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God's Hand On My Shoulder


I have been in doubt a couple of years if I should share my story or not. First I wasn't sure my self about the experience and I thought people would maybe brand me as crazy. Well actually I buried it in my mind. My life was not looking well the last couple of years and I was going downhill fast. Even to the point I didn't love life no more. But as I remembered the experience not so long ago I've felt a change in me and I am slowly growing in something I like again.

Well I will tell you the experience now. It was 5 years ago, I was with my girlfriend on vacation in Spain. We went to see Barcelona and the big Church there. My girlfriend lost her grandfather recently then and she asked me for some time alone to light a candle there and to pray.

So I obliged and went to the other side of the church, I also lighted a candle and thought of all my loved ones. Then I felt this hand on my left shoulder. I thought it was my girlfriend so I would know she was done, I turned around, nobody was there. I kept feeling this hand, or better yet the feeling it gave. Such rest, such love, indescribable.

Like it all made sense. I didn't know it is one of His signs so I buried it in my memory. Afraid to be called crazy, and I felt undeserving of the sign.

Then my girlfriend left me 2 years later, lost my job, got sick, family problems and sickness. I was on the verge of taking my own life even though I know how sinfully that is.

Now recently I saw in a serie I watch (the collector), the man in the serie is a ex-priest who was seduced by the devil into sin and he ended up selling his soul. In that particular episode he looked back to his priesthood and cried out that he never got a sign from God, never had he seen a sign or felt his hand on his shoulder, with those exact words I almost choked on my coffee and I looked it up on internet and not only that also remembering the exact moment in that church in spain.

I am able to relive the feeling I got from that hand on my shoulder, the rest it gave, the re-assurance if you would like, because in my opinion I already did so many things wrong, sinned so much that I would never deserve this feeling, this attention, I still feel that way and I am actually crying as I type this. It goes to show that it doesn't matter, he will love you, forgive you. I never believed this because like I said, I am not a role model, never was, maybe will never be. I do my best but I can't seem to find what I am looking for, the girlfriend I had, I wanted to marry her, wanted a family with her. I love(d) her with all my heart and would have given my life if it would save her.

Now I am turning too old so I lost hope in this area and have given up again. So yes I am lonely, I have some friends sure. But you know what? If I then think of the hand on my shoulder and I don't care anymore I know now I am in Gods hands.

Now the last couple of weeks I have let God into my heart, now knowing for certain it was His hand. I let Him carry me and pick and reap the opportunities he puts on my path from which I strayed so often.

Now my life is looking up. And I know I am not there yet but I feel different already and in the meantime have made some new friends, got a new job, I can get along with my colleagues and again made some friends. Well I feel a bit strange now, I am not a church going person. I am not even baptized so religion wise I would not be eligible.

Does anybody know where I can find more info about this experience? Yes the Bible of course but which and where? Much appreciated. And maybe it can not be said often enough but I am pretty sure the He loves you, He is there, He is forgiving, even though you maybe never get a sign (I needed one obviously) He loves you, He changed my life for sure so, I love Him to.

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Shellz641 (guest)
2 weeks ago (2018-02-09)
I loved reading everybody's testimonies. I'm really sad to hear some of you are feeling pushed away at times. Just know that we are constantly tested in life in order to strengthen us and that the only way we can be far from God is if we walk away from the spirit, so being overly materialistic. As Einstein put it E=MC2 so even in this world of mass there is a double portion of light all around us, helping is get through. Stay positive (although its hard) and tap into it as much as you can and you will feel God. When you are at your lowest, just know that you are not alone and someone does love you and is always with you holding your hand through it all. You may not always feel it but there is a reason you are still here. He loves you so much. God bless you all.
jolene (1 posts)
8 years ago (2010-05-13)

When I was 17, I experienced something wonderfull. (firstly I am a new born christian) I am now 30 years old, and this has been going on for many years. The hand on my shoulder, wasn't just a once of experience, but... I experience it so many times and treasure it. A while ago I asked our pastor (a great prophet) about this, and I explained to him exactly WHEN I feel His hand, and also HOW it feels. (to me its a warm, tingly sensation, that I feel for a few moments), so I explained all of this to him. (I mostly feel it when I am lonely, because I grew up lonely and in a broken home, and I feel it when my spirit is busy with godly things or when I am in distress). The pastor explained that it is defenitely the hand of the lord, it is a gift to be respected and treasure, but also to be used for His work, he explained to me that God wants to reasure me of His presence with His hand on my shoulder. The famous prophet Oral Roberts, always told people that when he prayed for some-one, and layed hands on, his hand would get a warm burning sensation, then he knew that the lord was with Him, busy healing that person. Treasure your gift! Regards jolene (south africa)
kevin (1 stories) (4 posts)
9 years ago (2009-04-17)
To answer your question about whether there are other places to find info on this stuff there are on the web. I had an experience too. Not exactly the same as yours but almost. The thing is its subjective, I guess we can count ourselves as very lucky. Really when I think about whether there is a God or not I just go back to my experience. I almost wish everyone could have the experience like you had.
T. K. (guest)
9 years ago (2009-04-16)
Thank you for sharing this story, I just recently experienced the feeling of a hand on my shoulder at mass, which led me to your site, because I wanted to know more. I know that feeling was real and I am thrilled that someone wrote about it. I look forward to reading any further information.
M Sweeney (guest)
9 years ago (2008-09-01)
To Carrotred (guest)
I think you cross broke symbolizing you feeling that you are displaced/lost/alone. If you can go to a support group you will experience God's unconditinal love.
Holding you up in prayer!
M Sweeney (guest)
10 years ago (2008-08-20)
It seems peoples stores are very similar.
There was a time I was alone with 2 kids and so depressed and slipped into an eating disorder.
Out running I felt like crying but a still small voice said it would be ok. I went to a hypnotherapist and she asked me to make out a list of what I wanted in a mate. I did and she said it would be impossible. She was wrong and the little voice was right. Biblically it is written we have an unction from the holy one and know all things. Psalms speaks his angels watch over us. We are spirit beings and as long as we work on ourselves we will earn Gods best. Life is a fight and that is what hope and faith embrace: the unseen to bring in that desire of our heart.
The best is yet to come.
Carrotred (guest)
10 years ago (2008-07-15)
Your words are inspiring. Unfortunetly I feel God has had enough with me now, I've sinned to much, even when I promise to stop, I can feel Him pushing me away. I understand though, I'm un-deserving of forgiveness. Just today I prayed I would have the courage to take a big step in my life, I could feel a positive presence with me the rest of the day and was sure it would work out. However when it came it, it turned out not as I expected. The as I came home, I sinned again, then my Cross neckalce broke, and I can't fix it. I can feel the presence leaving me. I'm really sorry.

All the best - Carrotred

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