear and then it went away through the door... I could see the light shining through my closed door through the cracks around all the edges of the door and so I opened the door and the hall was full of sunshine as it was about 11am... As I always sleep in a pitch black room... The same experience as you... And I do not know what it means... So I wrote on google "I saw a bright light, was it an angel? This website popped up with your article and I read it and was amazed that it was an identical experience and even more amazed that your name is the same as mine... What could this mean... I do not think it is a coincidence. ROSIE
Helen, I have experienced those same feelings of oneness, love, happiness, and bliss as well when I had an epiphany. Those are feelings of heaven, are they not. We are all one, there is no question.
Michael,Let me first seperate the things that I KNOW to be true from the things that I just believe, but do not know for sure. In my October 18th experience with the Higher Power (my only experience to date), my soul was literally taken to Heaven for a few minutes. I don't remember seeing anything but just remember the incredible feelings. The feelings were of intense everlasting love, happiness, and complete oneness with God and all other souls in Heaven, as well as a neverending soul-gasm if you will. We are all a part of one source, where we came from and where we return.

Beyond what I experienced directly for myself as described above (What I KNOW), everything else is what I just believe to be true. I only want to believe the truth, not just what I think would fit in nicely with what I want. We all have our theories and beliefs but there is only one truth. If everybody knew all of the truth then the world would certainly be a lot more peaceful.

The Higher Power or God, gives us hints from time to time, glimpses of the truth like I had. Many others have also been given hints of the truth, but its up to us to decifer correctly between those who are sincere and those who are not. Puting it all together correctly, without uncertainty, is a challenging task to say the least. I am one of the rare people that have been blessed with the incredible privilage to be able to stem my beliefs from experiencing the truth of Heaven.

I don't know of reincarnation for sure as fact, it is just a theory I strongly subscribe to, given many compelling cases of people remembering past lives to the last detail, and other irefutable evidence that cannot be explained otherwise. I believe these memories that some souls have brought with them from past lives, are one of God's hints of the truth that he gives us from time to time.

Look up closely the "James3 reincarnation" story on the internet and let me know what you think after that.
Hello Michael,

In response to your quetions on reincarnation, I sat in silence and listened to the voice of god within me and this was the response that I heard:
"To believe or not believe is not of importance. The soul is on a journey of return to the expanse of eternity within the "constrictions" of time as the avenue for return. Think not of time as a boundary that one must conquer. Time is endless and the present is what one has to attone at the moment given in this thing you call "time". Any opportunity can be taken for measure within these "constrictions" as destiny is sure to be reunited in the eternal state which is that which you are..."

I hope that this message may be of help to you.
God bless, with love,
I was reading your story for the second time. I respect your belief in reincarnation. I always try to keep an open mind about everything and think things through.

You're entitled to believe in what, where, who and why. That's why we're all created equal and have a free will to deicide our destiny.

I believe in God, a Higher Power. Life after death, a heaven and a hell.

When people talk about reincarnation, I tend get confused and ask why? Why do people believe in reincarnation and I'm not sure why, other than maybe to return to earth to take care of something unfinished due to a premature death or something of that nature.

I'd like to pose this question to you. Do you believe in reincarnation because you don't believe in an afterlife or life after death?

Some people believe when a person dies, their spirit returns to God from which it came and our body will be resurrected at the return of Christ. However, others believe when a person dies, their spirit immediately goes to Heaven to live for all eternity.

As for me, I believe when we die, our spirit returns to being a part of God. Then at the day of the resurrection, he sends back that same part of his spirit to raise our body from the grave, changed into a glorious body made to live forever. This mortal body changed into a body of immortality, to exist eternally whether it be in heaven or hell.

The only possible reasons for me to want to return to earth and put back on a robe of flesh, would be to finish something like saying goodbye to my loved ones or to finish something left undone.

The reason I say or believe like I do, is this. "When I die and go to be with God, I wouldn't want to leave his presense and return back to a body of flesh, having to relive everything all over again. The suffering, the pain, and all that goes with this life.

I would like to pose another question to you. If we die, and we are reincarnated as another person and that person dies, will there be two or three of us to be raised on that final day? I just have so many questions that are unawnsered about the subject.

I appreciate and respect your belief. It just contradicts just about everything I believe in, so I choose not to believe in it, but you have that right and if that makes you happy, then so be it and God bless you for your faith in something of an afterlife because some people don't even believe in that much. They believe when a person dies there's nothing to follow and that's all there is. Those I pity!

Many Blessings to you! Michael

Hi JAndrew!

Your story is beautiful and it inspired me to sign up on this website. Maybe I will have the courage to add some of my own storied today.

After reading your story (which I found from a google search of spiritual experiences) I googled "have you had a spiritual experience" and this meetup group linked above (in your hometown) was one of the first returns. It sounds like it could be a good place to start building a local community of like minded individuals.

With love,
Amber J
ziekieo (guest) in A Choir Of Angels
I loved your describtion of your guardian angel,...and how you described the colors of her gown in such detail, and how she sparkled, especially her eyes.

I had a similiar experience when mine guardian angel came to me in the middle of the night while laying on the cool grass of the forest in the northwoods.

To this day, to this very moment I can still envision the brillaint blue colors of her gown and the glowing crown she wore upon her head, dripping in lots and lots of long strands of pearls.

One day I want to treat myself to a bunch of paints and paint the image I saw. My experience changed the course of the path of my life I was on. I believe she appeared that night to comfort me and to help me to realize that I am not alone in this world. I believe that in order to be creative we have to be in touch with our creator, so I am now making a goal of doing a painting depicting my experience.

Thank you so very much for sharing your story. I feel truly inspired.

Warmest Wishes, Ziekieo ❤
[at] LibraAngel you should have posted this as one of your own stories so that I can comment on it.
If you believe in Jesus then there should be no problem that in the end times you will make it back home again.
❤ Qt
I've had many dreams about the end of the world, but I've had another one about a week ago and it's still bothering me. My dream goes like this: I was just getting out of the shower and had just sat down on the bed when I heard a huge, huge, earth shattering explosion. My bed just happened to be right by the window and I looked out and saw something that looked like a mushroom cloud, kind of like the pictures that you see when a nuclear bomb has been dropped. I was horrified and proceeded to get up off of the bed. The next thing I knew, the earth all of sudden started shifting as if it was falling off of it's axle or something and I remember thinking to myself, this is it. This is the end. I started praying and then all of a sudden the world stopped shifting and I immediatly got up and ran into the hallway of my house. My mom came out of her room and said to me, what happened? I replied that I didn't really know. I remember that my child was still sleeping. How I don't know, but she was still sleeping as well as my grandmother. Out of nowhere my boyfriend appeared and we three, him, me and my mother ran outside. Everyone was outside and looking terrified and asking what in the world was happening. I remember not being afraid, but still concerned. I looked up to the sky and it was the most awful, scariest looking sky I had ever seen in my life. It was pure black, like ink and you couldn't see a thing. And I was like oh, my goodness. Everyone was looking up. All of a sudden, the blackness of the sky started to part, as if someone was moving it away and the moon appeared. The moon was like a deep orange looking color. Almost like fire and you could see if clearly now. Everyone kept staring at it and then I noticed how it kept getting closer and closer. That's when I realized that the moon was crashing to the earth! It was so unreal. It seem it took everybody a minute to realize what was happening, but when everyone realize that the moon was actually falling, everyone just took off running and screaming. I remember thinking of my daughter and ran back in the house to get her or just to be with her and I remember my mother following me. I don't remember what happened to my boyfriend, but I just remember running back in the house to get my daughter and then I woke up. What does that mean? I noticed that I didn't die in my dream. In all of my dreams, I never die, but I'm there. When I was telling my mom about it, I was concerned that I was still here because I know that when Jesus returns he is going to take his people first. If he takes me and my family, I don't know because I always wake up before I really know what happens to us. What does all of this mean? Why am I always dreaming about the end of the world?
alphaandomega in The Eye Of The Mind

I meant to tell you earlier. Thank you for your insight and interpretation of my vision.

I agree with you about the light guiding me. The ship sailing reminds me of an old song which I had never had heard until after the vision.

"The Old Ship Of Zion" and the very last verse of the song goes like this.

As I climb on board I'll be leaving
All my sorrow and heartache behind,
There I'll be with Jesus my Captain
Sailing out on the old Ship of Zion.

I can't go into the long dtails of the story about the first time I heard that song. It was not by accident when I first heard it and I knew it was confirmation of the vision I had.

God works in mysterious ways!

Many Blessings Bro. James... Michael
listenlightlove in A Choir Of Angels
Thanks, I too had a similar incident, speaking to a customer at work. This was some months after my husband had a stroke, but was recovering slowly each day. It was the way she spoke to me, very gently, quietly and praising me for my patience, strength and faith in God that all would be well. I actually vented to her with all my concerns and later I said I was sorry for keeping her from her shopping etc. She didn't seem to be in any hurry though. Finally we made our goodbyes, she said God bless you, I said the same and thanked her for her concern. Going back to my work, I turned around to look at her leaving and she was gone. I quickly went into the next aisle and the next and finally all the way up either way. There was no way she could have moved so fast. I believe she was an angel. I still think of her.
I tried this for a week two weeks ago, thoroughly enjoyed this, then gave up for now. My problem is I just don't seem to have the patience, and hope for instant results. I never read about, or heard from anyone about the blackboard chalk writing; but have done so in my head on and off since I was younger. It's very relaxing. Your last line about beautiful visions of the Lord, while meditating, or in dreams just gave me inspiration and motivation tonight. I am ready to try once more.
alphaandomega in A Choir Of Angels
That's a very beautiful story, I've always wanted to experience an angel in their real form. I know they're big and tall and shine with the light of the the Lord.

I've seen angel appear in human form and just disappear into thin air.

The bible says, that we may entertain angels unaware. That's why they appear sometimes as humans, because it's impossible to look upon them in their glorious form

God Bless you and thank you for sharing your story!

Many Blessings! Michael
alphaandomega in Room Filled With Light
Please don't play with Ouija boards anymore, those things are for real! I've had friends who have played with them. One said he stopped, when the triangle would move on it's own to awnser his questions. He got rid of the board. Another man that didn't think those things are for real, asked the Spirit Board a question, he said in a joking tone not taking it seriously, he asked "give me a sign you're in the room, When all of a sudden, a chair slid completely accross the room. He said he got rid of it immediately, and vowed never to fool around with those things. Hope you got rid of that thing, burn it!

If you keep your faith in God and call on the name of Jesus, evil must flee at the name of Jesus Christ. We have power over satan through the name of Jesus Christ.

The light and the warmth sounds like God, maybe it's a sign the cleansing worked. Either way, as the others said, "Dont Fear" keep your trust in Jesus!

Many Blessings! Michael
Hi Rachelle, I know a Richelle with an I from Washington which drew me to your post. It would be more than ironic if it were you, slightly changing your name on your post like I did. Regardless, fear nothing because God will always be by your side -Jeremy

Your experience with the energy entering your body brings back memories, you'll never forget that day. It's amazing how the same power and Entity that created the universe, the stars and all the planets and yet that same Power of God can enter and converse with your inner being, your soul, there's no feeling like it and it's undescrible.

Read the story "In The Eye of My Mind". I wrote it, and in it you will find I had the same experience as you did. A warm pwerful feeling of eclectricty moving up and down my body, I never felt so alive and powerful.

I think the Bible refers to it as, "The regenration of the Holy Ghost". A cleansing of the Inner Spiritual Man that resides in this ole body of clay.

There's scriptures that read, "I look forward to the day that this corruption shall put on incorruption, and this motality shall put on immortality and we shall be changed in a moment in a twinkling of an eye.

All of creation moans in travail, waiting and looking for the day of redemption. In other words, not just we humans will be changed on that day, but "ALL" of God's "Creation" will be changed along with us, they will be transformed also. Simply Amazing thought isn't it? We serve an Awesome God!:)

The other subject which is reincarnation. I don't have much to say to that. I would ask what do I get to be when I come back?

I would want to come back as an Eagle, so I could sail high above all of life's storms.

Many Blessings! Michael
This is nothing short of the most beautiful thing I have ever read. Please never be afraid of yourself and what you write and think.

Thank you.
"Adolf Hitler returned to heaven"
Gets me good. That's truly a statement I could say cringes my thoughts on things.
Me being a compassionate person and if I was in heaven as one of the judges, I think if Hitler truly meant that he was sorry and in his heart he was pure then I would say that statement is true.
That's very true, not all priests make it to heaven. I watched a DVD on a couple of native Alaskans who went to hell and heaven and came back to earth. One met a priest and wondered why he was down there. The movie gave me goose bumps and frightened me a wee bit.
❤ Qt
BrusselTrout in Realization Of God
Thank you very much for your time. You have allowed me to feel accepted - OK!:D I will continue writing:)
Hello Wayne,

Thank you for this. I have sometimes felt that my mind is not tamable. And I just let it wander and let it do as it pleases, but it never seems to find a good place "to give it a rest" and it just keeps going and going and going... Kind of like the energizer bunny, just less wattage. I also talk to myself quite often out loud. And I address different "parts" of my mind even though I know it is all one thing.

There are two distinct patterns of thought. One is a very serious part of my mind. It is very deliberate, well thought, and uses strictly logic. While the other part is more like a child. Not serious what so ever, loves to laugh and play, and loves to make jokes. I don't have multiple personality disorder or anything like that, but there is two distinct patterns of thought that I have, and many more if I really pay attention. I think on some level it is the right brain and the left brain. The left one being the serious one and the right one being the fun loving child.

Anyhow, I feel like your post has given me a renewed resolve to start to meditate again and try to fuse together these two separate patterns of thought. As I know that having this, could lead to other consequences later in life if I don't get "control" of it, like actually having multiple personality disorder. Unfortunately it is entertaining and it keeps me from being bored all the time. So I don't see it as a bad thing, but I don't see it as a good thing either.

Thanks for your post

P.S. BTW "or it may just want to think about last nights dinner, and how you suffered terribly with heart-burn from the Chinese food you ate." = Best part:) TTLY
alphaandomega in The Eye Of The Mind

I just wanted to say. "Thank You!" you are a an inspiration in my life. Your words of kindness and thoughtfulness is a blessing and is encouraging.

I pray that God keeps his loving arms around you and your family and that He will always remind you how much he loves you.

Many Blessings! Michael
alphaandomega in Realization Of God

That's some story! For me to understand it all to it's fullest will take some time. However, very interesting read and very thorough.

I think it's amazing how "God can speak with you and guide your footsteps all the day long and while I'm yet in another place in the world, He and I can communicate at the same moment in time. I find it absolutely incomprehendable or to just even try to imagine, "How does God hear so many prayers all at the same moment in time. He is The Omnipotent, meaning, "He is in all places, all the time", so he is involved in all of creation.

He said, "We shall give in account for every idle word we speak!" That there's a record being kept of what we say. He even knows the number of hairs in our head, in my case it's the number of hairs falling from my head...LOL

I find your story fascinating, with very little room for idle speech and intriguing to read. It's a lot to comprehend. There's so much to God, one cannot comprehend all the amazing things he creates, we can only enjoy trying.

When God said, "Let us create man in our image!" I believe that He was referring to us being creators as He is. We are creators, continually creating and contibuting to all of creation. Love being the greatest creation of all and made for all to experience and enjoy, for God is Love!

I believe we are born creators, and that's our prupose in life. To create all things good and with Love, something that's created "without" Love are vessels of dishonor to the Master creator and will serve no purpose of the Divine's will.

Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. He is the way to true Love, joy and happiness which fills any and all void in our lives. What a wondeful world it would be or should I say could be, only if everyone of us created love each and every day, there would be no room for the creation of hatred, lies and deceit.

All things are created for God's Divine purpose. How can one know or experience true love if they have never experienced true hatred? How can one experience true happiness, if they've never experienced true sadness. So we as humans must accept the bad to enjoy the good.

So God's Love for us is the greatest gift created and meant for all of us to share with one another in becoming "One".

God Bless You and Thank You for sharing your thoughts!

May God's Love and Wisdom forever abound in your heart.


Hello my wonderful Brother In Faiith!

Thank you for publishing your story and the subsequent commments.

The energy changes I am referring to originate from within the ethereal realm directly from what some people refer to as "SOURCE" most of just say GOD. It requires to have an open mind regarding quantum phyiscs as well and how the universe is made up. There are several very technical names for these shifts in energy but to simplify it one just has to look back at the last week in September and the first two weeks in October.

How many experienced days of anxiety, some days of complete confusion, days of absolute clarity, deep religious insight they have not felt before now, visions and experiences of the religious people from their holy books and other days of internal energy flows that were off the clock in intensity.

I know I experienced all of those things, sometimes within minutes of each other!

We are seeing a shift in the universe at large as the Mayan calender comes to an end, and no I don't have visions of the movie 2012, only what is beyond and it looks pretty damn good from where I sit.

The last month has seen the greatest number of people awakening to God and WHO THEY ARE that has been witnessed in a millennia and may it continue from this day forth.

There are several more changes to come, finishing in the spring of 2013 and then it is truly up to us from that point on. In Universal time, God is at his or her seventh day.

To the average person these changes are not noticable, however to those whom are sensitive to even mild swings in energy levels the next couple of years will be quite a ride some days.

Now as you can see I have been a little vague in some of the info because quite frankly some of it sounds tooo far fetched even for my expanded way of thinking these days and yet I just KNOW it to be so, once again can't explain it fully, I just know.

As for LLIIFE, well that is a typo, the word should have been LIFE!

The greatest gift from God we can ever receive. One that doesn't end at the passing of the physical body (at least not unitl the completed journey of our soul takes place), for we are not our bodies. We are the essence of the exiistance that lies within those bodies.

LIFE - LOVE - GOD: alll three words are completely interchangable, all mean exactly the same thing, try substituting one for the other in various sentences. When we "live" we live as an experience of God (don't shoot the messenger here gang just passing this along!), some live very differently from others and are judged by human moral standards as such.

As children of God we come from God, will experience life through the eyes of God, who will experience life as us through our eyes. All of the experiences gained through our many mortal lives will be eventually returned to the one true heaven, GOD, whereby they will be joined once again with GOD, to be reborn as a new Soul and begin the experiences of another existence again.

To understand life in another way, try and wrap your head around the following two statements. These will prove to be difficult or impossible for some to even comprehend the thoughts of, however give some really deep thought to them.

1. This statement came from a very good friend of mine during one of his mass consciousness seminars:


2.This second one came directly from the ethereal realm and I struggled internally with this one for a very long time. Once I looked at life beyond what we deemed LIFE in human and linear terms it was a momment of complete clarity. I do not expect some to even entertain the thought because of their faith, family or cultural history, it is merely an example of the larger vision that is life than we currently DESIRE to comprehend.


Food for philosophical thought...

Thank you for your comments on this post. I really appreciate that the comments were not negative towards my experience. This happened to me ten years ago. I was afraid because of the negative presence I invited in had already been harassing me. Then to have this other thing happen scared me. Looking back I can see whenever the light came, I was in a relaxed and happy mood. Like in the laundry room I had a flow of good thoughts and feelings. With the other thing... Nothing like that at all. It was cold and dark. I believe this was a lessen that there is a holy spirit. Since then my inner spiritual relationship with god has been strengthened. ❤
James, please tell me more about the recent energy shifts that you know of, and also please tell me more about LIIFE. Thanks.

Have you published your book yet? And do you ever get back to Washington? If you do, I would be very interested in meeting you as I live in Seattle. I am only 2.5 weeks past my awakenning experience and I really want to meet people to share stories with. That electric pulse and being left with pure feeling without words of explanation is ever so similar to what happenned to me (for me)! Please describe the feelings you were given.

God Bless! JAndrew
Thank you James and QT for sharing your thoughts. Yes, we are all brothers, even those led far astray. There is some good in everybody and its up to all of us to bring out as much good we can in each other. It is so true that the more you give the more you get. We truly are all one, even more than I can explain. It is an incredible feeling to just KNOW, isn't it!

It's just a theory but I am beginning to believe that our lives are ongoing lessons that we go through to purify our souls. Once we purify our souls over a number of lifetimes, we get to stay in heaven. Between lives we make pitstops in heaven until our soul is called upon again for the next lifelong "class."

I am convinced that there is reincarnation but you are also correct in saying that we must live in the moment and appreciate every moment we are given in life. I look at everything much differently than I have before and I try to see the good in everything and everyone. It has always been there, I just didn't look for it.

I find it very empowering and rewarding to find the good and the positive in the least likely places! If nothing else, a negative event can viewed as partially good because its existence provides balance to allow something equally positive to occur somewhere else in the Universe. So negative events basically create positive event "credits." Life is sweet so enjoy every part you can!

--Peace Brothers! JAndrew
quixoticqt in And There He Was
Wow, no, thank you for sharing your story with us.
It was like reading a lost story from the bible.
When a person goes to talk to God they go onto a hill/mountain and there they could see God.
You also remind me of my Grandfather. When he was alive, he was like you and went up the mountains to go talk to God.
❤ Qt

Good morning my wonderful friend!

Re-incarnation is a strange thing, does it exist or doesn't it!?!?!?

That is in the eyes of the beholder, however one issue about the whole thing is what people do with the knowledge.

The answer you received is indeed correct, that those who believe and keep "score" go to people like that medium for answers. They then use this information to "guide" their present lives instead of living and experiencing life as they are living it now, not what God intended for us to do with the precious gift of life that we enjoy. In reality none of it actually matters, you may have been Ghandi in a previous life, but guess what that has no significance on who you are now, it may SHAPE and influence your line of thought, but it has no bearing what-so-ever with WHO YOU ARE.

Modern society continually clings to the past as if all the answers are found there, hogwash, we use the past as a building block but nothing more.

Whether we have only one life or several life-times makes no difference it is WHO WE ARE right NOW that is key, our past is in the past, our futures have not been written and how we live today is the wonderful experience of life.

An example from my own journey, I used to believe that if I carried the cross of Jesus (symbolically), that I would experience the burden he suffered and would endure it for modern man. I soon discovered that it is not necessary for me to cling to the cross as a symbol of the struggle and life Jesus lead. By clinging to the concept of the cross I permanently planted myself in the past and the ideals of the past, leading to a revolving door effect. Things just spin round and round and the same things kept happening to me all the time. After I moved beyond the cross and realized Jesus is much more than the cross, has life ever changed for the better.

Does re-incarnation exist?

To you NO, to me YES, does it matter NO. God, he or she, will show us life as we encounter it and as we desire it, you want to have suicide bombers in your life, guess what they will be there. You want poverty and hardship in your life, you got it, think the world is collapsing around you, here you go, think the joy of life is to love another without reservation and you only see good things, guess what that happens as well.

The past is the past, the future has not been written and what we do NOW is all that matters, for what we do NOW shapes and creates the future. So it doesn't matter if you were Ghandi, Paul of Tarsus or Ghenghis Khan, whether you believe in it or not, who you are in THIS life, what you DO in this life, how you LOVE in this life, how you ACT in this life, is all that truly matters.

God stands not apart from us but with and within us and all the answers we will ever need are there inside, not from the past or knowledge of the supposed future.

" peace I leave you..."

Good Day Nick R.,

Thank you for your kind words, and more importantly, the depth of emotion contained in them that I 'feel'. Just after I read your comment, I happened to find a notation that I had written months ago, and finding that serendipitous, I know that I am to share it with you. One evening following this experience (that I wrote about), I found myself unsettled about an event at work that day. I knew it was trivial, but because I am living (and learning through) a human experience, I was succumbing to the power it was trying to exert over me. So I wrote what, I knew, to be true... Then I let it go and was again at peace. This is what I wrote: I'm a Being of Light - filled with the love of God. I relate on a Spiritual level with all living things. I'm Bright - Opulent, in fact... I'm healthy in my human body, in my Spiritual self, and Love guides my words and emotions.
I now consider this experience (that I wrote about) as an evolutionary step for me as I walk the path of my Spiritual 'expedition'.

Wishing you: Friendship, Love and Health, from Treetoucher
I like the way you put it/him down as *smile* I see God as a hermaphrodite; both male and female that can create in a whim. It's not dominating; I believe that both male and female could be equal in all subjects.
The love part is true. God is pure love, happiness, joy, peace, and everything that is good of this world.
Although you do believe in reincarnation I on the other hand do not. I believe that everyone has one life to live on this earth and one life only. Why do you ask? Because believing in reincarnation makes people who want to commit suicide want to relive their child hood but that's not true.
There is even a heaven for those that are concieved in heaven, waiting for either their adoption or their parent to get to heaven. The ones that do not have a parent going back to heaven stay the same size until they are adopted.
I found myself watching this lady/psychic who was very intriguing. She made me believe in confusion that there are past lives and I wanted to figure out what mine were.
I asked God, "I know half of what she says is true. Love is something you don't want to live without, but how in the world does she know of past lives? Why can she know from the bottom of her heart that these people had past lives? Why do I know the truth from the tablet of my heart that this is wrong?"
"There are those who record past lives. Those that live on the earth forever that cannot die but is always there with you. Those that record talk to that lady and show her what they have recorded. She is not the only one. There are many like her that can see these things."
I know that feeling when God is there. Its like nothing in the world; very carefree. Hard to get to that state of mind.
Thank you for sharing your story.
❤ Qt
quixoticqt in Realization Of God
BTW thank you for sharing your perception with us.
Made me feel at peace with myself. Made me cry a tear drop.
❤ Qt
quixoticqt in Realization Of God
"I love you all because you give me joy when you make yourselves happy" That I do understand.
Once I asked "what about people all around the world? What of them? Would they go to "hell" just because Jesus wasn't in their village?"
God replied back "Love. I am love, I dwell in love. As long as they know me they will come back to me."
❤ Qt
Foundations in The Eye Of The Mind
HI Michael,

You also mentioned "Put your trust in Jesus, He will never let you down or let you be misguided."

I struggle with feeling as though I am not doing enough and should be pushing myself more. Well, today I got in my car and the song "Patience" by Guns and Roses started playing. It was Jesus talking to me, telling me to stop worrying, it will all be ok. Follow me and you'll be fine. So you are 100% right, put your trust in Jesus and let him work it all out in the way that is right for you.

Thanks again,
Foundations in The Eye Of The Mind
Hi Michael,

Thank you for your comments about my open mind and honest heart! What a beautiful thing for you to say! Don't get me wrong though, I have my emotional days too LOL!

Funny how you mentioned about reading scripture and getting different interpretations from the same verse. This happens to me quite often. I find myself continually trying to put certain things together, like a puzzle, in order to find the common denominator.

Jesus guides me in so many different ways that I think I better start writing it all down! I get messages in countless ways, from songs, to scripture, to license plates, birds (yes somehow I can understand what birds are saying if Jesus or God is using them to communicate to me...) you name it. I just know in my heart when it is a message directed at me. It is true when he said "The blind shall see and the deaf shall hear" You need to have an open mind to see the bigger picture.

I will be certain to take all of your advice, your encouragment means a lot to me.

With love,
Foundations in Room Filled With Light
Hi Rachelle,

This is a beautiful experience that I can fully relate to. Don't be afraid, because there truly is nothing to be afraid of. I had the same issue with fear at the beginning because it was something unknown to me. I was shocked and wondered "OK am I going nuts or something?" Once I started to open my mind and let go of my fears I realized that this was God manifesting himself to me in the way that I could understand. For example, last week I was in my living room with my family when all of a sudden the entire room became bright with white light, and glitter seemed to be encompassing everything and everyone. The people in the room glowed with the same bright white light and an aura of the most beautiful blue. Did my family notice- nope - only me. In the darkness I see orbs and "sparkles" and have become accustomed to it now. At first it shocked me that my mind was opening up to all of this, however now I embrace these experiences. There is truly more to this world than the eye can see as I have come to discover. Each person experiences God in their own special way. So please don't be afraid, go with the flow!
With love,


God is to all of us in our own way, for what is to me is not to you and vice versa.

I share a common spiritual and religious belief as you, having grown up a catholic and became so disillusioned by institutionalized religion I needed answers elsewhere.

I had a voice talking to me for all my life and just wrote it off as my brain playing games most of the time and yet there was a turning point a few years ago that was a game changer and I finally realized it was indeed God all those years.

When I looked back at all the suggestions that I ignored, it turns out that everyone of them were the correct choice to make and you guessed it I made the wrong choices because I wouldn't listen to the "voice" at that time.

Many converse openly with the Father all the time, not just you and I, God speaks to us all, all the time and yet 95% or more do not hear what is being said.

Neale Donald Walsche wrote a whole series of books based on his conversation with God, many called him nuts and yes many think one should be locked in a padded cell for thinking God talks to us lowly humans.

Hogwash... Our inner faith is what drives our ability to understand what is being said to us. Once we re-awaken to that innner faith and belief, well then the universe is truly an open book to us all.

I haven't commented on the content of your post, simply because I have to re-read it again and absorb it a little more, but I will.

Please keep writing here on this site, the more others can gain from another the better we all are

" peace I leave you..."


Hello my wonderful friend!

Do not fear the light, the next time you see it, close your eyes and relax your body, something like a meditative state if you know how to do that. Then simply ask God if he is that light, wait for the answer, it will be there in a form appropriate for you.

I have twice had experiences with a BALL of light and seen bright lights in the room. The answers surprised the dickens out of me when I was able to hear them. I wrote about the experience of the ball on this site.

In short do not fear the light, for part of that light is YOU, don't worry if you don't understand that notion, in time you will. Remember you are a CHILD OF GOD, the light is of God ion one form or another and while it is present, whether actually or in your thoughts, nothing from the ethereal realm can hurt you.

If you think something evil is present, just simply smile and state loud and clearly "I am of God you cannot harm me, cannot scare me..." Let the universe take it from there...

Bless you my wonderful friend in God!

Well hello Brother!

I say that because it is indeed an appropriate term and Libra is very correct in her comments to you, there is so much more to all of us than we as humans can truly imagine!

You talk about "knowing" that is exactly the point, you reach a juncture whereby you just KNOW.

You can't explain it to anyone, you just know. We are all capable of that understanding but very people actually open themselves up enough to truly discover it within them.

There have been many changes within the earths' energy levels, fields, call it what you wish within the past two weeks and talk about energy shifts and emotional swings, wow!

When you fully realize the ALL, and simply KNOW, you reach a state of bliss that will not go away, for the universal experience at that point is something that few will believe you and many will want to lock you up in the rubber room.

What many do not fully understand is our relationship to each other and how we all relate to the universe as a whole. Like Libra said we are just energy, started out as such, have use of these physical bodies for now and will return to our state of pure energy (also called LIIFE), when our physical existance ends.

We all come from the same place, made up of the same stuff and will return to the same place, GOD.

Once you understand and accept the truth of that, boy does life seem so much sweeter here on earth. I no longer see the bad side of things, yes they are still there, however I see the glory that is everything, that is everyone, even the suicide bomber is a Brother, I don't condone the act but the person is a brother to me none-the-less.

I can't explain those feelings, I just KNOW...

You see the grander vision of what we are, do not forget that or ever doubt that, for the Source of All Life, Source of All Love has helped you open your eyes, your mind and your heart to what has always been there, what will always be there and HE has shown you the true YOU of WHO YOU TRULY ARE!

May your journey be a long and bountiful one, through this physical journey and the life beyond

In my experience, upon confessing my belief in a Higher Power and reincarnation, God came down in the form of an electromagnetic force of some kind, and took my soul to Heaven to give me a taste of it. I don't remember seeing anything but the FEELINGS I remember are so crystal clear. All souls are together as one and a feeling of everlasting love, happiness and complete bliss is shared by all.

I believe it as FACT that all of us are one, from one source, that we will all return to in the end. We do not have one soulmate, which is a little dissapointing on the surface, until you consider that we are ALL soulmates. The message that we are all one was made so incredibly clear to me that I have absolutely no doubt about it.

I keep reminding myself that we are all pieces of each other when I encounter frustrating situations with others. It brings me back to serenity after a few moments when I do. It has only been two weeks since my moment with God so I am still adjusting to practicing new behavior that is based on the newfound truth I discovered on my day of confirmation.

I agree that we do see miracles every day. I am more open and aware of their existence after having my experience. They were so easy to dismiss as ironic coincidences before. Now I have a much deeper appreciation when those tiny miracles expose themselves.

-With everlasting love and bliss for all, JAndrew
I have a little girl also, they are so cute! As far as picking our parents? When I saw my parents, I knew that's who they were. I remember it being more of a feeling. I only remember what seems like moments before I entered this body. I didn't relize it wasn't "normal" to remember that, until I told my Father I saw him waving to me just after I was born. My mother told me never to repeat that, people would think I was crazy. So, I only speak about my experiences with people who have had similar experiences. That is why I enjoy this site. 😊
Thank you for your comment, Libra1. I am sure it is no accident that your monaker (Libra) is also my daughter's sign. She asks me to read her "horse-scope" (too cute to correct) every day. I am looking forward to reading your post to gain more insight into this part of our world that is so new to me. You mention that you remember entering your body just before you were born. In the James3 story, he said he remembers flying above the hospital and actually choosing his parents. I can't wait to read your story. The Oneness and unity of everyone really does appear to be such a strong common theme among so many individual experiences. There is so much that we can take away and build with from that alone. That feeling of eternal love, happiness and unity I will never forget. We are so incredibly blessed and privileged to have knowledge that so many people will label as too good to be true, in turn labeling us as well. I suppose the labeling and judgement from others is just the universal balance of the blessing itself.
Great experience!
I have had experiences all my life, including one just before I was born, I remember moments before entering into this body.
It is true, we are spiritual beings made of pure energy, living in a physical world. I have never had any doubts because of what I remember. I have had more spiritual experiences than I have time to list! They still happen almost weekly. I cannot pinpoint where or when they happen, sometimes its as large as a voice being heard, sometimes its as subtle as something being placed somewhere else. They are all just reminders of the bigger picture! Everyone experiences differently and everyone is on their own journey~ I wish I had more time to write!
Please read my post "healing lights that saved my life" also, I have several stories I posted on the other site, psychic experiences, if you pull up "My first memory, insight" you can read about the very first spiritual experience I remember.
You are absolutley right about us all being ONE~ Without You or I, the Universe would be incomplete! Take care ❤
I would love to read your story.
Often these types of testamonies are not welcome in the churches and we often may feel left out in the cold - but the Spirit of truth within us insists that we must persevere.
I would really like to thank you for what you have wrote to us all on this site. I think it is a wonderful experience and I hope it helps you in your life. What you had sounds like a very strong and profound experience and it brought me joy to think about you surrounded by these white loving light beings.

The main reason that I wanted to thank you was because this experience made me reflect on a couple of my experiences that I have had, and I really brought me joy to get to know aspects of myself and my spirit friend better. (I don't really know what to call her because there is a presence that is always with me and always "talking to me" (hot and cold shivers) as I talk to her. And she let's me know when I do do/say something bad (or disagrees) , or do/say something good (or agrees))

I love this freind that I have and she loves me to, and you have helped me get to know her better and you have no idea how grateful I am. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Have a Wonderful and love filled life.
Quote of soulsearcher:
*i love this artical. It is so true. The light can blind you from the truth and illuminate the lies. Alone in darkness we only have ourselves to find.*

And our friends 😉
alphaandomega in The Eye Of The Mind
I seen on your profile about when reading the Bible about having wisdom and knowledge and understanding the word of God and it's meaning. I think it's great that you keep an open mind because just one verse of the Bible can have more than just one meaning.

Sometimes when you read a verse, you understand right away. Then you read the same verse again later, you may see it or get a total different revelation from the same exact verse.

God's word is amazing, it's a live, it's life. God gives us the Holy Spirit, to guide and confirm with our spirit, so when we read his word he will open our understanding to the parts that will help us during that specific time in our life, because each day is different.

Bottom line... When reading the Word of God, we must have a pure heart and open mind. He will lead us and guide us into all truth. As he say's. "He will give to us the desires of our heart". So if we sincerely desire in our hearts and are hungry for His Word, He will feed us 'til we're full.

Jesus said, "I have set before thee an "Open Door", that ye may go in and out to find green pasture!" God's word is the "Open Door" and we can go in and out to find green pasture or (Read) to find all the nourishment we need to grow into a strong and faithful servant.

You have an honest heart and open mind, so just put your trust in the Lord and before you even open your Bible or (Break The Bread), sincerely ask the Lord to bless you as you part the Word. Ask him to guide you as you partake of the reading of the gospel.

The Lord will help or enlighten you to the scripture that's profitable for your spiritual growth at that present time in your life. I hope you understand what I'm saying.

If I remember correctly. The Bible say's, "line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little, "Rightly Dividing" The Word of God we shall understand. He want's us to divide, part his word and combine scriptures together to get a clear understanding. It's like a puzzle, you put all the pieces together and it you will see the whole picture and not just pieces.

Sometimes, a single verse alone can mean exactly as it reads. However, if you compile (reference) some other verses along with it, that single verse can turn into a complete story with several meanings and really resiginate with your heart and mind and you'll carry it with you the rest of your life and apply it when you need it.

Kathleen, hope I didn't confuse you with all that. The best way to simplify it all, When Breaking the Bread of Life, always ask the Lords blessing to help you understand your needs and He want's for you, and to increase your knowledge and wisdom of his word in order to do the perfect will for the purpose of your life.

In the Old Testament, God's law was engraved in tablets of stone[The Ten Commandments). Today's Generation, we have the Holy spirit to engrave God's law (His Word) in the Fleshly Tablets of our Heart".

God Bless You Kathleen, Put your trust in Jesus, He will never let you down or let you be misguided.

I pray that the Love of God may forever abound with you and Yours... Many Blessing!
Awesome! I had a similar experience. The only difference, was I had a dream right after the electrical feeling. Felt like I was actually there in the dream! This was an encounter with God! Keep your eyes on what matters, Jesus!
davidbelieves in A Powerful Testimony
Great testimony! I had a similiar experience about a year ago, my life will never be the same. I will post my testimony soon. God is good! And Jesus is very much alive!
Your experience closely matches mine more than any other story I have read in the 6 days since it happenned last week. It was my first and only experience but I can only pray I have more. Please read my story "Secrets of the Universe Shared". That feeling of universal love and unity, brought forth by the joining of an electromagnetic field of energy and the feeling heaven is what happenned to me.
The unity of all of us as one in the Universe is common ground among many experiences including my own that occurred just 6 days ago. Please read my story "Shared Secrets of the Universe." We are all one in the end. Thank you for sharing your story. I am happy to see that I am not alone experiencing a miraculous event such as ours.
I had a very similar experience myself 6 days ago. (Oct 18th 2011) I posted my story on this site under "Secrets of the Universe Shared." They have not read and approved it yet since I just posted today. I still have a hard time believing what happenned to me but there is no denying it and my friend even witnessed it. The main feelings I had was complete oneness among all souls, eternal love, and the feeling of an eternal entire body orgasm (best way to describe). I believe that I was blessed with a moment in heaven. It has been very difficult adjusting back into normal society and many of friends think I am crazy. I have not been able to even tell my wife yet. I am looking for others to connect with.
miiish in The Sadhu
Hi James!
I dint even look at the woman sitting there to support me! But I do remember she was really skinny and she had really short curly hair... Like Mel B from the Spice girls! I did have my second baby... He is a year and a half now and I have named him Nathan! But... He was born here in Dubai and not Sri Lanka! So I'm thoroughly confused... The first prediction was bang on...!
Ah, my friend of darkliness. I love both light and dark, and the bliss of darkness you describe is the exact reason I love and accept darkness. Yet remember the light, for action and excitement and more knowledge lies there as well. Appreciate both elements, for the world is incomplete without one of them, and so is the living creatures of the world.
The Devil is like a devouring lion, going forth to steal, kill and destroy. It's evil spirits that causes depression and suicidal thoughts. Satan even afflicts our bodies with sickness and pain, but The Lord will not let us bare more than we can stand.

Anytime a spirit wants you to die or for you to kill yourself is an evil spirit.

If you ever have anymore encounters as such, you need to say to that spirit, "Flee from me satan! In the Name of Jesus Christ!" And he "must flee" when you use the NAME of Jesus Christ against him.

When an evil spirit aproaches you like that, don't speak back to it, because by doing so you are giving it the power of recognition and may open a door for more evil spirits to enter.

The Bible tells us to "try the spirits" to see whether they be of God or "not". The spirit of God doesn't want you to committ suicide.

No, you should not be scared. Fear is another weapon of the devil he uses against us to weaken our faith. So be strong in faith and put your trust in the Lord Jesus and "Fear Not".

Just have FAITH and be bold and tell the devil to depart from you in the name of Jesus Christ. Because the Word of God say's he must leave you alone and you have power over him in the name of Jesus.

For "Greater is He that is in you", "than he that is in the world". We have power over satan in the name of Jesus!

God Bless you and keep you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Michael
alphaandomega in He Found Me

I like how you titled your story "He Found Me"

There's a song titled "He Was There All The Time" Waiting patiently in life, He was there all the time.

Sometimes I think most people underestimate the power in the the NAME OF JESUS and they fail to use it as often as they should.

Most people say "I found God", I know what they mean when they say it, but you actully phrased it right when you said "He Found Me". It is we who are lost, not the Lord. He's right there, all we have to do is call on "His Name" and "His Name" is "Jesus", He is The Divine. "Immanuel" which being interpretated is "God With Us" There's no other name given among men, whereby we must be saved.

So the next time you attend church, and you're moved by the spirit, or feel a burden, or a need to join with them at the alter, that's The Lord tugging at your heart, that's the Lord calling you, laways try to heed and obey.

I might also add, it don't have to be at the alter at the church, you can make your bedside the alter or anyplace where you are, just keep calling on that Precious name of JESUS and watch what happens in your life, Jesus Christ our Lord is there all the time!

I done as Peter said in Acts 2:38, "Repent and be baptized evryone of you in the "NAME" of "JESUS CHRIST" for the the remission of sins, and "YE SHALL RECEIVE THE GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST"; THE "PROMISE" is "TO YOU", "TO YOUR CHILDREN" and "TO THOSE THAT ARE AFAR OFF" and to as many as the Lord our God shall call.

So The Holy Ghost wasn't just for the 140 that waited for the return of Christ, it's for all of us today. The day of Pentecost was only the beginning, the "Comforter" also known as "The Holy Ghost", Jesus said will come to us in "HIS NAME".

The word of God tell us that the "Holy Ghost" will "LEAD US" and "GUIDE US" into "ALL TRUTH"

I believe you with all my heart and have no doubt that when you called on "JESUS", it was "HE" that picked you up as you said! You have a great story and very inspirational and you continue to witness for "JESUS" for to me "HE" is "THE DIVINE" and gives us the "Holy Ghost" as our "GUIDE".

So to stay on message, the most important words in your story that stood out for me were the words you spoke, "JESUS HELP ME!"

May the love of our Lord Jesus Christ abound in you and always protect you.

In the name of Jesus, God Bless You! Michael
Foundations in The Eye Of The Mind
Thank you Michael, and God bless you too! Your words of kindness touched my heart. Thank you for brightening the day!

With love,
alphaandomega in The Eye Of The Mind
God Bless You Kathleen,

I'm happy to know God is still using me to help others, for this is my true hearts desire. May the peace and joy of our Lord abound you and keep you safe through life's journey.

Many Blessings! Michael
What inspiring stories, Rhonda & Gregory-Brown! Thank you for sharing. You have both shown us first hand what it means to love thy neighbor, and one of our Lord's most important, love, love... Blessings and peace, always. ❤
Wow. Empowering dream. It sounds like your going to be a leader.
This will just be a reminder that no matter how hard the poop hits the fan *smile*, your always going to be able to ask God and he should turn it off and straighten your problems out.
❤ Qt
When I was younger I had that happen to me as well. Not exactly, I would start out crying but then would feel the sense of love and then start laughing until my sides hurt. It only happened at church. That was when I, my mother and brother went to church like 4 times a week.
I would think that it was the Holy Spirit. I believe in the trio. God/Son/Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the one that dwells within us, God is the one who watches over us and the Son is the one who saved us.
I wouldn't think it was your guardian. Your guardian is the one who delivers the messages back to God. When push comes to shove he/she is allowed to help in any way they could; Like one of my favorite stories on here is "stalked by the devil, saved by an angel" by alarmman2011.
Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be open to you.
Having this happen is like a recharging experience for me. No matter how many times you have it done it will always make you feel loved, cared for and even might make you appear younger.
Jesus loves you; everything about you, from the tip of your head to the souls of your feet.
Prayer; someone out there is always praying for you. In my case I would think prayers are retroactive. My grandfather loved me and he was a very powerful intercessor. His words still bless me to this day 26 years later.
"God is love." No matter where you go, if there is pure overwhelming love then God is there.
I wouldn't think so. A "ghost" as you put it is a spiritual entity that died but keep wanting to live even though they can't. They haven't found it in themselves to leave this earth and enter into judgement. Sure ghosts scare me as well they're more of a nuicance then anything else.
If it wasn't a ghost and if it was a dark entity then that would be a different matter.
If I at all offend you in anyway I don't mean to. I'm just explaining my pov I gather from my life.

❤ Qt
I think you're absolutely right, we hear about cot deaths in adults all the time and it sounds as if that could have been you had it not been for your guardian angel. Great story!
Foundations in The Eye Of The Mind
Hello Michael,
Thank you for publishing this story! Without knowing it you have answered my prayers about this same vision! I saw almost exactly what you describe, a large ship with people that I could not make out, sailing into a light in the distance. Your story, combined with James' answer to you, has truly been a light for me and to all for that matter! I am realizing more and more with each passing day, that the answers are all around us, we just have to take the time to open our eyes and listen more closely.

My love and peace I send to you
Hello Munchie,

It is incredibly interesting that I've stumbled upon this because it reminds me of a dream I had a couple nights ago where there was a demon who was attacking me and it was like a force of darkness surrounding me and putting pressure on me and in my dream I rebuked the demon in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I even awakened to myself repeating the same words and the scariest part was that when I first heard myself, in that state in between completely waking up and sleep, my voice sounded completely different it was as if my throat was even different it sounded like a deep and mocking voice but I kept repeating those words and sure enough the feeling subsided and I was safe. And this is not my first encounter either. Demonic entities are very real and they are terrified of our Lord Jesus Christ and at the mention of his name they flee. All you've got to do is call upon his wonderful name and believe that he will save/help you. Trust me my friend, He has never left your side and he is waiting for you to call upon him. I am happy to hear that you prayed and trusted in our Heavenly Father, for only He knows what could have happened. These happenings aren't very common. Please do keep praying and searching for the truth. You are very close!

Ivy ❤
Pretty. The story feels simply clean. Let that memory keep you going, and don't let the demons take it away from you. It's pretty and it will come back when you need it to.

My wonderful Friend

It doesn't get much better than that for an awakening!

Embrace those visions and cherish each one after that, for your life is forever more changed, you may doubt any of it ever happenind one day and right it off to being nonesense at some point. Yet the feelings are real, the words are real, to you IT IS REAL and you are indeed changed for it.

Thank you for publishing this story, please continue to do so for those whom are following in YOUR footsteps

" peace I leave upon your wonderful SELF..."


Hello My Wonderful Brother In Faith

A few words from a prayer for you:

"...thank you Father for the Path you have laid before US,
We may stumble on that path, but we cannot fail to reach you
Thank you for understanding our human emotions
As we endeavour to understand them in others..."

Michael the ship is indeed the pathway and the light at the end of that path is the Glory that is God. Our Souls are on that journey to "home" and when we doubt our true course, the light is always shining brightly for us to hopefully see and be guided by that light.

I have said this before on this site, when we look behind us at our footstpes in the sand how many pairs of foot-prints do we see... It is not just a nice poem.

You have been shown your path and I have felt it as well, in the words of your poems. This experience is just cementing all that information together. Those people on the vessel are familiar to you, now let the guiding hand of the Glory that is within you continue to steer your course and may fair winds, calm seas and clear skies guide thee on thy course for home.

With my brother at the helm you are in wonderful hands my friend!

Never be afraid to publish any experience here, many of us have moved on now, but there are truly thousands coming along their paths and this site is a learning ground for all of them.

Let your music be heard and let the light that is you be seen by ALL!



Hello "Uncertain One" do not fear or worry these are not unusal feelings or experiences. We all experience faith, belief, religion, spirituality, call it whatever you like in our own ways and yes it is different for everyone.

THe key is to "let it flow" be yourself and let whatever or whomever you pray to help you and guide you. Ask what you need to ask and look for the answers. SOme experience them as a spoken word, others a song on the radio or a conversation of a passer-by talking on their phone, or perhaps a bird landing next to you.

The feeling of warmth is the internal essence (or energy if you like) flowing I response to your realizing that "hey there is something wonderful within me!"

THat divinity that is within ALL OF US, is denied by a lot of people because you cannot see it or measure it quantitativley and yet it exists. Your fears brought about the cold and the pressure, your re-wawakening divinity brought about the love and warmth that removed the problem.

You may think I am smoking some good stuff here, but it has happenind to many of us at one point or another and you are not alone, never have been nor ever will be.

THere are many changes happening around ol' Mother Earth right now and these "feelings" and issues are becoming common place with more and more people.

If you find the fear is getting a grip again, simply sit back in a chair or lie down. Concentrate on your breathing, now envision every breath of air going into and out of your heart. Concentrate on that action, do this slowly and deeply and allow your body to become relaxed and feel yourelf reaching a point of inner peace. Contimue this "heart breathing" unitl you feel you have vanquished the fear, stress or anxiety of the moment. Try it for longer periods each time and enjoy!

Try this breathing technique out and you may be surprised as to what happens within your body and your mind!

Sorry for babbling on a bit, but you are not alone in this experience and certainly do not have anything to fear, for fear is a human thing buried within us, the Soul knows what is real and it knows the fear is not real.

" peace I leave with you..."

James in He Found Me

Hello Precious One Of God!

Four years ago I almost had my right hand removed by the propelor of a radio control airplane. After surgery, feeling like a complete moron and 6 months of recovery, I had the use of my hand back as well as the answers why?

It was a message, signal, call it what you like from the beyond for me to slow down, open my eyes and really see the world around me. Heck of a way to get a message across but it worked, for that was the just before I started to "awaken" to what is really important.

The Heavenly Father has always been there with you, he never went anywhere, however you experienced your life as you wished (yes we do choose what we experience, all done at the soul level).

When you reached the peak of your helplessness you simply called for help and it was there with out question. You didn't have to repent anything for what is there to repent, you are a Child of God, born in the glory that is God, only most of us haven't figured it out until something happens and we suddenly "rediscover" the Lord.

My wonderful Friend, your story is one so close to my heart in many ways and it is so close to the hearts of ALL fro as it happens to one it happens to all of us.

Please continue your journey with the Father and experience all the wonders that lie ahead of you.

Namaste my wonderful Friend

gysyblue in Whispers
This is so beautiful. The whisper is wonderful, and also your father's dream. I also love the words you say God spoke to you. This is very inspiring, thank-you.

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