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You know james... I really want to say something really long to express my thanks towards you... But I can't think of a darn word... So I will just say planely: Thank you again, for you have helped me... Yet again.

P.S. Funny thing how I came to this site after you published this, and after not being here for a couple of months.
Pete in My Dog
For Being a Dog lover and owner. I can definitely agree with you... I don't know if you have ever heard of St. Roch (Patron saint of dogs). I named my dog after him 😁
Hello Vicky,

I have had some scarey experiences as well, as well as wonderful ones, and ones that are just really wired. I have seen both black and white flashes in my normal vision. And when I close my eyes these black/white orbs are normally still in the general area were I saw the flash. Sometimes I try to interact with them, and sometimes I don't. I however haven't heard any voices that don't come from me speculating about what they are trying to say. And them letting me know if what I'm thinking is correct with a "yes" or "no" answer (hot or cold energies).

But as to what you saw and felt. I feel as if this spirit is offering and telling you something at the same time. When she said come with me I do believe that she was trying to offer you death. I believe that this girl was not a being of complete darkness (death) or she would have appeared this way in the pool. It could very possibly be that she had experienced the same things that you were going through in her life and she was trying to offer you "peace" by trying to give you what you wanted. But I also believe she was trying to tell you this, because of how she appeared to you: death is not as great as it seems, she didn't reach peace just because she was dead. And who knows, maybe it got worse for her after judging from the tattered cloths that she was wearing (broken shoes, striped leggings, brown (maybe dirty) skirt). Also she showed herself to you when you were around your friend. I believe she did this for a reason, and in my opinion it was to show you that you have people in this life who care for you, and you don't need to be dead to be happy. Also after you started to cry that probably showed her that you didn't truly want death, so she left you alone.

As for these other experiences it could very well be that because you though that you might accept death once, other spirits are trying to take advantage of you and stress you out more by making yourself question what you are thinking, seeing, and hearing. And they can tell that you are stressed/depressed because your body gives off certain auras when you feel certain ways because of how your brain functions. And these dark blurs you see in the windows may be the same spirit as the first but, the fact that the first spirit was so direct tells me that they are not the same ones. I also don't think you have anything to worry about from these spirits, I don't believe that they will try to hurt you if you don't let them, and keeping calm if you feel there presence is key because they will try to prey on that fear. Causing fear and torment makes some spirits feel better/more powerful. And the more fear they can pull from you the more they will try because the more they will be attracted to you (it is basically a big cycle that keeps getting worse).

As to your question of how to get rid of these things that are happening to you. You have to be able to make peace with what ever is causing you to feel stressed/depressed. Also now that the "barrier" between your mind and the "spirit world" was "weakened" by the contact from the first spirit your mind now picks up on spiritual things a lot easier. Also because your mind is in a stressed state it will pick up on these "bad spirits" easier than it would pick up on "Good Spirits". Also starting to meditate/pray, and ask god and your inner self to help you stop these scary things from happening can help a lot. You may also want to have someone close to you you can talk to about things that are going on in your life. Being able to tell someone why your feeling stress out/depressed can really have a positive effect on your whole mind set, and it is a lot easier to get through this than feeling alone because these type of spirits prey on loneliness as well.

I am just trying to speculate on your situation. I am not a "medium" or a "psychic" or anything like that. But I am human, so I know how it feels to be sad and alone. And I am also a child of god, as are we all, and I want to try to help you in any way I can. So if you feel that I didn't quite understand something please try and help me understand better. It is also unfortunate that your first experience was such a scary one, because there is a whole universe (literally) of spirituality and it can be wonderful and beautiful, or scary and dark, it is only our perception and mindset that really makes the difference.

Also one more thing. Last night I had a dream. I saw someone in a church (I couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl) and he/she had all of these black blurs/spots/orb thingies forming and disappearing around her, and he/she was sitting on the steps right before the alter and he/she had his/her head in his/her lap and was crying. And there was a little black spirit that was just watching her and he had is mouth wide open as if he was "eating". I don't know if this was you or not, but as I was meditating this morning and I said to myself that I wished I could have help him/her. And after I got done meditating I for some reason decided to come to this site because I hadn't been here for a couple of months, and then I saw your post. And I thought that was very interesting how that worked out (I swear this is true as if I was looking god in the eyes and telling it to him).

I hope this help.

Nicholas Ryan Rasmussen
Thanks for your comment. I'm a big knowledge seeker, it's something I enjoy. I collect information from outside myself (books for example - the Rampa books are great), and I also collect much information from within myself (meditation, for example). However, I haven't read Autobiography of a Yogi - it sounds much like the Rampa books. Since Yogi Bear is "smarter than the average bear", I suspect Yogi is trying to teach Boo-boo to transcend his ego - apparently stealing picnic baskets is a primary transcedental teaching:P Anyway, I went on a tangent there, thanks again <3
If I were you I would post this story to a link of this site, maybe more can help you there as I can't.
IwanttoHelp in Seek Ye First
I am having the same thoughts now as you, and am also Scorpio, did you read Autobiography of a Yogi. It has made many things clear for me and I think it will also interest you.
All those saints I believe had the Holy Spirit or came from him (as I believe we all come from God) to teach mankind to seek Him. God shows himself to his children in many forms, for the buddist it is Buddha for the catholics Jezus and so on, but in reality it is One... I think

Hope this helped.

Thank you my wonderful Friend In God and Spiritual Brethren!

I have spent a lot of time these past 2 years coming to grips with WHO I AM and finally expanding my knowledge of the Ethereal world.

I am still to this day left absolutly speechless sometimes at what is right there in front of us and yet I had been so blind to it for virtually my entire life to this point.

This experience was indeed one of those "everything comes to a grinding halt" moments as the wonders of the Universe played-out right before my eyes.

Thank you for your words, they do indeed travel right to my Soul and I hope more people like yourself will find these words and the words of EVERYONE whom posts on this site both inspirational and at the very least thought provoking.

You have been shown a direction, where it leads is up to you as no two paths to the Glory of ALL are the same. Like you, I too was "guided" to this site and have loved every minute of the time spent here.

I have just submitted my final experience as I have been told it is time for others to show their LIGHT as I move ahead from this point to join those who have gone before and will wait for those whom are following.

Enjoy the wonders that is the marvelous thing we call LIFE, see the beauty in everyone and let the Divine Light that is you shine for all to see.

"...My Peace I leave with you..."

You seem to have great spirtual ability going for you. In request to your problem, instead of just focusing on your anja chakra try focusing on your heart or another energy. The key to all of this is balance so going overboard on one energy is not necessarly good.
Keep practicing and have fun!
Yes you need to focus on balancing yourself out when meditating. You seem to have incredible energy about it already though and your moods are just right. I had an experience like this only I wasn't trying to leave my body, it was uring sleep and I got so scared that it felt a if my soul was trying very hard to cry... But now I know what to focus on. The spinning effect can be overwhelming for some but you seem to have your head in the right place.
Keep practicing and have fun!
James is exactly right. If you are in fear of expeeriencing more bad entities on your astral adventures all you need to do is ask for protection, and instead of focusing on that initial fear when the time comes try to focus on lighthearted feelings such as laughfter or joy. Do not focus on what is around but rather on what you want to happen.

Have fun!
Peace and love forever.
Thank you for your story. While reading it, I experienced one of those profound moments that make you stop - everything around you suspended. It can happen because you have read/heard/seen something that connects with/to something you KNOW and suddenly you see with clarity a purpose/possibility, that until that exact moment, you were completely unaware of. Very insightful, thank you again - apparently I was guided to your writing. I now know, that through your writing, I was given not only a realization, but also a direction.

Wishing you, friendship, love and Heath James.
Dear MsMask.
I am amazed with your comment- I have read your article and I am having the same questions as I have been through traumatic experience the last 2 years was kind of mental and I have the fear that I have lost my gift and also I needed someone to answer to me all these questions.
You just need to let your self free;-) Please try that, put all the fears away. I know what it means by saying paranoia and psychotic.
You can email me if you want geopurple [at] if you want to talk. Have been through all those symptoms and I am 89%back to my self again;-)
Good Luck to you and remember, you haven't lost it, you just need to let your self free from all the negative thoughts.
Mike~ There is no doubt in my mind that Angels did save me. Every time I have needed them they come as flashes of lights, whether my eyes are closed or open I see the same thing. I do believe that our mind is always able to see everything around us and it's separate from our bodies.
I also read your story a few months ago and read the newspaper article. Thank you for your continued work to help people understand the dangers in our water. We are surrounded by numerous toxins and dangerous electromagnetic, radioactive and other kinds of waves constantly bombarding our bodies all the time!
I am a strong believer in the power of FAITH! I don't mean a specific religion, but anything you strongly believe in can have a possitive effect on us.
I am greatful for my life everyday! I see the glass half full ❤ ❤ ❤
You have truely been blessed, if my suspicions are true, once symptoms have gone this far, you would not have gotten up on your own accord. I have extensive medical knowledge. You are describing, quite perfectly, the symptoms of a hypoglycemic attack. That is when you pass out from too low a blood sugar. This happens when the blood sugar "drops out". The blood sugar regulating mechanism is more fragile than has been known, until recently. The first symptom of hypoglycemia is a faint feeling, followed rapidly by sweating, and chills, rapid heartbeat, and breathing, sometimes nausea. Explaining your presence in the bathroom, you were becomming violently ill. Attacks may be brought on by the weakening of the body by another illness, which, evidently... You had. The next symptoms are a feeling of impending doom, followed by panic, more sweating, a feeling of weakness, fading away and eventually... Passing out, especially, if the victim does not know what is wrong with them at the time, and is unable to get to a candy bar! It is quite possible to die from this condition, in severe cases. In fact, your story precisely matches the classic profile of a hypoglycemic attack that it is obvious, that was your problem. You should now be dead. BUT YOU ARE NOT! God has some reason for you to be here with us. You are doing something pleasing in His sight! You might want to get your blood sugar checked. Sometimes, the only way to do this in these cases is to obtain a home blood sugar testing monitor, and some test strips. I understand they may be had relatively cheap. You must keep them nearby so when you begin to feel this way, RIGHT THEN CHECK YOUR BLOOD SUGAR. THEN DRINK A COKE AND EAT SOME SUGAR. God sends angels to help, He will answer your heartfelt prayers. May He be in your life and continue to bless you, Mike
rebornphoenix in Losing My Spiritual Gifts
You say you are a follower of Jesus. So know this and engrave it on your heart: you are a beloved child of God. Not only are you human, but you are precious to Him. You said that you "are a broken person", and I tell you, that God seeks out the broken, the weak, the lost, the hungry. He makes them whole.
You seem to be lamenting the loss or diminishing of your spiritual gifts, but I don't think you have to worry. God will give you more than you even ask for.
Have no fear.
I've never had the privledge of seeing Our Lord, but I have felt Him on a few occasions. The only way I have ever been able to describe it is that it is a feeling that isn't comeing from inside me [like normal feelings] it surrounds me with intense love, love so powerful that NOTHING else matters. Nothing. The second time it happened I was working late at night at a gas station. I was all alone doing paper work, all of a sudden I felt this intense love and looked up. A man had the door open just enough for his head to stick through, very strange. He quickly said 'I was just checking the time' and left very very quickly - practically running. This was back in the early 90's. Several years later I read a story where someone was going to hurt someone else and the only thing that stopped them was they saw two large men at his sides, but the man was really alone. I have since wondered what that person saw.

I've also experienced intense evil, it followed me for several years... Mostly at night. It was a shape, darker than the pitch dark in our house deep in the mountains. So many nights I laid in bed praying and singing to God [You are my hiding place, you always fill my heart with songs of deliverance whenever I am afraid I can count on you]
I Praise God I never had an encounter like your's, I think I'd die of fright. But, I do know of experiences that change your life, that are burned into you and impossible to forget. May God continue to Bless and protect you ❤
Halfwaythere in Something Enters My Body
I had a sort of similar experience today, it's why I found this site. The thing didn't enter my body, but I could feel him, he felt as real as a regular person, but he wasn't there. He put his arms around me and I could feel them. I wasn't afraid until after I 'woke up'. I was semi-asleep, but I knew everything that was going on around me. It was in the middle of the day and I had laid on the couch to watch TV. I was watching the Christian channel and felt this tiredness come over me. I could hear everything the preacher on tv was saying, I knew when my children entered the room on the way to the kitchen and I knew this being was there. Maybe it was some weird lucid dream, I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything... Not until he left. It was so unsettling.
The following is copyrighted to Carl Garrett because it's in a book I've written for which I am pursuing publication.

I experienced being filled with the Holy Spirit in February 2010, about 1.5 years ago. It happened during a moment of surrender, when I had decided I would no longer hold any of my heart back from God. I was faced with a familiar temptation two times in a row, several days apart. And I prayed to God, right there on the spot, both times, for His power to help me to not fall into that temptation again. As soon as I finished that short prayer, all of a sudden I felt a warmth that started at the top of my head and began moving slowly down my body all the way to my feet. An amazing love and joy immediately welled up inside of me, inside my heart, and my eyes teared up. It was totally unexpected. As the warmth was traveling down my body headed towards my feet, when it got to my hands, I turned my hands over and I looked at both of my palms. And immediately, the very first thought that occurred to me was "I HAVE to tell somebody about this; I can't keep this Love to myself any longer. I have to tell somebody, anybody, about Jesus, and soon!" I knew I could no longer keep silent about how much God loves me and how much He loves everyone else, too. Since that day, I've shared the Gospel with over 600 people in the last year and a half. For the past year I've been writing a book to describe what God did in my life and what He revealed to me. I wrote the following webpage to describe it: Please read it. May you experience all of His amazing love.
Foundations in Meditation And Mind
Hi Libra1,

Thanks for answering. It seems to me like it is another dimension, somewhere that my soul knows of... Sometimes when I sit outside and quiet my mind the whole world dissapears before my eyes. There are no more trees, houses- ANYTHING! Just empty space that goes on and on. It makes me think of James telling me to look beyond my fears and the illusion. Easier said than done in my case... But still working on it! Thanks again!
I get the very same thing you just described. Not all the time is it as you describe, sometimes if I wake in the middle of the night and I am half asleep I will see visions. I don't understand them yet. I think if you ask what are they suppose to mean, in time you will find out.
I believe one of the reasons why it is so hard to calm the mind is there are all kinds of waves and frequecies penetrating us everywhere we go, even in our own home!
Think about it... If you have a router, those waves are everywhere in your home, they can even go through cement! Cell phone towers also give out dangerous waves along with a low frequency hum that causes all kinds of problems.
I also believe that Faith plays a major possitive role in our life. It could be Faith in any religion or possitive path.
I don't think anyone can tell you what your seeing, you have to figure it out for yourself.
Our Guides cannot interfere with our lives, they can give us messages. Part of the fun of living in this tough physical plane is figuring out what the meaning is ourselves. I hope this answered some of your question. 😊
Foundations in Meditation And Mind
Hi Wayne,

I have been using your techniques and was wondering if you can help me to understand where or what I have been seeing. This also happens when I am not having a goods nights sleep and am constantly woken up by these visions. I very often find myself going through a tunnel that turns from blue to pink to white and then it ends up being a form of Kaleidoscope that is a yellow and black space composed of shapes like diamonds. There is absolutely nothing in this space and no feeling either... I am not out of my body, just seeing this vision in my mind. I did, however see a man at the end of this vision that was holding a very large snake and fighting it off. Then the colours returned to orange and pink. Any clue where I am? Is this another dimension that I see? Thanks for your help! Kathleen
Hi Kenzie. Your story sure made me think. The past year I've, for personal reasons, been feeling suicidal almost all the time, but I stayed strong for the ones who needed me. We are all special. Thank you for sharing your story, it gave me hope.

wayne in My Dog
Hello Pete...
I'm a little surprised and even a touch saddened at your religion teacher as he/she should know quite well of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. He was a Roman Catholic saint who took the gospel literally by following all Jesus said and did.

Anyway's, thank you for commenting... (wayne)
Do you have the ability to see who a spitit animal is to other people? If so, can you possibly see what mine is?
I have always been curious to know what my spirit animal is?
I love all animals and am not really drawn to any specific kind so I find it difficult to imagine what it might be. ❤ ❤ ❤
About two years ago I published a story on this site about a red wing and four angels... "Vision with Four Angels, Weeping and Covered by Wings" I have been waiting for someone else to have experienced the same type of experience that I did. I find this very interesting. You're visions seem to be really similar to mine. Now that I'm not the only one that I know of who has seen the same thing as me I really want to communicate with you and bobby. I am very curious to see what you have to say
Congratulations on working to find your spirit animal! They can help you in ways that others can not. Try using white sage to awaken your spirituality as the scent of sage clears the mind and allows you to focus on what you truly want. It is magnificent to have spiritually connected yourself with an animal.

There are 4 different kinds of spirit animals

1. A Messenger Guide: an animal spirit that quickly comes into your life then leaves when it's message has been delivered

2. A shadow animal guide: one that is supposed to fill you with fear. It's purpose is to teach you a lesson you have not learned

3. A journey animal guide: comes at a fork between roads in your life

4. A life animal guide: One that stays with you for your whole life and reflects your inner spiritual self

This explains your many spirit animals. Cougar appears to be your main one. Look up the spiritual representation of a cougar. How does it represent you? Remember even though spirit guides come and go, you will always have piece of their strength and love with you, forever.

Hello Libra1

Thank you for your wonderful post, some days it is very difficult to maintain a positive attitude about life on this beautiful home we live in.

I choose to see the beauty that is life and even though it is difficult for us to understand why things happen to some and not others some days. I am comforted by the knowledge that ALL is as it should be...

Little Artie and thousands like him, young, old doesn't matter, are on a journey that we cannot as individuals truly understand and in humans terms cannot accept at times. We put people who assist in suicide, or attempt suicide, in jail and leave the feeble old lady to suffer through years of agonizing decay until relief finally comes, I wonder sometimes...

The journey of the soul is an amazing one, just when I think I have mine figured out along comes Joshua (Yeshua Ben Joseph or Jesus as we know him by) and throws a complete curve into my human ego of perception. Ours souls have figured it all out a long time ago, young Artie's soul is on a journey of discovery of one form or another and who are we to say or understand why.

I am a sucker for small children and seeing one with tubes everywhere was just heart-wrenching. Yet deep inside I know this is but a short journey for him, how it will end is up to Artie himself and he's fighter let me tell you!

Will he still be here this time next year, I cannot say, but regardless he will be in loving hands one way or another, either in the loving embrace of his father here on earth or his Father In Heaven, either way Artie is blessed beyond anything we can imagine.

Wow a whole planet full of people like me, oh dear no please don't say that. A planet full of belching, flatulating old men, Father please no!

Libra I know exactly what you are saying and we have this right now on our planet, however many do not realize they are capable of the compassion that is within them.

I look at life through what some people call "rose-tinted" glasses, but hey I see the good in those who can only look in the mirror and say "life sucks."

Am I a half- empty or half-full kind of guy, don't know never understood the concept. I like to think I am an open soul for I see the world as it is and not the illusion we have created it to be. The Divine has given us a wonderful, majestic home to live on and I wish everyone could truly open their eyes and see it for the beauty it truly is.

There are changes coming, some see visions of death and destruction, some eternal darkness. I see a world of peace and love, a place we can envision in our dreams, a place where the one with the nails and hammer at the cross can throw it down and say:

"...Father forgive me, for now I understand what I do..."

Sorry for the soapbox session, I get carried away sometimes. To feel the soul of another and feel his inner drive and energy is something that one day we will all share and not just reading about it on a web site...

" peace I leave you..."

Loved reading your story, brought tears to my eyes.
I can only imagine what Artie's parents are going through. Like you said, either way Artie will be alright.
God has a plan for every soul and we have this wonderful place to experience and learn, no matter how painful it may seem~our soul may have chosen to experience that very same painful event.
I love how compassionate and caring you are towards life!
If this world were filled with only ones like yourself, it would truely be paradise ❤ ❤ ❤

Once again your story moves me and touches my heart. May you continue to be blessed with these wonderful experiences, and to become who you truly are with each passing day. I also have been praying for baby Artie, hoping for a speedy recovery. I can only imagine what his soul is going through, and the faith of his parents is outstanding. May God's glory be delivered through this wonderful baby and family.

And may everyone who reads this story listen to your wise words - BELIEVE and nothing is out of our reach.

Much love,
Pete in My Dog
Wow, What an amazing experience... My Religion teacher told me that once animals die nothing happens because, they don't have a consince
Yes, I can fully understand what you said completely, and agree with what Libra1 said. Thanks for telling bella. You have a wonderful gift, I hope you know that.
Thanks Kathleen...
Experiences such as these can never be forgotten, and I know you would agree with me Kathleen. I was going to say much more but decided to put it in a post instead. Thanks for your reply.
Thank you for sharing your story, I really enjoyed it! Reminds me of the quote~we reap what we sow.
Thank you all, you sure will be hearing more from me. =]
Martin: I know it is but I was yelled at for cooking too. XD
Loved your post~Glad your on your way to finding your spiritual path. ❤
Hi Wayne,

I loved this post. I just recently had this experience myself. I was asleep and suddenly found myself in a dream with much evil surrounding me. As the evil presence surrounded me, suddenly my head started to catch fire with a bright white flame blazing from it. The evil was very upset with this white flame! My first impulse to get out of this situation was to call Lord Jesus! I kept calling on him and I was released from the dream to awaken, and I was actually screaming Lord Jesus out loud! Jesus then came to cleanse me (I felt his presence and was surrounded by orbs and light). It scared me very much at the time, but now I have learned from this and realize that I have nothing to fear. Jesus is always there to protect me, how wonderful he is I love him with ALL of my heart. Thank you so much for posting your experience. May the love of God continue to shine through all of us! Kathleen
Thanks for the story Shaman-Odin-Ra, I hope you'll write more! And just not to give anyone ideas, eating ground beef raw is not safe unless it is specifically prepared to be consumed this way (steak tartare) 😉
freespirit21 in Love Unblocked
Thank you very much for your comment gypsylove. I'm so glad my story reached out to you!
My brother in Christ. It is so easy to be deceived. My answers to you are short and sweet. You will fins ALL of your answers in God's Word. It is a guide in this life when you don't understand. What you see can deceive you as even the enemy can appear as an angel of light. The Word of the Lord stands forever. The Holy Spirit is your helper and protect yourself daily with THE BLOOD OF JESUS, HIS NAME, AND HIS WORD. (also, the armor of God found in Ephesians). I know that I have met you and read your story by no accident. God is going to make you a mighty warrior for Him, after all, Our Lord is a warrior. That is what you will do for Him in this life. I know that we will meet again, and I love you
God Bless You, Erin, in your awakening and thanks for your comment. There are a lot of people in the world experiencing their personal awakenings in ways that are totally different than mine, but I do believe it all has to do with events unfolding on Earth, as well as within the entire cosmos. It's not easy to reconcile the meaning in all of the experiences, but I feel blessed for what I consider, a heads up! My plan is as it has always been and that is to stay in my heart and to not fear the unknown. Stay with what resonates with you internally. That's where all of your answers lie. If you ever want to talk of your experiences, I'm hear to listen and give whatever feedback I can. In any regard, good luck, God Bless and Always, Love ❤
I would like to thank everyone for thier wonderful comments. As my life continues to spiral out of control, it is good to know others in this world still care about their fellow travelers. May God bless you all.
Shaman-Odin-Ra in Spiritual Healing
I find this very amazing and inspiring. I have not gone through a spiritual healing of this sort. But it is all very interesting. Thank you for posting. 😁
gypsylove in Love Unblocked
I feel the need to comment on this story, simply because it's nearly identical to the one I'm living right now. In fact, it almost brought me to tears, as I know what it feels like... To be lost from who you really are, but not know what happened. I have no doubt in my mind that I came across this site and story today for a reason. Thank you for sharing!
Shaman-Odin-Ra in Losing My Spiritual Gifts
Well no offense you cannot blame Satan for everything. This is the will of herself. But I believe they are clouded. Try some meditative practices and unlock your chakras and spirituality cleanse yourself.

Hope this helps.
LoveJesus in Touched By God
So He can touch others through you! Look at the people you brought His love to! ❤
This is Our Lord speaking to you! I have expirienced everything you have and more. In the building it helps to journal this. As you journal, you will find you will develop greater understanding of what God is sharing with you. This is just the beginning... There is so much more. God will speak to you in so many different ways. Some of my favorites are through his creation outside! Keep your mind and heart open and let him use you as his instrument. The rewards are so gratifying. The catch to this that the closer you get to God, the more the evil ones will try to sabatoge and intimidate you. All you have to do is call on the name Jesus and they will go away. They hate Jesus. Sometimes you will meet humans that feel evil and will attempt to malign you. Follow your instincts and stand up to them. I go through this from time to time. Sometimes these can get to be very very hard. What ever happens do not let your guard down and stay close to Jesus. They hate him that much. I am intrigued by your visions of distruction. Many of us have had them. I started having them in 1996. I believe that God gave them to us so we are not suprised when all this develops. I do not understand them completely, but I know that I have enough information that I will not be so shocked when this happens and can help others who will journey along side us. Stay strong! God is a lot of fun as you will find out!
James, there are up (green) and down (red) arrows you can click, next to the name, to express how you feel about a comment.

I wish there was a "like" button I could press, loved your comment!

God bless you Tigerlily.
You were worthy of His presence and His comforting.

I will write of my first meeting with Jesus, and tell of the horrible experience I went through for Him to rescue me. An experience I hope others will never have to undergo. But then again, to witness His entry was all worth it.

#1. I love your name. I have a 7 month old daughter named Emelia Rae.
#2. Your blog caught my eye, because I have been thinking about my career as well. I am only 2 weeks into my spiritual awakening and I already opened my eyes to the fact that I did "Not" want to be the nurse for Alz Heimers patients (at home hospice care) that I always wanted to be. Instead I would like to works with kids in therapy. For some reason I have been having strong thoughts about children who are diagnosed with ADHD, and other behavioral problems. I have been feeling like maybe these kids are wrongfully diagnosed. What if they are just super sensitive children with lots of energy in them that sometimes comes out negativly, because they don't have the right tools or the right person to tell them that they are "not" crazy or "not" bad. I don't know any medical facts about this subject yet, but I know that I have this overwelming feeling.
Maybe you just need to go with what you are truely feeling.:)
It's amazing to read these stories. I feel like if I would have read this before my spiritual awakening which was only two short weeks ago, I would have thought very differently about alcoholism. I would not have understood and maybe have judged you horribly.
I was in your shoes. Though it was a different story, I was still in them shoes. I feel enlightened just by your story. Thank you 😊
I am in Auwww with your blog! I can't exactly say much. I am 2 weeks into my "Spiritual Awaking" I want to blog about it so badly, but I keep learning things so fast, I feel like I need days to write it. I can relate to a lot of things your saying. The vibrations, The high pitch noises, and what I like to describe as "brain zaps" You had worded it a little differently. It's all happening. I have been walking around for 2 weeks saying "Oh my God. I get it. I can't believe I get it" Everything I read in research and in your story is almost 100% to what I am experiencing. It's just so wonderful. I'm so glad I am finding more people like myself. Oh the thing about 11:11. They say before we come to earth, we choose a numerical trigger for our human selves. Once we have seen that number in a dream or at the "right moment" one day, we are awaken. Mine would happen to be 10:11. I read this after I had already knew it. I knew nothing about any of this stuff until 2 weeks ago. So sorry to take over your blog. I just got really excited by what you wrote. Thank you
Erin 😊
Hello. I'm 19. We're all amazing... You're amazing...:DDD
Thanks Kathleen, I hope it does help you. The world and all that's occurring pulls our mind in every direction today and gives us NO peace. If (we) are serious in wanting to escape the miseries of the world and achieve peace of mind, then meditation is the right step forward in acheiving this. Everyone I speak with tells me their mind is constantly agitated. Even when they try to sleep their mind roams back through the years, then races back to the present. This is not only affecting some but the majority of the world. The world is in turmoil today and the negative vibrations are affecting all to some degree. This is where meditation helps. Thanks again.
freespirit21 in Love Unblocked
Thank you very much for your enlightening comment James and for sharing your story with me... Forgiveness is indeed a very powerful thing and one of the best gifts I now come to understand that you can give to yourself and others.

After reading your comment was mulling over forgiveness and looked out the window to see a white feather float down in my eyeline. Definately on the right track!

Foundations in Meditation And Mind
Hi Wayne,

I find this a very helpful post for us amateurs! I have been desperately trying to meditate with no success. I just can't seem to clear my mind of thoughts. Every time I try to quiet my mind, all I get are visions of my past lives, most of which I cannot "decode". So now, instead of trying to fight these visions, I will go with the flow, and then hopefully my mind will settle down and I can make sense of everything! Thanks,
Hi Kenzie,
Thank you for sharing your story. I also blocked out my spirituality at a very young age and through much of my adulthood. I now embrace my spirituality because it is a vital part of who I am, and I would not change it for anything. I LOVE your attitude! I will take your words of wisdom- the past is the past but you are on track NOW and that is what counts. What a wonderful way to think!
well I can say you are truly true. Since last year (my 17 to 18 age) I also felt the same. Same freshmen case and just being ok not good nor bad.

It is very difficult for us to understand why things happen in life at times and yes we do place "blocks" on oursleves without realizing it.

You were emotionally hurt by this man, so your mind placed a blockage to prevent any further harm coming to you and you had no idea this was happening. As you subsequently witnessed it was the forgiveness (yes forgiveness of yourself) that removed the blockage and life returned to the wonders that it is.

Freespirit21, I have had a hate for one particular race of people on this planet because of what they did to my brother. This was a deeply rooted hate for these peole and I didn't realize how deep this hatred went for I wasn't aware of it until I saw my brother.

When I saw him I was filled with instant anguish, tears and an anger for that race that I didn't know I had within me. I felt rage, violence and wanted to settle the score at all costs. My mind had taken over and it wasn't going to be satisfied until vengence had been acted upon...

Then the miracle happened, for it was indeed a miracle, my brother placed his hands upon my chest and simply said:

"...James ease your suffering and anger for the anger will not ease the pain, forgiveness will..."

At his touch I felt all anger, anguish, hatred being removed from my body as I discovered what it was to first forgive myself for having felt the way I did and then for forgiving them for what they did to my brother.

You see when we forgive ourselves for our inner "anguish" it becomes so much easier to forgive others, even when we do not know why or what we are forgiving them for.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with all of US, your Family In God

"...My Peace I Leave with You..."


I hear people say all the time "...if God were real he would stop all the violence in a heart-beat."

You are living proof my wonderful Friend In God, that God allows us to experience life to its' fullest, no matter how high or low we wish to take it. You took yours to the depth of your despair and in your hour of ultimate need he stood there and lifted you out of the gloom and showed you the light that is you in that moment and gave you a hint at the Light that could be you in the next...

I have stood on the precipace and looked into that cavern of despair and it is not a pleasant place to be, I chose to abandon all my family, friends, my life. Then a friend came by and pulled me back, at the time I didn't realize why he had done it, I didn't care anymore, now we are life-long friends. I did not hear a "voice on the wind" that night, only the voice of the Divine speaking through my friend.

JayArr, we all stand on our precipace at some point in our lives, it is then that we finally hear the pleas of the Father In Heaven as he carries us and we see only the one set of footprints...

Thank you for sharing and may the light that Guides you, comforts you, surrounds you and fulfills you, continue to be your source of WHO YOU ARE forever more...


First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

You are an amazing young Soul, please remember that, never forget it, you speak with the wisdom of one many years your senior.

Take it from an "old fart" like myself you are absolutly right about your belief and desire to embrace the Spiritual side that is YOU.

Embrace your life upon this earth in the Glory you have been given it, in the glory you create it to be. Live every day to the fullest and show us old geysers the Light that shines from the youth that is the future.

May He who shines through you, within you and around you continue to do so so always...

Wow Hopeful I can't believe you are even younger than me! Thats really cool. I've done at home "kundalini meditation" like on youtube but its not really that helpful, still waiting to go to an actual class. But I will definetely give reiki a try I've heard a little bit about it before. Yes, my muscle twitches are INTENSE. I literally get them almost every other minute every day. Once in awhile I wonder if I actually have something serious because they are just so frequent and intense.
As for love, I came to a realization. I read a quote somewhere that said something like "as soon as you stop wanting something you get it." I've always been so confused because I strongly believe in the law of attraction and all that so I've always been constantly thinking of my perfect guy trying to "attract" him. However, I realized that since the opportunity hasnt presented itself, then I clearly wasn't ready for whatever reason. So when I meditated about two months ago I talked or prayed (whatever you want to call it) to my higher self or spirit guides saying that I have never been more ready to fall in love etc etc. When trying to manifest something youre supposed to "place your order" and then proceed to act when the opportunity is presented. Apparently youre not supposed to keep on asking if you haven't received what you asked for yet. If you have faith it will happen, when you are ready. So I have literally just been enjoying life right now, not even thinking about possible love interests. Because when there is an opportunity, I know I won't miss it. And I definitely think more people like you will come into your life before you know it! I know its happened to me:) Good luck!
Nice vision.
All that you have described is very true.
Those tall demons were prison guards. They hate humans and God very much.
Do you remember anything more about the Angels that you saw? Most Angels are over 7ft. However the 4 Archangel Brothers are well over 12ft.
Some Angels may not give their name because they may not trust us, unless God permits them to do so.
God Bless
kara in My Dog

Thank you very much for your suggestion. I will do that I will send my love ❤ and peace to her so I can see her much happier in my dreams.
Libra1 in My Dog
Rigo: So sorry for your loss~I know how painful it is right now. When I lost my cat of 14yrs I set up a memorial page on it has helped to write about my cats life and its a nice way to honor them. Just know that the pain will be easier in time. When you think of your beloved dog, smile! They still feel your emotions. If you are sad, they are unable to move forward. They also visit us in our dreams. Pets are one of the greatest sources of unconditional love! Take care. ❤ ❤ ❤
rigo in My Dog
I just lost my dog last night, a beautiful, kind, sweet girl of 11 years old.
I wanted to know if we will ever meet with our dear dogs again in other lives and I cannot find any information regarding this. I really hope I will. I will miss her so so much, and I cannot stand the thought of not ever seeing her again...It's so sad, but I really thank God for letting me have her for 11 years. One of a kind dog.
RIP my dear girl: (
I think I love you! -Friendly wise, cause I'm a girl. Lol- But,
"I feel so blessed to be experiencing something so beautiful so early in life although it does make me feel vastly different from my pessimistic and immature friends. However, I recently have completely accepted who I now am and everything that comes with it. I feel empowered but not conceited, to be where I am in life."
I feel exactly the same way! I'm 15 though, your Kundalini awakening sypmtoms seem to be considerabley more intense than mine -Mine are muscle twitches during meditation, and my feet and legs feel like they're vibrating constantly, along with the more awake feeling, and etc.- But, I read this while researching more about Kundalini, and I flipped out, because I'm just completely thrilled to know there's someone else out there going through the same thing! I hope you feel the same way! Lol. I told one of my very best friends about reiki and asked her to listen to a healing meditation song... She laughed. But also about falling in love? Same here, but everyone is just soooo immature, it actually made me really dislike HS but I'm focusing more on the spiritual path and it just, feels right/better. You know? Sorry this is like the longest message ever! Man I wish we lived in the same town, it'd be nice to have a friend who was interested in the same things, as dedicated to the spiritual path as I am. It's hard sometimes, but it pays off:) You know that! Lol, I don't know how well advice will be, but with the desperately wanting love? Just... Know that you can't put restrictions on love, love is love you can't categorize it, or you'll drive youself crazy. -Although I had almost given up on meeting someone with similar beliefs to me, but you have given me hope!- And, do you practice kundalini yoga and meditiation techniques regularly? That could help -though I bet you do because you've done your research- And do you now about reiki? It's a japanese healing method which taps into the energy of the universe and requires meditation and technique. You can research it, I've found a couple sites where kundalini&Reiki are together because they're both processes that come hand in hand when on the spiritual path.
Idkk if that helped at all I REALLY hope you get this!
(: Thanks for sharing, maybe there ARE more of us ot there than I think...:) I hope so.:D
Astral travel is possible because of the fluidity and flexibility of souls. Our soul, like a gas, conforms to the shape of its container. But due to our attachment to our identity, our soul is generally constrained to the general shape of our physical body.

If someone's body is 5'11" tall, then their astral body will typically conform to that size... Not because that is the size of their soul, but because that is the size of their identity.

The size, the shape, and the vulnerability... Or the invulnerability... Of our soul is a matter of identity, a matter of the size of the container.

So if a soul is flexible enough to extend beyond the physical body and out through spacetime linearly (and do so very quickly), then could it be flexible enough to extend through spacetime in all directions at once at, say, the speed of light?

The answer is "Yes"...if one's identity is allowed to be that expansive. And if an identity is allowed to be THAT expansive... Then such an experience would provide certainty that there is NO thing to fear in the astral realm or in ANY other. And I do have certainty of that.

But if we have not yet allowed ourselves to experience the invulnerability of our Transcendent Identity, we still don't need to be afraid of ugly entities. If an entity comes to feed on fear, all we need do is laugh at their audacity. There are no signs posted in the non-physical realms that read "Do Not Feed the Entities", but don't. If they get cocky, just laugh at their audacity. You can laugh to silently to yourself. No need to hurt their feelings.

Our soul is ours to constrain, ours to contract in fear... And ours to expand until we embrace and are embraced by IT ALL. Until our identity takes the shape of The Ultimate Container (sometimes expressed as "we belong to God").
wayne in My Dog
I just happen to look back over this post and saw all your comments. It seems we do not get messages in our inbox telling us of this, but must keep returning to our post.

Our subconscience holds much of our regrets, disappointments, failures and wrong doings, in this life and brought over from other lives. Though we may have remorse at times over many of them, it is the ONES that are deeply rooted in our subconscience that comes out in our dreams. Our mind is a very complicated instrument, and that's what it is, an instrument which will either pull us down or raise us up. Kara, send love and peace to your dog and hold no more regrets, ever. If you can do this, your dog will definitely know your feelings and state of mind by the thoughts you send, then your dog will itself be at peace. Your dreams will then be good ones. I have written a post which should be published soon, it tells of our mind and how best to strengthen and cleanse it through meditation. Let me know (readers) if it offer you any help. (wayne)
Libra1 in My Dog
My Misundersatnding!Sorry.
It's always best to wait until the time is right ❤
Hi there Musicman1,

That would be nice if you can tell me about your experience? At least there is someone who had a similar experience like mine.
kara in My Dog

Thank you for your kind words but my problem right now is I am not at home that much and I refuse to own a dog and leave it alone all day long. I am thinking in the near future when my life style permits to be more at home and working from home then I will bring a dog in need into my life.
kara in My Dog
Thank you gysyblue maybe you are right. Maybe I just have to trust that she is in good hands and thank you very much that you are such a considerate soul and going to pray form me. Thank you.
You never lose gifts, God gave them to you for a reason. I notice in my experience and others satan fights the people that will be very strong in God the hardest, he puts strong holds on us from the time we are very small until now, so we turn away from God and turn to him (drugs/alcohol/etc). You really don't need a mentor and I am not a dr so I don't know your condition but I don't think you have any mental problems, it is just strong holds. You said you became possessed, I was as well. I remained possessed for about 7 years without knowing I was. On may 10, 2010 I preyed for God to forgive me and be in me and as I was preying I felt something in my chest trying to suck something (demon) out the demon kept clawing and trying to go down into my stomach and then seconds after the clawing it came out of my mouth and I seen a cloud of smoke. After, I couldn't stop smiling and crying and I felt like I could breathe better. I have gifts also but God slowly let me experience them through out my life so I wouldn't freak out and become a nut case. I see angels and demons, scary at first but once I realized it is a gift I learned to embrace it. God does everything very timely and for a reason. Maybe He has a reason for you not being more in touch with your gifts or satan is clouding them. Make sure you are not still possessed because with possession you could also have "gifts" like knowing about things in the past and future you should not know. Also with possession Gods gifts will not work quite as well as their supposed to. God is always with you, and I prey you find yourself soon.
I am confused about your "travel" I tried the whole out of body experience thing. It was extremely scary. My house was the same house but back when it was first built 1800's and there were spirits that looked so real one was rolled in a corner with rings around her neck from being strangled and her husband had a broken bottle and kept saying he was going to kill me. I had to prey a lot for him to go away, and when I preyed he said "your God can't save you" and then a big glittery purple ball came over him and took him away and I was back to my normal state. That really scared me and discouraged me from ever trying that again. Later I found out his wife was not dead and she took a shotgun and killed him with a shotgun in my front yard. Another crazy thing is I found out with the papers to the history of the house, 11 different people bought and sold the house in one single year. The only thing I can come up with is it was demonic. Or the house itself and the energy in it caused me to have a bad experience. So if you can give me any insite on what you experience it might make more sense to me. I know the bible talks about spiritual travel but I don't know of anyone that actually teaches it.
Libra1 in My Dog
A wonderful way to honor your beloved pet dog would be to give a dog in need of love a home ❤
Our pets are higher beings and know what lies after this life. They are just a thought away ❤
If your dog could come to you and speak, what do you think it would say?
I'm sure they would want you to be happy and pour the love you gave them into a lonely dog in need.
There are so many dogs that need a savior!
gysyblue in My Dog
Kara, my mom passed on over 10 years ago from a terminal illness, and I still have dreams to this day that she is sick, always sick, seldom healthy. Although I know that she is at peace; it is not a question in my mind. All I can say, is just trust, and open up your heart to believe that your dog is being well looked after. You just loved so much, that you worry more than anything that your dog isn't receiving the best. Trust, and I will pray with all my heart along with others that a new window will open up to you, and you will just know that your dog is at peace.
kara in My Dog
My dog has passed almost 10 years ago. I cremated her and put her ashes under a tangerine tree outside my bedroom. I don't own a pet anymore. I loved her so much and it seems I could not come to the terms to bring any other animal in to my life because loosing her was a very painful experience.
Through all these years I see her in my dreams very often and every time she is in a problem and I am helping and protecting her. Or she doesn't have food or water and I felt so bad that I forgot to give her any food and water. Can someone tell me please why my dog is not in peace so I can be in peace?

It is funny how things work in this universe of ours, before I read your passage I had posted the following story on my Facebook page. It just literally flowed through me as I typed.

Then I came across this posting of yours...

Caught In the Whirlpool of Life:

One day I sat by a stream and just watched as the leaves were swept downstream. A brilliant red maple leaf was caught in a small whirlpool and everytime it would just about make it out of the pool and continue it's journey, the current would snatch it back again.

You could almost feel the struggle as the magnificent leaf tried desperatly to continue its' journey but only to held back by the pressure of its' surroundings.

Along came a man with a broad smile, he simply said, " precious one, continue your journey and show the world WHO YOU ARE..."

With that he reached in, guided the leaf out of the maelstrom and it continued on its' way. I could almost hear the faint whisper of "thank you" as the leaf passed me by.

When I looked back the man was nowhere to be seen, " you have guided another on their way, thank you..."

Anyway, just thought I would paste the story here

"...My peace I leave you..."


Send me an e-mail if you like and I can tell a little more then

Yes James, I understand. I was just wondering who maybe the little sign could be from. At any rate, these little birds can come to me anytime and I will feel blessed. Sometimes I forget that you don't have all this information for strangers, as it feels like you are a friend of mine that already knows me, and I forget, and think that you should automatically know everything there is to know about me. Sorry Dave for walking into your posting. I hope you are continuing to find those leaves, or anything else symbolic that brings a smile to your face, and peace to your heart.
I enjoyed reading every word ❤
It is very true! God is in everything, everything is in God.
That sorta thing happened to me with a bee before, it just flew near my face stayed there for 2 or 3-minutes and didn't do anything, then left.
Thanks for sharing this story:)
That's really cool, the white wolf I told one of my friends about it and she told me she saw it too. We have no clue why we have both seen this wolf...
Anyways I saw it yesterday, just sitting there watching me.
It's pretty cool but I've also had things realated to polar bears keep poppping up during the week. I'm not surprised though, because my parents told me when they gave me a polar bear stuffed animal,"that it will protect you."
Anyways thank you for commenting:)
Great story! I had been asking to see mine in the past week and I started getting polar bear dreams, I went to a fair thing before and kept getting polar bear runes. And everything on T.V. Kept having Polar Bear being mentioned in a joke, or was actually there, or was even name of a T.V. Show. Definitely not a coincidence:) Even had stuff with regular bears happen. All in the span of few days.

The information comes from Yeshua and you may not agree with it, but you need to look within your home life at what was and what may, if you choose, be again.

Send me an e-mail and get it all your chest


It came from a source of Love, pure love, the Divine.
You made a comment about your mother, so I asked if that was the only way she has communicated and they answer you have already seen. It must mean something to you, most of the time I can't make heads or tails when it is for another person because it does not relate to me.

Sorry Dave

The methods and form of communication from the Divine are different for everybody and how we see and interpret the dialogue is very different as well. For some it is the next song on the radio, for others it is a leaf floating by and for sme it is a dove that lands next to them.

The Divine is communicating with us all the time, just most people are still fast asleep spiritually and do not hear, see or feel what the answers are.

Enjoy your life with whatever you deem the Spirit to be, for the experience of the Divine is also different for each of us. Open your heart, mind and soul and let the love that is from the Source of ALL life, source of ALL love embrace you and I can promise you will never feel alone again.

Namaste to you our wonderful Brother and welcome to this spiritual ride we call "Awakened Life"

James, I just have such a good feeling lately, and I miss your writing. I have been doing so much reading lately, and I feel so good through the inspiration and unbelievable acts of love some humans freely give to others. I was also reading about a musician, and how he spoke of being with Jesus, and how his aura was so immense that it weakened him to his knees in his presence. I never really gave this much thought before, so now praying while kneeling has more meaning for me.

I had a beautiful dream several nights ago about my military man. He simply handed me a present. I don't know what it was but I felt such peace when he handed it to me. I know he plays a part in my soul somewhere, and I will always love him.
James, I haven't seen the little guy, but I listened on youtube, and that is the sound that was outside my window this morning. I was enjoying the sound this morning. Who is it that sends this to me?
I know that you say we do not need an interpreter once we have truly found Jesus in our hearts... However for those of us who believe in you 100%, you are indeed a temporary "interpreter" until we are truly awakened. Just another way to look at this...

I have just been asked to pass this along:

"...Do you see a little black and yellow bird around you frequently (a chickadee I believe)?..."

Every now and then I spy heart-shaped rocks, and somehow I feel that they are a little sign from my mom, just saying, "here I am." Just a little symbol that you can call your own, a little sign of peace and love I think.
Thank you all so very much for your wonderful comments!
I also heard what I believe to be an Angel chior. It has happened a few times and lasts only a few seconds. It is the most beautiful sound I have yet to hear ❤
Those are words to treasure. It's also reassuring to hear that you can ask for help at any time, and be heard.
Libra 1

A very wonderful experience, please do not feel afraid to tell us all ever again about your experiences. You do indeed have an angelic being with you all the time, we all do yet most refuse to believe at all.

I have an Archangel with me 24/7, his name is Michael (not THE AA Michael). He has been with me since December and I can feel his presence, I can feel when he holds my hand as the energy flow is off the scale from my hand into my body.

You called for help and the Angels came to assist, one day hopefully all mankind will have the courage to believe and make the call when they are in need.

The Angels are there to help us and we shun their existance, laugh it off as a fairytale. My wonderful friend you placed your trust and faith in God in your moment of need and he sent his glorious choir of angels to help you, it doesn't get much better than that!

Bless you, you wonderful child of The Divine


Sorry to be so "mysterious"but with your visions of the man and woman, you need to look a little closer to home for the answers, of what used to be and can be again.

"My peace I leave you"

Thank you for your comments. I would love to hear more about your Angel.
We may have free will, and have to learn on our own, when we are in need of help, someone is always there to help us.
i have seen the lights on many occasions, whilst in prayer, when I have been sick or asking for healing, I feel that when you pray to a angel, they will pass on your prayers to the spirit and the lights that you see is the holy spirit himself. I have a angel his name is oriel don't ask me how I know I just do, some things can't be explained and nor should they! I have once seen the lights and they appeared in the shape of a tall man above me and the lights fell within me and I bathed in the spirit so peaceful yet so powerful and awe inspiring god bless you
I pondered this post ALL day yesterday trying to understand how to achieve this speaking in tongues. I thought that this MUST be why I cannot hear god yet... I see but don't hear... Obviously I have to be doing something wrong. No, plain and simply time is not right for me and as you have said I must be patient. He will come to me when he knows I am good and ready. I am still in the process of discovery. I just cannot wait to be able to interpret the MANY visions that I have been experiencing. I can't make heads or tails of them, so far! I have seen a lady in white walking on the left of a man. They walk and then turn left and dissapear. Then I see a lady knealing before a man as he touches her head lovingly... And I also see many paintings with psychadelic colors. I was also deep underwater in my visions, as though at the bottom of the ocean floor! Can't wait to find out what these visions mean!

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