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A Visit From A God


This was late August or early September of 2013. Before I begin, let me start by saying that until this point, I didn't believe in ANY God. (Not Atheist. Just not religious.) Now; on with my story.

I remember I was up late, enjoying my recent high school graduation by playing Pokémon until about 2AM. (Not very exciting, I know. But, that's me.) Once I got bored of that, I saved and went to bed, passing out in moments, it seems.

Roughly an hour or so later, I woke up out of a dead sleep for seemingly NO reason. I'm a very light sleeper but usually I know what disturbed me. I had always been told that if you randomly wake up, a ghost is watching you. (My house is haunted and I have many experiences. I'll likely eventually get to share them in the right place.) So, rolling my eyes, I turn over to face my door, thinking I was just having a moment. But, I couldn't get comfortable. So, I opened my eyes and almost screamed. (I tried but there was no sound.)

Standing, looking at me from behind a shelf by my door was a white deer head on a hairy human body ending with deer legs. I bolted upright; panting, terrified. I was raised Christian so seeing this made me think of evil. But, the figure just watched me, pawing or "hoofing" at the ground. He seemingly just wanted to observe me. Once the initial shock wore off, I began thinking rationally. "Okay." I thought, "You played too much Pokémon and now you're seeing a Sawsbuck in Winter form. This is a dream." However, I knew it wasn't. I may be stupid but I know dream from reality. No matter how real it seemed.

I don't know how or why but I passed out again, waking up at around noon the next day. I bolted out of bed and to my friends house as we were going out that day. I remember grabbing him, shaking him like a ragdoll and DEMANDING he explain it as it felt like he'd know. He explained to me it was Cernunnos. And, after seeing pictures, I agreed. However, I still had ONE question... WHY was I seeing my FRIENDS God? Gods aren't real, right? They're just pretend, right?

And that, dear readers, is the FIRST encounter with a God. Pan encounters coming soon.

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