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I believe that the troubled feelings you had about if God realy exist, was the Holy Spirit speaking to your subconcience. You are so lucky, not everyone experience what you have.
I believe that strange things sometimes happen, that we can not explain.
As for the lights and street lamps, this happened to me too in the past, don't know if it had a rational explanation though. Sounds like the bright light you saw could have been an angel, or another entity.
The time on the clock is very weird...
I think the eagle could have been a sign yes.
In the Bible the eagale is mentioned more than once.
Only today I read an interresting article about eagles.
When it rains, most birds head for shelter, but the eagle is the only bird that, in order to avoid the rain, starts flying above the clouds.
- No wonder God wants us to spread our wings and soar with eagles!
Hello NaturalScience!

Wow, now I have a lot of inner questioning to do! Before I write you back I will need to absorb all that you wrote and reflect upon it adequately. When I receive this inner guidance I just write it down quickly as it comes to me. Kind of hard to explain, but the words start to flow from my head and I need to grab a pen and paper to write it down. James had told me to go with the flow of the guidance I received from this inner voice. So I will sit down again when I have a moment (the kids are home today so the house is kind of chaotic at the moment LOL!) and get back to you. But, then again, these are MY interpretations... What it to one is not always to the other...

Talk to you soon,
Foundations in Finding God
Bonjour David!

Tu parles tres bien on francais! Ne lachez pas!

Thanks for writing back. I had looked up on google what that expression meant... So I knew before hand that it was a pilot's expression. I think I might have a clue about the vision. It came to me this morning actually. The other night I had been talking with Jesus about how I want to be healthy again. To be the athlete that I used to be. I was once a long distance runner and trained every day. That was long ago before I had a family, and now I am not so healthy... Almost having blackouts recently. I even had to permit myself to take a nap last week during the day because of the shakes I was experiencing. Thank goodness my EGO did not step in and say "How dare you be lazy and relax" LOL! Anyhow, I told him that I should go out and buy a new pair of running shoes- do something for me to get back on track and to love myself again. The room started to glow at that moment and for about 10 minutes he cleansed me (I think that was what he was doing). So maybe the vision means that by running down the path from now on my whole world will change and turn around? Sounds quite logical to me! Take time to love and to nurture yourself then you can love others all the more...

Have a wonderful day,
"The ego judges.
The ego demeans.
The ego takes over thoughts of neutrality
Making one's thoughts turn into those of judgement.
The ego cannot see the light,
It searches for dark,
Keeping a veil between truth and forgiveness.
The ego stems from thoughts of negativity and branches outwards from that point
Into a spiral of self denial and submission."

Hi Kathleen,

Let us analyze the definition above as to its usability.

"The ego judges."
If judgment is here meant as the thought that a person is worth nothing, this sentence is true.
But there is another meaning of the word "judging" which is much more important in daily life than the first named. I mean, to discriminate whether an attitude uttered by another or shown by oneself is OK or not, or if something said by another person is believable or not.
This judging, better call it "Discrimination of Spirits", must NOT be abolished by any true spiritual way, but should rather get sharpened.

Thus: don't call persons evil, but do not shrink from calling attitudes or deeds evil if they are!

"The ego demeans." I don't know the meaning of "to demean". So I got to leave a gap here.

"The ego takes over thoughts of neutrality
Making one's thoughts turn into those of judgement."

I now describe a common situation. You get up in the morning and make coffee for you and your guy, being careful to make it well. He takes a sip and the first thing he says is "it is too strong, don't you know I got that stomach ache?" thus reproaching you of making his ailment worse.
I would answer then "If I had made it too thin this would surely be no better. It's rather difficult to do things in a way that satisfies you, man."
Would this be "an Ego answer" or not?
From your sentence I can't say if yes or no.

"Thoughts of neutrality" could be, in this situation. Only things like "why is he in that bad temper again?"
But I - and I am not a very unusual person - rather think, if reproached in such a way, "why can't I even manage to do such a simple thing as coffee making well enough?"
Is this also a thought of neutrality - or not?

(this 2nd sentence already is hard to use in daily life. How difficult it is to usably define Ego!)

NB I don't automatically stamp others with words as "you got a bad temper" -
I learnt this "method of self defense" during last years, in situations as this one above,
Because whenever I told my guy in these situations what I really thought, like
"how come that you think me unable to even make a good coffee - every Illiterate can do this, so do you really think me who has done University so inept that I cannot?"
He scolded or taunted at me instead of giving a reasonable answer.

"the ego cannot see the light but searches for dark."

We very often can't see light, this is not our fault. Let us leave this out of analysis.
(well, there is many people who scold others because they are sad at the moment and thus can 't see the light... They tell 'em "gotta think more positive" - as if those people COULD think more positive, which most of the time is not the case. Such reactions of surroundings to sadness lead only to hypocrisy, and they make the sadness worse... Criticizing people for being sad is never spiritual!)

There also is a kind of "searching for dark" which stems from cautiousness, one tries to find out about the possible risks of an action, or in a situation.

If every kind of "searching for dark", also the cautious kind, were "ego", cautiousness would be forbidden for spiritual persons. This can't be true. It would mean "spirituality leads to stupidity".

Let us use the coffee example again.
When you made the coffee you have been cautious not to take too LITTLE coffee-powder,
For if you make too thin a coffee for the guy you love he could think and say "ain't I worth you a proper coffee, why do you serve me this brown water?" and he would be right with it!
And now he says it was too MUCH coffee-powder!
Thus the very fact that you were cautious not to make the coffee too thin led you into a trap of reproach, see above -
Although you did the coffee exatly this way for love of your man, or at least for the obvious duty of not giving "colored water" to your man...
Now, was it Ego that you were cautious not to make the coffee too thin? Was your man's reproach, thus, a punishment for having Ego?
Or is it Ego that the reproach of harming your man 's stomach gives a pain to your heart?
Or would it in such a situation be egoless and the optimum way of acting to - make just a colored water for such a miserably ill-humoured Kerl (loool) ?
I think all this is not the case.

Thus, cautiousness can't be meant with "Searching the Dark"... What then is meant with it?

Last sentence contains something absolutely new to me and if it is true it would turn my image of what is Ego upside down.

You put
"self denial and submission"
Into the Ego frame.
The established religions, however, USE and ADVOCATE self denial and submission to ABOLISH Ego
- or at least they affirm that their strange love of self-denial and submission has this reason and not the opposite (loool).
This is something YOU gotta explain.
Let's go on again when you did.
Onawingandaprayer in My Terrible Oppression

Ah okay... I see what your saying

"Keep The Blue-side Up"

Onawingandaprayer in Finding God
Hi Kathleen

"...keep the blue side up..."

This is an old expression from my airforce days, simply meaning keep the blue side (sky) upwards and you won't go wrong. ALong the lines of "...if the houses are getting bigger... Pull up!"

Mind you I can see your point as well, I will have to think about that one. I have experienced something very similar but taken from the viewpoint of an eagle soaring high above the Himilayas, that one comes back quite frequently, quite pleasant to be honest.

As for your vision, "walk" us through the context of your vision, you may find the answer while you are relating the story to the masses, just a thought...

"...marcher sur le bleu du côté de mon ami..."


PS HIgh school french was a long time ago, sorry!
wow, reading your experience really made me cry. Thank you.
Foundations in Finding God
Hello David,

I couldn't help but notice that you have been ending your comments with the expression "keep the blue side up" which immediately struck a chord in me. I had a vision a few days ago while sitting in silence with my eyes closed conversing with God. In my vision I was walking as I usually do, along a multicolored path with a light shining at the end (I never reach the light no matter how long I walk though...). However, this time the vision was very different. As I was walking, suddenly the world turned upside down and I was now walking on the sky. I do not know what this means, or how to interpret it. Maybe you have some insight?

knifeguy6070 in My Terrible Oppression
good Anne don't let the get you down in the dumps! That's what thry want to do! I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you: (but it was all for a greater purpose it seems and I'm glad that you saw it that way. Keep your head up.
knifeguy6070 in My Terrible Oppression
And Anne ill read the books but I already know the extent of their power and the way they try to manipulate us and influence our decisions with tempts and whispering "sweet nothings" in our ear and conscience and it does destroy soooo many people:/ I have many people in my family who are so lost and think all kinds of drugs and alcohol will cure their problems and now there so deep in they can't get out too easily and don't listen to anyone but themselves. Angels and Demons ARE real and they fight for everyone everyday and they try HARD to influence us (Demons mostly) just pray to God to give his Angels strength and itll be a big help.
Realize the Power of Prayer (it helps more than most think)
knifeguy6070 in My Terrible Oppression
Anne I watched it all go down (Revelation, The War between The Forces of Light and The Forces of Darkness) and it won't be pretty: (I have no idea at all why I was shown these things but I was. I have a conviction almost to the point of certainty itll be in my lifetime and I feel like ill be in The War fighting for the light (because in what I saw, we will be involved and itll be very bloody and much death) I'm not trying to scare anyone with this and sorry if I do but I have to tell people and get their veiws on it cause I can't talk to many people in my family about this because they have not experienced the spiritual world the way I have and because of me trying to tell them my own dad thinks I'm halfway crazy now when I know I'm not. My whole life I have felt like a warrior and I was meant to do something great and I have always had this underlying sense of the spiritual world and I have been seeing Demons/Ghosts/Spirits whatever you want to call them my whole life since I was very young and apparantly according to my mother even since before I can remember. I have always felt close to any weapon I pick up, like its a part of me ESPECIALLY swords, knives etc. And now I know why I have always felt like a warrior and I feel. Its because I'm to participate in this war (and I hope I do cause I want to fight with Jesus and fight the good fight:) ) but I saw The End or The Tribulation and the deceitfulness that will be used in it and the trickery and plots and the people that succumb will be so numerous: (but they know no better and if they do and get The Mark, which I think will be some sort of microchip with all our life data and all about us on it, then they are foolish beyond measure. The War will be a very big battle and our guns WILL fail us to where we have to go back to our old roots of swords etc. The Children of Light will battle against the Children of the Darkness and sorry to say it yall there will be many many Children of the Darkness because they are too of this world and love all its evil too much. But the Light will win but not without much struggle and against terrible odds in terms of numbers go. I feel many people are starting to wake up to the world and choose their side and I just hope and pray that they choose wisely and know the consequence if they choose the wrong side (not trying to say all people will burn who don't convert blazeh blazeh cause I'm not like that, what everyone does is between THEM AND GOD, I will not judge anyone for I am no judge)
knifeguy6070 in My Terrible Oppression
i just wasn't trying to have you look at it in a wrong way is all cause I'm not here to try to offend anyone at all cause that's not what I'm trying to do you didn miss anything I'm just saying it cause I'm not trying to offend you is all. And the second part is just me goin on about The End, Revelation, The War etc.
Hello NaturalScience,

You asked for a definition of ego... I think that David has provided us with a wonderful analysis of what the ego is. I did however ask within for the answer, and this is what I heard "The ego judges. The ego demeans. The ego takes over thoughts of neutrality making one's thoughts turn into those of judgement. The ego cannot see the light, it searches for dark, keeping a veil between truth and forgiveness. The ego stems from thoughts of negativity and branches outwards from that point into a spiral of self denial and submission."

I hope that this helps, and please feel free to comment! I love reading your input!

Onawingandaprayer in Memories Of Multicolored Light

I see and love your viewpoint as well, be not afriad to feel good about yourself, be not afraid to think a little extra cash would help out when you are down, remember the universe will always provide!

I am sure there are some who visit here regularily who can give a better accounting of the ego than we have done, however in the end it is our individual interpretation of what it is that really counts.

A mutual friend in heaven would be proud...

David M.
Thank you Onawingandaprayer. You helped me much. See, your definition is very different from what I heard or read from others, and yours is usable while the other ones definitely were not.
I now tell you and the public what I mean, to help others eliminate similar errors.
For a long time I have been living according to rules like "you must not say or think anything good of yourself for this could be seen by God as haughtiness and this is a sin" and "the Saints all thought of themselves that they were sinners of worst category, thus a Christian should think as badly of him/herself too." Those wrong ideas ware part of the Catholic thought pattern of last centuries, that's how I adopted them. I followed them for love of God and faith in that Church to know right from wrong.

But I had to experience that those ideas lead to a grossly wrong self-image which takes away not only the adequate courage for daily life but even the adequate orientation about what is right and what is wrong. With such a self-image one cannot act rightly!

To say it clearly, the Saints must have had a better and more adequate image of themselves than what is told about it by the Church; if they really had had such wrong ideas as told before, they would have gone mad or committed suicide. Probably they said such I-am-a-sinner things only to show to the official Church that they were no "heretics"...

See, and this bad self-image is what I thought to be the opposite of "ego".

Others say that all things of wich we think "I am that" and all things of which we think "I need that" or "I cannot live with that" are Ego and are to be eliminated to see the Truth. But this would mean exactly what I said about egolessness before: that it would be possible as a constant state in Heaven only, and that it could be experienced before death in absolutely exceptional states of mind (deep trance states) only. This ego definition leads to a morbid inner self-annihilation, not to a good life.

Back to your definition. You call the impulses of self-protection, fear and anger, "ego" and thus you probably think one should neglect them. I rather think one should defend oneself, but not in the way of hating and pursuing persons but by reasonably trying to eliminate error i.e. By discussion. If God made me, He made also the "buttons of alarm" which we know as fear and anger. Jesus knew fear, even to the point of sweating blood, as you know. He also knew anger, even to the point of rage; when He saw the traders in the Temple He took a rope, made it into a whip and chased them out, shouting "You are making a robber's hole out of the House of Prayer!"

Thus even your definition may not hit the exact mark. Perhaps the difference between someone having "too much Ego" and someone whose Ego has submitted itself to the leadership of God is whether he or she wishes for everybody the same happiness which he or she wishes for him/herself. I.e. Those who show Envy, still are misled by Ego. Someone who hates another one just because this other person has won in lottery surely is on the wrong path.
But it is not Ego of you to think "I could use more money too" at hearing "this other one has won in lottery" if your money is tight - it is just common sense.
The same it is with reproaches. I was taught to believe the reproaches against me, at first hand, and to show by good actions that they are wrong, afterwards. This was called self-betterment. If I defended meself against reproaches I was called "obstinate".
But if one is taught good from bad this way, one comes to believe a whole bunch of wrong reproaches,
and - even worse -
One comes to expect that the world is there to see that one is bettering oneself and to confirm it.
And this is is an absolutely wrong expectation; the others got their own cares and issues, and most of the time don't even see one is striving to become abetter person, and thus of course they won't confirm any success in this respect.
But people will keep saying reproachful things to you, most of the time without real meaning, only to let out a negative mood or for other low reasons - many people, as you know, hardly ever talk reasonably, the guy who called you a Christian pig surely was of this kind.
Consequently if one keeps with this belief, one ends up in thinking that the strive for self-betterment has not succeeded and that everything is lost!

This is why I insisted on a correct Ego definition.

For if one uses a wrong definition of this part of human nature, or a wrong way of avoiding "egoful" actions, the whole right-from-wrong pattern gets distorted.
Onawingandaprayer in Memories Of Multicolored Light

"...Define Ego..."

Wow, now that is a tall order, kind of like saying "Show me God" well maybe not that significant but I think you see me point.

I cannot say what ego is or even define it, yet I will try.

To me ego is that voice within that tries to protect us from "the big, bad world" around us. It yells at us to react when we have been slighted, when someone has dissed us for some reason or achieves a higher socila standing than us.

So we must tear down that individual, lash out in anger at the one who slighted us or put up a stone wall against another who has disimilar beliefs than ourselves, where I live this is apart of life!

So all I can say is that I choose not to let that inner feeling take hold, now-a-days a find myself showing feelings of happiness for the guy who just won millions in the lottery instead of envy. I can see the pity in the guy who calls me a christian pig. I can see the pain in the face of one who has to brags about all he owns or what his social position is in life (by the way social standing is very important to the Middle Eastern culture).

Instead of reacting with fear (fear of God is a big one, fear of Death probably next), reacting with anger, I know within that these are actions my ego would like me to do or have. Sorry it does not rule me, instead I just smile and say "no"

When you look at life from an expanded awareness the sensation and actions of the ego become secondary, become muted and sublime. The sensations and awareness of the Holy Spirit are a much more powerful and honest force within you (and this is from personal experience, not what a friend read in his books).

Now is it wrong to love ones self, absolutly not, that is the basis of "brotherly love" for how can you love another without first loving yourself.

When you strut around the town shouting "look at me and see how great and magnificent I am" now that is being a little egotistical.

The whole point is that you know within yourself how wonderful a person you are, your "ego" will say your are not worthy yet in reality you are created by God so how can you judge yourself as being unworthy when only God would create such a beautiful entity.

Ask yourself the question "what is the meaning of MY CUP RUNNETH OVER..."

It has everything to do with the love we have within and how that is transferred to others. It has nothing to do with egotism or egoism, it is a statement of self and love alone.

The statement "I am that I am" is not about an egotistical saying, it is about an expanded awareness of everything, and no it is not just God that made that statement, try it yourself and see the reaction of your ego, I was quite shocked at the negative reaction to this that came from my brain-box.

"Keep the blue-side up"

Onawingandaprayer in My Terrible Oppression

Not aure what you were "...knocking me..." about, I guess I missed something along the way.

" may have no idea how soon and neither do I for only God knows the time and hour but I have a strong conviction I guess you can say itll be in my lifetime..."

Here again, did I miss something?

Keep The Blue-side Up

Dave M
JAndrew, I am also a KNOWER, I know God exist and I agree with you HOW we must live. I speculated about this very much and came to a conclusion that there can't be anything like reincarnation. God gave us one body, one spirit and one soul. When we die our soul
Goes either to heaven or hell, to be judged by Jesus when he comes again. If you had, let's say, 4 previous lives, but still one spirit and one soul that's been used for all 4 lives - HOW are you going to be judged oneday? I don't know, and I try not to delff too deep in things that I can't explain, but this is just my believe. ❤
I would love to hear about your experiences Knifeguy!
Could you please tell it to us? I read many books about people that Gog gave revelations to and it is amazing! Do your self a favour and read the books by Mary K Baxter. After I read it, I know so much more about the demons and angels - how the demons try to destroy us and how the angels battle with them to keep them away from us. I had a mastectomy at the age of 36 (I'm 37 now) and it was a horrible experience for me. I was always very over my looks, my long blond hair, my nice body etc. Actualy I was a bit vain. I lost all my hair, I lost one of my breasts and it was very traumatic. Those books kept me going, so much that I even was very optimistic and good spirited.
Its the most amazing feeling in the world to know that we belong to something greater and that there's more to life than just this. I feel you on this one as I am a privelged Knower, it just didn happen all as beautifully as yours did but I thank God everyday for it cause it feels good to be Awake to the world
knifeguy6070 in Trying To Astral Project
Like iseeandfeel said be very careful cause not just possession can happen but you never know what will come back with you and try to possess you (opression) but I have done it a few times and have no idea how I did it but it just happened. I have done it purposfully a few times but never did I go far, just in my house because like iseeandfeel said I am NOT giving evil things any opportunities to do something like that. Possession and Opression are very real and trust me I KNOW. Be safe man and happy traveling
knifeguy6070 in My Terrible Oppression
Not trying to knock you at all onawingandprayer because I like what you put up and not trying to say anything bad about you saying that. I'm simply just saying lol
knifeguy6070 in My Terrible Oppression
and onawingandprayer you may have no idea how soon and neither do I for only God knows the time and hour but I have a strong conviction I guess you can say itll be in my lifetime, from yhe things I saw, to the fact that many many of the prophecies are coming true and the worlds starting to show its true colors to many people. But your words were very comforting and guiding too and so is everyone elses, I'm just glad I can come on here and tell my story and not be looked upon as crazy when I know I'm not:)
knifeguy6070 in My Terrible Oppression
And elschofar you are very right. I feel like a whole lot more people are waking up to the world and seeing it for what it TRULY is and not what we were tricked into thinking it is. I hope and pray that many people see as I have seen that this world is not our true home and that its the closest thing to Hell us Children Of Light will ever see. I have left Babylon far behind me and I don't ever want to go back so I will do all I can to stay on the path to life:) thank you for your guiding words:)
knifeguy6070 in My Terrible Oppression
TreeToucher and Anne yall are both very right! I have been praying daily and thanking God for all Hes given me and He has truly helped me in my life since then. I know what I had happen to me is not something most people would want to happen but in a sense I'm glad it happened cause it brought me back to God and to The Light:)) Now I have a very very real sense of what goes on daily around people and a very real sense of the spiritual world now (to the point of eerieness sometimes, but I know God and The Spirit are with me so I fear no evil and never will) and I know my side and can't be swayed. The Holy Spirit haa been very good to me and I truly feel I am special too. My whole life I have felt as if I was meant for something greater and now I know what it is:) I thank God everyday for helping me and I pray everyday He gives his Angels strength and for dicernment of the voices as well (which have become much less, I came across a vile nasty man who was a "trickster" I call em cameleons but needless to say he had many forces working around him who were not good at all and I could tell by there little whispers) but God has helped me through that too, I am truly eternally grateful to Him for what he has done and the gifts he gave me:) if anyone wants to get into a discussion about spiritual gifts and the things I saw in my journey with the holy spirit ill gladly get into it cause I love talkin about this stuff. But thank you all for helping me out on this, sorry it took so long to get back:/
Knifeguy, read these 2 books of Mary K Baxter
'A devine revelation of the Spirit Realm' and
'A devine revelation of Angels'.
It helped met through the darkest time in my life!
It will change your perspectives completely.
Wow! I had this exact dream last night. To the detail of arms opened as if it was going to get me. It woke me and I heard myself wimpering and made myself wake all the way up so I would not slip back into this dream.

I turned and saw an average height figure standing next to my bed. It was dressed as if in a black grim reaper costume complete with a hood over its head and wearing black gloves. It seemed to be saying to me, "is this what you wanted to see?" as it spread its hands horizontally.
I have begun having these types of episoded for the past couple of months now and never had them in my life. It is making me afraid to go to sleep at night.
What is going on? I am a very healthy person, exercise, eat a vegan diet... Sooooo what the heck? This is out of the blue and it is freaking me out. 😢
Dear Natural Science, I have always had this intuition that one science would unfoundely prove God's existence. I suggest some combined reading for cross referencing and to make the experience more meaningful: Gematria (Biblical Mathematics), Prophetic Art (michael Angelo being an antomist reportedly discovered by a neuroscientist), Holy Spirt teachings (just google there's tons of stuff let your intuition guide you) and most importantly THE BIBLE as a scientifically coded journal of Man's creation and God's divinity!
I have a question: how is it that when scientists tried to find the smallest particle in existence they almost destroyed the world with the A-bomb?
Maybe 2 questions: how is it we believe in 1s and 0s and wireless signals yet we deny God as real- Now if GOD is real There must exist meassages from GOd to Man - The Bible needs to be read on a daily basis and all the question you have will suddenly start receiving answers. God must have an amazing plan for you but He is waiting for you to invite Him into your life. God bless, enjoy the rerading.
Dear bailey,
I read that you are reading the bible and walking closer to God- please beware of the need to find your "spirit guides" WE DO NOT NEED any mediators God has given man the ability to converse directly with HIm when we put into practice His Divine Principles of living in Love which breeds forgiveness. When we realize our body is a temple and the Holy Spirt may dewll in us, we begin to take better care of ourselves because it is in us to be better beings.
Anyone who has opened doors to the occult needs to be renounce in prayer all past activities and anul any rights the kingdom of darkness may think it has on your soul or your wife's.
The BIBLE is our GIFT from GOD through divine revelation of how to Be with GOD and recognize what messages are from God and which are not.
elschofar in Realization Of God
I concur that your conversations are for your edification in the Holy Spirt. God wants us all to get to know Him as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is teh Spirit that teaches us to be humble, to listen and learn. Your essential message is about sharing Love that is how we know it is of the Spirit. When the voices are from the darkness it brings conflict, treachery, lies, false promises. As long as your messages to not case disruption in your life but rather it enhances your relationships, friendships, work is better, you are a better person for it- It is of our Almighty Father. God is Omnipotent- All powerful, Omnipresent- All present, Omniscient- All Knowing. His conversations with us are meant to edify our existence so we inturn can be a better creation before our fellow man.
elschofar in Portals
dear Rashidah, Frankllin was very clear and objective in his replies, I support his comments and wish to add some of what I have learned walking in the Holy Spirit: God is awakening His children of faith from all around the world. Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, on the African Continent, throughout the world.
Church leaders became radical in the bad sense and preached religiousity to people instread of teaching people they could become very quiet, enter into profound prayer and converse with our Holy Creator- this is the truth that you stumbled into with your faith. When we are of God, Nothing can stand against us!, Nothing. In TNT the Charismatic Catholics have a lot of expeerience in these matters you can check into them, also many evangelical churces are being awakened to PRAYER< FASTING AND WORSHIP- true heartfelt profound LOVE for GOD. Do not be afraid, speak to the Holy Spirit and ask Him to Teach and guide You to the place God wants you to grow in His Love and God will guide you! God bless!
Dear Jacob, you need to seek a pentecostal type church or a church with a lot of experiences in the Holy Spirit. The Lord is awakening His children of faith from around the world and reuniting the Body of Christ. You can ask the Holy Spirit to show you where to look or what to do. TIP: to discern the voices of darkness from the Voice of God- you will see by the results and love and peace that always accompanies the Holy Spirit. Do not be araid- When God is with us, nothing and no one can get to us. The tricks and lies of darkness is to seduce your carnal impluses so I recommend lots of Reading and fininding the company of other people who walk in the Holy Spirit.
God Bless. Be wary of trickster and false prophets ASK GOD TO reveal to you and HE will- Just Give in to GOD and His processes will become clearer to u. Be safe and wise in the Love of Jesus Christ may His powerful Blood keep you safe always. Amen.
Perhaps, Onawingandaprayer, it is just a problem of definition of "ego".

If one defines ego as all kinds of feelings of "I am right" or "I am good" or puts even the feeling of a personal identity into the frame of Ego, i.e. If the definition reads "either you are in the Ego realm or you are like a nothing-and-nobody existence" -then my warning against the strive for Egolessness is correct, see?

I've been seeking a CORRECT i.e. USABLE definition of Ego for more than twenty years, unsuccessfully. That's why I came to reject the "Ego issue" as a sham issue, product of ideological misconstructions.

All definitions of Ego I found by now make one doubt one's own purity whenever one dares think something good of oneself.

But how can one distinguish good from bad if one is not allowed to see and admit "I am good now" or "I have done something good now",
And what will motivate you to do good if it is forbidden to you to be to any extent proud of the good you have done, forbidden to be happy about yourself having been good?

Some even define Ego as "all that you are" and this would mean you can be spiritually pure and OK, i.e. Egoless, only when dead.

This surely is not the right definition of Ego. But the more moderate definitions too lack usability, and easily become a tool of self-sabotage, of self-deprecation. And this shows they too must be somewhat incorrect. Spirituality must help one in real life, and where it does the opposite, something's wrong.

So tell me, and us all, what is the delusional Ego, and what is the Real Self which we must cherish and about which we are allowed to be happy?
Onawingandaprayer in My Terrible Oppression
Hello knifeguy

Not sure if this belongs here or somewhere else, but I have just typed a bunch of sayings that have come to my head and reading of your past troubles it kind of made sense to post this here.

Anyway here it is:

Thought For the day

Every now and then
Life throws us a curve
And no matter how we try to cope
It seems we just fall deeper into our depressed state
Never realizing that the path to clarity is truly at hand
Each day we ask "why me" or "how come..."

Yet if we stop and think about things
Often the answers become very clear
Up until now we just look skyward for the truth

And yet the truth is not found by looking there
Remember to look within for the truth to behold
Each time you do, the answer will bring a little light to your day

Look to the voice within, see that which is truly you
Open your heart to the world around you
Verily verily, one man said meaning the truth comes forth
Each time you search for the truth within, it will be there
Deny yourself no longer, see the darkness no longer

May the skies appear blue and clear when all around
You there are those who challenge you with their inner darkness

Come forth from your gloom and see the wonders of yourselves
Have faith that the darkness of your day is but in your thoughts 
I have not made you to feel true pain, when none is put forth
Live every day as a symbol of my love for you all
Do not despair when life SEEMS to be gloomy

Yearn not for the comfort of those who have passed
Open your heart and shower their memory with love
Under a rainbow of golden love are they now
Rejoice, in their passing to me

Fear not for yourself
Always show others WHO YOU ARE
Take the time to nurture your Rose within my Garden
Have faith that I am always here
Enjoy giving nothing but love to your fellow man
Receive the gift of love openly and unconditionally


Hear these words within your hearts
Each and every day
Always be the Love and Light to your fellow man
Very soon all will be as it should
And the world will know the glory of My Son once again
Now and Forever

Onawingandaprayer in Memories Of Multicolored Light
Natural Science

I was going to add more than I did on my last comment, but I decided I had better just calm down a bit and let it rest for 24 hours.

I have to wonder about the statement that people who are not governed by their egos are nothing on earth and merely slaves to others if they don't have a strong ego.

Could you please enlighten me as to the difference between having a strong ego and being very much AWARE of who one is in the universe.

It seems to me that any individual whom is an awakened soul, begins to have feelings of superiority at first. When those feelings wear off and one begins to relaize what is within themselves (God, Holy Spirit, etc.), it readily becomes apparent that they are more than the ego says they are and that they are capable of many things here on earth.

A friend showed me there is no such thing as evil, except what we show in our hearts and minds. Once I figured that out for myself I no longer feel offended by the words of another, the actions of another, that person can be whatever or whoever they want and I really don't mind at all, bless them all the more for being who they think they are.

Perhaps I have missed the whole theme of the conversation, but to say we are usleless and weak without a strong ego shows a lack of awareness of the greater universal truths.

I have learned a lot in a short period about our roles in the universe and about expanding my awareness, perhaps it was the teacher, perhaps it was always within me, but I know that what once would have sent me over the edge as it were, because my brain felt I had been slighted, now I see nothing but the joy that is life and my ego can't do a damn thing about it.

I have to remember to thank my teacher when the day comes and we are re-united.

Keep The Blue Side Up

Dave Muldoon
Onawingandaprayer in Memories Of Multicolored Light
"...Without an Ego one can sing Hallelujah in Heaven but do nothing useful on Earth. A human being completely devoid of an Ego but living on Earth as it is to-day would become only a weak-willed groupie or slave of the first strong-willed Ego, human or even demoniacal, meeting with him/ her..."

Hmmm...interesting comment

JAndrew you are absolutely correct as to the categories of spiritual learnedness (non-believers i.e. Spiritually blind or "illiterate" humans at the lower end and "knowers" at the upper end of the scale) - and I can tell you the number of Knowers is rapidly increasing. There never have been so many Initiates, this is an older word for them, as today. Most of them, I suppose, won't be found to be member of churches... These institutions are schools for lower stages of development... But you will find many among Buddhist Westerners, the Buddhist system of meditation and discipline being rather effective. On the other hand you will find more of them than expected among "punks", "drunks", "drug addicts", for God loves to "write straight upon crooked lines", and why else could Man have discovered all those mind-altering substances ("drugs") than for getting some glimpses of the Beyond as a fuel for Life down here?

Good luck!
I too am scientifically educated. This ist not at all a contradiction to spirituality. On the contrary, great scientists, as Galvani and Newton, were full of praise and admiration for God, the Genius who made the great things in Nature which they researched on.

As to the image of Multicolored Light for the realm of Eternity, this is already known. Read the book "Engineman" of Eric Brown, a so called Sci fi novel from the 1990s, which in fact is a Buddhist spiritual book. It describes a "continuum", a hyperspace of Eternity, which can seem to its viewer like a clear blue space if perceived incompletely, but rather is a multicolored-light realm as which it is seen correctly in a state of enlightenment.

Your experience while smoking a cig at fifteen also has a background already known. Those "Red Indians" who have organized in N.A.C. (Native American Church) know well why they smoke tobacco whilst praying. Tobacco, if smoked by someone with a rather pure soul who has not yet developed a nicotine habit, can induce an opening of the Heart chakra, an experience of "Oneness with all Things" (this is an expression from the "engineman" book again). I had it too, when smoking a strong cig (but only tobacco in it nothing else!), at thirty-five years, half a year after taking part in a NAC ceremony in Europe...

Thus your path is true and valid. It is even more so as you seemingly don't belong to any sect or church that gives you a fixed dogma and a fixed language for spiritual matters. You belong to those who prove by mere existence that there is a Beyond and a Soul. Don't worry about the "Ego matter"! Be happy that you got a healthily strong Ego! We got Ego for survival and for promoting goals. Without an Ego one can sing Hallelujah in Heaven but do nothing useful on Earth. A human being completely devoid of an Ego but living on Earth as it is to-day would become only a weak-willed groupie or slave of the first strong-willed Ego, human or even demoniacal, meeting with him/ her.

One thing may be important. You think it is of no importance what people think of you. It can very well be of some importance - if they for example put you into the category of being "mental", "crazy", because of you openly confessing to your spirituality. If people don' t take you for serious no more, they won't listen to you no more if you got something important to say to them, i.e. If people think you mental this may make you less useful for the world, thus better keep your heart's path top secret from the ignorant public. Even Jesus shunned the public at the beginning of his 3 year healer / preacher career!

Nb read my "Liberty Dignity Infinity" story here
NaturalScience - I awoke this morning with this passage in my head and I felt right away as though it was from James. It was, "Gorify thy son as the son glorifies the father."
Onawingandaprayer, thank you for telling me James has gone to Heaven now, some weeks ago (or is he still alive on Earth?). I know he will pray for us up there. Also for me. Having read my posts here and James' answers, you know he called me a "glorious one" and this certainly was not a term of politeness nor a trial to tell me what my pride wants to hear... I think he had some overview of my soul's long pilgrimage (thru several incarnations) and saw that I had done a good battle, no matter how confused I was, and still often am, whether I do good or bad... I look forward to the glory James saw in my soul. My present life is not glorious from a human view. God may know better!

I am glad to know James did not tend to literally adopt what books say, even holy Scriptures. My warning against too much faith in the Course of Miracles was more for the people reading my posts than for James himself.

Rest in Peace, James, and have a good time with the animals in Paradise which you saw in your visions. Greet my Grand-Aunt and St Francis of Assisi from me!
Onawingandaprayer in My Spirit Animal
Hi Tim Cuirdas

There are many things in this universe that we as humans cannot even begin to comprehend.

The Holy Trinity is much much more than the Father Son and Holy Ghost and as far as spirit animals go, well that is an individual interpretation of what that person feels and sees.

A good friend of mine had talked about having a Snow Leopard and a Tiger who walked with him. He was absolutely devoted to his belief in God, Jesus, as most of us are, but those animals were a manifestation of the greater spiritual power within him, I beleive. So to outright say someone is wrong for thinking about spirit animals is not being completely fair to that indiviuals beliefs.

The bible is only a "bedrock" for our lives, it is not a "though shalt live by this or else..." guide. God is far more complex than the simple version we read about and how one interprets the Father is up to that individual not you or I.

Besides why can't an animal be our guide, afterall a guide is simply that, a guide, we are the ones who must make the final decision on matters and that comes from within where God and the Holy Spirit live.

I look at this way, if you choose to have a guide of some sorts, then listen, take in the information, swirl it around your insides and guess what, that little voice driven by God, through the Holy Spirit, will give you the answer you have been searching for.

Most of us wouldn't recognize the answers came from God as we are still enjoying our eternal slumber, one day we will awaken and go "wow was that who I think it was who just spoke to me!?!?!?!"

My 2-bits worth for the day, going flying now

Oh this story is exactly what I needed tonight. It settled my heart. It's so sweet, so loving, so beautiful. It's a beautiful love between mother and daughter.
TreeToucher in My Terrible Oppression
Just as Anne remarked, you are special. I do believe that you have had some serious intervention from your Angels/Guardians/Spirits of Light = God's front line. My belief is that we all have a purpose (my opinion - it doesn't have to be yours), and you have something to do in this life that was getting sidelined. Keep this in mind; and know how special you are. Our 'true' selves are made of the Light & Love that is God. We just happen to be in human bodies (for now) and with that comes 'free-will' - we choose. We can choose the Light or the shadows and we make choices every day. Since we're human, we are going to make mistakes and wrong choices. As long as we can realize those wrong choices, work to not repeat them, and pray for forgiveness & guidance, we're choosing the Light & Love of God. Jesus knows that it is 'tuff' being human, he went through it too, and so he has a great understanding about the things you may need help/strength/guidance with.
You've been 'thrown a rope' Jacob, grab it and hold on tight. Give thanks for all the gifts you're given (everyday - everything). If the shadows start circling, tell them with conviction, to leave and not return. Lastly, choose your company well and pay attention to your instincts (I think they are actually Angels, tapping on your shoulder!).
For you Jacob, Blessings of Friendship, Love, and Health, from Treetoucher
TreeToucher in My Spirit Animal
Paula Bear,
What a wonderful story about your experience!
You are a descendant of a rich culture that has a tradition of high regard for the Creator. Native People have historically been gifted with the ability to recognize the essence of God in all of living things of the earth. Your ancestors respected and gave thanks to the Great Spirit for the beauty & bounty that made life possible. Paula Bear, you have been given a gift of connecting with the Creator's essence. God is not just represented in one specific form. All of us hold the essence of God within us - it is what lives on when our human bodies no longer exist. Like God, Angels (or Spirits of God; if you will), take many forms and make contact with some people. I think they try to contact most people, but many are not 'open' to their presence.
Your experience has meaning and only you will know what that is, with time. You may be right about the immediate answers, but perhaps the message had more to it than you realize. The single tree (what kind of tree was it?*), the large blue sky (were there clouds? What kind?), was it a field or meadow? Etc. - these things could all be part of the message. If you think on these aspects, but don't dwell on them, maybe you will 'see' more to the message and it will not seem as frightening as it did. Then you can be calm and understanding when your Spirit Bear visits again.
The Blessings of Friendship, Love, and Health, to you Paula Bear, from Treetoucher
*Many ancient cultures throughout history have assigned specific qualities and meanings to different species of trees.
I hope you reply... I've had that same happen to me. A light blueish white light filled up a room... I am not sure what it was about but all I know is I was scared. Not scared but in the context of my situation. It was back in 2001-2002 if I can recall. I was around 13 at the time, and my youngest brother was only a baby under the age of 1 and one night I felt compelled to check on him, as soon as I saw he was awake and picked him up... That white/blue light filled the room for a good 5 seconds, I didn't leave the room and it was as if there where no shadows cast in the room anymore... Anyhow... I've seen a light yes.
timciurdas in My Spirit Animal
The true and almighty God doesn't give people spirit animals or any of that stuff. Their is a trinity. The father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Father gives a stronger concious through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the only guide in a persons life and he only gives it to the people that have complete faith in him. I don't want to discourage you, just wanted to let you know that youre misguided. The Bible tells us that we are Gods greatest creation... So why would an animal be leading our lives or giving us advice if they aren't as important to God?
I'm only sharing this because youre new to it and I am not sure if you know this or not. It is a sin to be sleeping with your girlfriend and even in more depth its a sin to be in the same bed. God wants us to remain pure until marriage... Even if you were unpure before you ask for forgiveness and work on doing anything possible to remain cleansed. God is VERY strict. He tells us that just by thinking of something impure we are already sinning. So fight the good fight and remember to remain clean. You will be in my prayers.
Hi, thanks for you post. I am a very well educated person too. I am a medical researcher. I am drawn to these stories but rarely talk about them with others. I know that lots of people exaggerate or misinterpret experiences but, having said that, I feel compelled to navigate through all the stories, confusion, exaggeration and try to see if there is truly more to this reality.

I had an intense dream one night. I was on a plain of some sort-like a vast desert and next to me was my dad (who was in the hospital having an operation at the time). It was rather dark and overhead was a sky that kept changing colours-as if it were going from night to day, from night to day, at a very fast pace. But instead of changing from night to day the colours changed from blue to red to orange, etc... Their vibrancy was overwhelming, it was so beautiful. It was so very beautiful. I can't describe it much better than this. I have never felt this before. My father and I kept staring at it and then kind of smiling at each other-incidentally we have always had a difficult relationship.

The next morning we called him at the hospital and he insisted on talking to me. This is odd in itself. He does not regarly seek me out like this, he speaks to me though my mother. When I got on the phone he just sort of mummbled and said nothing. And neither did I-I don't know why I just couldn't open up and ask him, but I couldn't, too much history between us. But I wonder still if he experienced the same dream. It was so profound. I can't explain why. But I have never had a dream like this since. It was as if I was supposed to learn something from it, but I don't know what, unless it is that life is more profound than we realize. That there is more to us. That there is a purpose.

Take care.
This used to happen to be when I was younger. I wasn't meditating when it would happen, but it seems similar nonetheless. You really have to assert your power in these situations, you need to -in a sense- take control of your body, not allow these entities to start "controlling you," or affecting you in a way that makes you 'uncomfortable'.

For me it was a matter of telling these entities to leave me alone, making it clear one or two times may not work, but after a third time they would seem to go away, or bother me less. Sometimes they can be helpful, it seems at first that they are taking over you, but sometimes allowing them, 'at a distance,' to be there can help in one way or another. But obviously, that isn't for everyone. It's a personal choice.

It can easily get out of hand if you don't start to take back control. Personally, I don't think there is any one way to do this, you have to explore and figure out what makes you increasingly confident in your ability to make these entities go away. If you sit on the sidelines while it is happening then nothing will change- it probably won't go away on its own- if you are not confident that you can tell these entities to leave your body alone, they won't listen.

When this happened to me, I felt crazy. It's inevitable, I think. It's like fighting for your body/mind, it's tiring and it takes time, it can't be fixed in a day. Trust your gut feelings if it starts to confuse you, maybe try shielding to help distinguish your emotions from others- that really helped me.
I wish you luck! If you have any more questions, if I can, I'd be glad to help.
This happens to mean not as intense but if I meditate and let this "spirit" take over it will literally make me get up and jump around. No lie... S. I was meditating focusing out the window and began to feel my body swaying left right... I began to realize my body was swaying with th passing traffic swayed left car drove left right... Right everytime... Swear to god... I be spoken to two psychotherapist both believe me and encourage a rational analytical approach to understanding it. I have had my friends hold things in there hands andy body sways everytime in the right direction.
I'm open to discuss this further if you still need to figure this out.
I can understand this I be seen real things people will never believe still do
It just hard when you have no one to turn to
Not true astral projection is no more dangerous than meditating anything you experiance is a manifestation of the mind and shouldn't be taken as a immediate physical threat. 😆 😆 😆
anneke8 in The Blessing
This is a wonderfull experience! I also thought of Revelations when I was reading your story. I am so jealous, why can't something like this happen to me too?! Please tell us more of your experiences ❤
Actualy this is a wonderful experience you had! Not many of us get a chance like this in our lives.
I always say, bad things must happen to us for a reason, it is a eye opener. I wish something like this will hapen to a couple of people I know for them to redeem themselves.
Good for you! God bless and strongs. Keep the faith!
Remember, you a special!
I'm glad someone besides myself has a weird sense of humor. I thought I was the only one who laughed at that thought.

❤ Qt
Rachelle in A Choir Of Angels
I believe your experience. The thing that sat on your bed and touched you is frightening. The account with the light and the choir and the image of the angel is almost to much you would not believe it which I would not if I had not myself experienced something similar. I'm wondering when you experienced the choir of angels did that not frighten you? Honestly I found in my own experience the light was a shocking thing and the spirit was the scary deal, I felt like it was trying to get my attention. If these things are real what is good and evil I wonder and I feel like if it's a good thing it would not come to you in a way that would frighten or be fear induced. Perhaps the unknown is the frightening part? ❤
Did this man have black hair?
I think you may of seen Gabriel. He is the Angel of Death and God's direct messenger.
Was he really tall by any chance? I think he may of took a human form for you.
you have to be careful with astral projection. I have never FULLY done it but I have had dreams that I controlled and I have seen myself sleep. I CHOOSE not to do it fully simply because I have a connection with the spirit world. One thing you need to know is when you allow your spirit to travel AWAY from your body you are no longer in control. Your spirit is different from your brain so when you astral project you are (what I call) "SPIRITUALLY AVAILABLE" this means spirits (good and bad) have access to "possess" you. Either way its not something you don't want. Even if its a good spirit you still arent yourself. To get good at it you have to practice but the spirits see you even if you don't see them so its like your giving them permission. You have to be fully connected with your spirit so that your unconscience mind can connect with your spirit and you can control it better. Also work on not going too far as you you are a beginner. When you go out too far it could be harder to come back and you could be trapped within the spirit world without being dead. Like being a vegetable.
Hi gifted one:

It certainly sounds as if someone is watching over you. I do believe that we all have at least one guardian angel, and yours seems to have worked overtime! 😁

Good luck to you.
[at] Shenny are you the one who writes ghost stories about Sri Lanka?
Enlightenment is a beautiful thing:)
Thank you for sharing & bless you for caring. You will be a light to guide many as they journey on a higher path.
thank God I thought I was alone with this:D your story touched me because I too have been seeing demons since I was very young and I still feel them and see people for what they truly are. All my life I've had a demon with me and for some reason I knew it was there for me. Recently I made my choice at the crucial moment (I chose God) and it changed my life completely. But I know where your coming from with seeing peoples angels and demons and it scared the hell out of me and it was very distracting bur I'm slowly getting used to it. But the evil ones still give me dirty looks when I see them but I know I'm protected by gods armor. And the entrapment of angels to gain powers is the saddest thing I've heard in my life: (( I wish you the best of luck and anything you have to say in regards to this post would be much appreciated.
I will be happy to assist you in anyway I can as you continue your journey. Just let me know. Blessings today, tomorrow & always. ❤
Greetings ARIES777
As I read your experience, I became filled with an awe, as it is very similar to something that happened to me a few years ago. Only the ending that I had was a bit devastating for me yet exactly what I needed to continue my spiritual growth as I buried myself in meditation, reading anything I could get my hands on, doing more Tarot readings for myself & others, anything & everything that led me to the Light & Love in the purest sense.
My advice to you. Follow your heart, it will always be true. From what I see & feel from your writing, you have found your Twin Soul and Yes, we can interact with astral travelers. You have many gifts, enjoy the blessings.
I have to agree it is a blessing to experience such unconditional love! To be able to see, feel & know the truest of love as the source is at best indescribable. Enjoy, continue to share & grow as your journey continues.
Blessings, today, tomorrow & always.
Dear ReedemedNTenn,

Praise God! I am so grateful you found this site. I have goosebumps from reading your post. This Easter it will be 2 years since my first Holy Spirit encounter or Infilling. Please post about your experience. I want to hear more about how God is working in you and visiting you. I have had quite a time since my first visit! Honestly I can testify that it has not been easy, but nothing worth attaining is ever easy. And for me, there is nothing I wouldn't do for our Lord and Creator! My road has been full of many ups and downs, turns,sinkholess, and surprises... But oh, what a miraculous road it is..."God's Glory Highway" as I like to call it! And it's the only road worth taking!

Here is a little story of what has been happening with me. I write this down, not to call attention to my own self, as the last thing I ever want to do is that. I am so undeserving of the great many Blessings God has bestowed on me. I humbly say this as true. I can only point out that God often chooses those least deserving, and most full of sin, and in the most need of help to draw attention to His Greatness. Not me, only Him in all things. I hope by posting some of my experiences that I can help lead others, even if only one person reads this, and/or is affected by this, and is led closer to God than I will rest with an eternal smile in my soul!

I have learned, by placing my complete faith in Him, that he is slowly transforming me by helping me realize I must completely discard my old self and through Him and with Him, allow Him to show me how to discard my own pride (this I am still working on and is the hardest for me) so I can love my fellow siblings fully and totally. I yearn to love like Jesus did while on Earth. Oh, how impossible this is... And will require 100% a miracle from God if I am ever to reach this state! For now, I rest in the knowledge that I can not love totally without discarding my own Pride.

I have learned that I must fully relax and meditate and completely abandon worldly affairs (i.e. Stress, thoughts of things I must get done, etc.) to fully experience His glorious presence. This I do my sitting down in a secluded room and meditating and praying to God. I just think of all He has done for us, His children... Out of His immense love for us, His perfection and His grace. Often times, he comes at night as I am laying down for bed, or relaxing in a chair on a quiet day... Always I am in mental solitude. I pray, pray, pray...unceasingly.

When He comes, I feel His presence immediately. I feel His Divine Spiritenter me, usually in my chest area. It is so hard to explain accurately...impossible. But to help others understand what they are going through, and hopefully help them grow in their relationship with Our Father, Our Lord, the Holy Spirit, I feel the desire to write down my experience. When the Holy Spirit, the Divine love comes, I feel complete peace the moment He enters me. Well, let me back up. Usually it happens like this...

I will be laying in bed, saying my prayers, or just speaking with our Lord. I will feel a sudden static like or magnetic energy. I feel a soothing vibration in the area and my entire body fels like it was "switched" on from a divine switch inside my soul. My body or soul is like a magnet, and my soul connects with a pure, Holy magnet. My soul or life force seems to be interlocking with God's Holy energy.

My bed will literally start shaking or more like a gentle vibration. You can see the bed vibrating with your human eyes, you can feel the bed vibrating with your human senses as well. My little dog will always get up from laying against my side, and immediately go to the foot of my bed just before I am aware of the Holy Spirit's presence as well. I feel His Spirit enter my body and an immediate calmness, and peace comes over me. It is impossible to describe in words. It it beautiful. It is divine. It is pure love. I feel utter peace, love, acceptance, transformation. I feel Him moving throughout my body. I feel His energy transforming the very core of my very existence. Like a battery being recharged in a way.

The last few times, when I let go without fear at all, I have felt Him working upwards in my chest... After about 30 minutes, I felt a change, like a deeper connection. I let go of ALL fear... This completely letting go is something I have worked up to... As in the beginning months of Spring 2010, as I was learning and absorbing all that was happening to me... I always held on to some kind of deeply rooted self controlled mechanism of self... I guess I could best describe it as my own self not completely giving into God. But lately, after 18 plus months of blissful Holy Spirit infillings and encounters, I have learned to completely let go of any fear. I have placed my trust in our Lord completely.

So with that said, the night before last, when I had one of my miraculous encounters with the Holy Spirit... I let go 100%! Wow, what happened next was incredible! He was moving inside my chest area and when I didn't hold back with fear, somewhere deeper inside my very soul it felt like, I started truly struggling for breath. But it wasn't a struggle in the true sense... As I trusted God completely that I wasn't going to suffocate or die. Although it felt like something was squishing my lung compartment so that my lung sacs could not fully expand, I knew 100% that He would never do anything to hurt me. So I "trusted" Him, and after a few minutes of feeling like I couldn't take another ounce of His divine love or I wouldn't survive... It was like something snapped inside of me... And the euphoria of His love was like a torrent of rushing, warm, pure love from Our Creator!

Wow! I feel Him inside of me now almost constantly. My cheeks have a glow still after close to 2's like My soul entered a new mansion with Him.
I just wanted to share this with you all, my beautiful friends. My words don't do justice to His divine love. Please bear that in mind.

For anyone that is looking for a "good read" into these kinds of experiences with our Creator, I recommend reading about St. Teresa of Avila.

In particular, I highly recommend reading the book, "Interior Castle" by St. Teresa of Avila.

St. Teresa has a way of explaining conversions to God in such a simple but
Extraordinary way. She has a way of describing in a simple way just how the whole process of getting as close to possible to God on earth is possible. I have learned so much from St. Teresa's writings! I have read 100's of books on this topic trying to understand what is happening to me and others so I can
Try to get as close to God as I can on Earth! This is my favorite book! ❤

In love and fondness,

(aka Floridamom) 😳
I was looking for others this was happening to. I am in San Diego. When I was meditating excessively, I had a number of experiences and have things jumoing in and out of my body. It's hard to explain to people without seeming crazy. The people who seem to understand want me to harness it like a talent but it is tormenting me. I found a shaman. She sealed my field and it stopped and only worked for 2 days. I am going back tomorrow. She is not charging me now since it is so difficult. I have found temporary help but nothing permanent. I had to stop meditating, praying, anything that opens me up more. Davinaenid [at]
When I was meditating excessively, this started happening to me. I have seen people channeling that do it. I don't really pretend to know what it is. I do know that I am so open now I am seeing a shaman to close my field constantly since now things? Entities? Are jumping in and out like my body is a playground. I got on this sight to see how others deal with this. I saw your comment and that was how my experiences began. It doesn't mean yours will be the same but be careful what you open up. Davinaenid [at]
Hey, I am also 15 and just of yesterday started researching about astral projection... My reason for wanting to astral project is so I can meet my deciesed grandparents, because they died before I had a chance too. A couple of hours ago I was trying to astral project but I could only feel the vibrations and a little bit of movin out of my body, but I was sleeping faced down and I was wondering if you anyone else that reads this know if that had anything to do wit me not being able to project.
Foundations in My Spiritual Awakening
Quixoticqt - Thanks for leaving this comment! Everytime I think about it I laugh!
Hi Gysyblue,

I have been doing the same! I have been re-reading James' posts over and over, devouring every lit bit of information and clues that he left behind. I am going to miss him immensely, as he has also touched my heart and completely changed my life. I am no longer the same girl who visited this site over a year ago thanks to his faith in me and the unconditional friendship and love that he showed. He literally opened up a whole new world to me and I am stronger and better for it. I am now able to say that I am living life! I may still have hurdles to overcome, but nothing seems out of my reach anymore! Thank you James - I love you!
James - I have been reading, and re-reading your posts, and I am finally understanding more. I will miss your writings dearly. You brought me to this site, and left my heart here. I am so much more enriched because of you, and you are such a beautiful spirit. I finally understand the meaning of your brother. You pierced my heart like no other and it won't be easy not seeing your postings anymore, but thank-you for what you left us all behind. Love Gysy.
Thank you lisa.
When I think about the "Wedding Garment" I keep thinking about the night before the wedding *laugh* are we going to go out to the stripper club?
I keep thinking about after the wedding too, the honey moon, is Jesus going to get a blow job?
If in anyway I disrespect anyone I don't mean to...
❤ Qt
Hello, I am new to this site today and will post my story at some stage, but, right now, I particularly wanted to encourage 'tadge, if he didn't mind. I just wanted to tell you, to not worry so much about 'sin'. You are right that Christ came to wash us clean, so it's important to realise that this process is so normal and natural and the last thing we need is to condemn ourselves because of what we find inside of us. All we need to do is acknowledge our failings one to another (often necessary on a daily basis, hehe) and get on with living. This is an area that I struggled in for so much of my 40 years and am only just coming to grips with this principle of which I am so relieved. Forgiving myself for what I am and have done has been a major step to my freedom and peace. I will struggle with 'sin' (which are just spirits fighting against the spirit that we are, which is Christ; the bible says so!) until the day I leave this existence, but as I have already discovered, it gets easier and easier every year of my walk as I see each area being manifest and cleaned up by God. I have felt abit like a spring that has been slowley unwound to reveal the true me, God. This last year has been my break through after a whole life of utter struggle, thoughts of suicide and trying and failing once, depression, anxiety, illness caused by stress, overactive mind. My God has truly been faithful, bit by bit giving me the tools to straighten out my mind resulting in peace and joy which I have never really known. I Have had many experiences of the holy spirit hitting my body which has bought such a clarity of thought, peace and all the fruits. This does wear off, but only for God to prune again, to make room for more of him so that my times of peace are longer, amen. It's a process that never stops, but once the spirit has hit, there is no turning back. God does not give up even if we feel we do, he is the one whom is failthful and once he starts, he finishes.Anyways...thats my feelings and thoughts on it, God Speed.
Maddam_M (guest) in Memories Of Multicolored Light
My grandmother saw her dead husband in a dream and described him and everyone else she saw as being made of light.

You're right we are here for something and yes we have a choice, but if truth has presented you in such purity as light and peace why do you fight it? Your heart I see is trying to make a choice or perhaps you already have so give in all the way already.

Its the human mind opening and seeing what our everyday reality covers up. Its the true essence of being human and recognizing a piece to our puzzle that isn't made of us. Its like two lost lovers meeting up in the heavens. I probably don't make any sense myself but even though I cannot specifically relate to your experience I know the feeling. When I feel truth I almost feel like a fool for not knowing truth always
The first part of your experiences reminded me of my static experience, I would fall asleep and hear a static in my ear that would get louder and louder to the point that It was unbearable and would literally cause me to fall out of wherever I was sleeping and while I heard the static I would hear many voices, it happened 3 times in my life so far. As for the rest I had my first spirit encounters when I was 9 or so and since then I also have many many experiences in memory.
I did a lot of research in my early twenties about sleeping. One fact people seem to forget is that while in REM mode our bodies will be in a "paralyzed" state so that we do not hurt ourselves while dreaming. Some night terrors are actually not spiritual encounters but your mind waking for whatever reason during the night while your body is still in a paralyzed state. Naturally your first instinct is to freak out, what exactly our fears turn into during this state has actually been a topic in neurology and I did read of a study once.
However spiritual encounters such as the black shadow man or out of body experiences do happen. Is Astral traveling also the same if you are seeing your own body sleeping in bed because that was my first experience and it wasn't anything pleasant.
One thing I have learned is don't mess with things you don't really know, you might provoke a few demons or two just saying then you'll have to deal with them and it can be a battle.
angelinside55 in Picked Up By The Enemy
I had an experience close to this. The only difference is the demon was within another person who came to my house and I was being attacked from the inside out. My story begins a few months back when my husband invited a friend over from his job. He knew I had been wanting to meet new people and make friends since I had recently moved to the area I'm at now. Anyways she came over the first night and we immediately got along. But a weird sensation came over me that night and out of nowhere I started having a major panic attack. Then I started throwing up and staying in the bathroom because for some reason I was too terrified to come out. She stayed over that night and we all hung out but I kept getting sick and scared and going in and out of the bathroom. I didn't get any sleep except for two hours and then woke up terrified. Then my husband went to work and the girl went home. I thought I just had a bad night and that was it. Anyways she came back over the next day, and it all started again. I threw up, couldn't eat or hold anything down. I was absolutely terrified. I felt like something was attacking me on the inside and it was tearing me apart. I finally ended up going to the hospital where they had to give me anxiety medicine. Then I came home and started praying my heart out, crying and bawling. I just couldn't figure out what was going on. It was horrible. That same night we were all chilling and I actually enjoyed myself. Had a little drink and danced. But I still couldn't eat. No hunger, but I was starving. Too sick to eat. I finally fell asleep for a few hours and woke up in shear terror the third morning. I started begging and praying to God asking him why this was happening. I finally assumed God was making me fast because I absolutely could not eat. I asked the girl to come back over that day because I needed a friend. I felt like I was losing my mind. So she came over and we talked and I thought I had truly found a friend. I prayed some more and that third night me and her went out and had a good time and I finally felt much better. But I noticed when we got back home that as soon as I started thanking God for bringing my comfort and sanity back to me, that she became very VERY uncomfortable. When I asked her what was a matter she asked me to go back in the room and look for her phone. So I did and when I came back to tell her I couldn't find it, she had already ran out of the house and was driving off. I noticed immediately that my house was at ease. But worried about her, I drove after her and went into her apartment. She went off on me and yelled for me to get out. I thought to myself, this woman is crazy. We were having such a great time. My husband was also with me and we both decided to just get away from her and go back home. When we did get back home, she obviously had followed us and busted through the door and stomped back towards me and him in our room. As she stomped down the hallway, the air conditioner started making a crazy noise. And she was very angry. I looked around and thought to myself, Oh my God, this girl has a demon in her and was attacking me somehow on the inside and I was too dumb to figure it out. Anyways we told her to go and try to get help and she busted out crying and left. Never came back to my house again. But my point it for three days and nights I couldn't eat, sleep, and all I did was pray. I was tortured. But God released me from her clutches. He made me stronger. And that's what hes doing with you. You will be stronger because of this. Just keep praying. Hope this helped.
James - I can't believe you. Even before death you show all your love for strangers. You have been a great teacher and friend! I said a prayer for you this weekend, but I didn't realize why. That is your power of love! I will miss you so badly. David - thank-you. Kathleen - your words are beautiful. Good-bye James. Peace my friend.
Onawingandaprayer: James really passed over? I am the one he referred to as the rose in the garden. I became his friend. I loved his parables, and even though we were strangers, I loved him also. You know this is true? I can't bare this thought. You are in my prayers James for now and for always. If I bloomed, it was for you!
Hello David,

Thank you so much for letting us know about James return home. I thought it appropriate to post this poem that I wrote for James. I never met him face to face, but his words of kindness and beautiful friendship meant the world to me.

The Friend

In life you'll meet that special friend
Who heard the call you sent for help
His hand will lead you gently to
A world you never thought you knew
Behold the world before your eyes
Unveiled now from it's disguise
I see it clearer with each day
My friend your love was heaven sent
You led me gently down the road
Hand stretched out - I'm not alone
Your kindness set my heart aglow
The spark now lit beyond control
The truths you taught have helped me to
Extend a love so pure, so true
I now look forward - never back
I am forevermore on the right track
To lose you it will hurt me so
A tear I shed, but I well know
That in my heart the spark will glow
I take with me along my path
The memory that was made to last
To pass it on and share my love
Extended through eternal bond
My heart will not forget your ways
To stay with me throughout my days
With open arms I wait for thee
When we reunite in eternity

By Kathleen Rosalind
Encouragement did come to me.
It changed the course of my life,
I was living then, into the life I am living now.
Because of having this experience in my memories to draw upon, I am able to say the following mantra and believe it with all of my heart and soul.

Spiritual guide by my side
To light To rule and To guide.

Thank You All for your kind words of expression. It means the world to me, and gives me courage to change.
We have to be the change we wish to see in the world.
Hello Natural Science

My name is David and I have known James for the past two  years.  James, well he would call me a brother even though we only chatted in-person a few times.

James has in his own words "Gone Home." This is something that happened over the  weekend as a result of a tired and worn out body from years of internal stress and anger is all I can figure out.

I spoke to James very briefly last Wednesday and  he said his work was completed. I asked what that meant exactly,  but he said something about "...the rose in the garden has finally bloomed..."

I think it refers to someone he knew from his online experiences but I am not sure, if anyone can shed some light on this please do so.

Natural Science I think you are being a little critical of James with your comment regarding him reading the Miracles book. I only met him 2 years ago at a local healing place here in Dubai, but what I learned from him was that he was always reading one book or another and  he never let his life be run by the words in any of them, bible, Quran, Neale Walsche's trilogy, The Course in Miralcles and even his latest venture into Consciousness through Mada Dalian.

I have never met a more loving and universally aware individual, in our brief number and short visits together he showed me more of who I am than I ever thought possible. He taught me the concept of brotherly love and how Jesus really meant it to be, not what the priests at mass used to bellow while complaining I wasn't putting enough money in the collection plate.

I saw someone who grieved not just for the victims of bombings in this part of the world but for the bomber as well. 

I saw someone who spoke as though he walked this planet right beside the Master,  2000 years ago.

I don't think James was his real name, I think it was a jewish one,  Yakov I think, sounds russian doesn't it, even that is odd for a man from Bethlehem, nowadays the only palestinians I know have names like Mahmood, Talal, Mohammed, even stranger, he said his mothers name was Mariam, that one has always confused me, but he would just smile.

I only wish I had met his brothher, he sounded like an amazing man even though he died long before I was born. He certainly had an impact on who James was, for I only knew James as this spiritual man, not the troubled, angry man before that and he credits his brother with the changes within him, as I credit James for the changes within me.

So Natural Science I have read your recent posts and while I do not agree with it all, I see your point on one hand and yet I think you missed the mark about James and his readings, to him books were only words on a page, thoughts from the minds of  man, Tolle, Walsche, Dalian and a hundred others he could  rattle off his tongue, he  maintained their words were merely points along the "spiritual highway" in which to stop and pause for reflection before continuing ones journey.

I feel he is deep within me somewhere and for some strange reason always has been. I know he touched many on this site and angered many, for many thought he was "out there somewhere."

I love reading his stories and I feel like I too have lived them right alongside him, for they resonate within me as I guess he  wanted them to do. I am not sure who is the  "...rose in the garden..." but I do know he felt her pain and anguish as he did with so many. He told me of a young baby, then I read about his experience with Artie, when I asked how Artie was doing, he simply replied "he is in the loving arms of his father"

When I tried to inquire further he would only say the same, I think he hinted one time that he is doing well, still struggling but living.

Two of his quotes will remain with me forever:

" Let your faith guide your actions and your actions will  guide your faith" I think he got that from the Bible.

" read yet the words have no meaning, no soul. Rediscover the true glory of All then see the majesty in the written word once more..." This was aimed at me as  I read books and had no true FEELING for the writing.

I just wanted to pass this information along for those who read his stories and were touched by them.

NellaLove in Spiritual Surrender
i found this really inspiring<3 I feel so happy for you that you got to have such a beautiful experience. Not everyone can say they've "truly" had a spiritual experience. Embrace your guardian angels.
I am having trouble falling asleep tonight and so I found myself here, reading your melodic story of your experience. Your experience is wonderful, and I loved every word of it.
melissawalsh in Picked Up By The Enemy
Dear friend.
There is a spiritual gift called "discernment of spirits", but it is only for discerning that a spirit is involved, and sensing its assignment or function in the kingdom of darkness. It does not involve attack or harm to the person with this spiritual gift.

I can tell you that God does not want you to suffer this way. I know this because I have went through demonic attack myself, and so has my spouse. My story is extremely personal, but I will share this much. The demon attacking me was definitely trying to possess me, and probably wanted to kill me as well. I understand the terror of waking up with something on top of you attacking you this way. It tried to scramble my thoughts and paralyzed me. It was extremely difficult just to think and speak.

Fortunantly, Yeshua (Jesus) is my savior, and all I had to do was ask for His help... And the attack stopped. I fasted, and had my friends at my church pray over me. My experience was terrifying. But I am glad I went through it, because I learned just how valuable the name and blood of Jesus is. And through this experience, I can help others like you.

I live in Oregon too, and it may be possible for my friend Shane (who taught me a lot of what I know), and me, and maybe some other people from my church to meet with you and help. Especially if you live in the Portland metro region, or are willing to to meet us here.

I am glad you had the courage to write. I know it's scary, but there is victory in the Lord Jesus. He died and rose again, and has given us power over satan. Please feel free to contact me via facebook. My profile name is melissa marie ashira. Write and explain who you are, and me and my friends will help you.

Melissa Walsh, attendee of Living Water Community Church, Portland Oregon
how beautiful-I know you received this from God- and you were not seperating yourself from Creation -but shared in the symphony of God sung by all Creation.:-)
I believe your testimony 100%. You saw an angel who works for God and your godmother was totally correct = it was a spiritual "wake up" call for you.

Your friend saw a demonic being but you saw an angel who was sent by God as a warning for you- and he was sent because God loves you and there is much for you to still do for Him on this earth yet.
Hi, I also share the same beliefs you do-and also believe that God still wants to give His children the Gifts of the Holy spirit to this day- including the speaking in tongues. This is to draw us even closer to Him, and help in our spiritual walk as Christians. Even with these Gifts, He still wants to complete His work of spiritual growth in our lives- and so in time, as you are faithful to the Holy Spirit, you will find yourself even losing desire to cuss out people who pull in front of you in traffic, and all things like that will no longer be any big deal for you. It takes an entire lifetime for the Holy Spirit to complete His work in each of us--and that is only if we ALLOW Him too-He never pushes Himself on anyone.

When Jesus mentions in the scriptures about the "Wedding Garment", that very wedding garment is actually the very character of Jesus that God wants us to have. That is only possible to have this garment as we allow the Holy Spirit to continue His work of grace and cleansing and transforming us from the inside out. Salvation is the first step, then the Holy Spirit continues His work of transformation in us.

I think that it is so beautiful that you have the gift of speaking in tongues from Him- I hope that it will continue to be a spiritual blessing for you!
The fact that your friend's mom even confirmed that two Angelic Beings came to escort this negative spirit out of your home proves to me that you were being visited by the Divine- and God sent Angels out of compassion for you. I've also played with the ouija board, and let me tell you- demonic entities are very cunning and know how to take advantage of that thing to find an "open door" into your home. Many people think the ouijja board is innocent and a valuable spirit connection tool, but in my experience, it should never be used- even by those who pride themselves as psychics and clairivoyants. Evil is far more intelligent and skilled than the most psychic human, however Evil is no match for the Holy Spirit.
What a beautiful experience! It seems when we are at our lowest point in life, that God always sends His messengars to encourage us- and touch our hearts. Your spirit was open to receive this Heavenly encouragement.

Hi Alan & Tina, These orbs could be angelic Beings as well as Faery who work for God's side-I think they were sending you healing energy from the Holy Spirit-and you were even permitted to see them. Now realize that even when you don't see anything like this- doesn't mean that you arent being looked after. You are never alone- wether you can see or not. Look up!
Oh my gosh... I am so glad to hear of someone else who has experienced something like this. I am and have been feeling the Holy Spirit move in my belly now for 8 months and I can actually feel his heart beat as well. Jesus cleansed me from the inside out literally as I got on my knees 8 months ago and ever since I am blessed with this wonderful thing he is doing for me. I cannot even go into all the detail as it would take pages... And pages. Feels like a baby moving in me all the time. He directs my day all day... Helps me to discern spirits, good things and car trouble and wrong turns and answers questions literally I ask in my mind and helps me discern scripture and has made me aware of things I did not know that are true. I would love to actual talk with someone else... As everyone I have told so far has never experienced anything like it... Praise Jesus Christ... I will never ever be the same person... Nor do I ever want to be what I used to be and I did not think I was bad but oh the blessings of his presence are unbelievable...
is Artie still alive? And if yes, is he getting better?
This is all I wish to know.

Your being present as a spirit together with Jesus Himself at his bed surely was real for how else could you have seen all the details of Artie's situation? This needs no comment - it has happened for you to tell the world that not only God is a Reality but that also our Lord Jesus, the "Mahavatar" (Divine Incarnation) for the West as Hindus would call Him, really still walks about on Earth to help suffering people. I bow down in adoration, and believe.

As to what you see for the future,

A time when humans finally are free to know what they do and to decide for the good and act accordingly

Instead of being forced into wrong, foolish or evil ways either by their own weaknesses, or (which to my account happens more frequently than the former version) even against their own better wills by the fear-inducing and mind-confusing pressure of a World "Order" dominated by ignorant and bad persons more than ever in History...

I hope so much that it come true! I still cannot BELIEVE that, having not enough proof for it in present reality, but I am free to HOPE for it. My favourite piece of music these days is HOPE of RUSH.

I told about the Star of Bethlehem reappearing in a less spectacular form (as a meteorite) over Germany. Such first signs make me hope. One day in near future there will be enough good omens (if you are right with your positive vision) to make me even believe.

Then lots of ordinary people too will return to Faith and abandon the cynical modern delusion that God is only a dream made up by the human brain to mitigate its own misery! The Catholic Revelation of Fatima says that when Russia converts to God, peace must come. It is Russia where this cynicism was worst, and from there it has spread under the mask of "Science" into the intellectual class world-wide, like a virus. Once Russia turns round completely as to mentality, World Intelligenzija will follow.

In the future you see and for which I hope, those who live according to their Faith no matter which it is, will be no longer looked down upon by cynicists who presently think themselves to be oh so intelligent and modern whenever they insult God and Religion;

And the Believers will stop picking at each other and no longer seek negativity in each other for religious or personal jealousy; and this new mentality of freedom and love will give me back my own personal freedom as a human and a believer.
Hi James, this is me again, wish you a happy New Year! Do answer (if you are still alive - you thought two years ago or so that you're going to die...)

As to your new discovery, Course in miracles, don't think this book to be worth more than the New Testament or even worth the same! It cannot be more than a commentary to the Bible, and though it is said to be "channelled", it plainly shows the hand of to-day's Western Esotericists writing.

The thing I most object to within the Course book is that they despise and demonize something called "the Ego",
Without clearly defining what is Ego and what is not Ego,
And moreover neglecting that this oh-so-evil "ego"

which to my account is nothing more than our normal human feelings that we are "someone" and "individual" and "worth something" and "knowing something" etc

is not a creation of evil spirits but HAS BEEN MADE BY GOD FOR A GOOD PURPOSE, as a central part of our human mortal nature.

Of course our immortal souls often know more than our ego structure - thus it is justified to see the Ego as a structure bound to acts of foolishness, and it is necessary to pray, to ask our subconscious by meditation, trance or similar methods for advice, and to read the doctrines of Jesus - and also of other Prophets inferior to Him, as the Buddah - in order to avoid such erroneous ways.

But it is utterly wrong to demonize the ego. For we cannot live in a human body, we cannot perform our karmic paths (no matter if toward a GOOD or a bad end) without having an ego.

For where there is no Ego, there also is no Will. And where there is no Will, there can be no good actions, no prayers, no hope and faith... And no learning.
Only when we go to Heaven as souls in Bliss we don't need Ego no more, for in Heaven we don't have to will or wish anything. There we will be merely Perception.

But whenever a soul takes the body of an intelligent creature it will have an Ego with it, as part of the kind of mortal life it has chosen. Even if Archangel Michael should take human form He would need an Ego!

This is written also as a warning for all people who overstress the modern "anti Ego concept". The strive to become "egoless" can lead to very foolish actions. For example there are not too few people who think they can only live an enlightened life under the influence of cannabis, or of LSD, or "shrooms" - because they want to feel as if they were egoless. The drugs induce in them a state of nearly pure perception without will, wish, or identity-feeling. Thus they think the drugs save them from their oh so evil Ego. Of course to be in such a state of pure perception is wonderful;-)) ). But... It is not our task on Earth to keep up a mental state that fits only to Heaven! Down here we have to wish, to will, to decide, to work, to learn, and sometimes also to fight and struggle. And for all this we got an Ego.
listenlightlove in Room Filled With Light
Please don't be afraid of the light. Please read my story, a Choir of Angels. I often have intense flashes of light, sometimes when I sleep or during the day. I live with a partner that is depressed most of the time, and I believe can draw negative spirits close. Aside from my own daily prayers of protection I know my angels and God's love is constant. As James has said firmly state your faith in God, and ask for the universe to attend you, and they will, in a second. God Bless.
It is so beautiful that you and your partner experienced a sort of telepathic communication! I too had an experience similar to that with my husband; however, we were only rooms apart rather than a long distance. That is amazing to see those orbs and capture them on film! I do hope you and your partner never forget that happiness you felt within yourselves. However, simply because those orbs disappear doesn't mean your energy should change so rapidly from overzealous with joy to a sadness. Try to emulate that happiness from seeing the orbs into your everyday life. They did show themselves to you for a reason, you know!:)

Your experience resembles mine in many aspects.
The pure and transparent energy field you describe sounds much like the one that I encountered. I have wondered if it is God in the form of the Holy Ghost, but I am unable to conclude that with certainty. No words were said but communication was clear and unmistakable. The vibration you describe is also similar to what I experienced, as is the indescribable feeling of oneness with everyone and everything.

I noticed that you are from WA as well as I. If you are willing and able, I would like to meet up with you some time to share stories and local contacts, if that interests you. I met a Reikki Master this last weekend and have plans to meet a Shaman Monk next month when he gets into town. I am looking to explore astral projection and possibly have a repeat or similar experience as I had before a couple of months ago. Perhaps we can help each other. I live in Seattle-Magnolia, and my email is j.gustavel [at] Please drop me a line.

It is "CHRIST"mas eve, December 24, 2011 and I felt a sudden urge to go to my Computer and check in on my favorite website here at As often times happens to me, I feel a brief flurry of disappointment that there are no "new" stories posted. I always get a warm sensation of the "feel goods" when I click on this website bookmark and see that someone has posted a new story!

This morning, with no new stories, I look to the bottom right to see what random story is listed... And I see it is your beautiful story... I am filled with a powerful feeling of love and joy from reading your story... Especially because I am a CHRISTian and for me personally, to read stories of G_D bestowing such powerful grace on someone is just such an awe inspiring moment of intense love for our Creator. I love to hear or read about such times when G_D transforms a fellow brother or sister with His magnificent presence through the Holy Spirit. 😁

I wonder how you felt when He came to you. Did you feel Him moving throughout your body like a Holy electrical charged life force? How long did He stay? I would love to hear more of your experience? I am so grateful that the Lord led me to your story today, on the eve of His birth... What a divine encounter you had. Please post more if you may, as I would love to know more about your experience!

Merry Christmas to all my fellow siblings in Christ!

Scarlett ❤

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