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Lying In The Palm Of God


Recently I had an experience I've never had before or after. I'll cut straight to the chase and hope to get some understanding and answers if possible.

I was home one weekend to play the piano at a Christian meeting with songs to worship god etc. I've played the piano at meetings like this many my times before, but I've never been a Christian during those meetings, something that has bothered me quite much actually. What was different with this meeting compared to every other meeting I've been to is that on the last night, I had a clear sensation that something or someone wanted to enter into me. All I remember is this and the fact that I thought "not yet" during songs on the last meeting.

When the meeting was over, I said goodbye to everyone, and returned home and got into bed. This is where it happened, an experience triggered by myself actually. As I lay in bed, I felt scared but ready to take some form of action. Without really knowing what I did, I counted backwards from 10, and when I reached 0, I said "come in" into the open air, and truly meant it. This is when I start feeling energies flowing through my body starting from my heart, and especially from my elbows out to my palms. I also saw a shiny white light at the right (I had my eyes closed), and the rest was dark. Following this, I felt like lying in a hand in my bed. After a while with this, I instantly fell asleep. I woke up te next morning feeling unusually happy.

From that moment, some part of me knew it was divine intervention, but as the time has passed, I become more and more doubtful about what happened, and I almost want it to be some kind of hallucination or something.

So, that's my kind of life altering event, any thoughts?

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ISawtheLight (1 stories) (3 posts)
1 year ago (2016-11-14)
Don't lose faith! Ask God to help you. I believe you experienced God wanting to come into your life and into your heart:) I was an atheist and I had a very similar experience. Lots of people on here have had these too. God reaches out to them and they feel peace in their hearts. God is real and He is Good. Please, read my story! Once you accept Jesus, he'll never leave you. He'll put peace in your heart.

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