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Hi! I stumbled upon this site randomly and decided to join. I have stories to share and can't wait to read others!

I'm 22, genderless, use neutral pronouns, and was looped into trying to be Pagan by the God's themselves.
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Satyr In My Room on 2017-10-20

This is the second of my encounters with a God though the first one with Pan. This happened in mid to late May of 2014 and has left quite the impression on me since. Also, please note that parts of this might be a little "adult" so if that bothers you, leave this page now. It was a sunny May eve...

A Visit From A God on 2016-07-17

This was late August or early September of 2013. Before I begin, let me start by saying that until this point, I didn't believe in ANY God. (Not Atheist. Just not religious.) Now; on with my story. I remember I was up late, enjoying my recent high school graduation by playing Pokémon until about ...

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