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stealthfire in Extremely Bright Light
I can only presume your hair colour changed due to fear. As for a heat source coming from your mirror I have no idea but I would like to know where the mirror was from was it given to you or was it new was it old as mirrors can hold many memory's good and bad and spirits use them.
the spiritual body is like doctor who's time machine its small on the outside but huge on the inside our astral body is probably the size of a pin head. Size has no meaning really. If you think about it there's probably a planet out there 100 times the size of earth anyway your claiming your body is being used by other spirits well I guess that's possible but that's usually only if your aura is broken due to something bad happening to you which would bring your defences down and create gap's for these visitor's to enter I suggest you meditate and imagine a pure white light going through each of your chakras and down in to the earth to the ground and of course through your crown to the sky you should then be safe in your bubble of light and it don't hurt to say a prayer for extra protection and ask your spiritual door keeper to keep these visitor's from intruding your body.
I wouldn't worry about your out of body experience trust me your not alone I have had them as well as many other different spiritual experiences which has intrigued me to find some answers but not really any available all guess work really the feeling of being pulled out of your body is just because those feelings are new to you it becomes less frightening the more these happen if you can manage to leave your body then remember that your not in human form no more you are a soul traveller so the second body as I call it is controlled by thought not by your muscles think about going somewhere and you will instantly move in that direction as for god pulling your soul out lol I think not I see god as the god force energy which is invisible to the naked eye but is everywhere omnipresent say I wouldn't worry you will be fine read up on a man called sylvan Muldoon he will explain better about soul travelling and there's also a book by albert taylor ph.d. Called soul traveller.
When you asking what you should you do I can't tell you what exactly you should do
But I can tell you this one thing Mrs Erlin
God loves you, so He shares with you what He is thinking
You are the proof of His almighty and love
He brings you to a consciousness of your sin
For what you have done wrong, fix them
For what problems you might have solve them
Live under His Light
Praise and worship Jesus all the time
Jesus loves you
hello my name is Carlos and live somewhere I can't tell you guys but this thing that happen to you is happening to me my testimony is I seen my sprit and my other friends... This is how it had happen well I do bad things and I learn from my mistakes so don't judge me... This is how it had happen I started drinking with my friends and we decided to go stealing cars ok so we get away once at a check point then the next chance I got was that cops were following us and I thought that was it rite but they stop another car we escaped and as we were going back home we took a road where there is nothing but fields no houses for miles people ok check this out my friend decides to hit the e brake once and I had this happen once too that my friend hit the e-brake and we crash into a telephone pole smashing more than 80mpg survive with no starches so I tell my friend that was driving not to do that because that had happen to me the reason I had told him that was because I had a bad feeling and we crash rite so that had happen but that's not what I'm writing to you about its that when we left the crime scene walking and jogging a little bit more we saw this three people that look like us I was not drunk and I'm not crazy because my friends saw the same thing what the thing was that there was no houses for miles it took us like an hour to get home and it was dark probably like two in the morning... After that I had some weird things happen to me people that I never thought would tell me to go to church so I ask a pastor what that meant and he said that god is trying to talk to me... I need some one to talk to about this if anyone can help me out because I ask myself why me why me my email address is carlosramon873 [at] please anyone cuss I'm scared... The reason is because I saw the shadow people too and everyone is saying it's the devil himself watching over me in my room. If anyone can recommend an evilest
musa in Angel?
It is not true that all angels have wings. The one that came to anounce the coming of Solomon did not have ant defference from a human being.

I guess you people were responding to another story.

Brotheran be carefull about one thing we are not allowed to pray in anything accept Jesus Christ not even in Angels. How can a person who is in more position pray to the one who is in a little position, I am not saying this out of pride but if you spent a little time with your bible you will know what is a person and yes in the kingdom of God we are in the greater position than Angels.
I felt this hug too. It was very unexpected and took me by surprise. I do get a tingling sensation over my head duriing my evening prayer sessions, but this experience topped it all. I am now convinced of a divine being residing in my house and guiding me all the time.
I am 35 years old. This will be the first I have discussed this with anyone. When I was 11 my brother died. A few weeks later the following ocurred. I was sleepling and woke to the brightest most intense light I had ever seen. This light was in a small mirror I had on the wall. I was filled with fear and yet felt pulled to it. I could feel a burning heat enter my eyes. I pulled the covers over my head in fear, and as I looked again it was gone. The following night this occured again. As scared as I was I walked towards it. This was not a white light but rather an undescibeable brilliant yellow and red. As I got closer and as scared as I was I felt compelled to stare into it as I did this a very intense heat enterd me through my eyes. I ran back to bed, Pulled the covers over my head and waited until morning. When my mother saw me in the morning she was alarmed, because my hair in the front (my bangs) had turned white and had lost all pigment. I never told my parents or anyone until now. I have always been in fear of telling anyone as I do not know how. I truly don't know if it was evil or good. Someone please help.
ive got the same experience twice. Was terribly scared and woke up forcfully...
To each of you,
It's great to see people encouraging each other through communication. Yeah no doubt that their are Angels and demons amongst us, but we have a great teacher that left instructions on how to overcome such issues. May the peace of our Lord be with ALL of you:)
Hold Fast!
Be encouraged, because at times we may feel alone but rest assured folks we most certainly are NOT alone. Yeah, theirs a fight going down but as it's stated multiple times it's already been won by our Lord Jesus Christ and his triumph over death.
I too have expierienced what each of you have and it's nothing to fret about. So stay your thoughts from going astray and thank God.
I have gotten to the highest point before leaving my body, but am unable to leave my body. I go through the vibration stage, feel my body lifting up my heart starts to race an am about to exit but never do. I have been practicing this for over a year. As for getting to the vibration stage, I listen to Binaural Beats in the theta frequency. Here is a great hour long session I found on Youtube. I use this one all the time and have gotten almost out of body. Heres the link --->
The trick is to concentrate on the sound. Mind awake, body asleep. Clear your mind completely and tune in to the music. It takes a lot of concentration for me and practicing meditation for years has really helped. Good luck with your journey and hopefully soon you will get there. As for me, well I have not gone out of body yet if I do I will let you know. 😁
jamieboy222 in My Light
I read this story again today 11-22-2012 and read one of the comments about aliens, first I'd like to state I've had many exps since then and I know that's not the case. The light was actually a HUGH light maybe 20/30 ft wide right over my head and was at one point over me all the way to the horizon as far as you could see and very bright, if it were aliens me being on the beach in kona on Alii Dr 2 miles from town many many people would have called in to reports this, but the next morning not that I had ANY doubt, I found nothing in the news at all. If you truly apply yourself to your spirit half you too will develop exps that will let you know we are just growing children.
Something similar happened to me two weeks ago. I woke up and it was around three or four in the morning and I was just opening my eyes when I could make out this white light. It started moving so I snapped myself awake and it was like a human shape but a lot thinner and it was very bright. I kind of froze and panicked and put my blanket over my head. I wasn't scared of it really but I just panicked because this had never happened to me before. I'm glad I'm not the only one.
I wish I could have what you have musacyril [at] But I have come to believe that it like the scriptures put it. No one can come to the father accept when pulled by him. And he bless whom he like. I have tried to have him, it time to get over it. How ever I can't get over the event the happened to me when I was very young, can't remember how old 2-6. I was going to fatch water with my elder brother. This was not a dream it actual happened. All of a sudden it looked like the were going to be a big storm and the weather became the windest I ever seen. On our way back I carred nothing were in a hurry in a wired ruler road on the right hand of my was a line of little trees with these sharp things I don't what to call in english (in zulu ameva) (eg: lemon tree has it). Every time the wind blowed strong it would push me toward these trees, I tried to balance but it pushed until the was no space between me and the tree. These happened like 5 or 7 time, that the only day it happened though. But not one time did it managed to get me hurt by the trees. I used to look at this fact and think that may be one day I will find Jesus again I will be born again be field with his spirit again, but it seem I am only fooling my self. Guess during the time I was fully a christian I once went to a prophet o God and told her that sometimes when I pray they would just be a sudden wind. I will never forget the day I was not in a prayer or anything I was just at home and I seng a gospel song a strong wind rose and I was field with Holly spirit very suddenly. She told me the meaning of it but I am not going to share it here
I am new to this site, loved your post Can relate to it completely I have this flow of love running through me all day long at times even when I am watching a movie or hearing to music, at times this love currents are so strong that it over flows in the form of tears and fills me with extreme joy and bliss, have had some experiences of mystic transport but when during transport a thought of fear arises in the mind transport immediately stops, I guess HE is Lovingly preparing us, we are very limited HE is teaching us to expand, to open up our parameters the more we are able to digest HIS grace with all HUMILITY the more understanding dawns on us and the more HIS grace increases.

The nature of my experience is as follows:
My childhood was quite ordinary, plenty of outdoor activities: Fishing, Bike riding, Playing outside with friends - nothing out of the ordinary. A rather rebellious teenager, often in trouble at school, mixed with the 'so called' wrong crowd - considered a 'no hoper' up until I was about fifteen years old. Then I developed an aptitude for Art and woodwork and was given encouragement from a few teachers who believed in me and who thought that perhaps I had some potential. I performed quite well in these subjects and went on to further and higher education.
Following a path that lead into the field of Engineering Design instead of Art. This path I chose because I thought that it would at least supply me with a steady pay cheque. I first developed a curiosity for Religion as a student and often wondered at the enthusiasm and sometimes secrecy that my Christian colleagues seemed to display at times. This lead me into contact with the student Priest at my college. Of the few talks that we had I remember feeling confused and unhappy about having to chose a particular Church or branch of Christianity over some other. This I felt would somehow distance me or separate me from all of the followers of the other Churches and I was told that I had to make up my mind which path I wanted to follow before I could progress any further.
I decided not to sign up with any particular Church and instead to defer my decision until a future date. I do remember however that that Priest had suggested that, as I was not really a prayerful sort, to say every night the simple phrase "O LORD JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD HAVE MERCY UPON ME A SINNER" and that I should direct this prayer towards GOD who at that time I knew not. This simple phrase I quickly memorised and have said every night since and always proceeds any prayer that I make, even today.
My family although quite ordinary were not really Religious at all, my parents simply did their best to raise their family of six children on a single low income, no mean task at any time. My Father worked long hours, as a guard on the Railway and we just got by living a fairly modest existence. My Father was quite strict with us and always made an effort to teach us right from wrong and to be honest and truthfull. We learnt however, as we were left to our own devices for most of the day, to be street wise and how to survive off our own wits and efforts. I attended a local Sunday school as a child on occasion, with my elder Brother and Sister, but only because they used to give us free sweets afterwards I am sure.
I had never really managed to meet a girlfriend and this was starting to trouble me at nineteen or so. I had managed to avoid having a fling with a so-called 'easy girl' that my elder brother had set up for me, because it just didn't seem right. I wanted more than a 'one night stand' I wanted a proper relationship. I was looking for real love and all that comes with it, I needed a lucky break. I thought I would have to throw in the towel and just go for it as in the college halls of residence a certain girl approached me to go out with her. I was thinking that although I wasn't physically attracted to her, I had to give it a try even if just for the experience, and at least I wouldn't be so lonely. Whilst I was troubled by uncertainty and as the next morning I was due to make the journey home for the Christmas holidays, I decided that perhaps for the first time in my life I would really get down on my knees and Pray to my newly found saviour Jesus, for help. I don't remember much of that prayer but I remember that I was sincere in pleading and I desired only for direction in my life and help in resolving this dilemma. The link between this prayer and what was to occur the following morning only became clear to me some years later.
As I went to board the train the next day I noticed an attractive young lady sitting on her own by a window. I sat down opposite her and soon became enamoured by her beautiful appearance. I made a few comments and to my surprise she seemed to accept my company. We talked some more; I bought her a coffee and the journey passed timelessly. As we left the train I plucked up the courage to ask her out and she accepted. It seemed as though my feet were always a few inches above the floor from then onwards. I was in Love at last and life seemed to be just about as good as it gets. After meeting in the winter we were married in the spring. I was in love with a beautiful woman, married, four children followed and everything that came with it; home, family life, work, more work, nappies, etc.
The other blessing that came from that union was that my wife introduced me to her eastern Religion 'The Bahai Faith'. You see my wife was from IRAN and was here as a student and a refugee because of the fact that her family had been persecuted in their own country because of their religious beliefs. None of this really meant anything to me because I was in love and my wife was here with me and nothing else mattered. This new Religion however I immediately warmed to, its members seemed very nice people, they were very positive and optimistic about life and the future in general. They were all united in their beliefs and all of their teachings seemed most agreeable. This seemed to be the sort of Religious philosophy that I had been hoping to find all along, a Religion that actually accepted all the others to be equally true. I started reading a few books on my wife's Religion and as I seemed to agree with everything that I read it wasn't too long before I became a member myself. Although this Religion is relatively new, it only started in 1844, and its Prophet founder a man titled BAHAULLAH (the Glory of God) lived during this century up until 1892 when he passed away in Israel, after having suffered many years of persecution himself. I soon discovered that this Prophet as well as founding a new world Religion had also made the ultimate claim that he himself was none other than the return of my Lord Jesus Christ. A claim that filled me with wonder and hope and intrigue, I simply had to investigate this claim further, could such a thing possibly be true. The flame of search for my Beloved had been kindled in my heart, a flame that burned brightly for several years of searching and seeking, asking and pondering. But alas with increasing family commitments as my children were growing up and of the demanding responsibilities that this entailed, my search seemed to be increasingly distracted and gradually waned until only the spark of search remained. Ten years passed by, ten good years, busy years, my time preoccupied with simply trying to keep my head above the water. These years took their toll however on my spiritual well being. I had hardly read a book on bahai subjects or indeed on any other spiritually related subject. It had been several years since I had said any prayers of any sort, I was so wrapped up with everyday life and work and commuting through the traffic that I just couldn't find the time anymore. I became distant and withdrawn, disillusioned about my personal problems and about worldly concerns. I had lost my enthusiasm and had entered onto the pathway of despondency and despair. Against the principles of my religion I had started drinking alcohol with my friends at work during the lunch breaks and this seemed to be the start of a slippery slope. My marriage life was suffering and my wife and I seemed to argue more while I slipped deeper and deeper down that slope.
All of these things were happening during the year leading up to my long awaited visit to the world's centre of the Bahai Faith on mount Carmel in Israel. The centre in Israel contains the tombs or sacred shrines of the founders of this Faith along with all of the surviving relics and artefacts that used to belong to them. There are also well-maintained and restored buildings where the Prophet and his family used to reside. All of these places are normally visited during ones pilgrimage to the Holy land.
We had reserved our place on this trip some five years earlier, as there was normally a long waiting list. Although this was a very special trip for my wife as she had never been, for me in my present state of mind it seemed like just another two week holiday to somewhere hot and sunny, in fact somewhere that I didn't even want to go, as it was expensive and I couldn't really spare the time from my busy work schedule. The date for our trip was due in January 1993 and was due to last for nine days at the centre with three days left over to explore Israel. As I said, I did not really want to go, it didn't seem important to me, and as it happened I lost my job over it as my boss was not happy about me having two weeks off when I was in the middle of a busy contract. Upon my return I was to discover that I would have no job to come back to, as my boss had brought someone else in to replace me during my absence.
Before our departure we left our children with my wife's sister for the duration of our trip of which I thought of as a well-earned break away from the kids and at least all to ourselves. During our first day in Israel I was quite indifferent to my surroundings, although the environment seemed pleasant enough. The land around the shrines had been transformed over the years into beautiful gardens, painstakingly maintained by a veritable army of volunteer gardeners. Because of my state of mind I could not really appreciate the need for such exquisite beauty and even thought it all perhaps as a bit wasteful. The rest of the Bahai pilgrims on our group, numbering about twenty souls in total, seemed nice enough people, although to me they were just people, just faces in the crowd. I didn't really want to engage in exchanging pleasantries or small talk with any of them. Nine days suddenly seemed like a long time to me. On the third day however, I decided to leave my wife for a while, as she was busy talking to one of her new friends, and pay a visit to the shrine on mount Carmel. As we were currently in the pilgrim's house on Carmel, it was only a five-minute walk up to the shrine. I entered the shrine itself, a square shaped room, directly above the vault where the sacred remains were entombed. There was room for about twenty people who would have to sit or kneel on the exquisite Persian carpets that covered the floor, the room was scented with the odour of fresh roses and there was a heavy silence. I walked quietly over and kneeled down at the back of the room. There were only a few visitors there, I settled down and closed my eyes. The silence was only broken on occasion by the sound of someone in the room chanting a Persian prayer in a soothing and melodic voice. As I personally had not said a prayer for some years, I was content just to sit there in silence, relaxed and composed. Perhaps half an hour or so had passed when the strangest feeling came over me. It seemed as if all of the stress and the worries that I had stored up over the years, was simply evaporating up through my body and out of my head, leaving me carefree and stress free. Feeling light and elated, I left that Temple and walked out into a different world, a much more pleasant world. The sun was shining brightly and everything looked fresh and new. The transformation that had occurred in that Temple was quite remarkable, even though I hadn't prayed it was as though someone or something had taken pity on my wretched state and had mercifully revived me. I was like a new man that had been given a new lease of life, and I felt like a sheep feels when all of its thick wool is sheared off and it runs off jumping joyfully. I was enthusiastic again and exited to be in such a beautiful place. My spirit that had lay dormant for such a long time had been rejuvenated, like a smouldering candle with just a spark remaining suddenly ignited again to burn a bright. When I returned to the other pilgrims I smiled and greeted them, I was happy to be with them all. I remember thinking at the time that if this was all that I was to get out of this trip then it was well worth it, people in the cities pay large sums of money for this kind of stress relief and not nearly as effective. I feel today that it was meant to be that I entered that shrine in such a dilapidated and dried up condition in order that I absorb a lion's share of that life giving spirit that is manifest there.
I recall soon after this, entering a Bahai library on that site and reading part of a book that spoke of the pure devotion of the early believers who walked on foot many hundreds of miles in order to catch a glimpse of Bahaullah at the window of the prison barracks where he was incarcerated at that time. These early pilgrims underwent extreme hardships during these perilous journeys. Many were beaten and robbed of their possessions on those desolate highways. It seemed clear to me that making a journey on foot was the best way to experience the real sense of actually travelling and would therefore be more satisfying. I decided there and then that this is what I wanted to do; I would make the journey from Haifa to Akka on foot on the last day of my pilgrimage. I planned to visit the Turkish bath where Bahaullah used to bathe, and also the prison barracks where he was incarcerated in that town. I felt sure that Christ himself would guide me on this journey. I had already made the journey from Haifa to Akka the day previously as an official tour with my fellow pilgrims, in an air-conditioned coach. The distance is only some twenty miles or so and takes a little over an hour by coach, it didn't seem that far, I felt that I could easily manage it. Arriving at that destination by coach however, I felt more like a tourist than a pilgrim, and I remember that the experience was a bit of an anticlimax on the day.
The night before the last day of our official stay, I set out to fulfil such an intention. I surreptitiously departed from my Hotel room a little after one in the morning, whilst my wife was asleep, and left her a note explaining my intentions. Once outside into the cool, still night air, I immediately made my way down towards the seafront; I intended to make the whole journey on foot right along the coastline. To my disappointment however I discovered that for the most part of my journey there was actually no access to the beach allowed. The entire coastline was blocked off by miles of heavy industrial building sites; cement factories, oil refineries, scrap metal sites, and the like. I followed a main road, which ran along side all this industry and headed off in the right direction. I was pestered by Taxicabs in Haifa, who prowled the streets looking for fares, and I was anxious to avoid them still whilst on this road.
I stopped at a large river, about ten metres across, which was a few miles distance from the town, and stood on the steel bridge, there was an oily smell in the air. I looked at the river where the moonlight was reflecting on the surface and noticed the distinctive haze of oil and pollution there. It seemed obvious to me that the river was being used to dispose of industrial waste under the cover of darkness. I felt sorry that this beautiful land was being abused and polluted in that way and that some countries could get away with this sort of behaviour in this day and age. As I resumed my journey I started to notice some large olive trees along the side of the road. I realised that these trees were old enough to have originally been there during the time of Bahaullah and could well have been seen by those early pilgrims making that journey to see their Lord. These beautiful old trees were now in a dilapidated condition being near a busy roadside and surrounding them were piles of refuse and old rubble that had been fly tipped there as was common along these remote stretches of road. As I became more emotional, my eyes became tearful and I started to bemoan the plight of this once beautiful countryside and how sorely it had been treated. As I progressed further along this route I came across an oil refinery and I stopped to look at the pumping stations and filtration vessels. This plant was all too familiar to me as I had designed equipment just like this back home where I worked as a draughtsman for companies that worked in this industry. All of these things played heavy on my mind and I became irrational and started to imagine myself in somehow partly responsible for all of this unsightly industry and for the pollution. My heart sank lower and lower as I progressed and I began to feel worthless and increasingly depressed. I had remembered reading of pilgrims who used to walk that same journey from Haifa to Akka, who walked the entire distance along the beautiful sandy shoreline with its clear blue sea and bordering sand dunes, and I so envied their experience and I wished it could have been so now.
A disused railway line ran parallel to the road in the direction of Akka and I chose to walk along this for a few miles. It was now raining quite heavily and I was so despondent that I didn't even open up my umbrella that was hanging from my leather coat, instead I just walked sombrely onwards becoming wet through. As I rejoined the road some time later I lost my way and headed for some miles in the wrong direction, only having to retrace my steps again, as signposts were few and far between. As dawn approached, I came upon a small coastal village, and with the little money that I had remembered to bring I entered a shop and purchased some bread and some milk for my breakfast. With this I made my way down to the beach and sat by the sand looking out at the calm, peaceful sea whilst eating my food. It was low tide and the wet sand stretched out before me, it was nice to be finally on the shoreline by that beautiful sea with the sun slowly rising on the horizon. After the cold and miserable night I had been through it felt good to be warmed by those first rays of sunshine. After a relaxing rest I got up and walked out onto the sand to resume my journey along by the sea. I noticed as I walked that the shells crunched beneath my feet and fell into pieces, as this had not been the case in towns that I had previously visited further down the coast, I suspected that this might be due to the pollution I had seen being dumped into the sea in that region. The sight of a few dead fish and oil stained seabirds that had been washed up onto the sand reaffirmed my suspicion. I had only walked for half a mile or so, when I came upon a barbed wire fence stretching down into the sea, there was an armed guard in a lookout tower and I realised that I could walk no further. It was a large military base and I would have to walk around its vast perimeter fence. I was too tired to follow the road round, as it now seemed to head back in the wrong direction, so I crossed a field and rejoined that old railway line that I had seen in the distance. To my left as I walked was the end of that barbed wire fence surrounding the military base, with another lookout tower on the corner, and to my right was another fence. I walked past the armed guard; I was aware that he was looking at me but I kept my eyes on the floor in front of me and kept on walking straight ahead. I soon heard a mans voice behind me shouting "Halt", the guard was now following me along the railway line, I walked a few more steps, then the fearful sound of his automatic rifle clicking as he was preparing to shoot made me come to an abrupt stop. I raised my arms above my head and perhaps for the first time ever, feared for my life. An army jeep drove up to me and I was escorted by a few soldiers to an office. I sat for a while there while checks were made on my passport and with my Hotel. They asked me what I was doing there and I managed to explain that I was making a journey on foot from Haifa to Akka. Before to long they decided to let me go and drove me out of the base to the main gate, they wanted to drive me the last few miles into Akka but I insisted that they let me walk, they obliged although I realised that they thought I was a crazy Englishman. I walked past the army base and to my relief realised that I could once again gain access to the beach. When I got to the beach I sat down by some sand dunes and pushed my fingers into the warm sand, it was beautiful. I looked up the beach and gazed on the distinct city walls of the old fortress town of Akka, it was a pleasure to behold, the pale yellow brickwork glimmering in the sunlight, I was awestruck. I realised that I had reached the end of my journey, that city looked as magnificent then as it must have looked to those early pilgrims some one hundred or so years ago. It was about ten in the morning and it was a brilliant sunny day and I was exactly where I wanted to be in the world, I felt elated. I noticed down in the grass besides me a young tortoise, so I picked it up and decided to take it with me. Tortoises are expensive to buy as pets in England whilst in Israel they are considered pests and are often killed by Farmers and gardeners for eating their plants. In any case at least now I had some company for the rest of my journey. I would keep him with me for a few days and find him a new home out in the wilderness and out of harms way a bit later. As I walked by the sea towards the city, some few miles ahead of me, I came across a river flowing into the sea. The river was about tem metres across and it was as deep as a mans waist. There were three local men fishing that estuary with small fine nets, and I noticed one of the men empty his net on the river bank, he left a dozen or so small silver fish to die on the ground. I walked over and picked up the wriggling fish and threw them back into the water. The logic of these fishermen amazed me; it was no surprise to me that they were not catching any larger fish if they simply killed off all the small fry. When I crossed the river I made no attempt to roll up my trousers or remove my shoes, I simply waded straight across, after all I had been wet for most of the night so I didn't really care. The three men gave me a strange look as I passed them. One of the men approached me on the other side, he asked me directly if I had any cigarettes, he was trying it on so I thought and I suddenly felt quite vulnerable, however I smiled at him and said that I hadn't and he just left me, so I continued and walked away.
As I approached the city walls I came to another fence. On this stretch of beach near the fence I noticed an injured sea gull dragging its broken off wing behind it as it walked about. I drove the bird into a corner and as it couldn't fly I easily picked it up. Some tough, stringy ligaments connected its wing, so with the aid of two sharp stones I managed to cut the dead wing off. The bird would never again fly, but it could now walk quicker and when I let it go, it ran straight for the safety of the ocean and swam out. I watched it for a few moments; it felt good to have been able to help in some way. I remembered from a Bahai book an analogy about the two wings of a bird being likened to a husband and his wife, and for the first time that night I remembered my wife who I had left earlier that morning, I hoped that she would forgive me. As the tide was low I managed to wade out into the sea a little and climb over the fence away from the barbed wire. I walked a little way along the next beach when two soldiers rushed over to me and told me that I shouldn't be there, I was in another, smaller army base. One of the men suggested to the other that perhaps I was a tourist from a nearby hotel, I thought it wiser to lie at this point rather that try a long explanation, so I said "yes, I did". The two men smiled to each other and led me to an iron gate, which they unlocked and allowed me to pass through. I was so relieved to have been allowed to pass through that gate as for a moment back there I thought I could have been in a lot of trouble. I was now free to enter the walled city as the big wooden gate was in view just ahead of me. I admired that old gate for a time, about six inches thick, solid oak, about ten feet tall and ten feet wide, filled with rusted, large iron rivets. It was possibly several hundred years old and looked very foreboding. I remembered those old stories I had read about the early pilgrims and how they had dreaded to pass this very city gate. They had had to disguise themselves and openly lie to the guards who watched over that gate and allowed people to pass through into the city, as they made a point of turning Bahai pilgrims away. It then suddenly occurred to me that perhaps throughout the whole of my journey through the night, that God had been watching over me and had helped my experience to feel more realistic. There had been the sheer length of the journey, about ten hours on foot that had left me exhausted. There was the emotional turmoil that I had been through, that had left me emotionally drained. There had been the fear of the armed guard and my interrogation at the first army base. There had been my elation at arriving at those city walls after such an arduous journey. There had been a very real possibility of being beaten and robbed by the fishermen, and finally there was the experience of being caught at the eleventh hour, and having to lie to the soldiers who let me pass through a very substantial iron gate and into my final goal, the city itself. I realised that all of these events were more than just pure coincidence, so on a spiritually high note, I entered the city gate.
Once inside the city, I walked through the narrow streets and wondered to myself if they had changed at all over the past hundred years or so. The old walled city of Akka was in fact remarkably well preserved and unspoiled; I believe that it is protected by a preservation order that helps to keep it that way. Most of the buildings in the old city were built with the same thick stones that were used to make up the surrounding city walls, and they looked as though they were built to last. I spent several hours wandering about that venerable old city, soaking up the atmosphere and admiring its views. I entered into an old public Turkish bath that had been out of use for many decades, but that had been preserved as a tourist attraction. This place was of special interest to me as I had heard that my Lord Bahaullah Himself had used this bathhouse regularly to cleanse Himself during the years that he was incarcerated in that city. I walked reverently around those premises and then sat down quietly and recited a prayer, again wishing I could turn the clocks back to those glorious days when my Lord walked this earth. I stopped for some food and ate near the sea, and then I walked up to the old prison barracks and sat down on a wall by the sea overlooking the window of the cell where Bahaullah had been imprisoned. I sat there for well over an hour, looking up at that window, as had many pilgrims a century before, hoping to glance upon the outstretched arm of that noble hostage, waving a handkerchief in acknowledgement of their presence. But for me there was no such prize at my journeys end, only an empty building albeit with a glorious history, but empty and derelict all the same, with only the burning desire to meet the Lord of this world and the world that is to come.
I had the long and tiring journey home to make, I had no money left and I was still weary from the night before. It was early evening, if I made good time I'd be there by bedtime, I took a deep breath and set out, although I wasn't sure if I could actually make it. I got about fifty metres down the road when a small white van pulled up next to me and a young man, African, with a smiling face, looked out of the window and said "Mike! I've been looking for you!" and bade me to get into the car. My wife had told the security people at Haifa that I had walked to Akka and that she was worried about me, and this man had been sent out to look for me. My initial reaction was anger and surprise that this man had been put to so much trouble on my account, but I was surely grateful for the ride back home. Travelling at speed along the main roads we were back in Haifa in less than an hour. I was taken to a man who was in charge of security that simply greeted me and enquired if I were all right. At that point I was so disillusioned and upset that I just broke down and started to cry out aloud and uncontrollably. The man consoled me and led me back towards the pilgrims house where the others in our group were gathered for their last nights celebration meeting. Because I was still upset and in such a state, I did not want to meet anybody so I asked if I could be left in the grounds to regain my composure. I was left in a remote spot and sat down on the ground leaning against a wall, the man had told me that he was going to fetch my wife and had walked off. I sat there for about twenty minutes and held my little tortoise for company. When my wife arrived she wanted me to go back with her to the party but I told her that I was too tired, so we both made our way back to the Hotel. Thus ended my first experience of pilgrimage in the Holy land, Israel.
The next morning I awoke feeling much better after having had good nights sleep. We had to pack our bags and leave the Hotel in Haifa as our nine days permitted stay in that town had elapsed. We made our way after breakfast down to the town centre. I decided to cheer my wife up by hiring a car and spent our last four days in Israel driving around the country seeing the sights. One day we drove out to the dead sea, another day we drove around the sea of Galilee, and so on. Whilst travelling we came upon a beautiful spot in the wilderness by a small stream where I let my little friend run free.
The next day we flew home back to England and to our little house in Berkshire where we were reunited with our children. The next day I turned up for work to find someone else sitting at my desk, then my boss told me that he didn't need me any more and that there was no longer a job for me there, this was good news to come back to I thought, but I calmly took the bad news and returned home again. This was just the excuse I was hoping for however, and as I scanned the bookshelf in my living room, I surveyed all of the Bahai books that had literally been collecting dust over the years and I picked one to read. I decided to read a book written by Bahaullah Himself, I held the book in my hand, blew off the dust, and kissed the book reverently, as I now appreciated how precious these writings were. I made myself comfortable on the couch, and started to read then and there, with great eagerness and enthusiasm, those sacred passages. I remembered that one of the things that I had prayed for, whilst in the Holy land, was that upon my return to England, that I would somehow be able to find more time to read the Bahai scriptures, because the pressures of work normally made this difficult. Little was I to know that my prayers would be answered quite so soon and so dramatically, it just goes to show that one certainly has to choose ones prayers carefully when at the sacred shrines, because they might well be answered, and not necessarily in the way that one might at first expect. I read for most of that day and well into the night as well and this process went on for the following four or five weeks. I read through all of the books that I owned and then borrowed books of other people to read such was my thirst for spiritual knowledge. I made some attempt to find another contract job but there was not much work around at that time so I continued with my studies. In the early hours of one morning whilst deep in study I began to meditate on a particular passage from the writings of Bahaullah, the passage referred to a chalice of immortality and that one had to drink deeply from it to attain salvation, or something like that. I thought to myself that the meaning of this was quite clear enough; I would simply try it and ask for it. I remember starting a deep long prayer towards the end of which I offered to God my entire life and soul for Him to do with whatsoever He pleased and that I desired to drink deeply from this chalice of immortality that I had read about. I slept well that night. The next morning I awoke with an overpowering desire to visit a certain sacred place, it was the shrine of the guardian of the Bahai faith in north London, a place that I had visited many times before. I knew that I had to go there, to go straight there and as a matter of urgency, I did not know why but as I had nothing else to do I would just go and follow the prompting of the spirit. As I drove along the motorway it felt as though my car were on autopilot, my driving was meticulously careful, which was unusual for me, it was as though someone or something were watching over me making sure my journey went smoothly. I arrived at the cemetery quite normally, I had been there many times before, but this time as I walked past the graves of the Bahais who were buried there, I felt a strange and powerful presence, vibrating in excitement, from every grave that I passed by. I had felt no such thing from the older Christian graves that I had just passed leading up to where the Bahai graves were. This experience of communication with those departed souls intrigued me but I continued onto the main tomb itself, that of the beloved Guardian of the faith. The shrine of the Guardian is a large white marble structure with a large central pillar upon which stands a beautiful statue of a golden eagle, the tomb is surrounded by fresh flowers and is enclosed by a surrounding wall with a large iron entrance gate at the far end. I entered the gate and walked respectfully up the stone path that leads up to the tomb, I fell to my knees placed my forehead on the white marble step and started to commune with the omnipotent God with all my heart and soul. I can't remember all that I said, I prayed for about a half an hour, my eyes were closed and I was in a trance like state, but I was uttering verses in a similar style to those prayers of Bahaullah Himself. All of a sudden a flash appeared before my eyes, a brilliant dazzling vision of a dozen or so figures in white flowing robes, this lasted only a few seconds and then it was gone, leaving me bewildered. But in the same way that when you stare at a light bulb and then close your eyes you can still see the outline of that bright object on the inside of your eyelid for several minutes afterwards, well I could still see the outline of those figures in the darkness of my closed eyes for quite some time after that moment. I was still wondering what that vision could mean when I found myself immersed in the warmth of a strong sunlight shining upon me and I basked in that beautiful warm light for ten minutes or so, not really praying anymore but just bathing in that warmth until as I thought the break in the clouds would pass and I would be back in the overcast dreary weather again. Whilst still in that light I decided to end my prayer as my legs had long since gone to sleep and were aching so. But as I opened my eyes expecting to see the sun above me, I found myself beneath a cloudy overcast sky with not a break in the clouds to be seen anywhere. But what about that light and that heat I thought, where could it have come from? I couldn't understand it, my head was still burning and when I looked in a mirror later my forehead was visibly reddened just as if I had been in strong sunlight. After twenty minutes or so I was just about able to stand up again as the blood flowed back into my legs. But my spirit had become exited and disillusioned within me and I was deeply touched and moved by what I had experienced.
I entered the office at that site and found some elderly men debating religion rather pessimistically and I remember speaking with an optimism for the growth of this cause and the spread of the spirit of God on earth rather like a forest fire consuming a dried-up woodland with a force that would be all consuming and unstoppable. My enthusiastic speech raised the spirits of those men and gave them new hope, this I recall but those moments were somewhat hazy for me as my mind was preoccupied by that light. When I set off for home I found myself driving via the head office of the Bahais in London. I related the details of my experience to the two lady secretaries that were there, they were very sympathetic but were really unable to console me and they asked if I would be all right to drive myself home. But I simply had to tell somebody although now I realised that there are some things that you have to keep to yourselves because people cannot really understand them. Even my wife when I told her later that evening didn't understand, she said that I must have been imagining it and there was always a logical explanation. I soon realised that I was on my own and that perhaps there was no one who could understand me. For several days I was somewhat dazed and I remember that sleep was impossible for me during those days as my mind was in a continual state of meditation, constantly turning over all that I had read and had now experienced. As the days passed my inner turmoil worsened and I grew restless, it seemed that no one could be found to advise me or help me or console me. After about ten days of this I realised that I could only find rest or answers if I went back to the holy land, Israel. I drove to the airport one night, alone, but although I changed some money and had my passport with me, as the time of departure drew near I questioned my actions and drove back home. The next morning I joined my wife and told her where I needed to go and she came with me this time, along with my nine-year-old daughter. My daughter had an eye disfiguration from birth and my wife had always wanted to take her to the shrines to pray that one day she could be healed. We drove to the airport and bought our tickets to Israel. I remember in the departure lounge my realisation that I would soon be in the presence of the Lord Christ Himself, to the extent that I started emptying my pockets of all unnecessary possessions, leaving me free and uncluttered for the impending meeting. I became certain that I had been selected for this divine meeting and my compounding sense of desperation to become free from this perplexity only confirmed my belief that I was ultimately being summoned into that Holy presence, as nothing else could appease my bestirred spirit. The flight itself seemed uneventful and soon we were in Telaviv airport and on our way to Haifa. I was refused credit on my card to hire a car as I had reached my limit paying for the flight tickets so we had to get a taxi. We haggled with a few cabs and settled with the cheapest fare as my foreign cash was limited and we had no means to extend our credit. This journey was being made out of desperation and in our haste we were ill prepared, but I simply had to reach my destination of the shrine on the side of mount Carmel, the mountain of God, at whatever cost. I had had sense enough to gain rushed approval by word of mouth over the phone via the Bahai centre in England with someone in authority in Haifa otherwise we shouldn't have gone. As the taxicab headed out along the main road towards Haifa I started to question what it was I was doing and what my expectations were in all this. I was concerned by the unkept and rough condition of the roads on which we travelled and by the speeding traffic, this seemed to disillusion my visualisation of a land that I considered Holy and sanctified by Gods eternal presence. My heart dropped lower as I noticed several dead cats on the roadside and then I saw a large dead dog that had been hit by a car and just left on the road as if it had no worth. A feeling of despair started to overtake me and I anguished at what I thought the world had come to, at the unsightly roads, the speeding / polluting cars and the lorries that just dumped their waste in heaps along the roadside. I remembered the pollution and unsightly industry I had endured during my walk into Akka previously. With the anger and frustration now welling up inside of me at what man, we, I, had done to pollute and spoil a once beautiful land such as this, became too much for me to bear and I pulled the drivers arm and made him pull over off the road and I got out of the car. I walked a short way into a dirty, muddy wasteland and began to cry out aloud into the air. What had I done, I had come all of this way, spent all of this money, I had dreamt of finding God but all that I had realised was a kind of Hell on earth, that dashed my hopes and brought me down to earth with a thud. My wife and the cab driver must have thought me insane to behave in this manner, but coaxed me back into the car anyway and we continued our journey up into Haifa. We entered the gates of the Bahai gardens on mount Carmel and approached a member of security in a site hut. He made a phone call but we were not making any progress. Some other youthful, uniformed security staff came to us to find out the problem and to help out. But for me this was it, I broke away and walked to a grassy area facing the sea. I was on the side of mount Carmel, the mountain of God, this was the holy land and I was in the middle of it and this would do for me. I kneeled down on the ground raised my hands in supplication and sang out, at the top of my voice, Bahaullah's Healing prayer, the words being thus; " THY NAME IS MY HEALING O MY GOD. AND REMEMBRANCE OF THEE IS MY REMEDY. NEARNESS TO THEE IS MY HOPE. AND LOVE FOR THEE IS MY COMPANION. THY MERCY TO ME IS MY HEALING AND MY SUCCOUR IN BOTH THIS WORLD AND THE WORLD TO COME. THOU VERILY ART THE ALL BOUNTIFUL, THE ALL KNOWING, THE ALL WISE."
I sang this prayer aloud because I wanted God Himself to hear it, and indeed to heal me, I had no one else to turn to, this was my last stand and I gave it my best shot. I had noticed that when only a few lines into this prayer that some of the young guards standing behind me were concerned that my loud voice would upset the locals who had houses nearby and they wanted somehow to stop me, but to my relief my friend who was senior among them told them to let me finish, and I continued my prayer unhindered. When this was done we made our way up into the nearby pilgrims house, a meeting place to receive visitors, and I sat down for some time in that room opposite a large and impressive portrait of the eldest son of the Prophet who we know as Abdul Baha, which means the servant of God. For an hour or two we were attended to and that same youth, whom I had befriended whilst on my pilgrimage two months previously, tried to console me and listened to me as I related all of my concerns to him. I spoke of my many worries including the problem of my daughter's eye being disfigured, as this had caused me anguish over the years. I recalled the first time I met this young man, who was in his early twenties; he was on guard duty in front of the Babs shrine. He told me that he was tired that he had to spend so much time there guarding the shrine, I argued to the fact that how lucky he actually was and how I wished that I could stand guard in that most precious and most holy of sites at the shrine of the Bab, and he then agreed with me. Then an older man came in to see me, a resident phsicatrist whom I was informed would evaluate me and try to help. But within a short time the hand of God took over as the time for my release drew upon us. I stood facing this man and talk became futile, then our voices seemed to speed up like a tape recording and then something like a camera shutter seemed to close over my eyes and momentarily everything went black, as I entered a new dimension. A moment later I was standing still in that room, alone, and all of a sudden this overpowering spirit seemed to flow into me, it seemed I recall to bubble up through the ground into my feet and up through my legs and into my body. I looked at my hands and felt that spiritual presence and then instinctively, uncontrollably, I declared "O God! I am Bahaullah!" and so I was it seemed to all intensive purposes. The doctor besides me must have looked upon this scene in utter disbelief and then declared to my wife that she had lost me, because I had now lost my mind and was now finished. I left that house and as I stood outside in the open air and looked over towards the sky above the trees in the distance, I distinctly recall the feeling of how happy the Christ was to have returned into this world again, to gaze upon that earthly splendour and to breath the air again once more. I can never forget nor can I fully describe exactly how beautiful it felt to be united with the Christ spirit for those wonderful yet brief moments. I was fully aware of that presence and yet those people around me were completely oblivious to what was transpiring. I left my wife and daughter outside the pilgrim's house and indicated to my wife that I wanted to visit the shrine of the Bab, some a hundred and fifty metres away. I made my way up the gravely pathway towards the shrine, its majestic structure with its distinctive golden dome, clearly visible ahead of me. I remember passing as a visitor to the shrine lined up to take a photograph and I waited behind them, this seemed typical of what I had read of Bahaullah not wanting to be photographed during his earthly life. As I approached the front of the shrine I noticed that youth on guard in front of the shrine talking with someone standing next to him. He seemed pleased to see me up and about again and seemingly well, I presumed. I walked over to him to shake his hand and to thank him for trying to help me. As I took his hand the spirit instantly flowed from my body into his and all of a sudden my newly found joy turned into dread and fear as I found myself locked into the grip of a being of supernatural power and strength. It was as though the spirit that had only ten minutes earlier flowed into my being had now flowed out through my arm only to become manifest in this now omnipotent and all-powerful being. I likened that moment afterwards to a helpless insect locked in the jaws of a large and fearsome spider having all of its lifeblood sucked out of its body. The eyes that captivated my attention seemed to sparkle and radiate with immense power. He was smiling and pleased to see me but I was helpless and wanted to collapse on the floor and not be there. After those initial fearful moments that phenomenal presence left me to stand by myself and stood a few metres away from me. He was standing facing the sea in front of that temple, looking out over the bay, like a mighty bird of prey, I recall, surveying His territory. I stood to the left of Him also facing the sea, but I could neither look nor speak or do anything at all in that all-powerful presence. I felt so weak and limp that, if not for the grace of God, I would surely be unable to stand at all. For the few moments while it lasted I felt honoured, firstly that I had been allowed to survive that awesome and terrifying experience, and secondly that I had been permitted to enter such a luminous and resplendent spiritual presence as this, the spirit of the one true God Himself. The overwhelming aura of this majestic being was so great that it was rather like standing close to an electricity pylon sparkling and crackling with electric power. He seemed to play with me then, or so it seemed, I was powerless to move but He seemed to want me to look down the mountain at a house at the base that he was pointing to with His finger. Then I felt Him controlling my eyes and head manipulating them in order to look in the direction of and upon that house. I heard the words that "this was my house", although He was not actually speaking through His mouth, I still received this communication telepathically I suppose. He also said something about taking two years that "it would take two years" but I do not know what this meant even until this day. Then the power seemed to leave and that same youth lead me to the side of the shrine where I sat exhausted and shaken on the ground. He told me that I now had to go back to my house in England and he mentioned the road, which seemed strange to me how he should know this, he now displayed no power as the presence had left us, I regained some composure. I can't remember how I got there, but the next thing I remember was sitting down in a room next to my wife within the pilgrim's house. We were sitting in a room talking with some Bahais who were trying to help us, I was back with my wife and although I was with her, I was very confused and thoroughly bewildered. We were taken by car to the shrine of Bahaullah along the coast in Akka. I felt no spiritual presence at the shrine as I recall, as I was aware that I had just left that great being on mount Carmel back in Haifa, and His shrine here seemed somewhat vacant. I cast an orange that I had kept in my pocket, since my pilgrimage, back into the grounds there as I felt that I no longer needed that lucky charm anymore as it had served its purpose and had brought me back to Israel and into the presence of my Lord. It had dropped off of a tree next to the shrine of Bahaullah and I took it gratefully, it had become hard and small in my pocket as I had handled it so much. I feared that it had become so precious to me that I would be lost without it, so I cast it back where I thought it belonged, on that holy ground. We were then taken to a hotel somewhere in Haifa, and put in a room, and were booked back onto a flight to England for early the next morning.
What happened over the next three days, however, I was truly not prepared for. On approximately seven different occasions I found myself cast into various realms of Hell. Each experience lasted for only several hours but in reality were timeless seemingly in the realms of eternity. Each successive experience becoming increasingly worse and more unbearable, until I could take no more. By the grace of God I was taken into a hospital and injected with some strong drugs that induced a deep sleep that lasted several days. Upon waking up I felt much better and it felt good to be back to normality, back down to earth. I was kept in hospital for a couple of weeks under observation and on tranquillisers but then I returned home. It took a good deal of time for me to recover fully, also to regain a grip on my life and at least a semblance of reality and normality. As I regained my confidence and as soon as I was able to, however, I embarked upon a journey of search into finding an explanation of what had happened to me and of trying to understand the things I had seen and had experienced. I gathered books from libraries and various other sources on the spiritual experiences of mankind and of the writings of mystics and such, in a compelling and desperate attempt to understand the nature of these experiences and any implications that there might be. I found some comfort in discovering that other people had experiences similar to this regarding the realms of the spirit. Near death experiences, out of body experiences, meetings with spirits, angels, visions, dreams and other such occurrences were seemingly commonplace throughout history. By the end of the year I had returned to work and back to a sense of normality. Thus ends the story of my spiritual experiences that occurred predominantly during the months of January and February in the year 1993. May these experiences be a guide and be inspiration to others on the spiritual path. Regards Michael.
I am so thankful that there is a website devoted to spiritual experiences. I am 58 and my first experience was at age 8. Mine have only been brief moments of seeing into the other world. I know some people have much deeper and longer experiences. My most recent experience was seeing a bright light. I am a cancer survivor and this happened just before I left to go to Houston for surgery at MD Anderson (2 years ago). The light woke me up just after midnight. I thought I had left the computer screen on, but when I opened my eyes the room was dark. When I closed my eyes again, I could still see the extremely bright, calm and cloud-like white light. I could not look directly at the light with my mind as it was just above my ability to look up. I believe the Holy Spirit became visible to me because so many good people were kindly praying for a successful surgery. Some people who are much more spritual than me were praying for me. The surgery was a success and I am cancer free now. I am so thankful for this and the other experiences I have had. I am not a particularly good person, but still I have been blessed again and again.
Devoted4Ever in Extremely Bright Light
Thank you for sharing your stories everyone. It is nice to know I am not alone:) I woke up one evening to see a figure so bright that appeared to be leaning over me/standing next to my bed. I could see what looked like a body outline (it was bright) and the being seemed smaller/thinner but when I looked at the face of this being it was much brighter and I could not see what I expected- to see a face outline; instead it was a light so bright. I was scared at the time and stared in disbelief for what seemed like a few seconds but then closed my eyes and might have looked away for a second and when I reopened my eyes it was gone. To this day I have wished I would see this being again; I wish I could have tried to say something instead of freezing up. It was beautiful though and I am very thankful for the visit I received from this wonderful being. God bless you all.
Brother the bible decler that a meaning of the proghecy is to be given by God only that why they couldn't give you the meaning. The proghets are the ones that can get a meaning from God. Bn5904664 [at] is my mail, I need help I am being attecked by a spirit of evil. Can you help me?
Mr you felt god, yes. I guess he was hoping you will turn toward him. God is good but he remain God not a severnt. You can't make a religion and expect him to partake in it. God spoke his word which is him self that the only place you will find him. People of religions had to identify the Word in the form of a religion so they called it christian religion. God made defferent types of people not defferent types of religion. People take few scriptures and make a religion over it dineing the rest of the Word. That is how they loose him, his is not there with them
Good people may I just remind you that the bible states clearly that the is no other name given to us to pray unto accept the name of Jesus. There for it is a sin to pray in any other name. Don't pray to any angel don't pray to marrey even if it help's, it a sin
One might say myne one is very clear. I am a musician. No it is not that simple. Just like the old tasterment it had to be raplaced for it was week. So was I under the vision of music I never became the christian I meant to be. Should you want to say something musacyril [at] is where you can contact me
We mught have somthing common. When I was young 4 some reason I used to believe that I am very special. When I accepted Christ they told me that I am very annoited. That no demon will be able to stand befor my worship. I always felt like and believed I am the 1. The chosen 1, but no one said that to me. The are few miracles I have done in Jesus name but very few. My vision was to be a singer, I love music, crazyly. But my life even after receiving Jesus was full of spiritual problems. When I read mathew 17:11 I thought that was me, but I now know him (google search "william branha") after realizing that if saved God in a better way I could get better result, I took the janey. I lost music love in the procces. Which is how come I am right where you are: what should be my vision, what is it that I was born to do? Unfortunetely I lost christ as well
marvis in Gold Coins
I find so much cynicism in the west. People are so unsure about themselves and their experiences and doubt so much. Now isn't doubt the devils most loved tool amongst others? Have confidence in your self. The only evil is faithlessness. Evil doesn't exist outside us. Be of a pure heart. Hurt none. Extend goodwill to all lives beings like a buddha
one cannot die before a pre destined time. The soul will only merge with the bigger consciouseness when it has worked out its karma. So don't be afraid. I have known many people who have had such experiences. They ascribe them to theirpast lives they have lived as hermits
The eastern philosophy says that we are the soul and not the body. The chief cause of sorrow is too much identification with the body. Or body consciousness. In western philosophy god and soul are separate entities whereas in eastern way of thinking this is called dualism. Soul and god are the same thing
.with the soul being as powerfull as god. This concept maybe hard to agree to. You may ask how can the soul be as big as god? God and soul are not bound by physical laws. Size is a physical phenomena.
Both god and soul are formless. Both are just pure consciousness.
We are bodies made of the five elements. And consciousness when added to the body makes it move. Like petroleum in a car making it go. But the petroleum is not the car and is not related to the car.petrol,when removed from the car won't miss the car. But rather move on with its job I.e move
another vehicle
you could experience so much because you have a very clear conscience. People like you are very rare. I'm a heterodox myself. And have had gains using un orthodox methods. People nowadays have prefer doubt instead of believing and have shut themselves from faith and spirituality
crown means top of the head. If you are conscious of this spot you are opening the doorway to the highest spirituality. The sahasara chakra.
Third eye is intuition. The gland behind the place where your brows meet.
marvis in Gold Coins
what you experienced was a spiritual experience. Happened to a lorra people I know
The gold coins are not money but your earnlngs in the spiritual bank
Jessus was showering you with blessing what you mistook for money
Dnt divulge such experiences. Or the may disappear for good
Dont doubt
magikflute in The Awakening
God works in our lives in odd ways sometimes. He prepares us for sorrow, if we are open to His voice. He comforts us; He prepares us to do battle. I think this was the Holy Spirit leading you to prepare for a time of sorrow; to learn something that you could lean on. I have leaned on Him constantly throughout my life and can testify that He is true to His promises.
This story rings true to me - after my experience 20 years ago - I remmember for the year or so that I was receptive - tuned in - God sent so many signs to me - through music, people I met, books, newspaper articles, etc. I felt that I was being guided towards an understanding as to what had happened to me and what I was going through. I posted my experience today - you should read it - its called 'the making of a modern day mystic' - I wrote it down as a guide to all those who get close to the spirit ig God and become dissolusioned with the experience. Namaste 😁
Gabriel777 in My Spiritual Warfare
I have to start out by saying your experiences make me jealous but in a good way. I don't want to pull a "Oh me too!" and act like I experience everything you do but I will say this: My sophomore year in college I was blessed in that I could feel the armor of God being placed on me every morning when I would pray Ephesians 6:10 over me. I guess you could say my gift is being able to feel things but I don't know if it's as keen a sense as yours. I do feel the Holy Spirit burn within me, when I pray scripture against the enemy I feel it, I feel the effect of the sword of the spirit much like if you wave your hand you can feel the air but I can never see it or feel the sword completely. I do have feelings when something good or bad is going to happen, but I must say

You are a blessing! I have felt alone in that no christian friends have been able to relate to how I feel, and now I've found you and I CAN'T RELATE to how advanced you are! I want to feel angels swoop down, I want to advance spiritually.

I used to have symbolic dreams when I would have my own dorm room and decorate my room with scripture, but now I live with my Mom and those dreams don't happen at all just maybe randomly once every 6 months if I'm blessed! All I can say is that I really need a safe place spiritually because I don't feel myself advancing as much as I was and I am praying. Ugh I need someone to talk to in person about this stuff 😕 but I am glad that I found this thread. Not sure how long it will be until you reply and how I'll find out but I do wish we were friends in real life. They say in sports it's good to practice with people that are better than you and it would be good for me to pray with you.
I saw an angel in a cloud before. Turned to my cousin asked if she sees it (points out cloud and everything). All she said was, "Nope, all I see is a turtle!" 😆
My name is Cole and I too suffer from demons. A little about me is I started getting into satanism when I was 15. Really into it when I was 19 and doing lots of meth. I was in jail trying to figure out why I had all this confusion and chaos in my life and one night I witnessed the devil and a couple of demons come to me to claim my soul for I sold it for temporary solutions. That night I prayed and prayed for forgiveness from God. And when the sun rose that morning the chaos stopped. I started to go to church and NA meetings for the support to get off drugs. I still had occurances for a while, but it did get better. I had to change the music I listened to which now all I listen to is christian, stopped doing drugs, bible studys, and church. The key point is to not give up no matter what. If your really desperate like you say you are, I recomend doind ALL of these things. And PRAY PRAY PRAY. Even when you feel like hes not there. PRAY and get people to pray for you, because I promise you one day you will realize that He has been there all along and everything will make sense. Its very scary stuff, but you WILL make it if you don't give up and keep fighting. NO MATTER WHAT, because Jesus saves.
tsubasa_tenshi in Holy Spirit So Intense
I just recently signed up to this site, so you can say that I am a novice on blogging, but I'm most familiar with my faith in God and His son. I can't help but say that your testimony got me very emotional, especially since I have felt such immense and immeasurable love before. It was an awesome experience. His unconditional love have filled me so wholly and completely, that I too have cried overwhelming tears of joy (and I was smiling brightly while doing so).

God's love is something to be treasured not only by the body, but also by the mind and soul. It is to be treasured by everything that you are. Such unconditional love should not be ignored, and it saddens me so that not many people are willing to give themselves to this feeling. But, it is still nice to know that no matter what, His love will remain everlasting.
To answer your question..., look to God. God is your hope, your everlasting love, your guiding light. If you continue to believe in him and hold onto faith, then the answers you seek will be there. All you have to do is trust that God will lead the way and to never lead you astray.
Mcarsonames in Angel?
10 minutes later you could have gotten hit by a car. I bet he kept you two steps back by knocking you down. He probably wants to make it very clear that he is there to protect you, and to keep you on the right path of God.
Hi Deli!
I know what happened to you. It happened to me once and I read what it was a few months after from a book by Silvia Brown. ASTRAL CATALYPSE. It's when you leave your body while sleeping, I imagine you left to meet who ever you were listening to. If you wake up before your astral body has reached you, you may be paralyzed, experience a loud cracking sound, see lights and even feel afraid. Some people feel the pressure of the body coming back to you, which is why you felt it on your upper body. Legends and myths talked about people believe an old hah or woman was jumping on them (hah.)
I was maybe 14 when that happened to me. I fell asleep listening to headphones when a song woke me up. I heard that sound I felt the pressure. I was very afraid because I tried to run out of my room but felt paralyzed. That's the significant time I felt it, I heard that happened on a weekly basis for a girl.
I hope that helps!
I am so happy to hear of your experience and to know that no matter if you are a Charismatic, Catholic, Muslim, what ever you have been raised in-- God is bigger than titles and will introduce you to the Truth, because He loves us and will leave the 99 to go after the 1 ~ He wants us to seek Him with our whole Hearts and when we truly seek Him, we will find Him. I once heard a sermon by Graham Cooke, who said the reason that the angles are saying "Holy, Holy, Holy" is not a forced or programmed response, it is because God is revealing His nature a particle at a time and each time, it is overwhelmingly, mindbogglingly amazing and it automatically produces "H-o-l-y, H-o-l-y, H-o-l-y"...from the angles lips. I like that, I do believe He is amazingly good that all the things He has done, would take eternity to reveal. Blessings in Christ and may He continue to reveal Himself to you. 😁
I too, am a new to this site ~ I loved your post also and agree wholeheartedly. It does not matter what 'religion' you are God loves you so unconditionally He will find a way to introduce you to His son, He knows YOU. He knows your heart and knows if you truly are a seeker of Him. He is coming in power to the Muslims and showing them visions by the thousands of Jesus--why? Because He sees they are committed, they are wanting to serve Him and He is introducing them in dream and visions to Jesus (Isa) ~ He is so full of mercy and grace and I am so happy/pleased/ecstatic that people all over the world are having life changing tangible experiences in Christ.
I going to be Baptis this comin Sundayy! I'm very excited God is Amazing so many ways I always pray day and night I do St. Michael ArchAngel prayer everyday be for I go to sleep at night 😊
Hey Kingdixie, I really enjoyed hearing your storie. I can tell you for sure that the Devil and demons which is the kingdom of Darkness does exsist now so does God his son Jesus and angels exsist which is the Kingdom of God. We live in a Spritual Warfare everyday. Look up ephesians 6:10. Talks about Spiritual warfare. I would love to talk to you more in private to explain some things in your situation, but I can definatley help you. I enjoy helping people. I want you to know that when you recieve Jesus in your Life he gives you the holy spirit. Start taking authority over demonic spirits and even over sicknesses and when you don't feel peace. Jesus says I have given you my spirit to heal the sick cast out devils, clense lepers, Raise the Dead. You can do all this things in the name of Jesus. That is the name Where we are to use our authority. I have done many healings and deliverences on people from demonic spirits and feel so free afterwards so I definatley recomend you to know your authority in Christ. If you need any information or help on something just let me know.
I Alwayz pray to God then St. Michael Archangel ask him give me full protection watch over me God is amazing he has done so much for me in my Life glad I have God in my life I always worship him Heavenly father of glory St. Michael archangel is Amazing fighter Glad God sends Angel's to help us ❤
MeganDear25 in God Heard My Cry
God is amazing I love your story very awsome God does hear people even when i'm down I cry out to God he has done so much for me in my life through Good's and Bad's God is my Hero He is my true Everything for He loves his people so much 😊
the samething happen to me when a witch was attacking me an my baby through witchcraft. I looked up in the sky and saw myself with my baby on my back as if I was laying in water.
well I believe you god is realy trying to take your soul. Like he did mine. Why don't no one believe that god can realy take soul out without you dieing? 😭 I haven't got my soul in my body right now an god is comunicating with me and knowone believe me.
hi all, I have had a similar experience it has occurred twice.
The first time was 2006 I had just seen an old friend that had completely changed his life and become a born again christian. We were very tight in our youth playing guitars and jamming. Anyhow he had got to a bad stage in life where he was dependant on drugs and thieving. After seeing him on this one evening (I had been overseas for a few years) I kind of felt he had gone crazy with his complete change and new found devotion to god. In the middle of the night a powerful energy of vibration started sweeping over me while in bed I was half asleep, it would start at my feet and sweep up to my head then start at my feet again, it was like each wave was increasing in energy like a volume knob was being turned. It got to what felt like 10 on the volume and the sweeping stopped. This gigantic buzzing energy was just hovering above me, like a jumbo jet was above me and there was this intense ringing in my ears, I was terrified I knew it was god, I was begging him not to talk to me because I knew I could not handle it, it was just too much for me I was sweating and crying. Then he let me go and I awoke in a swamp of sweat. This shook me up for days. But the message I understood from this event was, my good friend was not crazy and I needed to respect him...
The next time this happened was 5 years later I had attended my brothers wedding and to cut a long story short I left the wedding in tears as my brother didn't speak to me and my mother was putting me down in front of my 3 year old niece. I was a mess that day crying and begining to doubt the inner strength and love for myself I had worked so hard to find
Anyway that night I prayed to god asking him to help me, I had always prayed. Early the next morning around 5 am the same sensation I explained before happened, however as terrified as I was I didn't say no to him. I knew I had no family that loved me and all I had was god and here he was coming to me after I had called upon him to help me. And all of a sudden this voice said one word in the most friendly loving way. And that word was "HOWDY" now that made complete sense to me he knew I was terrified and he was letting me know he was there and he loved me and that I needn't fear him. By the way the voice was an old american mans voice and it was not like a normal noise it felt like it was loud inside my head, not like a thought I had no controll over it I didn't know if more words were coming.
Anyway I awoke and looked at the world in a way I had never seen before
I knew god really did exist!
This event changed my life forever I personally don't believe in any particular religon. Just LOVE, POSITIVITY and PEACE. And pursuing your purpose. I'm a musician on my life path
This is completely true, the doubt most people have about gods existence is their own individual issue,
victoryangel in Room Filled With Light
Hi Everybody!
I posted the following note on facebook on 11 May 2011. I have read several other stories similar to mine and believe we are blessed to have been chosen to experience this wonderful special thing happen to us. This is my story

"Bright White Light WOKE ME in my sleep... Spiritual friends please read and HELP ME?

TRUE STORY! The other night I was asleep and woke up for no reason. To the side of the bed floating above me I saw a white little light. The room was brightened by it. I wasn't scared, just unsure of what was happening. I struggled to try to look at it. I also saw a smaller one in another part of the room. Within a few minutes I fall back to sleep. I was NOT DREAMING, nor on anything."
victoryangel in Extremely Bright Light
Hi Everybody!
I posted the following note on facebook on 11 May 2011. Thanks Rosieblue for your article, it just confirms we all experiences a wonderful special thing... Please read my story and note the similarities to several other stories above!

"Bright White Light WOKE ME in my sleep... Spiritual friends please read and HELP ME?

TRUE STORY! The other night I was asleep and woke up for no reason. To the side of the bed floating above me I saw a white little light. The room was brightened by it. I wasn't scared, just unsure of what was happening. I struggled to try to look at it. I also saw a smaller one in another part of the room. Within a few minutes I fall back to sleep. I was NOT DREAMING, nor on anything."

Ps: I also was sleeping on my stomach.
i just signed up to this site today after reading your story. I had googled "holy spirit experience" because I have found myself in serious want of that manifestation as I had experienced years ago... I will post my own fuller story eventually, but I have to say that I had a similar type of experience, in december of...'07? Shortly before christmas. I was not thinking of anything in particular, just playing darts in the basement and listening to the black crowes... A song came on and the vocals rang out "seeing things for the first time..." he started repeating it over and over, and suddenly every dart I was throwing was hitting the bulls eye, I felt really connected to everything and then WHAM - it felt like something flew into my back and resided within me... I could barely see, I was completely overcome by a feeling so awesome...orgasmic, really... I had to stumble to a support post and fell against it, slid down to the floor and just absorbed the sensations before it subsided to an all-encompassing peace and serenity, clarity and love until - and this is like another's comment - I decided I HAD to share this feeling of love and talk to people about it. The feeling lasted a total of 3 days, I could perceive others' thoughts and feelings, I could feel things physically but could understand it's separateness from the spiritual and the mind... I had spiritual experiences in the past but never anything like that. Unfortunately with the high came a very low depression due to the feeling leaving, which took a very long time to battle - and I sometimes still do. I would be equally curious to hear about anyone else's struggle with the same.

Thank you so much to everyone for sharing your stories and encouragement - it is so nice to go to a place where there are others who can appreciate these types of experiences for what they are.

May God bless you and may you continually seek him in your lives.
Hollym2561 in The Silver Fox
I had an encounter like this with a silver fox today! In fact, I was so fascinated by it and completely captivated that I decided to research it online. I was curious to see if anyone else has had an experience like this before. I had never seen anything like it... The fox had these big dark eyes that just gazed at me. I must admit that I was a little scared as it kept following me through the woods until I reached a public road where my car was parked. As I walked to my car he just sat there and watched as I left. Such a dark,
But beautiful creature. This was one of the most random experiences of my life. There was some sort of feeling between the fox and I... Curiosity I suppose. I felt like there was more meaning behind it though. It was definitely something I'll never forget.
wisdomthrudeath_m5_44 in Holy Spirit So Intense
I loved reading your testimony. I am new to this site (just joined today) and I already see I will be spending some time on here. To feel the Holy Spirit and the immense Love of GOD is truly amazing beyond belief. I have moments here in there where I experience that also. It is usually when I am deep in prayer or reading The Bible. However I have had one moment that was just as you described. The difference being that I was at a very low point, and was praying intensely, my soul was crying out to the Lord. In that moment I was flooded with love. Just pure unconditional love. I began crying while still praying. As much as I was completely and wholly filled with GOD's love, I knew that there was MUCH more of it, but it's like I couldn't even physically receive all of it, not even a small portion of the entire thing. I have gotten away from reading my Bible on a consistent basis lately, meaning the last couple years... But it is something that I am striving to get back into. That experience happened to me 6 years ago.
My idea of one being "chosen" means: to be seperated or called out from among the world. There are definatly others out here who are picked too. One might be surprised where they can be found. Here is a clue: Jesus was chosen also... He was homeless.
Yes I have had this happen. God (jesus) is a God of sound mind and peace. NOT OF FEAR. EVIL INVOKES FEAR. This is evil oppression. Do not give to it. To overcome this, within your soul call the name "Jesus" and claim the "blood of christ" on your mind, body and soul. Rebuke whatever it is and tell it to do back to hell from which it came. Be firm and have faith. If you can not speak this out loud then speak it within your soul. For it is written, that you overcome evil with the blood of christ, your testimony and not fearing death of the body. If your soul belongs to Jesus Christ then nothing can ever take it. Stand strong and do not invite this in anyway ever again. For greater is he than is within you than he that is in the world. You are within a spiritual warfare that you can not see. Have faith and rebuke and claim the blood.
MollyOlliver in Something Enters My Body
Tell the spirit to leave. Be firm and shut the door behind him. If he or she tries to re-enter, ask archangel Michael to make it leave. It works. Also if you ever get a feeling that a spirit is negative, ask if it is of the light, it can't lie about "Truth" it is natural law. If it can't answer or wont, tell it to leave, slam the door behind it and ask arch angel Michael to make it stay away. Also, when working with spirit it is important to always ask for the highest and the best before giving a reading. Ask God to make you a pure channel for loving messages that are for the highest good for all involved. Remember you also have guides that help you when you do mediumship so call on them for help too. I hope this helps
Hello Zen Dancer...
I must confess I am reading your expereinces at my office hours.
I have been a seeker for a long time now... I have been watching my thoughts and my ego in action all the time for almost 4 to 5 years now... All these began around 10 years ago while I read a book called tantra by Osho... Since then I have been on a spiritual journey... Been to ISKON... Was chanting the Krishna mantra for atleast 1 hour in a day... I must say that I have had some positive impact on my general behaviour... After this I read a book by Nisargatta maharaj "I am that"...The statements in the book are extraordinary and has possibilities of sudden enlightenment... I must say that I have never had any spiritual experience so far... But I know I am missing something... I have reached until stage where I always think " Like who is this person thinking... Thats it I am unable to reach further "...I must confess that reading so many books I have kind of developed a kind of spiritual ego. Or should I say I find it very difficult to mingle with my old freinds and find their discussion and thought patterns very mundane and futile... At times I forget to bring in compassion to calm myself down when I am with freinds... I try not to react... But deep inside me I find it very mundane to speak to my freinds adn family... I still love them the most... Even though I try to see them through the prism of love... There times I forget and would be impromtptu and speak the truth which might shatter their thinking. Well that's about my freinds...
Coming back to me I try to remember Oshos words "being a Watcher on the Hill" try not to resist anything that appears in my mind... While doing this there is sudden rush in thoughts sometimes very negative thoughts of which I feel sometimes guilty that I carry such thoughts... I hope and pray that I will be able to overcome my current difficulties and arrive at your place... I think I am now yearning to be in direct contact with an enlightened being,, Hope you will offer your grace on me with some suggestions or pointers on what I might be missing.
I am very confused... After sharing my experience here, I felt very uplifted for several hours... Then I began to feel unwell... And today I feel very confused as to why this happenned... Has anyone else had such an experience?
heldhere in The Bathroom Light
Hello John, I experienced something somewhat similar... I was alone watching a tv show and all of a sudden I felt a very evil presence beside me... It felt like it was going to take over me... I was scared... And even though I am not religious, I was brought up Christian... And because of this I remembered what I had heard as a child and teenager..."get out in the name of Jesus" I said this out loud... And the evil presence vanished. This was a real surprise to me, because I always thought that what the Christians taught me was a bunch of "hokey b.s." Now I know that it is not.
Hi jpr, I really appreciated your sharing about your experience. You are the first person I have heard share about such an experience... I too went something very similar... About 11 years ago, this one night while I was just sitting alone at home and feeling unable to cope with life. All of a sudden I felt like there was a huge vacuum cleaner in the sky, vaccuming myh life energy out of my body... It was happenning very fast and I knew that I would be dead by midnight... I called a friend for help and then another person at a support centre... No one could help me... So I just sat there and said very loudly, within myself..."If you want me here, you better do something" and just like that the energy came zooming right back into my whole body... In a flash. I was stunned and amazed. This was the first time I became clearly aware that there really is a life energy, giving me life... It really helped me to feel not alone. To this day, this experience gives me strength to keep living when I face major challenges. I know that I am not alone... I am directly connected to the source of life.
Our bodies are not made to live with sins like fear, guilt and other bad energies. Jesus taught us to deny anything thought we have that makes our bodies feel bad even if we deserve to feel bad about our mistakes. We are all children, some of us are in older bodies than others. Keep your mind innocent just the same as when your body was young, don't worry. I found myself in a den of lions once but, my faith in the Universe kept the mouths of my devourers shut.
I have also had a similar experience. From what I read about a "Spiritual Awakening" is that your life changes dramatically. Things happen that are unexplainable but above all you must have faith that you are on the right track and making the right decisions in your life (you are, trust me). You learn to let go of petty arguments and trust that everything will be revealed with time. What the person above said is completely true when it comes to being scared of anything. I had this experience a few months ago, I feel the vibrations and constantly hear a low ringing in my ears. I also closed my eyes one night to go to sleep and saw light behind my lids! What an amazing experience. Just go with the flow, everything that is meant to be will be. I do know how you feel though in your searching - I feel like I have found a love in my heart that I have never known before and I never want it to leave. My biggest fear right now is that I will do something to mess it up. I started reading a book this week called "The autobiography of a Yogi" It is a very inspiring uplifting peice of art and explains alot! It was 4$ on
Ok for the past few days maybe a week, I have been seing little white flickers of light, very small lights flickinging away for a copuple of seconds, I don't always see them but its becoming more frequent of late and I see them normally around other people, I too see them or similar out of the corner of my eye, or something will float by my vision almost a dust like particle that vanishes just after I have seen it, I'm trying not to doubt and be open and keep myself grounded and protected!
Soooo last night I had dreamt that I was in an old stone house, cobeled flooring, it just felt old, I was ked to the basement of this old stone house through a hatch door in th floor. This lady then set down at a round low table with 2 small wooden stools. I sat at one and she set at the other and proceeded to do an angel card reading on me, I noticed how large the cards were and thought them strange!
She done 3 spreads, the first Two spreads I don't remember, then the Third went something like this, she said "ok let's see if you can connect or have the gift" she laid 3 cards on the table and said "Yes you do have the gift, I knew you did"
She then said "ok if there is someone here do you wish to connect?" to whom she said this to I don't know but I replied yes anyway, now bear in mind it was like I was answering telepathically and I was aware of my bed that I was sleeping in, all while I dreamt away and we spoke!
She then told me I have 2 spirits with me, one is a tall man, dressed in brown he is always with me in the back ground and minds me, he name is Thomas.
The 2nd a young boy, cheefy and plays tricks quite often, here her voice changed into the voice of a child, high pitched and sounding excited she said " You are bid and I am small but not for long, as I will be big and you will be small then I can rape you".
The conversation ended and I felt my awareness come back to my bedroom for a few seconds then I was back talking to the lady who gave me a gift. I began opening a white cardboard box, it felt heavy, I was aware there were others sitting to my right, I could not see them but felt them. I opened the gift, it was wrapped with lots of paper, I tried to lift it out but it was heavy I was told to unwrap the paper so I can see it. The people to my right that I could not see told me it was a Crystal Ball. I kept unwrapping the paper. Here I woke, I didn't get to see the ball in full view.
I was pondering about this all day wandering who Thomas was, was he a guide?
I looked at old pictures aware I don't or didn't have a Thomas in the family. Then I came across a picture of my late Grandmother, then I heard the name Thomas. I remember hearing she had lost a baby Boy years before the birth of my Dad his name was Thomas he died at about 6 months. Could he be my guide? Any thoughts on this dream?
I meditate and I feel a presence even more so now and I am 1.5years meditating, although I have just recently returned to meditation due to family life!
I had an experience similar to yours actually. I was extremely stressed out about everyday things and was visited by someone *an angel and god in the same night. The angel told me that three things were going to happen. So far, only one has. My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer shortly after. I then knew what stress was, I lost some of my hair and everything! That was the turning point of my life. I got out of the abusive relationship I was in and started seeing things in a much more positive light. Now everything is happening as it should *I see miracles daily and my mom is a breast cancer survivor! In the midst of all this, I went to sleep one night and saw a very bright light when I closed my eyes! Now whenever I pray all my hair stands on end! What a wonderful experience!
Excerpt from web page:

"15. Can self-initiated out-of-body experiences be dangerous? Many people say that it is not good to play on the astral plane, since one could easily be attacked by some ghost... And others say that during OBE we can be severed from our physical body and die?
My forty years of experience is evidence that OBEs are safe and natural. All of these fears are based upon ignorance. We are not physical beings. Many people are afraid of the unknown. We are also conditioned by our religions and culture to fear many unseen energies. Every night during sleep we all separate from our bodies; the fears are completely unfounded."


Relevant site:


Diet to encourage positive spiritual experiences:

Please help me. For awhile now, I have been able to see, hear and feel spirits. I have been needing a way to make money so I have recently started doing readings for people. I can see the past, present and future. I can see spirits and pass on messages to people. Twice now on separate occasions, I felt a spirit enter my body. Today though, it happened again but was much more intense and the spirit didn't just "woosh" through me like before. This time a spirit entered my body and was using my body and my eyes to see. I felt like I was fighting consciousness to stay between here and another place.

Before I do readings for people, I do a white light meditation to protect myself and my family. Sometimes, like tonight over dinner, I just started seeing things and that's when it happened.

PLEASE HELP ME. I felt like I was going crazy tonight, trying to fight the spirit out and gain control back of my body.

I really enjoy doing readings for people but I need to know how I can protect myself and my family.

This happened to me today. I had watched a video of someone which was very meaningful, in many ways, including in an introspective way.

I then went and watched one of my old favorite music videos.

And then it started in my head and moved down my neck, through my chest, into my stomach.

It was a really heavy vibration. I might as well... I thought I could see myself in a different form for a brief second... It was scary at some points but it was never painful, just extremely powerful. Vibrations, is the only way to describe it.

It lasted for maybe 15 minutes to 30 minutes maybe.

I tried to let it happen, but eventually a little bit of fear, and anger made me attempt to regain control of myself. I mean a tiny bit. It is so difficult to remember my entire thought process, but yeah...

It was totally real. Never felt ANYTHING like that in my entire life. It was something amazing.
RosieSkeptic in Extremely Bright Light
I had a similar experience in December 2011. I was visiting relatives for Xmas. My husband, children, and I were sleeping in the same room. The oldest child woke and saw a bright light on the wall above my head- she'd tried to wake her sister to show it to her and I woke up instead. She asked me what that light was and we watched it slowly move across the wall and into the hallway. The door was closed to the hallway but we could see beneath the door through the crack that the light was extraordinarily bright. I must confess that I was terribly afraid because I'd never seen anything like this and I did not want to see anything like it. The quality of light shining through seemed like the kind of light that emits from a computer screen, except it was filling the entire crack beneath the door. I told my daughter I did not know what the light was and said we should go back to sleep. I was too afraid to get up to open the door to see what might be in the hallway- something my sister asked me about the next morning.

The only other detail to add to the story is that the relatives we were visiting have had several other kind of ghostly experiences. I chalked this up to that but maybe it was something different.

Anyway, I've never posted to a site like this- I just felt I had to when I saw that TWO other people named Rosie (my name) had had similar experiences with a bright light visitor (?) in the night. Kind of freaky.
Can you tell me what the scroll means or hint at it. Does it have to do with revelation?
It is time to repent to Jesus he will forgive you of you ask. He will come back soon as the judge. He will bring all to the father for judgement. May God bless you. If you want to contact me my email is piemanp1 [at]
Hey I really liked your story. About human trading their ga away for power is something that makes me filled with rage. I talk with my ga everyday and if I lost her I would be very sad
Everywhere I read it seems that the first sign of astral projection is your body vibrating. How do you get to that stage?

Also, jd4512, what do you mean by "crown" and "third eye"?
Lightomen53 in Angel?
Sounds like you got seriously hurt. You should probably get yourself checked for any concussions. As for the vision, angels usually have wings to signify that they're angels. Giants, however, are mentioned in the book of Genesis as the offspring of fallen angels with humans. Could it be that you saw the spirit of a giant? I'm not sure, but you definitely should do something about this event.
Hello Erin

Loved your reply and I firmly believe that faith is an individual thing, what is to one is not necessarily to another (they could be sitting in the same pew and have differing experiences listening to the same text).

Yeshua (pronounced ee-shoe-a) is not from futuristic sci-fi, it goes back to the days of Hebraic times (Ben just means "son of"). The interpretation of His name into English has taken not just the popular form we know of as Jesus, but also Joshua depending on whom was doing the interpretation. Mary was know as Mariam in the days of the Hebrews.

As for the images of the priests, I am glad you do not see that, it is as it should be. I had that image, and still do every time someone begins to quote "chapter and verse" because they were such a negative influence on me while I sat in the pews on Sunday mornings, thinking "Is this really the house of God, surely not?!?!"

That is why I began to search for Christ outside of the buildings and doctrine and was very surprised with what I found when he laid his hands upon my chest in a fit of absolute rage and anger, only to feel nothing but calm, love and serenity. I truly meant it when I typed you cannot look into the Shepherds eyes and not be changed forever and since then no written word has had the same meaning or impact.

You are backing your faith up with scripture, cool, I can understand that, relish in that blanket of security and let your faith bee seen by who you are towards life.

There is no greater example than the man whom walked amongst us 2000 years ago and gave of himself for the greater good of mankind. Look at his life and see where yours now goes in your new-found experience of Jesus.

I will continually to be "sorely misguided" in my love and faith of the greatest human that ever walked this planet and His even greater role now, for as the word comforts you, my personal experiences with Yeshua will comfort and guide me until the day...

May the love of Jesus forever more guide you and keep you

To David and Manashadow I do believe that he ransomed me - In fact, I know. I don't see any influence of pitiful priests when I read Manashadow's post. I think because he is telling me to back up my experience with scripture and make sure what another tells me aligns with the bible you viewing him as a bible thumper, but I don't believe that is the case here. Also, Yeshua Ben Joesph sounds a little sci-fiction to me and it doesn't resonate at all. Although I appreciate your opinion and your kind words. After all, this is an open forum.

I read your story and thought that I would add a little information in the hope that it will help a little. First, you must understand that none of this has anything to do with you religiously. These experiences are of a mystical nature and are connected to all human beings regardless of their beliefs.

Another point that I wanted to make was that this is not your soul that you are experiencing--This is your astral body. With your astral body you explore the Kingdom of Heaven, in western religious terms. As the Soul you are in the Kingdom of God.

Don't get me wrong, everything is God therefore, everything is God's territory. Using the symbolism of the Tree of Knowledge; think of it as a dividing point between the two Kingdoms. This physical world is outside the Kingdom of God, in the Kingdom of Heaven. And if you were to leave your body and look around you may discover other realms to explore.

When you operate in the territories of the Kingdom of Heaven, you will have the ability to act as you do in this life. In other words, to decide to come and go and also analyze what is happening as you have your various experiences, etc. This will be the case regardless what higher realms or worlds you go to.

What you are experiencing in the astral world is not the Soul. To experience the Soul you have to be closer to God, so you would be on the other side of the symbolic Tree of Knowledge. In this territory you know you are your Soul because there, there is no you to remember or any memory of the world from which you came. When I say this, I mean NOTHING from this world comes with you over there. Not even your present concept of what God is comes with you to this place.

In the Kingdom of God, you just see mentally as a witness. You can't even analyze what is happening to you at the moment everything is taking place. Instead you must wait until you leave the Kingdom of God and return to the Kingdom of Heaven and this physical realm, to contemplate what had happened. In the Kingdom of God there isn't a sense of self. That you acquire at the symbolic Tree of Knowledge on your way back into the physical realms.

For future travels out of body, let your-self go and explore. Don't worry about dying. If you get to experience the Soul, as I have, you will see that the information we've received is true - the Soul which is our real Self, does last for an eternity.

Even if you leave your body and stay in your room, take advantage of the moment and just sit outside of your body and continue to meditate. Who knows, maybe that will help you to drop the astral body and finally experience yourself as the Soul?

I've had an out of body experience and your right it is scary. When I slammed back into my body, I nearly jumped two feet high out of my bed. Remember you are the creator as He has manifested himself as you. There isn't a real you, only the appearance of you, so there is nothing that can hurt you, but your imagination.

Believe this above statement and go learn about what's out there then find a way to help others to not be afraid of dying and death. Tell your stories and let everyone know that they will always be okay in life and in death.

If you are interested in learning more about how I know this, please feel free to visit my website:

Very Respectfully,
Eric Robert Nielsen
Meditation and Centering Prayer Expert
may you be blessed brother. Interestingly enough a felt a deep heat inside my upper spine when reading your post. I have not experienced something as intense as what you have. Although I have experienced heat moving up my spine, and vibrations, when doing my mantra chanting or pranayam practice. I ask God that if and when I experience a full kundalini awakening that I be ready for it. And that it will be for the highest good of me and all. God bless <3 😁
What a beautiful story. I can relate to this! I am looking for others who have an intimate love for God. I have felt so isolated since I have been drawn back to the Lord. I listen to the bible on c.d in my car, pray, and fast etc. I am always looking for more ideas to get closer to Him. I was also blessed to experience the divine presence of God for an extreme amount of time when I was worshiping Him. I love St. Teresa's tenderness so much. I am the mother of three who is striving to set the best example I can for my children. Do you have anymore advice for developing a more passionate relationship with the Father or how you find other's in love with christ
Hello Manashadow 

My wonderful friend in God, thank you for your words to Erin. Your advice are notes of joy to those seeking a way through the mist. It is true I am "sorely misguided" however I do not speak for Christ and hopefully will not knowingly do so. I am just a normal, non-intellectual individual who has a devout love of Christ and the Heavenly Father. I do not have a knowledge base of educated wisdom behind me, only love for The Son Of Man

My wonderful friend you state that those who do not belong to the only acceptable form of belief in Christ are not true believers. You have passed judgement on every soul who is not part of your church or bible study group, or any church for that matter.

I lifted my head from those same pages a long time ago thinking that there is much more to Jesus than we are led to believe. After all the Son of the Father is much grander, wiser, greater and more loving than we see in the text as words cannot capture the complete essence of an individual in its' entirety.

So this is where I simply ask those who can see only the text to put down the words and truly open their eyes to what is right there in front of them, if they choose do so. The Father and His Son are there, always have been and always will be. Now look upon the word again and you will see a glory in those same words that you have never seen before, not a different interpretation, but seeing words through the eyes of one who now UNDERSTANDS the glory of what is right in front of them.

That previous paragraph  has met with much scorn from devotees of all faiths. Yet all it is intended to say is that perhaps there is much more beyond the bedrock foundation, that is written in the word of our Holy Books

I see Christians every day who tout the  bible and then show how  empty their faith is from their lack of actions towards their fellow man. I do not read the  Bible  as often as most here would like, however I will gladly let my faith be seen through the actions I undertake with my fellow  man.

What of the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists are they not deserving of the love of the Father?

Just because one sees faith in a different way should they be sentenced to eternal darkness!?

My friend I see only the children of God here on earth and love each no differently regardless of faith, for as Christ treated every man or women as a brother or sister, regardless of faith or social standing, why should I strive to do nothing less. An example was set and I will do my best to follow!

Along those lines I guess I will have to face the fact when I stand to be judged, my absolute love of Jesus, his life and teachings, his compassion, his love of the criminal as well as the honest. All the work I gladly do with nothing but love in my heart and not a stitch of judgement what-so-ever in my being, will mean nothing in the end, for I have been told by a brother that I will be condemned because I do not follow HIS way of worship.

For me the Bomber is deserving of as much love and compassion as the victim, I will never condone the  acts of the bomber, however I have compassion for him/her as to what drove the individual to do such a thing.

So at the end of it all, I guess I will have to say to St. Peter, I am sorry all of my love for Yeshua and for God is of no consequence as I did not read the Bible or attend  church, so into damnation I must go!?!?!?

As I re-read your words I am filled with sadness. Instead of seeing an image of the loving person of God you are, all I see in front of me are the images of the Catholic Priests who would berate the parishioners on Sunday mornings. Sometimes it was for attendance, sometimes someone was late, but usually for not putting enough money on the collection plate.  I was usually left feeling sad and empty,  now I feel the same once again, sad...

Yes Jesus says he is the way to the Father, however does that mean the poor lady who gave of her last shekels at the Temple was not to be given the love of the  Father or the  Son simply because she didn't know he was standing there?

I share a love of Yeshua that goes beyond anything that has ever been written, or will ever be written in the future and  yet I am judged as a NON BELIEVER and not a true person of Christ.

For he took the emotions of vengeance and anger from my heart and soul. In doing so he filled  me with peace, love and an eternal gratitude that goes beyond our physical existence.  When you look into the eyes of the Shepherd and feel his touch, hear his words of peace and reconciliation. Somehow words on a page may never have the same meaning again. 

Whether he "ransomed" himself or  freely gave of himself, matters not to me.  I see and feel his unconditional love for man that he gave himself,  he knew who was going to betray him, he knew  how he was going to be betrayed and when. Knowing this he still willingly went with the soldiers when they came for him in the Garden. At the final moments, both he and his brother (on the Temple Mount decades later) showed their love through those words "...forgive them Father for they know not what they do..."

It is sad that today, with all our "wisdom" and education, we have not  been able to reach the levels of love and  compassion he showed on the Cross that day

My wonderful Friend, I can only pass along MY personal experiences to others as they affected me and me alone. They are based on personal experiences, not on doctrine or ritual, but solely unconditional love of my fellow man regardless of faith. If this is then being "sorely misguided" then I am guilty as charged,  please judge me accordingly...

Namaste to you and may the peace and love of Jesus and the Heavenly Father  continue to be with you and your family forever more

I'm shocked to be reading this, I thought I was the only one this was happening too. Your experience almost describes mine to a tee. I can feel myself slipping into the 'out of body experience' and can sometimes snap myself awake. My spirit is usually just thrown around the room and I can't control where it goes. I thought for a long time it might have just been nightmares but it's happened at least a dozen times.
I must say, David was very kind to take the time to leave you a post, but he is sorely misguided. Christ did indeed say he was here to ransom us. It is recorded for us in the Gospel of Mark 10:45. Erin, I think it is wonderful that you have seen a need to turn from the wrong doing in your life. It is not an attitude of guilt that God is looking for, it is a willingness to admit that you have done wrong and can't make it right. Jesus offers the free gift of a personal relationship with God. You don't need to and in fact CAN'T earn it (Eph. 2:8, 9). You need only accept that only Jesus can and has died on the cross to pay for your sins and has risen from the dead. John 1:12 says that calling on his name is what makes you a child of God. THAT is the first step to take if you haven't done that already.

If you have made that step, even better. Try to find a community of believers in Christ and start to learn more about the bible and be built up by the community. I would suggest looking for a group that preaches salvation through faith in christ alone. No works-based salvation and no "other" or "several" ways to God. If they preach that, they're likely not really believers in Christ. Jesus said that he is THE way, THE truth, and THE life. NO ONE comes to the father except through HIM. -John 14:6 There is no room for syncretism when it comes to Jesus.

If you don't agree with this, that's fine. But please do not let anyone claim to know what Jesus said based on anything outside of the bible. They are very reliable eyewitness accounts and without them there is no account of what Jesus has said. Period. I have intellectual evidence and reasoning for this and my email is Wagner.731 [at] if you would like to have more information. I sincerely hope that you will find not simply a power spiritual experience, but truth.
I am in the exact same spot. I can vibrate eventually each night I try. My crown and third eye are wildly activated, but I can't lift off yet. If you habe any updates, please share. I will, too.

Also, got great info from an interview with Anne Moss, who I think owns this site. She was able to push boundaries while in the astral plane by focusing on her solar plexus chakra, and projecting her will forceably through that. I tried night, but no luck.
Btw, do you ever hear faint tones or beeps? I've gotten that daily... Just briefly while in and of meditation. Maybe an attempt at communication? It's strange, but is definitely real and only started after I first began trying to have an OBE.

Have you ever experienced situations a lot of times where you have done everything right to achieve or do something in life which is right morally and will do good to you and will not harm anyone else. And yet failed. Failed over again and again. It may be due to some silly reason that you fail. Or may be even if you achieve it finally there will be a lot of unnecessary hurdles. Be Sure Its the Evil one who is testing you, and eventually you will move away from God and that is what he wants. If this is your situation in life, and you think why it is happening always in your life, it is St Michael that you should pray to and ask for help. For me and my wife, St Michael helped us miraculously. I was busy with my work and was not thinking of having a baby for first 2 years of marriage. And then when we wanted we were n0t having one, we went to doctors and they told us we both were having no issues. Our parents were also putting pressure and they stopped talking to us and pressure was building up. We had lost hope and started getting weird fears that we will never have a kid and started losing hope and trust in God. But we were still praying but not with much trust in him.

Then one day a priest visited one of my relatives for praying, this priest who does not know us by any chance, asked them if any of their relatives is working out of the country and asked us to call him ASAP. Yes, ASAP is what he told. You should believe God wants to help you fight Evil, he will assign you to St Michael who takes care of the fight. We called him the next day and he told us to pray to St Michael and offer a mass in honor of St Micheal and also to hand over our life to St Michael. There is a tradition in Esatern church to dedicate ourselves to Saints like we are handing over our lives fully to the Saint. Even Country of Russia and Firefighting dept of USA is dedicated to St Michael. We were skeptical first since we knew St Micheal is related to fighting Evil and could believe we were chained by Evil, we were ashamed and unhappy about this. I remember I was ashamed of telling parents about this. I am speaking from my heart.

We did what the asked us to do and went over our lives as usual in frustration and anger that God left us to be chained by Evil one. Also he had asked us to say the Prayer of St Michael daily which we did. We also kept Photos in our room so that we remember to pray to him daily. For someone who is sinking he will try to catch even a straw to save their life.

My wife conceived 2 months later and gave birth to a wonderful kid whom we named Michael. Whether you believe it or NOT, I would personally want to believe it a miracle. If you are objecting, please tell me why the priest ask for us when he does not know us at all.

I had the same interpretation of my awakening a couple of years ago. Stress triggered it... But it really was the work of God. You're not alone, but I think you already know that;)
That is so cool! Funny, I was just there. Well keep you beleifs up and you'll never know what might happen:) I am happy you saw that and that I know there are other beleivers here.
Onawingandaprayer in Hearing And Seeing Demons

Within our mind we have the greatest tool for creation we could ever possess, yet it works in many ways. Dude someone got hold of you as a kid and it had never let go and now fear is so deeply rooted within you that it may never leave, if you choose that it to be so.

I won't claim to fully understand what you have gone through simply because I don't believe in demons or anything of that nature. I have not allowed myself to think they are real, so to me they are not and have not manifested as such.

However one cannot push aside the fact that SSSSSOOOOO many people believe they are real.

Fear is one of the greatest destructive forces that we possess within us, it will literally destroy you in the end. It can block all sense of worth, create situations within that we feel will kill us, literally and figuratively.

Your Dad died in an accident, that is exactly what it was Dude AN ACCIDENT, you didn't cause it or create it. They beat the snot put of you that is very real and a sad fact of them being cowards and fearful in their own right, you got the blunt and sad end of their fears.

You can move forward but it requires courage and removing fear of the Dark Cloak. The Dark Cloak dude can do nothing to you, have you noticed how he only comes when you dream, when you are vulnerable to suggestion and maybe it is reality and maybe it isn't period of the day.

"...God doesn't love me..." take that crock of crap out of your head right away and understand that God doesn't stop the nightmares alone, he works with you to stop them, notice I said WITH YOU.

A learned a phrase from someone very near and dear to me. The son of another friend was having trouble with demons. He simply asked that the following phrase be passed along when the demons came calling:

Stare the S.O.B in the face, smile or even laugh at loud the following... " I BELONG TO GOD AND YOU CAN NO LONGER TOUCH ME, BOTHER ME OR INFLUENCE ME"

Just added the last 4 words for you as this is applicable here. I asked my freind a few days later how it went and she said her son said those words and "poof" the demons vanished and have never returned.

Now Mr Dark Cloak seems persistent, but just keep smiling at him, laugh in his face and so those words. He may threaten, curse, snarl or even try to harm you physically, but you will awake and nothing has happened to you. Do this until he no longer comes to you, then see you true nature and relationship to God.

You have no need to worry about whether you have been "saved" or not, you already have been, we all have, we all just have to forgive ourselves and realize that.

Are you worried about going to heaven or hell, don't be, look within yo the answers are all there and once you rediscover your relationship with God and who you truly are you will realize you have already discovered YOUR place in heaven.

The road ahead is not an easy one, you have years of internal and external abuse to get through, make no mistake though, you are not and never have been without the love of God. You have had to travel a road that has been laid out in front of you, for some it is a road of riches for some a path of terror. Yet in the end the clouds of fear clear and the journey becomes much clearer and certain, you just have to BELIEVE. Believe in God, believe inYOURSELF, trust that the answers you seek are found deep within...

Not one person in this world can truly explain the what and why of your experience, most myself included, can only provide a little insight, it is within you to end all this you just need to find the courage to tell Mr Dark Cloak to finally get lost and never come back. When you can do that you will be on your way to healing yourself.

Let no one tell you all was your fault, that is BS, sadly you have been the victem of others fears; your fathers, birth mother and your own inner "demons"

Before you take that final step into oblivion, look deeply within and ask for help if you can muster the courage to do so, only this time really ask for it. Let the Divine within know you are finally ready to let go of your fears, let go of the past and start living NOW.

It isn't about saying Hail Mary's, or praying for forgiveness, you have been forgiven a long time ago, you must develop the strength to say " no more"

I wish you all the blessing of the Divine that is within you, rediscover it and move forward my friend. You are a miracle of God, whether you see it or not, I see it as clear as the sun shines on my face, now it is time for you to see it as well...

Namaste my wonderful friend

Oh man I thought I was going crazy! Ever since I was about 4 years old, I have seen, talked to, touched, been physically hurt and tormented by the dark cloaked, long pointy fingernails, Sharp teeth, monster. He was bald and had a pointy nose but no eyes. And as I still get older the more he uh wants me to give up.
First time I saw him was the night my parents got divorced when I was 4 and my dad beat me unconscious. I was dreaming and I remember he never scared me, he just said, "when you wake up, I got something for you." And he walked away. When I woke up my room was dark, except for my blue nightlight, which was red this time, I could see him. Again I wasn't scared at all. He came over to me and told me that my mom and dad weren't my real parents but my real ones gave me up because they didn't want me. That upset me and I layer down and went to sleep and asked my mom the next day why my real parents didn't want me and she accused my dad of telling me that, later that day he hit a truck headon with his motorcycle and the the dark cloak came back and said I killed one of the only people who loved me and I should just give up. Then he was gone. He tormented me in my dreams, reality, embarrass me torment me nonstop until my mom met my steodad, when I was 9. Who also started to beat me to a pulp as they said I Do. He would do it every night like clockwork, come home from work, get drunk and beat me up, everyday until I was 14 and I saw him hit my mother and I broke a chair over his back. Once the beatings stopped Dark Cloak was back. It's making me cry. Cry right now just thinking about he showed up. I was trying to go to sleep and my blankets flew off and he layer on top of me face to face, smiling and laughing this, I can't even explain the laugh, it gave me the feeling of complete hopelessness and unhappiness. I was calling for my mom and crying so hard, when one bad thing ended another sing started. He was in my presence for a complete year, nonstop, my mom thought I was schizophrenic because he wouldn't let me sleep, he wouldn't allow me to eat, he would tell me talk to him with others around, and just stare at him during dinner. One night my mom asked who I was staring at and I told her "the same stupid f* [at] # who told me I was adopted, and oh yeah thanks for letting me know my birth c*$t drank with me all nine months because she couldn't get an abortion." She left and the next day she asked how I found that out and I laughed and said "f***in Jesus told me and he says your a B***h" right after I said that Dark Cloak said I was almost ready and he was gone. I got saved
Shortly after or so I thought until he came in my
Dreams again. Then I started using drugs, drinking,
Fighting, sex, both sexes, even though I was completely straight,
Getting in horrible fights, stealing cars. What was the
Point? My birth mother tried to kill me, mom didn't
Seem to love me, got beaten up by both dads until I
Killed one and forced the other one to stop, and oh
Yeah god didn't live me. And during that time I was
Not seeing the guy, no dreams, nothing. Then when I
Turned 18 and joined the military he came back, but
He was different, now he had eyes, white eyes. He occasionally showed up until I got stationed on the USS NIMITZ, I tried carving up my wrists with a knife, I was trying tp do a good thing amd turning my life around and I couldn't. He left me alone while I got my degree but I signed up for the Army a few months ago and he's saying I need to give in hes given me long enough time. Am I completely helpless am I never going to be on. Jesus good side, I live by myself now and I'm on the verge of just overdosing, I can't deal with it anymore, has he been grooming me for something bad? Any advice please. Cm7891 [at] gmail.
Whats he want? Why me? Can I be saved? I'm Freaking because I'm going to. Hell
During sleep, I have also have left my body and went to various locations. The first time it happened it was very traumatic. I was in a dark van with someone who I did not know. I was there for a second when the man was shot and I could feel his pain and fear. I smelled the smell of cigerette smoke. When I woke up I could feel the pain and was gasping for air. I woke my husband to ask if he could smell the smoke. This happened at 2a.m. The next morning while watching the news I saw a story of a man in a speed radar van was murdered. They said the only evidence at the scene was the smell of cigerette smoke. The crime happened around 1:50a.m. I truly believe I astral projected and was there with this man.
Your purpose and God's will for you are one in the same. Trust your inner guidance. You are already very tuned in. What do you love most in the world? What has the most meaning for you? Your purpose is always something you love doing and something that utilizes your natural talents and abilities. Give yourself time to sit down and make a list of the things that you love, the things that make time seem to fly by. Ask for help from your Inner Being. Right before you go to sleep is a great time for that--especially since you have already had experiences of guidance while sleeping. That is actually very common--most people just brush it off, but you have had some profound experiences with it. Life is not supposed to be a struggle. We are meant to live with joy. We are here to grow and expand in new ways--to become more. We will all do that in our own unique ways. Follow your path of joy and you won't go wrong.
radyance in The Awakening
Beautiful story. This is how the Holy Spirit works within our lives daily, and it's the moments when we stop and pay attention to that inner feeling that we begin to notice it. The Holy Spirit connects us all, and God is urging you to notice the amazing grace available to you!
Onawingandaprayer in An Angel? Or God?
Energyman, and Kingdixie

Interesting experience to say the least, just curious as to why you believed in the Devil and not a Divine source?

I am like the both of you in a sense, I was raised a Catholic and really couldn't come to grips with "institutionalized" religion or Priests yelling at the congregation because they weren't donating enough money, but that is another story.

To me the Devil no longer exists, I have simply erased it/him whatever from my thoughts. As a result I have never experienced any form of "evil" encounter, so I find it fascinating when I read stories here on this site about people's belief and encounters with evil.

Energyman I see your point and wholly agree with you regarding the foundation of the original religious thought. Early man thought that anything good or bad that happened must have been caused by a spirit of one kind or another, if it was bad then Bad Spirits were at play. They didn't put two and two together to realize (nor had they the awareness either) that a thunderstorm was simply a thunderstorm, an earthquake was just stress on the plate being released.

I do not get a sense of where your beliefs do lie, but for what it's worth I believe in a Source, call it Intelligence, God, Divine Source, Spirit, etc. I think you see my point, there have been TOOOOO many things happen in my life to think otherwise. Some will say coincidence, however I don't buy into that.

As for the experience above a friend left me with a phrase that can be used and in this case something similar was said and the outcome was the same.

The biggest thing to do in cases like this is to convince the ego-mind that it cannot be harmed. If saying a simple phrase can do that then so be it. Now Kingdixie is free of what was the troubling thought. The are others who frequent these pages whom may have a better solution and can refuse all the rest of us say, but hey that is the joy of this spirituality game, what is to me is not to you and vice versa, regardless of our initial beliefs.

Anyway, Keep the Blue Side Up

energyman in An Angel? Or God?
What I find interesting about this account is the writer did not believe in a god but in the devil. Some religions, to which I do not subscribe, would have us believe one exists with the other. I have often asked why some people believe all of the scriptures particularly when one realizes they were written when man believed the earth was flat or rode on the back of a turtle. The brings up the possibility the writing are perhaps lacking in facts. Anyway that does not detract from this experience which, it seems ended up as positive.
To Tracirad,

I am experiencing something similar. About 3 months ago, I finally got rid of p0rnography in my life, and I don't play lotto anymore. I quit many times before, but I regressed at the first occasion. Now it is for real, but I have been having problem sleeping with the same experience that you describe above with the spirit entering me through the anus. It would wake me up suddenly and I would feel even the pillows shaken under me. I would wake up each time and pray 4 to 5 times before I finally fall asleep sometimes until 4:30AM or later. How did you overcome this issue? I am a true believer in God but I reject most of the Christian's unfounded theology. My concern is that why am I a target now that I am trying to have a very conscious and permanent relationship with God? Why when I think that I am doing my part to be solely under God's wings, I feel the most vulnerable to the enemy's stings? Any advice and shared experience will help.

Onawingandaprayer in He Was There
Hello my Friend!

You are not alone here, my wife got quite upset at the Divine one evening. As I slept, she was awakened by a bright light in our room and a wonderful angelic persona standing before her, as if to say " okay I am here..."

Most of us have had similar experiences, mine was a very persistent cold chill which ran up my spine when I questioned the existance of the spiritual realm.

Why are you afraid to ask about the existance of God or Jesus for that matter and when they do show a sign you are afraid... Afraid of what!?!?

There is nothing that happened that you need to fear, if it was a snake, simply smile and ask it to move on along it's way.

The fact that the grass movement was not a "natural" phenomena should have warmed you to the core, for if you interpreted it as an indication of a Divine presence (which you did), then you have nothing to fear in HIS presence.

If you believe in demons, then not one would have come within a thousand miles of you as you walked in the comfort and protection of the Divine Light of God.

I recall a chapter in Glenda Green's book "Love Without End." In it Christ relates the story of flood victim who is on the roof of his house (bear with me as I try to recall from my rusty memory!), praying for Jesus to save him. A boat comes along and he waves them away, then a helicopter. He is waiting for Jesus to save him and when the waters take him and he finally meets Jesus he asks why he didn't help him.

Jesus simply replies "...I sent my help but you didn't take it..."

Now I may have the wording wrong but the passage is in her book and it is simply an indication that the Divine is with us all the time, we just ignore the presence most of the time.

How many times have you expressed something to the Universe or God for that matter and days or months later you hear the answer in a conversation between two strangers in the coffee shop. Perhaps the next song on the radio is the answer you sought and yet you didn't give much thought as to where or who sent it.

Open your eyes and your heart my wonderful friend, I am very sure you will be quite surprised by what has actually been in front of you the whole time.

Keep the Blue side Up!

JohnDiabet in Angel?
I believe that out of the few obvious things (big disaters) we are saved from. There are probably several thousand minor incidences that we are saved from too. I'm not saying the minor ones would not have major consequences. Dead is dead you know. It's just easier for us as humans to accept if the Rescue comes during a large and obvious event.
I wanted to say I am truly inspired by your story. I came across your story one late night, surfing the web. I was trying to find a way to contact my Guardian Angel. I was having no luck. I decided to search for people having real experiences with angel and/or demons.
I would like to experience what you see, vision, and hear. Everyday must be interesting. I truly seek your advice or help, to help me be committed to God and be a helper like you for God's sake and Jesus Christ.
I want no doubts to fill my head any longer.
This is so amazing that this happened to you too. The reason I was even browsing stories about people seeing God today was because the same exact experience you described happened to me also. It was about 13 years ago, but I remember it so vividly. Well I was laying on my trampoline with my brother and friend, gazing at the cloud formations. They both stopped looking at the clouds and for only a second, I saw the face of Jesus just as you described. From that moment on, I was set in my faith that there is a God and I knew that moment was just for me. I am so joyful that this happened to you as well because it helps to confirm that what I experienced was real too! So thank you so much for sharing this story.
I had that very same experience at the same age. Prior to that happening, I was practicing OBE. I did manage to perform out of body experience, but something happened one night that caused me to stop. It was around 2am I had a sudden urge to go to the restroom. Pulling the covers back, this bright light (selowette of a person) was standing in my door way. It was so bright the outlinning of it looked blue. My response was attack, but then my body locked up and I fell back in bed. All I could do was look at it as it kind of floated towards my bed. I just passed out, and when I came to I was crying. I pulled out my bible, and vowed never to perform OBE again.
i do believe, trust in god... THE SUPREME POWER... And I do believe in what you say... You know god has sent us with a purpose... YoU need to identify it... And I hope you have found it... You are very lucky indeed... Sometimes it happens to me that anything happening now seems to have happened before... Noone believes me.
Hello jpr,

What you have described has happened to me before as well. It ocurred about 6 years ago. Like you, I feel like I am a spiritual person and the more I progress on this journey the more in tune I become. One night I had awoken to find myself floating up to the ceiling, so close that I could see the tiny holes that are in the ceiling tiles. I wasn't scared, I didn't have time to be because I felt my conscious mind leaping into action saying "No no no" as if it were afraid I would die if my soul left the body. I felt pulled back into my body and this has never happened to me again. I know I wasn't dreaming. 100% sure of it. I believe we take these astral trips a lot more than we realize, we just aren't aware of it.

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