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Lightomen53 in Angel?
Sounds like you got seriously hurt. You should probably get yourself checked for any concussions. As for the vision, angels usually have wings to signify that they're angels. Giants, however, are mentioned in the book of Genesis as the offspring of fallen angels with humans. Could it be that you saw the spirit of a giant? I'm not sure, but you definitely should do something about this event.
Hello Erin

Loved your reply and I firmly believe that faith is an individual thing, what is to one is not necessarily to another (they could be sitting in the same pew and have differing experiences listening to the same text).

Yeshua (pronounced ee-shoe-a) is not from futuristic sci-fi, it goes back to the days of Hebraic times (Ben just means "son of"). The interpretation of His name into English has taken not just the popular form we know of as Jesus, but also Joshua depending on whom was doing the interpretation. Mary was know as Mariam in the days of the Hebrews.

As for the images of the priests, I am glad you do not see that, it is as it should be. I had that image, and still do every time someone begins to quote "chapter and verse" because they were such a negative influence on me while I sat in the pews on Sunday mornings, thinking "Is this really the house of God, surely not?!?!"

That is why I began to search for Christ outside of the buildings and doctrine and was very surprised with what I found when he laid his hands upon my chest in a fit of absolute rage and anger, only to feel nothing but calm, love and serenity. I truly meant it when I typed you cannot look into the Shepherds eyes and not be changed forever and since then no written word has had the same meaning or impact.

You are backing your faith up with scripture, cool, I can understand that, relish in that blanket of security and let your faith bee seen by who you are towards life.

There is no greater example than the man whom walked amongst us 2000 years ago and gave of himself for the greater good of mankind. Look at his life and see where yours now goes in your new-found experience of Jesus.

I will continually to be "sorely misguided" in my love and faith of the greatest human that ever walked this planet and His even greater role now, for as the word comforts you, my personal experiences with Yeshua will comfort and guide me until the day...

May the love of Jesus forever more guide you and keep you

To David and Manashadow I do believe that he ransomed me - In fact, I know. I don't see any influence of pitiful priests when I read Manashadow's post. I think because he is telling me to back up my experience with scripture and make sure what another tells me aligns with the bible you viewing him as a bible thumper, but I don't believe that is the case here. Also, Yeshua Ben Joesph sounds a little sci-fiction to me and it doesn't resonate at all. Although I appreciate your opinion and your kind words. After all, this is an open forum.

I read your story and thought that I would add a little information in the hope that it will help a little. First, you must understand that none of this has anything to do with you religiously. These experiences are of a mystical nature and are connected to all human beings regardless of their beliefs.

Another point that I wanted to make was that this is not your soul that you are experiencing--This is your astral body. With your astral body you explore the Kingdom of Heaven, in western religious terms. As the Soul you are in the Kingdom of God.

Don't get me wrong, everything is God therefore, everything is God's territory. Using the symbolism of the Tree of Knowledge; think of it as a dividing point between the two Kingdoms. This physical world is outside the Kingdom of God, in the Kingdom of Heaven. And if you were to leave your body and look around you may discover other realms to explore.

When you operate in the territories of the Kingdom of Heaven, you will have the ability to act as you do in this life. In other words, to decide to come and go and also analyze what is happening as you have your various experiences, etc. This will be the case regardless what higher realms or worlds you go to.

What you are experiencing in the astral world is not the Soul. To experience the Soul you have to be closer to God, so you would be on the other side of the symbolic Tree of Knowledge. In this territory you know you are your Soul because there, there is no you to remember or any memory of the world from which you came. When I say this, I mean NOTHING from this world comes with you over there. Not even your present concept of what God is comes with you to this place.

In the Kingdom of God, you just see mentally as a witness. You can't even analyze what is happening to you at the moment everything is taking place. Instead you must wait until you leave the Kingdom of God and return to the Kingdom of Heaven and this physical realm, to contemplate what had happened. In the Kingdom of God there isn't a sense of self. That you acquire at the symbolic Tree of Knowledge on your way back into the physical realms.

For future travels out of body, let your-self go and explore. Don't worry about dying. If you get to experience the Soul, as I have, you will see that the information we've received is true - the Soul which is our real Self, does last for an eternity.

Even if you leave your body and stay in your room, take advantage of the moment and just sit outside of your body and continue to meditate. Who knows, maybe that will help you to drop the astral body and finally experience yourself as the Soul?

I've had an out of body experience and your right it is scary. When I slammed back into my body, I nearly jumped two feet high out of my bed. Remember you are the creator as He has manifested himself as you. There isn't a real you, only the appearance of you, so there is nothing that can hurt you, but your imagination.

Believe this above statement and go learn about what's out there then find a way to help others to not be afraid of dying and death. Tell your stories and let everyone know that they will always be okay in life and in death.

If you are interested in learning more about how I know this, please feel free to visit my website:

Very Respectfully,
Eric Robert Nielsen
Meditation and Centering Prayer Expert
may you be blessed brother. Interestingly enough a felt a deep heat inside my upper spine when reading your post. I have not experienced something as intense as what you have. Although I have experienced heat moving up my spine, and vibrations, when doing my mantra chanting or pranayam practice. I ask God that if and when I experience a full kundalini awakening that I be ready for it. And that it will be for the highest good of me and all. God bless <3 😁
What a beautiful story. I can relate to this! I am looking for others who have an intimate love for God. I have felt so isolated since I have been drawn back to the Lord. I listen to the bible on c.d in my car, pray, and fast etc. I am always looking for more ideas to get closer to Him. I was also blessed to experience the divine presence of God for an extreme amount of time when I was worshiping Him. I love St. Teresa's tenderness so much. I am the mother of three who is striving to set the best example I can for my children. Do you have anymore advice for developing a more passionate relationship with the Father or how you find other's in love with christ
Hello Manashadow 

My wonderful friend in God, thank you for your words to Erin. Your advice are notes of joy to those seeking a way through the mist. It is true I am "sorely misguided" however I do not speak for Christ and hopefully will not knowingly do so. I am just a normal, non-intellectual individual who has a devout love of Christ and the Heavenly Father. I do not have a knowledge base of educated wisdom behind me, only love for The Son Of Man

My wonderful friend you state that those who do not belong to the only acceptable form of belief in Christ are not true believers. You have passed judgement on every soul who is not part of your church or bible study group, or any church for that matter.

I lifted my head from those same pages a long time ago thinking that there is much more to Jesus than we are led to believe. After all the Son of the Father is much grander, wiser, greater and more loving than we see in the text as words cannot capture the complete essence of an individual in its' entirety.

So this is where I simply ask those who can see only the text to put down the words and truly open their eyes to what is right there in front of them, if they choose do so. The Father and His Son are there, always have been and always will be. Now look upon the word again and you will see a glory in those same words that you have never seen before, not a different interpretation, but seeing words through the eyes of one who now UNDERSTANDS the glory of what is right in front of them.

That previous paragraph  has met with much scorn from devotees of all faiths. Yet all it is intended to say is that perhaps there is much more beyond the bedrock foundation, that is written in the word of our Holy Books

I see Christians every day who tout the  bible and then show how  empty their faith is from their lack of actions towards their fellow man. I do not read the  Bible  as often as most here would like, however I will gladly let my faith be seen through the actions I undertake with my fellow  man.

What of the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists are they not deserving of the love of the Father?

Just because one sees faith in a different way should they be sentenced to eternal darkness!?

My friend I see only the children of God here on earth and love each no differently regardless of faith, for as Christ treated every man or women as a brother or sister, regardless of faith or social standing, why should I strive to do nothing less. An example was set and I will do my best to follow!

Along those lines I guess I will have to face the fact when I stand to be judged, my absolute love of Jesus, his life and teachings, his compassion, his love of the criminal as well as the honest. All the work I gladly do with nothing but love in my heart and not a stitch of judgement what-so-ever in my being, will mean nothing in the end, for I have been told by a brother that I will be condemned because I do not follow HIS way of worship.

For me the Bomber is deserving of as much love and compassion as the victim, I will never condone the  acts of the bomber, however I have compassion for him/her as to what drove the individual to do such a thing.

So at the end of it all, I guess I will have to say to St. Peter, I am sorry all of my love for Yeshua and for God is of no consequence as I did not read the Bible or attend  church, so into damnation I must go!?!?!?

As I re-read your words I am filled with sadness. Instead of seeing an image of the loving person of God you are, all I see in front of me are the images of the Catholic Priests who would berate the parishioners on Sunday mornings. Sometimes it was for attendance, sometimes someone was late, but usually for not putting enough money on the collection plate.  I was usually left feeling sad and empty,  now I feel the same once again, sad...

Yes Jesus says he is the way to the Father, however does that mean the poor lady who gave of her last shekels at the Temple was not to be given the love of the  Father or the  Son simply because she didn't know he was standing there?

I share a love of Yeshua that goes beyond anything that has ever been written, or will ever be written in the future and  yet I am judged as a NON BELIEVER and not a true person of Christ.

For he took the emotions of vengeance and anger from my heart and soul. In doing so he filled  me with peace, love and an eternal gratitude that goes beyond our physical existence.  When you look into the eyes of the Shepherd and feel his touch, hear his words of peace and reconciliation. Somehow words on a page may never have the same meaning again. 

Whether he "ransomed" himself or  freely gave of himself, matters not to me.  I see and feel his unconditional love for man that he gave himself,  he knew who was going to betray him, he knew  how he was going to be betrayed and when. Knowing this he still willingly went with the soldiers when they came for him in the Garden. At the final moments, both he and his brother (on the Temple Mount decades later) showed their love through those words "...forgive them Father for they know not what they do..."

It is sad that today, with all our "wisdom" and education, we have not  been able to reach the levels of love and  compassion he showed on the Cross that day

My wonderful Friend, I can only pass along MY personal experiences to others as they affected me and me alone. They are based on personal experiences, not on doctrine or ritual, but solely unconditional love of my fellow man regardless of faith. If this is then being "sorely misguided" then I am guilty as charged,  please judge me accordingly...

Namaste to you and may the peace and love of Jesus and the Heavenly Father  continue to be with you and your family forever more

I'm shocked to be reading this, I thought I was the only one this was happening too. Your experience almost describes mine to a tee. I can feel myself slipping into the 'out of body experience' and can sometimes snap myself awake. My spirit is usually just thrown around the room and I can't control where it goes. I thought for a long time it might have just been nightmares but it's happened at least a dozen times.
I must say, David was very kind to take the time to leave you a post, but he is sorely misguided. Christ did indeed say he was here to ransom us. It is recorded for us in the Gospel of Mark 10:45. Erin, I think it is wonderful that you have seen a need to turn from the wrong doing in your life. It is not an attitude of guilt that God is looking for, it is a willingness to admit that you have done wrong and can't make it right. Jesus offers the free gift of a personal relationship with God. You don't need to and in fact CAN'T earn it (Eph. 2:8, 9). You need only accept that only Jesus can and has died on the cross to pay for your sins and has risen from the dead. John 1:12 says that calling on his name is what makes you a child of God. THAT is the first step to take if you haven't done that already.

If you have made that step, even better. Try to find a community of believers in Christ and start to learn more about the bible and be built up by the community. I would suggest looking for a group that preaches salvation through faith in christ alone. No works-based salvation and no "other" or "several" ways to God. If they preach that, they're likely not really believers in Christ. Jesus said that he is THE way, THE truth, and THE life. NO ONE comes to the father except through HIM. -John 14:6 There is no room for syncretism when it comes to Jesus.

If you don't agree with this, that's fine. But please do not let anyone claim to know what Jesus said based on anything outside of the bible. They are very reliable eyewitness accounts and without them there is no account of what Jesus has said. Period. I have intellectual evidence and reasoning for this and my email is Wagner.731 [at] if you would like to have more information. I sincerely hope that you will find not simply a power spiritual experience, but truth.
I am in the exact same spot. I can vibrate eventually each night I try. My crown and third eye are wildly activated, but I can't lift off yet. If you habe any updates, please share. I will, too.

Also, got great info from an interview with Anne Moss, who I think owns this site. She was able to push boundaries while in the astral plane by focusing on her solar plexus chakra, and projecting her will forceably through that. I tried night, but no luck.
Btw, do you ever hear faint tones or beeps? I've gotten that daily... Just briefly while in and of meditation. Maybe an attempt at communication? It's strange, but is definitely real and only started after I first began trying to have an OBE.

Have you ever experienced situations a lot of times where you have done everything right to achieve or do something in life which is right morally and will do good to you and will not harm anyone else. And yet failed. Failed over again and again. It may be due to some silly reason that you fail. Or may be even if you achieve it finally there will be a lot of unnecessary hurdles. Be Sure Its the Evil one who is testing you, and eventually you will move away from God and that is what he wants. If this is your situation in life, and you think why it is happening always in your life, it is St Michael that you should pray to and ask for help. For me and my wife, St Michael helped us miraculously. I was busy with my work and was not thinking of having a baby for first 2 years of marriage. And then when we wanted we were n0t having one, we went to doctors and they told us we both were having no issues. Our parents were also putting pressure and they stopped talking to us and pressure was building up. We had lost hope and started getting weird fears that we will never have a kid and started losing hope and trust in God. But we were still praying but not with much trust in him.

Then one day a priest visited one of my relatives for praying, this priest who does not know us by any chance, asked them if any of their relatives is working out of the country and asked us to call him ASAP. Yes, ASAP is what he told. You should believe God wants to help you fight Evil, he will assign you to St Michael who takes care of the fight. We called him the next day and he told us to pray to St Michael and offer a mass in honor of St Micheal and also to hand over our life to St Michael. There is a tradition in Esatern church to dedicate ourselves to Saints like we are handing over our lives fully to the Saint. Even Country of Russia and Firefighting dept of USA is dedicated to St Michael. We were skeptical first since we knew St Micheal is related to fighting Evil and could believe we were chained by Evil, we were ashamed and unhappy about this. I remember I was ashamed of telling parents about this. I am speaking from my heart.

We did what the asked us to do and went over our lives as usual in frustration and anger that God left us to be chained by Evil one. Also he had asked us to say the Prayer of St Michael daily which we did. We also kept Photos in our room so that we remember to pray to him daily. For someone who is sinking he will try to catch even a straw to save their life.

My wife conceived 2 months later and gave birth to a wonderful kid whom we named Michael. Whether you believe it or NOT, I would personally want to believe it a miracle. If you are objecting, please tell me why the priest ask for us when he does not know us at all.

I had the same interpretation of my awakening a couple of years ago. Stress triggered it... But it really was the work of God. You're not alone, but I think you already know that;)
That is so cool! Funny, I was just there. Well keep you beleifs up and you'll never know what might happen:) I am happy you saw that and that I know there are other beleivers here.
Onawingandaprayer in Hearing And Seeing Demons

Within our mind we have the greatest tool for creation we could ever possess, yet it works in many ways. Dude someone got hold of you as a kid and it had never let go and now fear is so deeply rooted within you that it may never leave, if you choose that it to be so.

I won't claim to fully understand what you have gone through simply because I don't believe in demons or anything of that nature. I have not allowed myself to think they are real, so to me they are not and have not manifested as such.

However one cannot push aside the fact that SSSSSOOOOO many people believe they are real.

Fear is one of the greatest destructive forces that we possess within us, it will literally destroy you in the end. It can block all sense of worth, create situations within that we feel will kill us, literally and figuratively.

Your Dad died in an accident, that is exactly what it was Dude AN ACCIDENT, you didn't cause it or create it. They beat the snot put of you that is very real and a sad fact of them being cowards and fearful in their own right, you got the blunt and sad end of their fears.

You can move forward but it requires courage and removing fear of the Dark Cloak. The Dark Cloak dude can do nothing to you, have you noticed how he only comes when you dream, when you are vulnerable to suggestion and maybe it is reality and maybe it isn't period of the day.

"...God doesn't love me..." take that crock of crap out of your head right away and understand that God doesn't stop the nightmares alone, he works with you to stop them, notice I said WITH YOU.

A learned a phrase from someone very near and dear to me. The son of another friend was having trouble with demons. He simply asked that the following phrase be passed along when the demons came calling:

Stare the S.O.B in the face, smile or even laugh at loud the following... " I BELONG TO GOD AND YOU CAN NO LONGER TOUCH ME, BOTHER ME OR INFLUENCE ME"

Just added the last 4 words for you as this is applicable here. I asked my freind a few days later how it went and she said her son said those words and "poof" the demons vanished and have never returned.

Now Mr Dark Cloak seems persistent, but just keep smiling at him, laugh in his face and so those words. He may threaten, curse, snarl or even try to harm you physically, but you will awake and nothing has happened to you. Do this until he no longer comes to you, then see you true nature and relationship to God.

You have no need to worry about whether you have been "saved" or not, you already have been, we all have, we all just have to forgive ourselves and realize that.

Are you worried about going to heaven or hell, don't be, look within yo the answers are all there and once you rediscover your relationship with God and who you truly are you will realize you have already discovered YOUR place in heaven.

The road ahead is not an easy one, you have years of internal and external abuse to get through, make no mistake though, you are not and never have been without the love of God. You have had to travel a road that has been laid out in front of you, for some it is a road of riches for some a path of terror. Yet in the end the clouds of fear clear and the journey becomes much clearer and certain, you just have to BELIEVE. Believe in God, believe inYOURSELF, trust that the answers you seek are found deep within...

Not one person in this world can truly explain the what and why of your experience, most myself included, can only provide a little insight, it is within you to end all this you just need to find the courage to tell Mr Dark Cloak to finally get lost and never come back. When you can do that you will be on your way to healing yourself.

Let no one tell you all was your fault, that is BS, sadly you have been the victem of others fears; your fathers, birth mother and your own inner "demons"

Before you take that final step into oblivion, look deeply within and ask for help if you can muster the courage to do so, only this time really ask for it. Let the Divine within know you are finally ready to let go of your fears, let go of the past and start living NOW.

It isn't about saying Hail Mary's, or praying for forgiveness, you have been forgiven a long time ago, you must develop the strength to say " no more"

I wish you all the blessing of the Divine that is within you, rediscover it and move forward my friend. You are a miracle of God, whether you see it or not, I see it as clear as the sun shines on my face, now it is time for you to see it as well...

Namaste my wonderful friend

Oh man I thought I was going crazy! Ever since I was about 4 years old, I have seen, talked to, touched, been physically hurt and tormented by the dark cloaked, long pointy fingernails, Sharp teeth, monster. He was bald and had a pointy nose but no eyes. And as I still get older the more he uh wants me to give up.
First time I saw him was the night my parents got divorced when I was 4 and my dad beat me unconscious. I was dreaming and I remember he never scared me, he just said, "when you wake up, I got something for you." And he walked away. When I woke up my room was dark, except for my blue nightlight, which was red this time, I could see him. Again I wasn't scared at all. He came over to me and told me that my mom and dad weren't my real parents but my real ones gave me up because they didn't want me. That upset me and I layer down and went to sleep and asked my mom the next day why my real parents didn't want me and she accused my dad of telling me that, later that day he hit a truck headon with his motorcycle and the the dark cloak came back and said I killed one of the only people who loved me and I should just give up. Then he was gone. He tormented me in my dreams, reality, embarrass me torment me nonstop until my mom met my steodad, when I was 9. Who also started to beat me to a pulp as they said I Do. He would do it every night like clockwork, come home from work, get drunk and beat me up, everyday until I was 14 and I saw him hit my mother and I broke a chair over his back. Once the beatings stopped Dark Cloak was back. It's making me cry. Cry right now just thinking about he showed up. I was trying to go to sleep and my blankets flew off and he layer on top of me face to face, smiling and laughing this, I can't even explain the laugh, it gave me the feeling of complete hopelessness and unhappiness. I was calling for my mom and crying so hard, when one bad thing ended another sing started. He was in my presence for a complete year, nonstop, my mom thought I was schizophrenic because he wouldn't let me sleep, he wouldn't allow me to eat, he would tell me talk to him with others around, and just stare at him during dinner. One night my mom asked who I was staring at and I told her "the same stupid f* [at] # who told me I was adopted, and oh yeah thanks for letting me know my birth c*$t drank with me all nine months because she couldn't get an abortion." She left and the next day she asked how I found that out and I laughed and said "f***in Jesus told me and he says your a B***h" right after I said that Dark Cloak said I was almost ready and he was gone. I got saved
Shortly after or so I thought until he came in my
Dreams again. Then I started using drugs, drinking,
Fighting, sex, both sexes, even though I was completely straight,
Getting in horrible fights, stealing cars. What was the
Point? My birth mother tried to kill me, mom didn't
Seem to love me, got beaten up by both dads until I
Killed one and forced the other one to stop, and oh
Yeah god didn't live me. And during that time I was
Not seeing the guy, no dreams, nothing. Then when I
Turned 18 and joined the military he came back, but
He was different, now he had eyes, white eyes. He occasionally showed up until I got stationed on the USS NIMITZ, I tried carving up my wrists with a knife, I was trying tp do a good thing amd turning my life around and I couldn't. He left me alone while I got my degree but I signed up for the Army a few months ago and he's saying I need to give in hes given me long enough time. Am I completely helpless am I never going to be on. Jesus good side, I live by myself now and I'm on the verge of just overdosing, I can't deal with it anymore, has he been grooming me for something bad? Any advice please. Cm7891 [at] gmail.
Whats he want? Why me? Can I be saved? I'm Freaking because I'm going to. Hell
During sleep, I have also have left my body and went to various locations. The first time it happened it was very traumatic. I was in a dark van with someone who I did not know. I was there for a second when the man was shot and I could feel his pain and fear. I smelled the smell of cigerette smoke. When I woke up I could feel the pain and was gasping for air. I woke my husband to ask if he could smell the smoke. This happened at 2a.m. The next morning while watching the news I saw a story of a man in a speed radar van was murdered. They said the only evidence at the scene was the smell of cigerette smoke. The crime happened around 1:50a.m. I truly believe I astral projected and was there with this man.
Your purpose and God's will for you are one in the same. Trust your inner guidance. You are already very tuned in. What do you love most in the world? What has the most meaning for you? Your purpose is always something you love doing and something that utilizes your natural talents and abilities. Give yourself time to sit down and make a list of the things that you love, the things that make time seem to fly by. Ask for help from your Inner Being. Right before you go to sleep is a great time for that--especially since you have already had experiences of guidance while sleeping. That is actually very common--most people just brush it off, but you have had some profound experiences with it. Life is not supposed to be a struggle. We are meant to live with joy. We are here to grow and expand in new ways--to become more. We will all do that in our own unique ways. Follow your path of joy and you won't go wrong.
radyance in The Awakening
Beautiful story. This is how the Holy Spirit works within our lives daily, and it's the moments when we stop and pay attention to that inner feeling that we begin to notice it. The Holy Spirit connects us all, and God is urging you to notice the amazing grace available to you!
Onawingandaprayer in An Angel? Or God?
Energyman, and Kingdixie

Interesting experience to say the least, just curious as to why you believed in the Devil and not a Divine source?

I am like the both of you in a sense, I was raised a Catholic and really couldn't come to grips with "institutionalized" religion or Priests yelling at the congregation because they weren't donating enough money, but that is another story.

To me the Devil no longer exists, I have simply erased it/him whatever from my thoughts. As a result I have never experienced any form of "evil" encounter, so I find it fascinating when I read stories here on this site about people's belief and encounters with evil.

Energyman I see your point and wholly agree with you regarding the foundation of the original religious thought. Early man thought that anything good or bad that happened must have been caused by a spirit of one kind or another, if it was bad then Bad Spirits were at play. They didn't put two and two together to realize (nor had they the awareness either) that a thunderstorm was simply a thunderstorm, an earthquake was just stress on the plate being released.

I do not get a sense of where your beliefs do lie, but for what it's worth I believe in a Source, call it Intelligence, God, Divine Source, Spirit, etc. I think you see my point, there have been TOOOOO many things happen in my life to think otherwise. Some will say coincidence, however I don't buy into that.

As for the experience above a friend left me with a phrase that can be used and in this case something similar was said and the outcome was the same.

The biggest thing to do in cases like this is to convince the ego-mind that it cannot be harmed. If saying a simple phrase can do that then so be it. Now Kingdixie is free of what was the troubling thought. The are others who frequent these pages whom may have a better solution and can refuse all the rest of us say, but hey that is the joy of this spirituality game, what is to me is not to you and vice versa, regardless of our initial beliefs.

Anyway, Keep the Blue Side Up

energyman in An Angel? Or God?
What I find interesting about this account is the writer did not believe in a god but in the devil. Some religions, to which I do not subscribe, would have us believe one exists with the other. I have often asked why some people believe all of the scriptures particularly when one realizes they were written when man believed the earth was flat or rode on the back of a turtle. The brings up the possibility the writing are perhaps lacking in facts. Anyway that does not detract from this experience which, it seems ended up as positive.
To Tracirad,

I am experiencing something similar. About 3 months ago, I finally got rid of p0rnography in my life, and I don't play lotto anymore. I quit many times before, but I regressed at the first occasion. Now it is for real, but I have been having problem sleeping with the same experience that you describe above with the spirit entering me through the anus. It would wake me up suddenly and I would feel even the pillows shaken under me. I would wake up each time and pray 4 to 5 times before I finally fall asleep sometimes until 4:30AM or later. How did you overcome this issue? I am a true believer in God but I reject most of the Christian's unfounded theology. My concern is that why am I a target now that I am trying to have a very conscious and permanent relationship with God? Why when I think that I am doing my part to be solely under God's wings, I feel the most vulnerable to the enemy's stings? Any advice and shared experience will help.

Onawingandaprayer in He Was There
Hello my Friend!

You are not alone here, my wife got quite upset at the Divine one evening. As I slept, she was awakened by a bright light in our room and a wonderful angelic persona standing before her, as if to say " okay I am here..."

Most of us have had similar experiences, mine was a very persistent cold chill which ran up my spine when I questioned the existance of the spiritual realm.

Why are you afraid to ask about the existance of God or Jesus for that matter and when they do show a sign you are afraid... Afraid of what!?!?

There is nothing that happened that you need to fear, if it was a snake, simply smile and ask it to move on along it's way.

The fact that the grass movement was not a "natural" phenomena should have warmed you to the core, for if you interpreted it as an indication of a Divine presence (which you did), then you have nothing to fear in HIS presence.

If you believe in demons, then not one would have come within a thousand miles of you as you walked in the comfort and protection of the Divine Light of God.

I recall a chapter in Glenda Green's book "Love Without End." In it Christ relates the story of flood victim who is on the roof of his house (bear with me as I try to recall from my rusty memory!), praying for Jesus to save him. A boat comes along and he waves them away, then a helicopter. He is waiting for Jesus to save him and when the waters take him and he finally meets Jesus he asks why he didn't help him.

Jesus simply replies "...I sent my help but you didn't take it..."

Now I may have the wording wrong but the passage is in her book and it is simply an indication that the Divine is with us all the time, we just ignore the presence most of the time.

How many times have you expressed something to the Universe or God for that matter and days or months later you hear the answer in a conversation between two strangers in the coffee shop. Perhaps the next song on the radio is the answer you sought and yet you didn't give much thought as to where or who sent it.

Open your eyes and your heart my wonderful friend, I am very sure you will be quite surprised by what has actually been in front of you the whole time.

Keep the Blue side Up!

JohnDiabet in Angel?
I believe that out of the few obvious things (big disaters) we are saved from. There are probably several thousand minor incidences that we are saved from too. I'm not saying the minor ones would not have major consequences. Dead is dead you know. It's just easier for us as humans to accept if the Rescue comes during a large and obvious event.
I wanted to say I am truly inspired by your story. I came across your story one late night, surfing the web. I was trying to find a way to contact my Guardian Angel. I was having no luck. I decided to search for people having real experiences with angel and/or demons.
I would like to experience what you see, vision, and hear. Everyday must be interesting. I truly seek your advice or help, to help me be committed to God and be a helper like you for God's sake and Jesus Christ.
I want no doubts to fill my head any longer.
This is so amazing that this happened to you too. The reason I was even browsing stories about people seeing God today was because the same exact experience you described happened to me also. It was about 13 years ago, but I remember it so vividly. Well I was laying on my trampoline with my brother and friend, gazing at the cloud formations. They both stopped looking at the clouds and for only a second, I saw the face of Jesus just as you described. From that moment on, I was set in my faith that there is a God and I knew that moment was just for me. I am so joyful that this happened to you as well because it helps to confirm that what I experienced was real too! So thank you so much for sharing this story.
I had that very same experience at the same age. Prior to that happening, I was practicing OBE. I did manage to perform out of body experience, but something happened one night that caused me to stop. It was around 2am I had a sudden urge to go to the restroom. Pulling the covers back, this bright light (selowette of a person) was standing in my door way. It was so bright the outlinning of it looked blue. My response was attack, but then my body locked up and I fell back in bed. All I could do was look at it as it kind of floated towards my bed. I just passed out, and when I came to I was crying. I pulled out my bible, and vowed never to perform OBE again.
i do believe, trust in god... THE SUPREME POWER... And I do believe in what you say... You know god has sent us with a purpose... YoU need to identify it... And I hope you have found it... You are very lucky indeed... Sometimes it happens to me that anything happening now seems to have happened before... Noone believes me.
Hello jpr,

What you have described has happened to me before as well. It ocurred about 6 years ago. Like you, I feel like I am a spiritual person and the more I progress on this journey the more in tune I become. One night I had awoken to find myself floating up to the ceiling, so close that I could see the tiny holes that are in the ceiling tiles. I wasn't scared, I didn't have time to be because I felt my conscious mind leaping into action saying "No no no" as if it were afraid I would die if my soul left the body. I felt pulled back into my body and this has never happened to me again. I know I wasn't dreaming. 100% sure of it. I believe we take these astral trips a lot more than we realize, we just aren't aware of it.
I also believe its happening more and more to more and more of us because we're waking up as a species. This is a time for celebration and love. ❤ We're all waking up and becoming conscious of ourselves, others, our mother and pretty much everything. I highly recommend that (only if you are interested) (: you should read about the Kundalini. It will probably blow your mind.
Hi. This has happened to me many, many times. I can remember when it used to happen to me as a child laying in bed. My body would begin to spin and so would the room. I didn't know what was going on when I was so young so it kind of scared me. It just happened to me this morning while I was meditating. Almost the exact same thing.:) Its awesome. Have you ever heard of the Kundalini energy? I've only known about it this year and its opened my eyes so much! It explains so much! The heat we are feeling when we're meditating is the Kundalini energy flowing upwards through our chakras and out of our crowns. Its so amazing! You should seriously look into this.:) Love and light to all! ❤
JohnDiabet in The Lord's Hug
I didn't feel His hug, but I felt His blood covering me from the inside. Just under my skin. It was a warmth I'd never felt. It was smooth and strong and incredibly intense. I felt like even the wood on the walls could feel it. Matter of fact I know they felt it. It was life, not just living, it felt like life itself. The essence of everything that lives and has lived and will live. It felt like heaven must feel. I was so safe and secure. I enjoy hearing others share, we are all children of the same Father!
JohnDiabet in The Demon On My Back
I love to hear people tell the stories about the TRUTH. I was told by a pastor I trust completely, because he could show it to me in the Bible. He said that Mary was a teenager when she became pregnant. She saw an angel and he told her what was happening and what to name Him. On the other hand, Joseph was a grown man in his twenties and had a dream of the angel which told him to doubt not. The pastor told me that a child is more likely to see the supernatural, and adults are more likely to dream of it. Just as Mary saw and Joseph dreamed. Either way they both BELIEVED. Matthew 19:14 JESUS said,"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." 😊
Thank you David for responding. Your love and light is much appreciated. And you are right about expecting something huge to change right after this. Sadly, many of us get disappointed and forget it's not just about peak experiences. Thank you for the reminder!

Much love,

Hello Deli!

Enjoy all that is developing within you, you will be told many things about how you need to be careful, or don't listen to any of it as it is all from the Devil...hogwash!

These experiences are spiritual in nature and they relate to you and only you.

I have had strikingly similar things happen as have many many others and from here it only gets better, confusing at times as you try to figure it out, or rather your mind tries to deal with all that is happening. Your Soul has it all figured out so not to worry!

As you expand your awareness of life you begin to realize exactly who you are and what your indiviual role here on earth is. We all have roles to do as we are all part of the grand vision of the Source of All Life, Source of All Love.

Which direction you choose to take your life is YOUR CHOICE, you have been given Free Will to do so.

I too hear the ringing in my ears and it is sometimes difficult to understand what and why. Some frequencies are specific for DNA enhancement, some are just messages only our Higher Selves will understand.

Very soon you will discover a loss of all fear regarding life, death or anything in everyday life for that matter. You may begin to experience an overwhelming sense of compassion at times and can't figure out why the heck you are spouting tears for someone you have no idea who they are.

It is just odd that way, I can type for hours and the words just seem to flow and yet I know I am not this free-flowing in my thinking. In fact I am a very analytical person and need to be for my employment. As a former military pilot and now airlines it is just the way I have always thought and yet now I see life from a completely different perspective.

I do not read any religious "holy" book and yet I have a connection to ALL that is somewhat difficult to explain to some people as they try to mold me into THEIR view of religious thinking.

Let whatever happens to you just simply be. Have a very open mind and let the universe take you wherever it wishes, you will be amazed at the changes that will occur within and without.

I haven't really said anything too specific here and that is how it should be, remember what happens to you is for you, what happens to me is for me and yet we all end up in the same place in time, thought, words and reason.

Let all within enhance you and be the greater for it...

Keep the blue side up!

Hello Erin

"... Now what do I do..."!?!?!?!?!?!?!

You live your life to the fullest it was intended to be every day of your existance here on earth, that is what you do!

The is no big earth shattering revelation here, you have now become more aware of what is within you, now let others see that spark by being the person you are meant to be... A being of love, a being of compassion, a child of God.

People are continually looking for something bigger and better to happen in their lives when this occurs and are usually quite discouraged IF nothing happens. It is not for us to say when anything changes, our souls determine that, for we are just the physical presence of that amazing creation of God. We experience life and all the related experiences spiritual, good,bad, indifferent on a timetable set by our Grander Selves.

Our interaction with the Christos energy and the love that is our eternal brethren Yeshua Ben Joesph, is something that is always there, we just have ignored it most of the time. You have now felt that love and power that he was, that he is, that he forever more will be.

He didn't "ransom" himself for us, those are words of man, not his. He showed Us a life that was and could still be today an example to follow for our day to day lives.

What should you do you ask, be that example, live your life in the awareness of his love, the knowledge of your own inner divinity and allow the beacon of God's Light that is you shine for all to see...

Namaste my wonderful friend

Hi Jobuid,

God has called you to the spirit realm. You don't need to be a teacher because that gift is meant for others, but your path is very unique. It's a scary thing being on the front lines like that. My father is a pastor and when I tell him experiences such as leaving my body, seeing spirits, having vivid and prophetic dreams he can't relate because it's not his calling. The end is near and the world will begin to see more of these miracles from both sides (good and bad). I've dabbled into occult stuff before Christ saved me, and let me tell you... The spirit of God is no match for any of that witch stuff. When I came to Christ I received many gifts. It was a bit scary at first, but hold onto them because they are really something wonderful!
You are probably called to something... Like some kind of ministry of God and the devil is trying to get to you. If you are saved, rebuke them in the name of Jesus... Tell them to get out of your house and leave you alone. I also recomend you read psalms 91. You can also use the blood of Jesus... Plead the blood of jesus over everything in your house. The devil was orrigionally and is conitunually defeated by the blood of Jesus.

Whatever you do, do not use ouja boards to find out what it is... That makes it even worse.

God Bless,
KatyAD in The Lord's Hug
yes I had him walk up behind me at the alter of my church onece... I simply asked him for a hug... I said lord, I want a hug. And he gave me one. I couldn't see him but I could feel him, his actual figure. Loved the moment I was in it... Loved everything about it, he held me like I was a child... I was so happy. I was about 25 or 26. I go to a church that is very spiritual stuff like that happens. You should ask him why he is doing that to you. If you sit still and are quiet, he can't tell you. 😉
Gayatrishiva in Seek Ye First
I have read autobiography of a yogi and that book does have something beyond this world. Its kind of properller like.
Gayatrishiva in Awakening To A Voice
What you are expereincing is very nice and nothing to be scared of for I believe you are protected by God and I am sure He is guiding you. If you meditate it'll be good for you I guess. On the whole its very very awesome experience.
Very nice and beautiful experience. Oh I wish I could contact you and talk to you more on this and geta glimps of kundalini.

I did have very light kundalini awakening or it was like hearing sound of OM until then I never believed such stuffs honestly and I felt some cold and hot feeling running in my spine.
Hello discoverer,

What you are expereincing is Kundalini shakti and its nothing but the initial stage in meditation when you do any meditation including anapanasati. Its the Karmas which ar releasing out of the body which makes the kundalini shakto to rise up the spine and one feels the whole body vibrations and shaking. Dont worry it'll go off after sometime. If you want to talk about it further you can email me aypviji [at]

I have also done Vippasana and I teach yoga and meditation.
I have been looking for information related to this kind of supernatural things but it's been hard to find. Well, I already read all the comments posted on this page and it sounds interesting to share what I lived some days ago. I went to my bedroom, hit the lights off and jumped on my bed, got my blanket on and I looked up and immediately I started seeing some flames but they were not in my bedroom, they were attached to my eyes and wherever I moved my eyes, they moved too. I did not get in panic, I just relaxed and they disapeared. It lasted about 5 or 7 seconds. The only thing I know is that next morning I felt like if 1 ton of weight had been taken from me. Does someone mnow about this? Thanks
You are experincing the holy spirit there, a born again experince. Only in Christs name can this happen. You reject christ as your means to salvaion it seems. Go to christ and ask him again to show you he is the way.
I cannot tell you how similar what your saying is to my experinces of the holy spirit. I prayed to god, and simply asked for the conviction of the holy spirit, so I could know I was saved, I have an insane fear of hell, not sure why. After around 5-10mins, I lay there thinking about work tommorow, and I tell you the truth, with in a split second before I could even think about what was going on, a physical energy when from my feet to my head, it was like hot, lighting infused pins and needles, like every part of my body was electricuted in a nice way, it was physical tho, not emotional, like I was burning but in a good way, like buring with out the pain, and with a mix of electricity, and then it left. Sometimes I think I am going mad. Was incredible.
Onawingandaprayer in Black-hooded Entity In OBE
Hello Alex

Thank you for relating your experience, I hope you and all who have experiences like this can find answers.

You are an atheist, that is cool, that is your experience and no one can say otherwise. You and I would not agree on God but hey, how boring would life be if we had nothing to discuss because we all thought the very same thought!

I am just pulling this out of the air but one thought as to your experience might be as follows.

We are all guided in one form or another, christian, muslim, atheists, you get the picture. As such perhaps your "Guide" has manifested itself to you in a form your mind would recognize from your experience here on earth.

As such he may have been there to say "dude, not this way, go back and try another route"

Not much more than that really, nothing to fear as you related. Let us know if you run across this manifestation again...

Demons are a common issue on this site as man is obsessed with demons, the devil, ways to avoid both. If people put more energy into living their lives with their eyes wide open, I don't believe these visions would ever be an issue.

I have never seen a demon, the devil or something I should be afraid of, I simply do not believe in them and as I love only Yeshua and God with every fibre in my body I have no fear of them ever coming into my life.

Now some will jump on that last statement and extoll about how I should fear God and the wrath if I don't... Sorry I choose to see them in the light and love that they are, not what I AM SUPPOSSED TO BELEIVE BASED ON WHAT IS READ TO ME.

Alex I am going to post a passage I learned a long time ago and it is for those who are afraid of whatever manifests in their dreams to bring them chills in the night.

Once again thank you and all the others who have posted, this is what this site is all about, Christians, atheists, doesn't matter we all end up in the same place in the end...

Namaste my wonderful friend

I belong to God you can't touch me...

When I sleep at night I see but the demons alone,
They mock
They haunt
They Taunt
They grow bolder, as I grow in fear of them

I stare them directly in the eyes and from deep within comes:

"I belong  to God you cannot hurt me"
Poof... In a cloud of smoke they are gone!

As I ponder life I see a man in a hood,
Dark, menacing
The air is bitterly cold as he approaches
As the courage wells-up inside me
All fear dissipates, 

I now just smile and say:

"I belong to God you cannot touch me"
In a flash of light he is gone!

I spend my days seeking within,
I only see dark shadows of figures
Gliding by in a cold wind of fear
I shake and tremble as they approach
Are they real?
Are they a dream?
Fear grips and paralyses me...

I beam a broad smile and simply state:

"I belong to God, you cannot frighten me"

A light of golden hews now embraces me
I see a man, his face as clear as the sunshine
He is a vision of all that is pure

"My precious one,
You ARE a child of God
Those you manifest within and see in your dreams
Will never harm you, 
Nor cause you pain again,

Live your life in the love that is you 
Live your life in the love that is the FATHER
Live in love
Fear not the demons of your imagination"

At that Jesus faded away into the golden light he came from

You ever here of the black angel that protects children. He's called St. Martin! The one I saw though sent shivers to my core. He wasn't an angel or demon I believe, but he ment business. His business was collection. Just as Idealist said to you about his friend who thought of the bible, I said Jesus, I don't want to die. He was Gone, but that's my belief and I said it with confidence and power. It was my last hope. There is a lot more to it than what I said, but that's another story. Yours sounds like St. Martin, watchful and protective. So maybe he wasn't the only one there.
jedinite2012 in Three Visions
I will tell you I have had similar experiences, not with Angels but three episodes of great powerful vibrations. The vibrations were unimaginable and left me quite aware of a presence much more empowering than anything I had ever felt. The power of three is all encompassing, it will guide you, correct you, and protect you. I believe God is telling you something, I had a dream (vision) with a wave of strange looking whitish, watery tiles once. I warned someone who was also in the dream when I woke up, but they did not see the significance of it, maybe it means something to you? There also was a man with an evil smile on his (scruffy,bearded) face looking at me as if he knew something I didn't. Maybe this helps?
jedinite2012 in I Met The Holy Spirit
Let me just say that my experience was so over powering and identical to yours in many ways. Not only do I believe it to be the Holy Spirit but I Know you will be comforted further in the future. The Lord our God has given you a piece of the puzzle we are all a part of. You will see the good Lord when you are ready, for now He will let you feel a portion of His Spirit. God bless you and remember this, everything in sets of three! Ask why!, that is what will help comfort you when ever you need it to. Look around and you will see what it is God is showing you, please do this and you will know what great comfort God has given me. Love from: A.M.
ErinL55 (guest) in I Met The Holy Spirit
I'm very happy you got to experience his presence. I had asked for love to come in my life and that is where I found Him because God is love. Thank you for sharing and God bless you.

Oh, and I know how you feel about not wanting to be separated, nor do I and I worry all the time. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

""For I am the LORD your God, who upholds your right hand, Who says to you, 'Do not fear, I will help you.'"
robert in Gold Coins
Thank you for your comment! Although I'm curious to know what it meant, I really don't dare to try it again. I kind of scratch the surface but just don't dare to go that deep. I don't know if it was evil or not but it didn't seem holy either. Robert.
VeryAwake in The Busride
Hello Kathleen,

Thank you for your kind words. Sometimes we don't know why these special things happen to us. I kept asking aloud as I continue to receive gifts of service. Sometimes it's travailing prayer, seeing a person's Light, feeling emotions, etc.

I stopped asking because the answer simply is the actions of God working through me, whoever he needs to address. He does leads me to "tools" I need to grow in my purposes and have awareness of what it is that he does for me and through me for others.

I really do love the Christ growing in me as I grow in him and I really do love God for everything and every reason I exist. Service is not without its dark moments and even then I call out Jesus's name to rescue me. Amen

Blessings and Love for you Kathleen.
Foundations in The Busride
Hello VeryAwake,

This is an absolutely touching experience and I felt the love and compassion that you so kindly and unselfishly portrayed to a fellow brother. May we all learn from your beautiful actions and learn to love one another just as you have on this wonderful occasion! Thank you for your courage to be your loving self without reservation.

With love,
Foundations in The Lord's Hug
Hello jjlandres,

I wouldn't worry about something being wrong with your heart, but on the contrary! Your heart seems to be bursting with love and searching for deeper meaning when reciting the Lord's Prayer. A very similar experience happened to me when I was reciting that same prayer a few years ago, and since then my life has been changed forevermore with so many beautiful experiences. I asked God to assist me in understanding the true meaning of this prayer- I no longer wanted to just recite it, but deeply understand it. I have since been guided in so many ways and have a greater understanding of the world around me. Please continue to ask for guidance, and I know that you will be answsered and find the answers all around you in the most unexpected ways!

With love,
Onawingandaprayer in I Met The Holy Spirit
Hello lauralovespaul66

Love the story, but...

Do not fear Yeshua will EVER leave you, you have awoken every fibre of your existence to Him and he will never leave you.

You, we, Him we are all one thing LOVE, nothing more and nothing less than the Divine glory of the Source of All Life, Source of All Love and you have shown us all your love for the Divine and his Son.

The Holy Spirirt is not new to you, for it has been within you all your life, guiding you, protecting you and communicating with you. It is only now that you have come to see the true glory of the Father within you. Move forward in that Love and realization my friend and fear not that you are being "left behind" by Yeshua Ben Joseph, for he's been there all the time, it is only now you have finally recognized Him

Keep the Blue-side Up

turtlephobic in I Met The Holy Spirit
That actually sounds like Astral Projection. Sorry to dissapoint you but that's what I believe.
I have had these experiences since I can remember but I always got so scared that I thought I was being abducted by a alien! I been reading recently about guides, angels astral travelling and that's when I got the aha moment! So last night around 3am of course could not sleep when I heard that buzzing sound in my ears and I got a bit scared but I remember that I read there is nothing to be scared and right and then I felt I was floating. Woke up this morning remembering ever thing I google and I came to this website and i'm very happy that this astral travel is a gift from God:
NaturalScience in God Said He Loves Me
Every day belongs to the Lord. Your frustration when attending Sunday mass did NOT come from worshipping the wrong way, or on a wrong day. God is not narrow-minded, nor will He refuse to understand one language and prefer another; for He made all the human tribes and languages on Earth.
God bless you with the gift of feeling His presence everywhere - even in a honky-tonk, or on the loo!
NaturalScience in Gold Coins
Seems that you made unconsciously a wish for wealth, for money, after seeing that face calling you for a wish, and thus you were showered with gold coins.

Christians often see wealth as a temptation to become evil, because Jesus warned us from not "serving" money. But it is one-sided and short-sighted to AVOID wealth because of this warning of Jesus.
Wealth is not good or bad in itself; just as all other boons of life (health, intelligence, beauty, strong muscles, a good reputation etc), it is a means to do good things, but can be misused for bad things if you are on the wrong side.

If I were you I'd dare to meditate again by the same way used when having the vision, with the goal to understand better what that gold-coin shower means.

There is nothing to fear in your inner images - but a lot to study. Have a good time studying!
NaturalScience in My Guardian Angel... Or Not
Spiritual experiences often are vague and transient, that is why it is possible to negate their existence by intellectual tricks although almost everyone has had some of them;
And most of them are NOT reproducible by one's effort or will but remain unique, that is why it is said God gives them by mercy, as a gift.

If it be necessary for you it could even happen that you see your angel clearly, as some report in WWW or in books. But "it" will never make itself visible just for giving "proof", or for feeding curiosity.

Keep believing in your guardian angel although you got no proof of "its" existence beyond that transient feeling of presence and warmth you had only once. It is said in New Testament that "blessed are those who can believe without a Vision". Furthermore, how could it benefit you to doubt your angel's existence?
Well, it is still "modern" to kick out verbally at persons who "think too romantic", to negate God, the Soul, and the existence of spirits,
And if you choose the path of Superficiality i.e. If you want to be "cool" and thus believe and do what is called "cool" you will learn to kick out at all good dreams, even your own, belying yourself in the usual "modern" way, which means to think "Dreams are unreal, Dollars are real."
But this path of "Coolness" leads into Darkness. And I suppose that it won't remain "modern" for much more time. Thus better stand by your "romantic dreams" about having a guardian angel, and rely on this angel. Ask "it" (angels are not male nor female) for counsel if you are in doubt whether some plan of yours, or some person round you, is good or bad. And if you get some answer (which will most of the time be only an ordinary good idea, not a voice from heaven or a vision) do respect it and do try to follow it. Then your angel will keep helping - more and more.
NaturalScience in My Black Guardian Angel
Stop speculating anxiously about the color Black in the report above, readers. Good spirits may appear not only in White but also in black color or black clothes - as well as demons may disguise as "angels of light" according to the Bible. Non-Christian traditions too tell much about black entities, and fierce-looking ones, that decidedly work for the Good Side. Mooowww, I think your "black angel" is a good entity. Dont worry!
Just read your story as a random story~ Love it!
I really enjoy reading experiences like yours. I have heard a voice also, very clear~ mine was a woman's voice. It sounded like the voice of my sister who passed away in 1980.
It to was in my right ear both times 😊
Thank you for your wonderful response. He never fails to amaze me every time. He truly is a faithful and powerful God. God bless. 😊
Onawingandaprayer in Head Pressure During Meditation
Hello Discoverer

Opening of the "thrid eye" is the opening of pineal (I think I spelt it right!?) gland. DOes this mean you are suddenly a spiritual person, no, what it does do however is begin to open you up to a greater awareness of what is LIFE and what you are.

Within that expanding knowledge of what is around you and of life itself, you may begin to remember GIFTS that have been bestowed upon ALL humans. Why some become aware of them and not others is all part of the mystery of spirituality and life. Remember what happens to one person isn't necessarily going to happen to another.

I cannot see "spirits" I FEEL energy, I feel energy shifts when there are OTHERS" around me. I am not clairvoyant so this is not what I am required to know in the greater scheme of things.

I have friends who are clairvoyant and are trying to come to terms with what it all means. The daughter of a lady I know here in Dubai can see the auras of an individual as clear as we see the sun or stars. Why does she have this gift...

My friend we each have our own path to follow and yet in the end they all merge into one for a "globlized view" for lack of a better phrase, each with our jobs or roles, some are teachers, soe are bankers, soe fly airplanes, some heal with a touch, others ponder philosophy and send forth words of wisdom for future generations to read. This is all part of the greater ideal of how we all fit into the "ONENESS" of who we are.

The opening of the pineal or the 3rd eye is the starting point to your journey into increased awareness or if you feel your spiritual journey.

Others who can use their 3rd eye as a viewing portal can probabl;y explain more, for me it is a gateway to my expanding awareness of life, I cannot see much through it, but then again I haven't tried to either. I use what is within to help and guide me along my journey.

As for your pains during meditation, well are you trying to induce images or experiences or just letting things "flow" I experienced the same thing until I realized I was trying to "induce" my results. When I stopped this and just let things flow things were much better...

My two cents worht, have a great day

You are receiving indications that actually this type of medication is not good for you. Not many people are sensitive enough for this, but it seems you are. Also, the fact that you feel that you become too passive by meditation - or loose interest in life - supports the need for you to take the spiritual capacity you have and to actively engage it. For you medication is not something that will advance you, but can hinder you. We are not al the same, and you are indeed fortunate you have no need of further meditation.
Trust in your life and capacity and you will find what you need. Best!
quixoticqt in I Met The Holy Spirit
Jesus will never leave you or forsake you. Once you believed in him that belief is so strong it will stay with you until you for the rest of you entire life.
The Holy Spirit is also a part of your conscience now. You have a problem when you need help the Holy Spirit will be there. Like one time I needed to put oil in my car and I had no idea how to open it, the Holy Spirit said "NOW PULL IT." I pulled it and it worked. The Holy Spirit is extremely blunt.
❤ Qt
Sometimes I remember things that bother my conscience of what I did and feel bad for. Because I was able to pray about my problems and be forgiven of them I redeem myself and put my mind back in its correct order and remind myself that I was forgiven of these problems. I won't think negitive about those anymore.
❤ Qt
Sounds much like the mayan code of honor In La'kech. It means, I am another yourself. When we truly realize how connected everything is it becomes clear how ONE we really are with everything. Even the stars and space. ❤
To help you understand your spirit, soul, and body this broadcast might help you...


The Three Part Makeup of Man

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I watched this and I found that it really explained alot. I also believe that God's whole existence is LOVE... Nothing else matters without love... Gods Word means nothing without His love.
God Bless

It is wonderful that you know that God has placed angels around to protect you. As for "the others". If you are a believer in God and have faith in Him as the all powerful God that can save you from an eternity of torture and has promised you an eternity of love and peace with Him in heaven, then you need to tell "the others" (which are called demons) that you want them to leave and to never return. Ask God to fill you with His love and peace. To send His Angels to be with you and comfort you, minister to you and to continue to protect you. God Bless ❤
Perhaps you should ask your sister more about her gift she has. It is a gift from God. A Spiritual Gift called the Gift of Discernment. She can see into the spirit realm. You both need to pray to God for guidance. You both need to believe in God. Repent for your sins and ask God to have mercy on you. Believe me when I tell you that chances are that your black angel is more like a fallen angel of Satan's. Another name for is, a demon. It does make a difference if you have a demon following you. Whether it is doing something bad at the moment or not. A demon is evil and wants to trick you into not believing in God and causing you to do things that you normally wouldn't do. Believe that God is very real. Jesus died on the cross for all our sins. The blood He shed that day has power over Satan and his demons. They all know that He has all power and authority and so they have to obey Him. So my advice to you both is to have faith in God and the power He has and tell the demons to leave and to never return in the name of Jesus! Ask God to fill you with His love and peace. Ask God to send His Angels to be with you and minister to you and protect you. Continue to learn more about this gift and about God and always be in conversation with God and repent for the things you may do that you feel are sins or that the Word of God say are sins. God Bless ❤
Hi, I hope that I can help you and not confuse you. Any spirit you see that is not an Angel of God (believe me you'll know its an Angel of God) it is a demon. There is NO OTHER GOD but GOD. No other name under which you are saved but Jesus' name. No other power and authority over the darkness of Satan and his fallen angels (demons) but the power and authority of Jesus' shed blood on the cross. Many religions can make many claims but I can tell you that they do NOT have the power of true salvation for eternal life in heaven with a promise of peace and love that is beyond our understanding of our human mind or body to comprehend. They only other option you and others have is to believe in false religions that will confuse you and lead you straight into Satan's snare that will take you to hell with an eternity of torture that is also beyond our mind and body to comprehend. I beg of you to seek out Jesus and His authority over the evil dark demon that is following you. Do not communicate with it. Believe in Jesus. Repent for your sins. Call on Him to save you and to have mercy on you. Have faith that Jesus' name has all power and authority over the demonic beings. Tell them that you want them to leave and to never return. To go to the pit of hell in Jesus' name! Be sure to ask the Holy Spirit to fill you and protect you. Commission your Angels to be with you and to minister to you and to protect you. Satan and his demons know that Jesus has all power and authority over them and they must obey Jesus. You can look most of this stuff up online and in the bible and books that will explain demons and angels from a Christ standpoint. Be safe and God Bless ❤
Your altar experience sounds typical of being slain in the Holy Spirit. While you are slain the Holy Spirit is ministering to your spirit. Being "born again" is very important in being saved and going to heaven with God. There is NO OTHER God but GOD... No other name will you be saved but by Jesus. Not through Buddha or anyone else. Only through Jesus. As for the experience of something scaring you, "ghost"... I can assure you that it is not a ghost picking on you or waiting to cross over some kind of realm. Any spirit you see that is not an Angel, is a demon. Demons will appear as little kids, sweet old ladies, your grandpa, some ancient Indian... They are all demons and need to be told to go back to the pit of hell and that you want it to leave and to never return... IN JESUS NAME! Jesus' name is the only power and authority that is above the demons. The demons know it and they have to obey a believer in Jesus who tells them to leave. You must have the faith in the power and the blood of Jesus when you tell them to leave. Be sure to repent to Jesus for your sins and ask Him to have mercy on you. To encamp your angels around you to protect you. Trust me... You need to find your way back to God and leave behind the false gods that don't have the power or authority over the evil powers in the world. God Bless all of you... In Jesus' name ❤
robert in Gold Coins
Thank you dave for your genuine reply. The whole thing was just unbelievabe.
Hey chemical64! That's a neat experience, did that scare you or what were you thinking or feeling? What do you think it is? I was thinking back to when I was a kid like 7 and I remember one time being in a beach house with another kid. I must have had my eyes closed because I felt the room get bright but did not see anything but my friend said the room got bright with light... And I have read around on this site and noticed other people including you and I have also experienced a light manifesting out of no where. I just want to know what it is and I'm assuming it is not a bad thing since nothing bad happened to you or I. Take care and be safe on your journey!:0) ❤
Onawingandaprayer in God Said He Loves Me

Amen Brother, someone who gets it, wow!

We are all one, come fromm the same place, will return to that same place.

I also do not go to church anymore, I was filled with anger whenever the priest would demand, not ask, but demand we contribute more money, yell at the parishoners for being late or not attending as often as he felt they should.

I love the buildings themselves and can sit for hours in a Cathedral just being still and in communion with the Divine. I remember feeling anger at an easter service because of what we (man as a whole) had done to Yeshua and how we had forgotten much of what he came to pass along.

It was that inner voice of reason that calmed me down, the Holy Spirit, God, whatever one chooses to call the voice.

Like you, I too have spent a lot of the past couple of years exploring the greater consciousness and awareness of our faith and being within the cosmos. How EVERYTHING leads back to the ONE. One thought, One being, One source whatever it may...

I will be branded a "false prophet" by those who can't see beyond their books, however if they would close their books,seek, learn about their true relationship to the Divine. I am sure they will have a little more to think about.

Keep The Blue Side Up!

Onawingandaprayer in Kane, A Lesson In Love

The journey of one soul is not for us to question or try to understand, here one magnificent soul achieved a life-time of Divine work in such a short period of time.

We can all ask why did he have to go when he did, but that was HIS life-time, he accomplished what was asked of him in that short period of time, it doesn't get much better than that!

Kane lived his life to the fullest, something we humans have long forgotten to do. A man walked amongst us 2000 years ago doing exactly that, we didn't heed then, we are still heeding today, but that is changing...

Keep the Blue Side Up

Onawingandaprayer in Gold Coins
Hello Robert

Thank you for the insight and your experience, but one question

What are you afraid of?

You were shown an image in your mind and that is all it is, how you interpret it is up to you.

Poeple will say it was eveil because of all the Gold in there, as if you were being tempted by it... Well you alone can determine that, no one else.

Yeshua appears to many people in many forms and when he does ask yourself how do you feel within your body. Did you feel fear or love, that is an indicator of how you perceive the good or evil OF THIS ONE INSTANCE.

Some will experience chills and panic, even in the prescence of The Son of Man. That is fine and nothing to worry about.

Do you think Jesus will appear in only rags and show the children of God only pious things, not as far as I am concerned. He will show the individual what is relevant to that individual, and as you have seen somewhere in your life all those elements have played or will play a part, it is up to you to figure it out what and when.

Meditation is a direct connection to the Divine source within and without, so relax next time and go with the flow, if you feel fear and feel someone is doing you harm, here is a statement a friend of mine passed along to me for these situations. You don't have to be a church-going regular to make the statement either!

When challenged in your dreams or visions during meditation by what you feel are ones with dark intent, simply look at them and state the following:

"I belong to God you cannot harm me"

They should disappear in an instant, or they may get all snarly, nasty and start saying all kinds of stuff, then they simply disappear.

Remember evil is only in the hearts and minds of Man and we are the ones who perpetuate it, do not fear evil and it will have no part in your life.

As an aside when I meditate I rarely see anything other than darkness, no images, nothing. I FEEL within my body what is happening and hear the spoken voice from within. The image of Yeshua's face will come through from time to time, but that is it.

I do have visions however and they are very vivid, not a speck of evil in any of them because I simply do not believe in it.

Take care Robert

Keep the Blue Side Up!

Dear LauralovesPaul66,

Wow, I am honored to read of your Holy encounter with the Holy Spirit... I firmly, truly believe it was the Holy Spirit Baptism. I had my first encounter back in April of 2010... And it is very, very similar. I have my testimony on this site if you are interested in reading about it. If you are like me, I have been searching nonstop for others that have experienced this Holy Spirit conversion... For close to 2 years now! My life has done a complete 360 thanks to our beloved Lord! Something amazing and glorious is going on throughout the world!

After close to 2 years of researching... As well as a glorious complete personal total Spiritual conversion, and many, many subsequent divine encounters... I feel strongly that God has unleashed his Holy Spirit in a "new way never seen before on Earth!"

I personally feel that during this time, this new wave of Holy Spirit encounters is happening to His children that are "ready" and "open" to receive His spirit... And we need to pray for the others to follow. As our Beloved Lord said, "the first will be last, and the last first!"

I personally feel that the ones that are ready "now" are experiencing this wave of very similar Blessed encounters of pure transformation through God's love for His children... Many are strikingly similar to your encounter... A Holy Spirit Converson, or Baptism, Infilling, etc...

As I look back, I realize that He had been trying for soooooo many years to transform me with His Spirit... But I had been so full of myself and my own selfishness, I was blind and had a deep fear of the unknown... So I didn't let Him inside... I was scared of the unknown. But once I put my total 100% faith in Him, and just let it happen... He came to me! And wow... I had no idea what I was missing!

I have found that many explain their encounter as an electrical real presence surging through their body, mostly at night while they are quiet and in bed, some waking from a sound sleep at night suddenly, to His presence ~ some during intense meditation or reflection. For me, just before He sent His Holy Spirit surging through my body, my soul, my spirit... I had been intensely thinking of Jesus' suffering on the cross... With deep, pure pain inside my soul for How He suffered for us... Other people describe feeling God, or the Holy Spirit, Angels, the Blessed Mother, etc. Flowing through them like a life force, or electrical current, or God's Holy Breath ~ that is transforming them from the inside out... Some also describe seeing a light during their visitation, or hearing God's voice, or divine music, or a touch from God, etc. Etc...

One thing that everyone who has this divine experience seems to have in common is a gradual change for the better and a closer relationship with God.

I can testify firsthand, that I firmly believe that your experience, is just the beginning of God drawing you to a deeper union with Him. Just trust in Him and let all the fear go.

My favorite book that helped me understand all that was happening to me is from St. Teresa of Avila, her book explaining the mansions. I can't recommend reading this book enough! It is amazing! She is amazing and had many divine encounters!

I pray for many, many Blessings for you and your loved ones. I am so happy for you! Please keep posting of your experience... I truly am interested in hearing how your relationship with God progresses after your initial encounter!

Sending thoughts love, peace and strength your way...

Scarlett ❤ ❤
There appears to be a direct connection with the state of mind during an NDE or OBE and the experience itself. There are many reports of people living in fear or severely depressed having dark or negative experiences in the lower levels of consciousness. However, all is not lost you can change your mind and move into the light. See the story of Pastor Howard Storm.
In an altered state of consciousness you create your reality instantly so be careful what you are thinking and make sure you have a positive attitude.

Yes, you need to give up sex with women until you are married. The scriptures are clear on that.

God bless you,
Just read this story, it was one of the "random" stories. Great and wonderful experience for sure!
You are blessed to have been given such an amazing sign that we are indeed never alone~ ❤
Hope you always hold that vision close to your heart~

When I was a young girl, my parents worked shift work and I, at 7 or 8 years old, still slept with mom or dad, whomever was home that night. My first dog, Pixie was a poodle/hound mix and was never a barker. One night I woke up to Pixie's incessant barking and looked out the bedroom window to the back yard. She was in a pen and with teeth bared, she was staring at a luminescant bright light hovering just above ground. It was the size of a car tire. She had never bared her teeth before or barked like that. I touched my face several times to see if somehow I was dreaming... I began trying to wake up my father and of course at the same time, looking back at the light several times in the process. By the time dad awoke the light was gone. My birthday is 7-11. I have another light story to share but will do so separately on another comment. Good to know others experienced this. I live in a place where many Native American Indians once thrived and I've always thought it a kind Native spirit and God's light blessing me as a young child. It does seem that thoughout life I've always touched people as a person of light.
Hey Teana I hope my advice can help you out.
Jesus talks about being reborn again in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. When he says being born again he means literally like a baby and not physically but spiritually. The process takes time but I can tell you that the outcome is so great and you are going to wish that you have gave your life to Christ a lot sooner. Now that you are reborn and truly believe in Christ meditating helps out a lot but something that can be more efficient is prayer. Just drop down on your knees and surrender all to God because he gave his one and only son for your sins. That is the ultimate sacrifice! Thank him everyday for that:) And now its time to start studying his word, I would recommending starting in the new testament because it starts off with all the miracles and parables that Jesus taught and did. And also because our rules are more from the new testament so it would be a lot clearer for you than to start with the old testament. God Bless you Teana and I will pray for you to continue working on your relationship for God through Christ!
Hi and Thanks scarlett2 for your interest in my God inspired book, hope you find it.

Foundations I am very happy that you have achieved an honour as you have done in poem. I pray you do very well with your book, and it feels great that someone else understands how the hands just go mad on the key board with no control, the thoughts just keep coming.

I also enjoyed your poem straight from the heart and soul. Thank you. ❤ ❤
Thx, Kathleen! I was using Bing to search... Guess I gotta go back to good ole' google! Peace always, Scarlett 😁
Hi Scarlett,

I found Gerry's book by typing "The Looking Angel Gerard Cec" into Google search.

Hope this helps!
My turn, I'm 24 now. This happened when I was 8 to 12 not sure when. I don't remember my past all that well but something like this... Was rather hard to forget. I've told myself it was a dream or super savage imagination but, something I saw on the news got me thinking. How the individual in the news talked about the demons moving mouth. I don't know if it was a demon or what kind of spirit or energy but it was a see through dark shadow with no human shape just a outline shadow. No arms or any other body part I could see. Only its eyes and mouth which where not human. They weren't even eyes or a mouth. Just a different kind of shadow. Two different color of shadow. Dark and not as dark and the eyes didn't move but the mouth piece on it did and it wasn't a mouth like you or I. Could and did open up wider and the shape was jagged. I was tossing and turning in bed and what I do when I can't sleep is I open my eyes to see how heavy they are. Haven't don't it since that night lol. It was in my bedroom and the thing was just a few inches from my face paralell to my body. I member the voice and that it was a language that I had never heard of before or since. As soon as I can I plan on getting hypnotized or put under some sort of trance so I can find out what it said. I can and should have written down word for word what it said but I tried telling myself it wasn't real for such a long time. The voice was deep and raspy and not what I would call human either... I'm not on here trying to get someone to believe me or to tell me what it was. I know I need to find out what it said to me. Had a "male" voice but I still call it an it. I just thought maybe someone would like to hear... Read this. What if the language is one of them old dead ones huh... Ohh yeah, beast status and not like 666 beast I mean like animal, savage status. I hope when I found out what it said it is something important or relevant and not something I should have heard years ago haha anyways. I send positive vibrations to all who read this. It's long I know, sorry haha but I'm not just going to say. Something spoke to me and done. This is meaningful to me. I was scared then but now I'm just angry at myself and curious. Wish me luck people!
Hi GERRY! I can't locate your book when I do Internet search.? Where can I find it? KATHLEEN~thx for the kind reply! Blessings my friends... Scarlett ❤
Hi Scarlett,

Thank you! I am so happy that you enjoyed my poem 😊.

With love,
KATHLEEN~ beautiful poem! It brought tears to my eyes. GERRY~ I am going to check out your book... Looks really interesting! Will let you know my thoughts after I read it...Blessings... ❤ Scarlett
Hi Gerry,

Your book seems awesome! Congratulations! I read a bit of it over the internet and found it very interesting. Looks like I'll be buying it! And as for my poem, I must clear up that this is a collection of poetry from poets around the world. I entered a contest in the World Poetry Movement and was chosen as ONE of the best poets that was found worldwide. My poem will be included among all of the winners. I do, however, plan to put together a book of my own sometime in the future with all of my poetry. When I write I also feel like I cannot keep up with my thoughts, as this is the time when I feel a deep connection with God and the words flow through me. I feel most at peace when writing and absolutely love doing it!
Have a great day! With love,
Thanks for replies KATHLEEN and DAVID (I made it upper case so you don't miss it)
Lovely poem Kath, and nice to know you have a book being published. Not to take the wind from your sails, but I had one launched last year. The Looking Angel under Gerard Cec.
I was just the writer and could hardly keep up with my thoughts.
I know there are answers to many serious questions, that was my inspiration.
Any way David I asked if it were disfunctional because nothing happened for some days.
Have a great day 😊 ❤ Gerry
Dear Heavenonearth,

I don't know how I missed your stories before... But I am very grateful I found them this morning... And I am truly humbled and full of joy to read your words of wisdom given to you by our Heavenly Father.

Thank you for sharing, and I hope you will post more follow up stories.

Your words, especially in your latest posted story, have given me a surge of passion as I continue my journey on my newfound path to oneness with our the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. ❤ Thank you for making a difference in my life!

Many Blessings my friend,

Scarlett ❤ ❤
scarlett2 in Thy Holy Spirit
*QUESTION ~ Has anyone else noticed that a lot of testimonies regarding Spiritual conversions are happening around Easter time? Both before and after Easter? My first experience included... 3 days after Easter Sunday 2010.

My thoughts are that although people describe their experiences differently ~ depending on their own individual beliefs/culture...for instance, Holy Spirit baptisms or conversions, encounters with God, Jesus, the Blessed Mother Mary, Angels, etc. ~ they all seem to share an awful lot in common... I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on this?

Kim, thank you for sharing your amazing story! I am very happy for you... You have been very Blessed by God and I am honored to read of your miraculous encounter! Please keep posting!

Blessings my friends, Scarlett ❤
scarlett2 in Immaculate Mother
What a blessing to have the Blessed Mother Mary come visit you! You are being mightily protected and guided, and surely you must please our Father very much to receive such a rare and heavenly blessing! Peace to you my friend always, Scarlett ❤

P.s. Thank you for sharing your beautiful encounter!
Hi David and Gerry,

I did see the answers in front of me, not realizing that they were indeed responses to questions that many have had. Sometimes we really do need to think and see "outside the box" as it were, and take time for reflection within ourselves. This is when the answers do become clear.

I recently asked within if I should put a poem I wrote on this site, and I now see that I have received my answer! This poem is due for publication (copyrights belong to me) in a book called "Stars in our Hearts" due for release in April 2012. It is my personal experience to discovery of the divinity within me.


Finding answers isn't always clear
You can look for them both far and near
Yet right before your very eyes
The answer lies without surprise
In ways that may seem absolute
The certainty is but the truth
You seek but somehow
Do not find
For this my child
Has made you blind
Don't search so far
Because I'm near
You cry for me
And shed your tears
Yet here I am
Before your eyes
I've never put on a disguise
In plain light
I possess the day
To lead you straight
And not astray
Be confident in all you do
For the answers lie but within you...

With love,
Hi Kathleen

The questions are there in front of you, they are for the larger audience to contemplate and have been asked by others before and will be asked by others in the future.

That is the beauty of this site, the questions, like life, come full-circle because there are always new people arriving at this portal seeking the same answers.

This site is not dysfunctional, perhaps in a little breathing-session right now, but very much alive. As in life the greater awareness of the information on this site comes not from the regency of a given post but how they all inter- mix with each other.

It takes a little bit for the moderator to run through all the submissions before they see the light of cyberspace.

A freind once said

" if you wish to see who I am, look in the mirror"

If you wish to now the answer to a question you cannot find, let the thought of what it might be resonate deeply within and you will be surprised what the question and the answer truly were.

Is God male or female?


God simply IS

Keep the blue-side up

Hi Gerry,

When I sent in my story it was only published a few weeks later. So don't worry, I am sure it will be on the site soon.

What are the questions that you would like answered? I read your story "Look to God within and feel the Heat" but I did not find any questions... Let me know what they are and I would be happy to respond! 😊
With love,
Hi Foundation, it was on this site under the heading:
Look to God and feel the heat...

Is this site disfunctional, I sent a story over a week ago and nothing as yet.

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