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When I was 16, it was hard for me appreciate our religion and Christianity. I love the Lord and have a close relationship with him. I have been drunk and slain in the Spirit several times throughout my life. I can share various instances when the Lord has used me, either to speak to strangers, or to participate in a certain activity. It was conflicting to my family to do what 'normal' teenagers do. I couldn't hang out with other friends unless they were Christians.

One night, frustrated, I questioned our religion. I knew there was a God, but I needed confirmation that there are demons. My family would say, "that's demonic" whenever I wanted to explore other options. It's easy for me to speak about our Lord because I have confirmation in my heart and personal experiences; I don't know why (other than because I was a teenager) but I asked God if he could show me a demon. It came out of my mouth (I often speak to God out loud) and I wasn't thinking.

That night, I was awoken. I felt a presence behind me; it was calling me (not by my name or even in a verbal sense). I turned and saw an average height figure standing next to my bed. It was dressed as if in a black grim reaper costume complete with a hood over its head and wearing black gloves. It seemed to be saying to me, "is this what you wanted to see?" as it spread its hands horizontally.

My room, unfortunately, has a big window that faces the East. I have put up heavy, dark fabric on the windows which also has vertical blinds, and dark purple curtains. These are all successful attempts to block out the sun when it rises at 6 AM. I'm thinking, how in the world could I have seen this dark dressed figure in this pitch dark bedroom? Not to mention, very detailed. I wear glasses (perhaps should have asked for perfect vision instead) and cannot see a thing without them.

This figure was gone after I turned away and mentioned to myself, "ask, and you shall receive". There was no glowing light, or mists. Just as present as any other being.

Two nights later, I hear my Mother stomping in the middle of the night. She was saying, "I rebuke you, devil, in the name of Jesus..." I wanted to go down the hall, but I felt that I could ask her in the morning. She told me she saw a demon. It appeared next to her bed as she was reading the Bible (with the lights on). I asked her what did it look like (I hadn't told her I had seen one since I thought she'd comment on "how demonic" it would have been). She said it was wearing a black cloak-ish dress with a hood and when she mentioned Jesus, its face had many different colors, vivid, and grimaced at her. She started to karate chop and kick at the demon as it backed into the hallway.

Her demon had a face and seemed to be of taunting nature. My demon, although similarly dressed and in height, did not have a face and was very calm and non threatening.

I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. I have read comments on others experiences with demons and what they look like (differences in size, color, etc...) and since I haven't come across a story similar to mine (outside of my family) its hard to relate.

Thank you, and God Bless.

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NO SUSAN (guest)
15 hours ago (2018-02-21)
contacting spirits with a medium to talk to your "loved one" is just going to curse you in God's Kingdom HE SAID TO NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR DO THAT! Demons are just going to masquerade as that person and it is not even them! Dont be tricked! Dont do this grievous thing which is a terrible sin!
Spade Head (guest)
2 weeks ago (2018-02-06)
I used to sleep with my mom when I was very little since it was just the two of us in the house. I think I was about 4 when this happened and I've never found any information matching the description to explain what I saw. 28 years ago, I remember waking up one night to see the similar figures everyone has described. Grim Reaper like, dark cloaked, etc. The main difference was that there was no face or hands. It was just a black cloaked figure with a spade-like shaped head or hood. It was standing right next to he bed watching me silently without moving. I remember being terrified and squeezing my eyes shut to pretend to still be asleep while I slowly moved my arm over to shake my mom pleading silently that she wake up but she wouldnt. When I finally got the courage to face it, I opened my eyes but it was gone. I haven't found any explanation as to what I might have seen. There are no descriptions of a demon that fits what I saw or what kind of demon it might be. It was just a heavily clad shape. I just want to know if these things are there to curse you, harm you, or are they past souls watching us?
Daniel 817 (guest)
1 month ago (2018-01-08)
It mostly started when everything went downhill I started shaming God and started being more on the Demonic side I started speaking out more and more as time progressed thinking negative thoughts I've did everything Good throughout my life until I lost my job house and car so I move to the country with my mother which I previously lived they have a two story home that has 150 + Acres the closest people is my brother that lives far down the street one night we were in a RV we have sitting outside the house when my mom had yelled for my name so I ran to her she started saying she heard whistling coming from a barn I started to say your full of it but I heard it in the middle of my sentence sounded like a human close by nothing else can describe it and this is the same night I was shunning God and talking to the devil so we left everything in the RV and went inside for the night a couple days have passed when I went outside on the balcony as I searched around with my flashlight I spotted a glowing set of green eyes looking into my soul as me and these eyes made contact I felt like it ripped my insides out I've never been scared of a country until I witnessed these things I'm not so much a believer in ghosts or demons but those green eyes steering at me change my whole perspective I was shuning God for my downfall I remember this night specifically because I was shuning God more than ever when I went upstairs after seeing the green eyes I Googled what was close in the night and has green eyes one of the first things it's pulled up with demonic encounters and I kid you not I truly believe it was a demon making me realize there is a heaven and a hell I stopped talking to the demons that night and praying for forgiveness from God this is all happening out in the country these eyes and whistling are coming from a barn we have out there I pray to God until this day that I'm still accepted into heaven I understand if I'm not cuz I actually believe that putting our Lord down for my actions this is one of the worst things you can do after that I started preaching and stopped talking to the demons and I haven't seen or heard anything since I feel like if you are doing these things and please stop thank you
st (guest)
3 months ago (2017-11-25)
My question is: did I really experience this? After a suicide attempt, I was in ICU, was very sick... Should have died... Had a breathing tube, etc., I saw... When my eyes were closed... I was awake, black shadows sweeping at me... Tormenting me... I was never so scare in my life... I felt the evil... I remember praying, for God to save me and prayed for forgiveness... I then saw Jesus... A vision of from his neck up... Side view only... He was looking at the shadows... Immediately the shadows formed into a ball and became smaller until they disappears... I knew I was going to be okay... He stayed for what seems like 3-4 seconds longer and then disappeared. Jesus was in a bright light and the rest of the vision was not. Did I really see this?
Susan (guest)
3 months ago (2017-11-18)
A little over a year ago I was helping a friend out at her house. She had a two story beautiful home. When I would go upstairs I would get such a cold and uncomfortable feeling, especially when I would walk into the spare bedroom. I would immediately get goosebumps and feel very lightheaded. I never put two and two together why I never saw my friend go up there, the one time I do remember her coming down from upstairs she was pale as a ghost. I finally sat down and told her how I felt when entering that room. She looked at me shocked and just said, "you feel it too?" She actually had a very special gift where she could actually see spirits. She would tell me over and over, "Sue, you're an earth angel!" Which I had absolutely no clue what she was talking about. I've felt like I've had a sensitivity toward spirits. My husband always picked on me and would tell me everywhere we move a "ghost" seems to follow you. I always pushed what I thought I heard or seen out of my mind out of fear. Anyways, my friend confided in me and told me how she could see this evil spirit and that it would stand in a corner of that room and laugh at her with an evil laugh. She felt that it "wanted her." One night we had a mutual friend over and stupid me decided I would take her upstairs to see if she felt the same as I did. A very big mistake. It immediately took interest in this friend and the friend who was the owner of the home could actually hear it say "I want her!" She was literally standing there arguing with this being that I could feel was there but could not personally see. She finally just yelled out, "FINE I will do it, you win." I was confused and a little doubtful of what was going on. I decided to try and sage and bless the room. Out of curiosity I video taped as I was going through the process. I was raised in a Christian home and believed in the blood of Jesus. As I was reviewing the video in slow motion an image kept coming up during different durations of the video. I screenshot each image and they were the exact same image made out of the sage smoke. I knew there was no way that smoke could make the same image multiple times. I sent the image to my friend and she said, "omg that's it." She then began to tell me, you did it, the demon is out of my house. Rewind a little, after I heard her negotiation, the next day I got a feeling that I needed to call my friend. She was in the process of preparing to commit suicide. I literally sat on the phone with her and talked her out of it. She never told me what drove her to that point. It was not long after that my family and I ended up moving in temporarily with the "mutual" friend until we found a new place to live. I've always felt very comfortable going to her house. We have always been close friends since the age of 13. It wasn't long after we moved in I noticed that I had the same feeling in my friends room as I did in the "other" house. It was in her bedroom. I saw such a change in her attitude and she became real drawn in her room, she would literally only leave it to go to work. I spoke to the other friend about what I was experiencing and all she could say is, "oh god, it's going after her, I should have kept my end of the deal." It was then that she finally confided in me what her negotiation was all about. The demonic spirit wanted our mutual friend but it told her it would take her soul instead. So that explained the suicide attempt. When she didn't go through with her part of the deal it went straight to our friend. I tried the sage process again in the bedroom when she was at work and I undoubtedly made it very angry with me instead of making it leave the house. It moved across the hall to the room that I was staying in and literally tormented me. It actually revealed its appearance to me twice. Once I woke up and I could see it running around my room very evilly laughing at me. Another time I woke up and it was literally in my face. It started to physically harm me. The night that I was almost nose to nose with this hideous spirit, it scratched my nose. I woke up one morning with a complete row of deep dark fingerprints that was bruised on the inside of of my left thigh. The position of the prints were in a way that there was no way possible I could have done it to myself. I would wake up completely drained in the mornings and it would affect my work day. The most scariest thing that this demon did was I woke up to my bed shaking continuously. I thought it was my husband tossing around on the bed. It was so bad I yelled out, "baby can you stop moving I'm trying to sleep." When I sat up and opened my eyes he had not even gotten home from his night shift yet. My bed kept shaking and I just froze for a minute. The shaking finally stopped and I looked over at my 3 year old son who was lying next to me and he was being shaken back and forth. His body looked like I was taking my hand and rocking him back and forth trying to wake him for school or something. This demon was actually shaking my baby boy back and forth like a rag doll and I didn't know if there was anything I could do to stop something that was not even human. I just grabbed up my baby and cried and begged God to make it stop and I spoke directly to this evil presence commanding him to leave my son alone. I prayed and prayed until it finally stopped. When my husband got home he said I looked so petrified and I was. The image that was revealed to me those two times was almost exactly how "Jacks" explained in his story. It was very short in stature and it reminded me of an extremely scary gargoyle. The only difference is this demon had horns and was wearing a black hood. I'm not sure if it was an entire cloak but I could definitely see the hood with the horns sticking out in front of the hood and not pushing through the hood. It's an image that I don't think I will ever get out of my mind. When we left that house it completely left me alone. I have never seen or felt it since. This demon came in between me and my friend and made it to where I would never come back to that house, I truly feel that way. We have not really spoken since I've left. She became a different person and not in a good way. It's good reading that others have experienced this and that I can reassure myself that I was not going crazy and imagining things... Thank you everyone for all of your stories. I'm sorry that mine is so long. Also, if anyone could recommend a reliable medium, could you please email me susan.cloud3383 [at] I had a very special loved one that passed away. He visited me one time in 2010 and spoke to me. I have never heard anything since then. I would love to find a medium that could try and connect with this loved one for me. Thanks guys so much.
Jacks (guest)
3 months ago (2017-11-17)
When I was a kid, up until the age of 18, I saw little demon creatures sometimes. When I saw them the following day something would happen... An event both good or bad. I saw them as a warning. They did scare me. I had visions also. I was a troubled child, unhappy, had a dysfunctional family. When I was 18 I saw two demons in my bedroom, laughing at me. They looked liked the demons from a Goya painting. They were short. Had faces like gargoyles. It was the laughing at me that got to me and so I prayed. I asked God to take them away. Instantly they disappeared. Never to see them again. I do see and feel ghosts still and have had prophetic dreams. I do warn people of impending trouble if I can. I am sure people must think I'm on the weird side but this is who I am. I'm a non denominational Christian. I do believe in heaven, as I've seen it. Believe that it's so beyond beautiful with colors that we cannot see on earth. We can see with exceptional clarity and see every detail. Heavens light is so pure and envelopes with unjudgemental love. I have gone through a great deal in my life. I have been suicidal at times and have been in a hospital. Sometimes I just wanted to step off the world because the pain of it has been too much. While I believe we have an earth mission, to learn and help others, I also feel very little is under our control. We are watched all the time and have spirits guiding us. I have had my life saved multiple times by my guardian. It's a women with a strong, firm voice. I have seen so much that it would take too long to write it here. You aren't alone. We share these life events and we can learn from them.
Zandalen (1 posts)
12 months ago (2017-03-04)
After seeing this post I had to make an account. I have only told 2 people of my experience. I am going to be honest. I am a spiritual believer I don't believe in any one god specifically even though I was raised in a Catholic home. I have always believed in the paranormal and my sister and I have always been sensitive. I occasonally take magic mushrooms to try and get in touch with my spiritual side and to let down my mental guards. I have done them many times and only once did I exeperience something I have never and hope to never have happen to me again. I only plan to speak of that experience and I want to know if others have seen the thing I could see.

I could tell it was in my head because I could not see it when I opened my eyes. I can imagine the hall way outside the room I was in. I had my boyfriend and his family in the same house but they were down stairs. In that hall way about half way through my journey I reached the dark point. That is what I call this experience. And what I saw was a black figure. Human shaped in apearance except the legs were wrong when it stood upright. It also didn't walk while standing, it could only move while crouched like a dog (picture how Remus Lupin moved in the harry potter film in his werewolf form that is the only visial I can think of).
It was colored black yet it had a static kind of apearance. Dark like a shadow but not solid. It had no face and its hands were oddly long fingers. If it opened its mouth it too was solid black and was jagged.

This thing was telling me to do stuff even though I never saw the mouth move when it spoke. It was telling me to do horrible things to my boyfriend and his family. I of course fought off those thoughts because I love them with all my heart and I could not hurt them.
When my boyfriend came to check on me he said I kept mumbling "shut up" and "murder/kill" over and over. I still feel scared and I can still picture that monster. This happened in either November of 2014 or 2015. I can't remember the exact year anymore.
I had dreams of a similar monster as a child and in high school but it never spoke like this it was just an image and did no harm at those times.

Does this sound like a demon? Or just a bad spiritual journey? Is there a known demon that is shaped like that? I have tried to google and look it up but I can't find anything. And I can't find drawings of it either online.

**I do not want to hear any negatives about how I choose to take my spiritual journeys I know people don't approve of hallucinogens its the only way I can relax and understand myself and my purpose. As stated before this is the one and only time I experienced something bad on my journey.
csabo1969 (1 posts)
1 year ago (2016-09-26)
I remember being in kindergarten and going to a Christian school. We did dress up in costumes on Halloween, my mom dressed me like a red devil. When I got home, we had just moved into a home, I looked out our hallway and I saw a little red devil my size... But he was a costume. Never saw him again
.we just stared at each other a bit... The area was pretty spiritual tho... Could see and feel things. I often wonder if I'm meant to explore that side of spirituality.
Jdivine2016 (1 posts)
1 year ago (2016-09-13)
Hello Carlie:

I wanted to chime in for a second. If I understood correctly, you asked God to show you a demon? Well, let me say as a person with the gift of clairvoyant dicernment that there are many questions I have. First, you doubted God. God is non denominational. Christians are not the only beings going to "heaven." Second, your doubt of God regardless of your denomination and asking this insidious question did not help your situation, butthat is not your fault. Here is how the other side (s) work. There is another dimension connected to the earth plane where human spirits go to work out their stuff, a redemption so to speak. No matter how much you pray, ask for forgiveness, or do good deeds this does not guarentee your ascension to higher planes. Next, the polarity paradigm does not exist. Theres no hell in fire or pearly white gates of heaven. What is there are many planes of spirits working on stuff to become one of God again. God is a divine spark in us all. He seeks for us all to reunite with him again. As for Jesus, he was a man connected to source (God) like many other profits, Jesus' in other religions, and people with the gift. He was not God incarnate. We are all God incarnate. Now, your actions in life cannot be prayed away, but guidance from the source will lead you down the right path. By questioning the source, you received your answer. If the being is cloaked, looks animal like, acts vicariously, causes intuitive negative emotions, and hurts you, heres a great suggestion. First, reclaim your space. God gave you free will. Tell him you got it and to guide you back to him. You don't need the bible or any other religious artifact for this. What you need is an unshakable connection to your higher self (spirit/soul) and ask God though you to command this being to leave now. Do not be sweet, caring, curious. You look right at it and from a place of serene calm you say" I humbly revoke what I said to God. The one true Godof pure light outaide of polarity dogma is my father, brother, source, whatever you want to say. Then say this God is redirecting you now, forever, and always from humility into the light. I say humility as it was probably humiliating. Whatever emotion is fine as long as it fits the situation you created. Since Jesus Christ was the best teacher, healer, and brother known to man and promised us that we can do great things trhough him and god and that we will do them greater and better is the go ahead for the final part. Now, you must remain unfearful. Fear is what feeds it along with negativity. You say: In the Name o Jesus Christ and or God, I revoke all energy I given to you right now, I no longer accept you in my home or life in any way whatsoever, and I command you to leave me forever through tje power of Jesus Christ. Thats it. You can light a white candle if you like when doing it. Certain crystals, rosaries, holy water, crucifixes, etc. Are good. I do not suggest you go crazy with them. By becoming too religious, obsessed with said stuff, and so on is fear driven and won't work. It needs to come from you, but get your mom in there too. You invited it in, kick its butt out. Just like a rude guest. Das boot out the door, window, wherever. Then get closer to god everyday and your vibrations will lift and you will be more protected. One more thing. Not all spirits are demons. There are human, loving animals, and others. The trick is dicernment. If it doesn't feel right, remove it even if it is cute. If its for your highest good, it will understand and be with you regardless as a true loving and compassionate companion. You set the rules, hun. Also, you might be open to spirit now. A lot of stuff will change, especially religious dogma. Find God, not what others tell you he is. Ask him to come to you for your highest good. Hes not judgemental. He didn't send this thing to you. You opened the door. No amount of bible study, religious artifacts, or materialistic stuff will ever work. It will work to keep you grounded as a tool only, not protect you. That comes from God, Jesus, and your connection with him. If you need further help, I know professionals whom deal with this more than I have. Message me.
Unapologetic (1 posts)
1 year ago (2016-09-04)
Please email me I had the same occurrence happened to me as a young girl when I was living in Maryland and has been wanting me to this day I have so many questions please contact me beautyglow88 [at]
WindWalker (2 posts)
2 years ago (2016-05-22)
I was born with the ability to see demons and other things.
It terrified me as a child making me freeze not speaking or moving. It's hard to describe if one hasn't experienced it. The evilness that demons have seems to steam off of them like a gas that causes complete total paralysis to the humans that can see them. They omit a foul stench sometimes.

I told my Mom about it and she taught me how to use the name of Jesus to make the demons leave. It worked.

Anyways it scared me a lot seeing them so somewhere in my teens or early 20s I asked God to please take the ability to see them all the time away and He did.
I still feel and smell them and sometimes get a glimpse of them but not like it used to be.
Im much older and wiser now and I have often looked back and wondered if it was wrong of me to ask God to take that ability away because now as a grown up perhaps I could have used that ability to help others. For examples if I could still see the demons it would help me realize why some people are being afflicted with illness and so on because if I saw a demon around them I would know how to pray for them or how to use Jesus name to chase the demons off of the person.
I told God I'm willing to use the "gift" if He gives it back but I admitted that I would need guidance and teaching and the strength to endure and know what to do.
So far the gift hasn't been fully restored.
But when I turn it on I very often see into the spiritual world via what some call the 3rd eye or inner mind. It is lot less scary seeing things that way verses seeing them right there in full view in the same room as us.
They all look different. Some don't have a body that defines how they look. Some are shapes, dark cloudy blobs and shadows.
In my experience only Jesus has been strong enough to help me and chase off the demons.
darkassassin92 (37 posts)
3 years ago (2015-05-23)
I don't believe in god or the devil anymore so I'm a athiest my dad is religious I'm not. But I'm still interested in the afterlife or in reincarnation that is if they are real.
Sean (1 posts)
3 years ago (2015-04-19)
Ever since I can remember I could see a dark figure moving round where ever I was sometimes it would show it self and others hide in a dark corner. I have a memory that I've never been able to forget from my childhood I was walking down our hall way and we had a linen cupboard and mum wanted a tea towel so I went to grab one and something grabbed my arm from between the linen and tried to pull me in I've always tried to tell myself it is an allusion but over the last two years iv been a strange detailed figure regularly it's a bald pale skinned man with bright green eyes as If they were reflective he's wearing a dark like coat and he just stands there and watches I tried to approach him as I was having a smoke as if he was just some sort of local weirdo but when I got close he was gone. I am looking for some feed back as you don't hear about these sort of things in New Zealand...
Timfaraos (131 posts)
3 years ago (2015-01-23)
I'm greek orthodox. A holy romanian orth. Monk, who lived in the mountains by himself, for 15yrs, (cause communists were persecuting the priests and monks), said: 'if you are tied to a tree, and see a demon how he truly is, you would uproot the tree and run...!' Because God rarely permits us to see a demon how he truly looks like, we would get a heart attack! In a orthodox monastery on mount Athos, the monks were preparing a man, who was previously a black magician, to be tonsured a monk the next day... Well, that night in the corridors of the monastery, the monks heard terrible wailing, high pitched screaming, dogs barking, (they had no dogs...), doors of monk's cells slamming open... And next day, in the vegetable garden, all the plants were uprooted or trampled, everything in a mess! This happened, because the man was a black magician, and when he became a monk-a spiritual warrior of God- the devil couldn't handle losing him, who was one of his servants! A fantastic bestselling book to read on this topic is: 'THE GURUS, THE YOUNG MAN AND ELDER PAISIOS' by Dionysios Farasiotis, at An excellent true story of a young new ager, and the battle between God and the demons for his soul, body and mind (which he nearly lost!). Timfaraos [at]
Polaquita (1 posts)
3 years ago (2015-01-11)
I'm not sure if you can access your account anymore or visit your page. I wish for you to be able to ready experience. Which is connected to yours.

I saw THE SAME entity. I was 5 years old, and randomly woke up. It was still dark outside, and I was living in a strictly catholic household.

When I woke I saw the grim reaper entity staring me down. He looked just as real as a human. He had the hood on, and black cloak. He was bony, and very dark.

I hid under the covers, and don't rember the rest of the night.
I told my mother the next day, to this day she remembers.

That energy never left, nobody has answers, nobody can understand it. 😐
Bellanjelah (2 posts)
3 years ago (2015-01-10)
I had the same experience/encounter when I was 6 years old. It was almost midnight, oh well, I felt I needed to relieve myself but the comfort room was downstairs. All the lights were off except in the room where my parents and my two siblings share since it was too big, there's partition though for my parent's privacy. So there I was wide awake and trying to fight the urge of nature. I couldn't make myself go downstairs since I was afraid of the dark. How I wanted to rouse my Mom so I can ask her to accompany me but then knowing my father might get mad I just kept silent. Fortunately, the urge waned overtime so I decided to get some sleep. I was sharing the bed with my two siblings and as a child, I had a share of being mischievous. What I did was, shove my two siblings on the side until all the bed was spaced just for me. Then I told myself, this bed is all mine "bwah haha". But then, when I turn to my left where the built -in closet was, a solid dark figure was standing before me. He was wearing a hat similar to a farmer's hat and its tail was hanging on air. Its hands spread open wide as if it was ready to grab me anytime. My eyes were affixed at it trying to figure out if I was just having some kind of delusion propagated by my discomfort and fears. But I know I was real, it was bold and solid and not just a shadow or something. Of course I was scared that I couldn't move for awhile. Then in my mind I was telling myself I'll be alright. I found myself slowly moving to the right side where my two siblings were shoved. I cringed and covered myself with blanket, closed my eyes and after saying a prayer I fell asleep. The next morning upon realising I was all alone in the room, I ran as fast as I could but never did tell anyone about the encounter. It took me years before I told about it to my bestfriend for fear that people may judge me or label me nuts or weird. I know there's a demon lurking, but we all have the power over him.
carlo0612 (1 posts)
3 years ago (2014-11-22)
It also happened to me before however my experience is detailed and longer that's why I will never forget it. It was October 2006 I don't know about the time, during that time My parents and my brother are sleeping with me. I suddenly woke up and saw a man wearing a black coat with hoody his hands are together and he is moving (swinging) like observing us while sleeping. It took me a couple of minutes staring at him. The thing is I was not afraid because mom and my brother are sleeping beside me. I also make some conclusion in my mind because I'm not sure if its really human. First is it might be some shadows of a tree from windows (so I look at the window) but its not possible because the figure is like human not a branch of tree. Second is it might be my dad trying to scare me wearing my devil costume (By the way It was my first year in a pure catholic school and every october we have Christian living week and we have school play and my role is demon. But I'm sure my dad is sleeping down the bed and I hear him snoring and beside He doesn't know that I'm awake) And the because I'm sure that this is not my dad and not a shadow from outside, so what I did is to pull my upper body up to seen it clearly (he's standing from our feet) but what happen next scared me. He move from our feet going our left side between my dad and mom. In that location he's really near me where I can even touch him if I wanted to (I'm sleeping in my mom's right side) that's the time I started to wake up my mom. I'm whispering to her ears " mom someone is standing beside us" I told her that several times on the couple of times she respond "pray" that's what she said then I start praying "Our father, Hail Mary and Glory be" but nothing happened he's still standing and swinging beside us. I am really afraid and I think that's the time when mom stand up without looking him and turned the lights on. And he disappeared. From then on we never sleep without any lights on, We now sleep with lamp. (the figure is really clear I am really sure that its not shadow or anything because I am already awake might be around 1H because of my conclusions) I'm not sure if its evil or spirits until last night I watch the exorcism of emily rose where the priest saw like this and he said it was a devil.
yereocasio (1 posts)
5 years ago (2013-07-10)
This is an answer to psalm96v2. But it may help a few of you also.
These are prayers from the Bible specifically to help you deal with an evil or demonic presence. They really work and if you doubt well you may check the Bible. I hope this helps you guys. Good luck!

Romans 12:21
Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel

Saint Michael the Archangel, Defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray. And do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, By the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander throughout the world Seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

The Lord's Prayer

Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done On earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread And forgive us our trespasses As we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil. For Thine is the kingdom, and the power And the glory Forever and ever. Amen.

The Twenty-third Psalm

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures. He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul. He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil For Thou art with me. Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies. Thou annointest my head with oil. My cup runneth over. Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Amen.

The Prayer of Jabez
I Chronicles 4:10

And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying: "Oh, that You would bless me, indeed, and enlarge my territory. That Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain." So, God granted him what he requested. Amen.


In You, O, Lord, I take refuge. Incline Your ear to me and save me. Be my rock of refuge, A stronghold to give me safety. Amen.

If you are experiencing a troublesome or malicious haunting, the following prayer is a very powerful tool to use against negative entities.

"Exorcizo te, immundissime spiritus... In nomine Domini nostri Jesu Christi"

(Translation: "I exorcize you, unclean spirit... In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.")

From the Roman Catholic Rites of Exorcism, found in the Rituale Romanum

Phonetically: Ex-or-see-so tay, em-moon-diss-uh-mee speer-e-toos, in nom-en-ee Doh-men-ee no-stree Yay-sue Kris-tee.
Darkbutgood (1 posts)
5 years ago (2013-07-05)
Hi my name is colton. My story is from the age of 12 of which I am writing now. So I was at a 4th of july festival and everything was going great until about 10:30 p.m. So I was with my girlfriend and her other friend when she started acting weird. She went over to this railing and started playing with this chain. We decided to leave her alone for a while and when we came back she was gone. We were looking for a while and the fireworks started at 11:00 and it was about 10:55 so we went over to the fireworks. And then she came up to us and said she needed to show us something. So we went over to this baseball field and carved in the dirt was a symbol of power. It was the Triquetra well the person who was named jade said she went unconscious over where the chain was and woke up here. I completely believe her because she isn't one to lie. After some investigating jade told us that the fourth of july was also the revelution of the demon uprising. I also had an illusion of a scaly dog looking creature walk up to the triquetra and then it was gone. After looking closely at that spot we found lizard tracks. I live in belgium so your not going to find lizard tracks there. So if you don't know what the triquetra is it is a symbol drawn into the ground and you have to have a creature of the light, dark, and neutral. We suspect the light and dark creatures were floating and the lizard was the neutral. E had to leave shortly after that and I didn't have a camera with me so we couldn't investigate for very long. We also think jade was possesed and drew the symbol without her memory.
Shan (1 posts)
5 years ago (2013-04-14)
To the user "old". You are neither demon or angel but are simply a strong spiritual energy. Whatever path you choose to take with that is what will determine your spiritual karma
roosta18 (1 posts)
5 years ago (2013-02-04)
my name is josh and I am 18 years old. When I was a young boy I was always able to see and talk to spirits. About a year ago I was laying in bed next to my girlfriend and I felt a cool breeze come over my body. I got up and looked by my door and saw a little boy. He asked if he could sta ywith me and asked if I would protect him from the dark one. I willingly said sure. 2 days later I saw 2 hands at the top of my closet door and a part of a face coming out. I got up and turned the light on but nothing was there except for smudge marks from hands. A day after that I felt another pressence when I was about to fall asleep and I got up to turn the light on. The kid was gone. There was 3 small scratch marks on my chest and a big hand print on my shoulder.
cvmeline (1 posts)
5 years ago (2012-10-30)
My name is Cole and I too suffer from demons. A little about me is I started getting into satanism when I was 15. Really into it when I was 19 and doing lots of meth. I was in jail trying to figure out why I had all this confusion and chaos in my life and one night I witnessed the devil and a couple of demons come to me to claim my soul for I sold it for temporary solutions. That night I prayed and prayed for forgiveness from God. And when the sun rose that morning the chaos stopped. I started to go to church and NA meetings for the support to get off drugs. I still had occurances for a while, but it did get better. I had to change the music I listened to which now all I listen to is christian, stopped doing drugs, bible studys, and church. The key point is to not give up no matter what. If your really desperate like you say you are, I recomend doind ALL of these things. And PRAY PRAY PRAY. Even when you feel like hes not there. PRAY and get people to pray for you, because I promise you one day you will realize that He has been there all along and everything will make sense. Its very scary stuff, but you WILL make it if you don't give up and keep fighting. NO MATTER WHAT, because Jesus saves.
Onawingandaprayer (30 posts)
6 years ago (2012-06-25)

Within our mind we have the greatest tool for creation we could ever possess, yet it works in many ways. Dude someone got hold of you as a kid and it had never let go and now fear is so deeply rooted within you that it may never leave, if you choose that it to be so.

I won't claim to fully understand what you have gone through simply because I don't believe in demons or anything of that nature. I have not allowed myself to think they are real, so to me they are not and have not manifested as such.

However one cannot push aside the fact that SSSSSOOOOO many people believe they are real.

Fear is one of the greatest destructive forces that we possess within us, it will literally destroy you in the end. It can block all sense of worth, create situations within that we feel will kill us, literally and figuratively.

Your Dad died in an accident, that is exactly what it was Dude AN ACCIDENT, you didn't cause it or create it. They beat the snot put of you that is very real and a sad fact of them being cowards and fearful in their own right, you got the blunt and sad end of their fears.

You can move forward but it requires courage and removing fear of the Dark Cloak. The Dark Cloak dude can do nothing to you, have you noticed how he only comes when you dream, when you are vulnerable to suggestion and maybe it is reality and maybe it isn't period of the day.

"...God doesn't love me..." take that crock of crap out of your head right away and understand that God doesn't stop the nightmares alone, he works with you to stop them, notice I said WITH YOU.

A learned a phrase from someone very near and dear to me. The son of another friend was having trouble with demons. He simply asked that the following phrase be passed along when the demons came calling:

Stare the S.O.B in the face, smile or even laugh at loud the following... " I BELONG TO GOD AND YOU CAN NO LONGER TOUCH ME, BOTHER ME OR INFLUENCE ME"

Just added the last 4 words for you as this is applicable here. I asked my freind a few days later how it went and she said her son said those words and "poof" the demons vanished and have never returned.

Now Mr Dark Cloak seems persistent, but just keep smiling at him, laugh in his face and so those words. He may threaten, curse, snarl or even try to harm you physically, but you will awake and nothing has happened to you. Do this until he no longer comes to you, then see you true nature and relationship to God.

You have no need to worry about whether you have been "saved" or not, you already have been, we all have, we all just have to forgive ourselves and realize that.

Are you worried about going to heaven or hell, don't be, look within yo the answers are all there and once you rediscover your relationship with God and who you truly are you will realize you have already discovered YOUR place in heaven.

The road ahead is not an easy one, you have years of internal and external abuse to get through, make no mistake though, you are not and never have been without the love of God. You have had to travel a road that has been laid out in front of you, for some it is a road of riches for some a path of terror. Yet in the end the clouds of fear clear and the journey becomes much clearer and certain, you just have to BELIEVE. Believe in God, believe inYOURSELF, trust that the answers you seek are found deep within...

Not one person in this world can truly explain the what and why of your experience, most myself included, can only provide a little insight, it is within you to end all this you just need to find the courage to tell Mr Dark Cloak to finally get lost and never come back. When you can do that you will be on your way to healing yourself.

Let no one tell you all was your fault, that is BS, sadly you have been the victem of others fears; your fathers, birth mother and your own inner "demons"

Before you take that final step into oblivion, look deeply within and ask for help if you can muster the courage to do so, only this time really ask for it. Let the Divine within know you are finally ready to let go of your fears, let go of the past and start living NOW.

It isn't about saying Hail Mary's, or praying for forgiveness, you have been forgiven a long time ago, you must develop the strength to say " no more"

I wish you all the blessing of the Divine that is within you, rediscover it and move forward my friend. You are a miracle of God, whether you see it or not, I see it as clear as the sun shines on my face, now it is time for you to see it as well...

Namaste my wonderful friend

Cm7891 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2012-06-22)
Oh man I thought I was going crazy! Ever since I was about 4 years old, I have seen, talked to, touched, been physically hurt and tormented by the dark cloaked, long pointy fingernails, Sharp teeth, monster. He was bald and had a pointy nose but no eyes. And as I still get older the more he uh wants me to give up.
First time I saw him was the night my parents got divorced when I was 4 and my dad beat me unconscious. I was dreaming and I remember he never scared me, he just said, "when you wake up, I got something for you." And he walked away. When I woke up my room was dark, except for my blue nightlight, which was red this time, I could see him. Again I wasn't scared at all. He came over to me and told me that my mom and dad weren't my real parents but my real ones gave me up because they didn't want me. That upset me and I layer down and went to sleep and asked my mom the next day why my real parents didn't want me and she accused my dad of telling me that, later that day he hit a truck headon with his motorcycle and the the dark cloak came back and said I killed one of the only people who loved me and I should just give up. Then he was gone. He tormented me in my dreams, reality, embarrass me torment me nonstop until my mom met my steodad, when I was 9. Who also started to beat me to a pulp as they said I Do. He would do it every night like clockwork, come home from work, get drunk and beat me up, everyday until I was 14 and I saw him hit my mother and I broke a chair over his back. Once the beatings stopped Dark Cloak was back. It's making me cry. Cry right now just thinking about he showed up. I was trying to go to sleep and my blankets flew off and he layer on top of me face to face, smiling and laughing this, I can't even explain the laugh, it gave me the feeling of complete hopelessness and unhappiness. I was calling for my mom and crying so hard, when one bad thing ended another sing started. He was in my presence for a complete year, nonstop, my mom thought I was schizophrenic because he wouldn't let me sleep, he wouldn't allow me to eat, he would tell me talk to him with others around, and just stare at him during dinner. One night my mom asked who I was staring at and I told her "the same stupid f* [at] # who told me I was adopted, and oh yeah thanks for letting me know my birth c*$t drank with me all nine months because she couldn't get an abortion." She left and the next day she asked how I found that out and I laughed and said "f***in Jesus told me and he says your a B***h" right after I said that Dark Cloak said I was almost ready and he was gone. I got saved
Shortly after or so I thought until he came in my
Dreams again. Then I started using drugs, drinking,
Fighting, sex, both sexes, even though I was completely straight,
Getting in horrible fights, stealing cars. What was the
Point? My birth mother tried to kill me, mom didn't
Seem to love me, got beaten up by both dads until I
Killed one and forced the other one to stop, and oh
Yeah god didn't live me. And during that time I was
Not seeing the guy, no dreams, nothing. Then when I
Turned 18 and joined the military he came back, but
He was different, now he had eyes, white eyes. He occasionally showed up until I got stationed on the USS NIMITZ, I tried carving up my wrists with a knife, I was trying tp do a good thing amd turning my life around and I couldn't. He left me alone while I got my degree but I signed up for the Army a few months ago and he's saying I need to give in hes given me long enough time. Am I completely helpless am I never going to be on. Jesus good side, I live by myself now and I'm on the verge of just overdosing, I can't deal with it anymore, has he been grooming me for something bad? Any advice please. Cm7891 [at] gmail.
Whats he want? Why me? Can I be saved? I'm Freaking because I'm going to. Hell
Rico (1 posts)
6 years ago (2012-03-02)
My turn, I'm 24 now. This happened when I was 8 to 12 not sure when. I don't remember my past all that well but something like this... Was rather hard to forget. I've told myself it was a dream or super savage imagination but, something I saw on the news got me thinking. How the individual in the news talked about the demons moving mouth. I don't know if it was a demon or what kind of spirit or energy but it was a see through dark shadow with no human shape just a outline shadow. No arms or any other body part I could see. Only its eyes and mouth which where not human. They weren't even eyes or a mouth. Just a different kind of shadow. Two different color of shadow. Dark and not as dark and the eyes didn't move but the mouth piece on it did and it wasn't a mouth like you or I. Could and did open up wider and the shape was jagged. I was tossing and turning in bed and what I do when I can't sleep is I open my eyes to see how heavy they are. Haven't don't it since that night lol. It was in my bedroom and the thing was just a few inches from my face paralell to my body. I member the voice and that it was a language that I had never heard of before or since. As soon as I can I plan on getting hypnotized or put under some sort of trance so I can find out what it said. I can and should have written down word for word what it said but I tried telling myself it wasn't real for such a long time. The voice was deep and raspy and not what I would call human either... I'm not on here trying to get someone to believe me or to tell me what it was. I know I need to find out what it said to me. Had a "male" voice but I still call it an it. I just thought maybe someone would like to hear... Read this. What if the language is one of them old dead ones huh... Ohh yeah, beast status and not like 666 beast I mean like animal, savage status. I hope when I found out what it said it is something important or relevant and not something I should have heard years ago haha anyways. I send positive vibrations to all who read this. It's long I know, sorry haha but I'm not just going to say. Something spoke to me and done. This is meaningful to me. I was scared then but now I'm just angry at myself and curious. Wish me luck people!
maxdreams (1 posts)
6 years ago (2012-02-08)
Wow! I had this exact dream last night. To the detail of arms opened as if it was going to get me. It woke me and I heard myself wimpering and made myself wake all the way up so I would not slip back into this dream.

I turned and saw an average height figure standing next to my bed. It was dressed as if in a black grim reaper costume complete with a hood over its head and wearing black gloves. It seemed to be saying to me, "is this what you wanted to see?" as it spread its hands horizontally.
I have begun having these types of episoded for the past couple of months now and never had them in my life. It is making me afraid to go to sleep at night.
What is going on? I am a very healthy person, exercise, eat a vegan diet... Sooooo what the heck? This is out of the blue and it is freaking me out. 😢
MarcyBatman (1 posts)
7 years ago (2011-04-03)
Hello, My Name Is Marcy!
And Like I Had The Smiler Story as you guys.
But Am Not Religions Like You Guys.
But I DO Believe In God!
Any Who,
It All Started When I Was About 5 or 6 (Am Not Sure) But I Know it Was SomeWhere Around There. Well It Was A Normal Night Until I Had Woken Up. I Looked Up Where I Was Laying Down And I See A Ghosts. On One Side The Ghost Where Coming In And From The Wall Above Me. And The Other Part The Other Ghost Were Leave Thu The Wall.
I Was Sleeping With My Mom. She Was Sleeping One My Right Side. Her Arms Were Spread Out. The Left Arm Was Under My Head But The WEIRD PART WAS THAT HER BODY SEEMED LIKE JESUS HIMSELF ON HIS CROSS!
Do I Explain My Self?
I Tired To Wake Her But She Didnt Seem To Respond. I Sat Up And Looked In Front Of Me And I Saw... If I May Say The Gremreper!
I Saw Was A Man All Black, Black Hood On, Reading A Book, Had Long Sharp Nails, He Was Sitting On A rocking Chair Rocking Back And Froth. I Had Never Seen A Rocking Chair In My Moms Room OR A Book Shelf With Book.
I Was Confused And Said Hello?
The Thing Looked At Me While Moving His Sharp Nails. He Didnt Do Anything. I Went Back On My Back. I Tired To Move My Mom But Nothing. So I Cover My Face And Tired To Fall Asleep. The Next Morning I Woke Up And I Saw My Mom Opening The Cretins Like Nothing Happen. I Looked In Front Of Me And Their Was No rocking Chair No Book Shelf.
I Though It Was All A Dream.
Sometimes I Might Hear My Name Or Sometimes I Glance And See Someone Standing And I Look Again And Nothing!
Now Am 15 1/2
And I Want To Know That Does This Mean?
I Want To Know Why Was My Mom In A Cross And Why Did I See A Black Figure In A Rocking Chair!?

If Any Answers Or Questions
Please Write Me In My E-Mail
G.marcy [at]

Thank You,
mindalindalou (1 posts)
7 years ago (2011-01-04)
My Dear Candice,
I want to share with you my personal experience so that you may know you are not alone. I myself have suffered and overcame affliction from the deamons by jesus christ and God Almighty! Praise upon their behalf. I have always been very spiritual, as long as I can remember, and been afflicted by satan through others. At an age where I was away from the vessels of his destruction I started having a "visitor" in my words "the shadow man" I have received testimony of others seeing my shadow man who would be angry for not being able to find me when I would switch foster homes. I thought it was a manifest of fear, and didn't realize he was a real thing. I have spent many years moving to and fro in order to avoid him. This last time I moved I started having questions from my past. The shadow man had not found me as of yet. Ignorantly, I contacted a Clairvoyant. After I received the first email, I had realized what a poor decision I had made. I did not contact her back and awoke one night with the "shadow man" standing at the foot of my bed scanning my thoughts. The next day I logged onto my email and found that she knew things that was not for her to know, by the power of the evil and violent ones. I had contacted her and she sent him right back into my life. I told her to NEVER contact me again and left it at that. For months I was tormented, as I had been before. Talked to my family about this furious shadow. Whos face I could not see. The blackest black. Pacing within my house and threatening my safety. My sister pointed me to a pastor whom I desperately needed to help to reassure me in the lord, and that I had been trying to resolve something that only the Lord can handle. After my realization in the truth I sought the Lord in my tribulation, and he sent me a dream. Which said "talk to Josh and Michael" immediately as I awoke I connected the book of Joshua and the Ark Angel Michael, whom the Lord sent to Joshua. The comforting words given to Joshua from the Lord, delivered by Michael were this Joshua 1:9 "Have I Not Commanded Thee? Be strong and of good courage; Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: For the Lord thy God is with thee Witherso-ever thou goest." Amen. At first they may not seem to be threatening, but do not entertain the devils. If you have further troubles know that the Lord God can give you back your freedom from oppression.

God Bless you, and keep you. In Jesus Christ, Amen
Love, Melinda
nit (guest)
8 years ago (2010-05-02)
When I was around 6or7 I seen a skeleton in my mums wardrobe mirror we had been out for the evening to my grandmothers an went straight upstairs I don't remember telling my mum or being frightened I also have seen what I remember as a man in a black suite with a bowl hat and when I screamed out to my friend he disappeared I was 17 at that time not so long ago this was only about 6 months ago I seen the grim reaper I don't follow god to the same way as all above so can you help me and tell me as to why I have had these experiences thank you
Pan (guest)
8 years ago (2010-04-22)
Ive had a very similar experience. Imagine seeing two glowing luminescent eyes in the woods staring at you for 30 minutes, then running away and never seeing the beast again? I was only 17 then 20 now but perhaps this "demon" was a figment of our imagination, something extremely deceiving and demonic. It wouldn't be smart to trust such a thing, for such a thing could drive you crazy and be blasphemy to our God Jesus Christ. Just know you can see the demons deep within whereever you go and move, but they won't be able to see you as you are a herme or hermit within. Their powerless to your good, and although they may show themselves and try to haunt you, your protected by the light and the art of fearlessness...

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