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The Moose And The Molecule


I am writing this story to share a wonderful experience but more importantly to find out if any one else has ever had a similar experience as I try to understand what "it" could have been. I will post this story on paranormal sites and religious sites in search of a similar visitation type story. I am agnostic and doubtful about ghosts, a "Scully" not a "Mulder", but still open to the fact that there is much I do not know or understand. By not knowing or seeing for myself I have to take a lot in life on faith, for example molecules, scientists say we are made of them yet I have not seen one myself, yet I do believe the scientists. I also have a joke with my friends that because I have never seen a real live moose I don't believe they exist either. Whenever they tell me something unbelievable I just say "uh huh, moose and molecule" and they know what I mean.

So here is my story, which occurred around the year 2000. For years after I never shared this and then when I finally did I would become emotional. Now I can share it with less emotion and I even wonder if it really happened.

Like most paranormal stories it was night and I was in bed, not particularly sleepy but ready for bed. It was a random day, I do not remember much about the day it was so ordinary, no sadness or joy, just mundane like so many. I lived in a small one bedroom apartment by myself. It was the courtyard kind of building where you get to know your neighbors and I felt comfortable there. Even so I always left a lamp on in the livingroom and the bedroom door open so there was low light in the bedroom, in case I needed to get up. Actually I've never slept completely in the dark since I was a child, no shame in being afraid of the dark right. There was also some light coming in through the window from the streetlights, the apartment was in downtown Sacramento.

I lay there on my side and I remember rubbing my feet together while waiting for the bed to warm up. Then I noticed the temperature seemed to suddenly change and I was warm and comfortable. I rolled over onto my back and noticed the room seemed slightly glowy, not more light in the room but still it seemed brighter. Then I felt "it". A presence, a powerful presence, it was so powerful that I just knew not to question it. It seemed to come from up and near the window but not through it, just from up. I got the feeling, or more like message, from it that everything would be alright, as if it was telling me this. And that was the wonderful part. I felt so safe and calm about life or death, or I don't even know what, just everything. Like being cared for and safe by something so powerful that I would not dream of doubting it.

Now here's the weird part as if that is not weird enough. I got the feeling that there were others there too. Not powerful and full of authority like the one, but that there was a bit of a group with this presence. People maybe.

So this lasted briefly, hard to know, but probably seconds. After it faded I immediately thought why now? I have never felt anything like that and I have experimented with psychedelic drugs in my wild youth, but I had never felt the feeling of something else being with me, and so powerful. And why? Just to give me a sense of peace? Randomly? As the experience faded I began to question whether or not it was something outside of me or my brain creating a hallucination, the usual doubt of a mental health clinician who knows the strength of hallucinogenic drugs first hand. If that was the case what triggered my brain to do THAT? And can I do it again? Nevertheless I cannot shake remembering that while it happened there was no question in my mind, it's only after that I doubt.

Thank you for listening, please share with me if you have ever had a similar experience and with a group visit.


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