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I have had these experiences since I can remember but I always got so scared that I thought I was being abducted by a alien! I been reading recently about guides, angels astral travelling and that's when I got the aha moment! So last night around 3am of course could not sleep when I heard that buzzing sound in my ears and I got a bit scared but I remember that I read there is nothing to be scared and right and then I felt I was floating. Woke up this morning remembering ever thing I google and I came to this website and i'm very happy that this astral travel is a gift from God:
NaturalScience in God Said He Loves Me
Every day belongs to the Lord. Your frustration when attending Sunday mass did NOT come from worshipping the wrong way, or on a wrong day. God is not narrow-minded, nor will He refuse to understand one language and prefer another; for He made all the human tribes and languages on Earth.
God bless you with the gift of feeling His presence everywhere - even in a honky-tonk, or on the loo!
NaturalScience in Gold Coins
Seems that you made unconsciously a wish for wealth, for money, after seeing that face calling you for a wish, and thus you were showered with gold coins.

Christians often see wealth as a temptation to become evil, because Jesus warned us from not "serving" money. But it is one-sided and short-sighted to AVOID wealth because of this warning of Jesus.
Wealth is not good or bad in itself; just as all other boons of life (health, intelligence, beauty, strong muscles, a good reputation etc), it is a means to do good things, but can be misused for bad things if you are on the wrong side.

If I were you I'd dare to meditate again by the same way used when having the vision, with the goal to understand better what that gold-coin shower means.

There is nothing to fear in your inner images - but a lot to study. Have a good time studying!
NaturalScience in My Guardian Angel... Or Not
Spiritual experiences often are vague and transient, that is why it is possible to negate their existence by intellectual tricks although almost everyone has had some of them;
And most of them are NOT reproducible by one's effort or will but remain unique, that is why it is said God gives them by mercy, as a gift.

If it be necessary for you it could even happen that you see your angel clearly, as some report in WWW or in books. But "it" will never make itself visible just for giving "proof", or for feeding curiosity.

Keep believing in your guardian angel although you got no proof of "its" existence beyond that transient feeling of presence and warmth you had only once. It is said in New Testament that "blessed are those who can believe without a Vision". Furthermore, how could it benefit you to doubt your angel's existence?
Well, it is still "modern" to kick out verbally at persons who "think too romantic", to negate God, the Soul, and the existence of spirits,
And if you choose the path of Superficiality i.e. If you want to be "cool" and thus believe and do what is called "cool" you will learn to kick out at all good dreams, even your own, belying yourself in the usual "modern" way, which means to think "Dreams are unreal, Dollars are real."
But this path of "Coolness" leads into Darkness. And I suppose that it won't remain "modern" for much more time. Thus better stand by your "romantic dreams" about having a guardian angel, and rely on this angel. Ask "it" (angels are not male nor female) for counsel if you are in doubt whether some plan of yours, or some person round you, is good or bad. And if you get some answer (which will most of the time be only an ordinary good idea, not a voice from heaven or a vision) do respect it and do try to follow it. Then your angel will keep helping - more and more.
NaturalScience in My Black Guardian Angel
Stop speculating anxiously about the color Black in the report above, readers. Good spirits may appear not only in White but also in black color or black clothes - as well as demons may disguise as "angels of light" according to the Bible. Non-Christian traditions too tell much about black entities, and fierce-looking ones, that decidedly work for the Good Side. Mooowww, I think your "black angel" is a good entity. Dont worry!
Just read your story as a random story~ Love it!
I really enjoy reading experiences like yours. I have heard a voice also, very clear~ mine was a woman's voice. It sounded like the voice of my sister who passed away in 1980.
It to was in my right ear both times 😊
Thank you for your wonderful response. He never fails to amaze me every time. He truly is a faithful and powerful God. God bless. 😊
Onawingandaprayer in Head Pressure During Meditation
Hello Discoverer

Opening of the "thrid eye" is the opening of pineal (I think I spelt it right!?) gland. DOes this mean you are suddenly a spiritual person, no, what it does do however is begin to open you up to a greater awareness of what is LIFE and what you are.

Within that expanding knowledge of what is around you and of life itself, you may begin to remember GIFTS that have been bestowed upon ALL humans. Why some become aware of them and not others is all part of the mystery of spirituality and life. Remember what happens to one person isn't necessarily going to happen to another.

I cannot see "spirits" I FEEL energy, I feel energy shifts when there are OTHERS" around me. I am not clairvoyant so this is not what I am required to know in the greater scheme of things.

I have friends who are clairvoyant and are trying to come to terms with what it all means. The daughter of a lady I know here in Dubai can see the auras of an individual as clear as we see the sun or stars. Why does she have this gift...

My friend we each have our own path to follow and yet in the end they all merge into one for a "globlized view" for lack of a better phrase, each with our jobs or roles, some are teachers, soe are bankers, soe fly airplanes, some heal with a touch, others ponder philosophy and send forth words of wisdom for future generations to read. This is all part of the greater ideal of how we all fit into the "ONENESS" of who we are.

The opening of the pineal or the 3rd eye is the starting point to your journey into increased awareness or if you feel your spiritual journey.

Others who can use their 3rd eye as a viewing portal can probabl;y explain more, for me it is a gateway to my expanding awareness of life, I cannot see much through it, but then again I haven't tried to either. I use what is within to help and guide me along my journey.

As for your pains during meditation, well are you trying to induce images or experiences or just letting things "flow" I experienced the same thing until I realized I was trying to "induce" my results. When I stopped this and just let things flow things were much better...

My two cents worht, have a great day

You are receiving indications that actually this type of medication is not good for you. Not many people are sensitive enough for this, but it seems you are. Also, the fact that you feel that you become too passive by meditation - or loose interest in life - supports the need for you to take the spiritual capacity you have and to actively engage it. For you medication is not something that will advance you, but can hinder you. We are not al the same, and you are indeed fortunate you have no need of further meditation.
Trust in your life and capacity and you will find what you need. Best!
quixoticqt in I Met The Holy Spirit
Jesus will never leave you or forsake you. Once you believed in him that belief is so strong it will stay with you until you for the rest of you entire life.
The Holy Spirit is also a part of your conscience now. You have a problem when you need help the Holy Spirit will be there. Like one time I needed to put oil in my car and I had no idea how to open it, the Holy Spirit said "NOW PULL IT." I pulled it and it worked. The Holy Spirit is extremely blunt.
❤ Qt
Sometimes I remember things that bother my conscience of what I did and feel bad for. Because I was able to pray about my problems and be forgiven of them I redeem myself and put my mind back in its correct order and remind myself that I was forgiven of these problems. I won't think negitive about those anymore.
❤ Qt
Sounds much like the mayan code of honor In La'kech. It means, I am another yourself. When we truly realize how connected everything is it becomes clear how ONE we really are with everything. Even the stars and space. ❤
To help you understand your spirit, soul, and body this broadcast might help you...


The Three Part Makeup of Man

Man is a spirit, who possesses a soul, and lives in a physical body. Understanding the functionality of our make-up - spirit, soul, and body - will enable us to tap into the powerful resources located within our reborn spirits. In the eye-opening single message The Three Part Makeup of Man, Creflo Dollar reveals how the three components of man's nature can work together to obtain supernatural results. Order today!

I watched this and I found that it really explained alot. I also believe that God's whole existence is LOVE... Nothing else matters without love... Gods Word means nothing without His love.
God Bless

It is wonderful that you know that God has placed angels around to protect you. As for "the others". If you are a believer in God and have faith in Him as the all powerful God that can save you from an eternity of torture and has promised you an eternity of love and peace with Him in heaven, then you need to tell "the others" (which are called demons) that you want them to leave and to never return. Ask God to fill you with His love and peace. To send His Angels to be with you and comfort you, minister to you and to continue to protect you. God Bless ❤
Perhaps you should ask your sister more about her gift she has. It is a gift from God. A Spiritual Gift called the Gift of Discernment. She can see into the spirit realm. You both need to pray to God for guidance. You both need to believe in God. Repent for your sins and ask God to have mercy on you. Believe me when I tell you that chances are that your black angel is more like a fallen angel of Satan's. Another name for is, a demon. It does make a difference if you have a demon following you. Whether it is doing something bad at the moment or not. A demon is evil and wants to trick you into not believing in God and causing you to do things that you normally wouldn't do. Believe that God is very real. Jesus died on the cross for all our sins. The blood He shed that day has power over Satan and his demons. They all know that He has all power and authority and so they have to obey Him. So my advice to you both is to have faith in God and the power He has and tell the demons to leave and to never return in the name of Jesus! Ask God to fill you with His love and peace. Ask God to send His Angels to be with you and minister to you and protect you. Continue to learn more about this gift and about God and always be in conversation with God and repent for the things you may do that you feel are sins or that the Word of God say are sins. God Bless ❤
Hi, I hope that I can help you and not confuse you. Any spirit you see that is not an Angel of God (believe me you'll know its an Angel of God) it is a demon. There is NO OTHER GOD but GOD. No other name under which you are saved but Jesus' name. No other power and authority over the darkness of Satan and his fallen angels (demons) but the power and authority of Jesus' shed blood on the cross. Many religions can make many claims but I can tell you that they do NOT have the power of true salvation for eternal life in heaven with a promise of peace and love that is beyond our understanding of our human mind or body to comprehend. They only other option you and others have is to believe in false religions that will confuse you and lead you straight into Satan's snare that will take you to hell with an eternity of torture that is also beyond our mind and body to comprehend. I beg of you to seek out Jesus and His authority over the evil dark demon that is following you. Do not communicate with it. Believe in Jesus. Repent for your sins. Call on Him to save you and to have mercy on you. Have faith that Jesus' name has all power and authority over the demonic beings. Tell them that you want them to leave and to never return. To go to the pit of hell in Jesus' name! Be sure to ask the Holy Spirit to fill you and protect you. Commission your Angels to be with you and to minister to you and to protect you. Satan and his demons know that Jesus has all power and authority over them and they must obey Jesus. You can look most of this stuff up online and in the bible and books that will explain demons and angels from a Christ standpoint. Be safe and God Bless ❤
Your altar experience sounds typical of being slain in the Holy Spirit. While you are slain the Holy Spirit is ministering to your spirit. Being "born again" is very important in being saved and going to heaven with God. There is NO OTHER God but GOD... No other name will you be saved but by Jesus. Not through Buddha or anyone else. Only through Jesus. As for the experience of something scaring you, "ghost"... I can assure you that it is not a ghost picking on you or waiting to cross over some kind of realm. Any spirit you see that is not an Angel, is a demon. Demons will appear as little kids, sweet old ladies, your grandpa, some ancient Indian... They are all demons and need to be told to go back to the pit of hell and that you want it to leave and to never return... IN JESUS NAME! Jesus' name is the only power and authority that is above the demons. The demons know it and they have to obey a believer in Jesus who tells them to leave. You must have the faith in the power and the blood of Jesus when you tell them to leave. Be sure to repent to Jesus for your sins and ask Him to have mercy on you. To encamp your angels around you to protect you. Trust me... You need to find your way back to God and leave behind the false gods that don't have the power or authority over the evil powers in the world. God Bless all of you... In Jesus' name ❤
robert in Gold Coins
Thank you dave for your genuine reply. The whole thing was just unbelievabe.
Hey chemical64! That's a neat experience, did that scare you or what were you thinking or feeling? What do you think it is? I was thinking back to when I was a kid like 7 and I remember one time being in a beach house with another kid. I must have had my eyes closed because I felt the room get bright but did not see anything but my friend said the room got bright with light... And I have read around on this site and noticed other people including you and I have also experienced a light manifesting out of no where. I just want to know what it is and I'm assuming it is not a bad thing since nothing bad happened to you or I. Take care and be safe on your journey!:0) ❤
Onawingandaprayer in God Said He Loves Me

Amen Brother, someone who gets it, wow!

We are all one, come fromm the same place, will return to that same place.

I also do not go to church anymore, I was filled with anger whenever the priest would demand, not ask, but demand we contribute more money, yell at the parishoners for being late or not attending as often as he felt they should.

I love the buildings themselves and can sit for hours in a Cathedral just being still and in communion with the Divine. I remember feeling anger at an easter service because of what we (man as a whole) had done to Yeshua and how we had forgotten much of what he came to pass along.

It was that inner voice of reason that calmed me down, the Holy Spirit, God, whatever one chooses to call the voice.

Like you, I too have spent a lot of the past couple of years exploring the greater consciousness and awareness of our faith and being within the cosmos. How EVERYTHING leads back to the ONE. One thought, One being, One source whatever it may...

I will be branded a "false prophet" by those who can't see beyond their books, however if they would close their books,seek, learn about their true relationship to the Divine. I am sure they will have a little more to think about.

Keep The Blue Side Up!

Onawingandaprayer in Kane, A Lesson In Love

The journey of one soul is not for us to question or try to understand, here one magnificent soul achieved a life-time of Divine work in such a short period of time.

We can all ask why did he have to go when he did, but that was HIS life-time, he accomplished what was asked of him in that short period of time, it doesn't get much better than that!

Kane lived his life to the fullest, something we humans have long forgotten to do. A man walked amongst us 2000 years ago doing exactly that, we didn't heed then, we are still heeding today, but that is changing...

Keep the Blue Side Up

Onawingandaprayer in Gold Coins
Hello Robert

Thank you for the insight and your experience, but one question

What are you afraid of?

You were shown an image in your mind and that is all it is, how you interpret it is up to you.

Poeple will say it was eveil because of all the Gold in there, as if you were being tempted by it... Well you alone can determine that, no one else.

Yeshua appears to many people in many forms and when he does ask yourself how do you feel within your body. Did you feel fear or love, that is an indicator of how you perceive the good or evil OF THIS ONE INSTANCE.

Some will experience chills and panic, even in the prescence of The Son of Man. That is fine and nothing to worry about.

Do you think Jesus will appear in only rags and show the children of God only pious things, not as far as I am concerned. He will show the individual what is relevant to that individual, and as you have seen somewhere in your life all those elements have played or will play a part, it is up to you to figure it out what and when.

Meditation is a direct connection to the Divine source within and without, so relax next time and go with the flow, if you feel fear and feel someone is doing you harm, here is a statement a friend of mine passed along to me for these situations. You don't have to be a church-going regular to make the statement either!

When challenged in your dreams or visions during meditation by what you feel are ones with dark intent, simply look at them and state the following:

"I belong to God you cannot harm me"

They should disappear in an instant, or they may get all snarly, nasty and start saying all kinds of stuff, then they simply disappear.

Remember evil is only in the hearts and minds of Man and we are the ones who perpetuate it, do not fear evil and it will have no part in your life.

As an aside when I meditate I rarely see anything other than darkness, no images, nothing. I FEEL within my body what is happening and hear the spoken voice from within. The image of Yeshua's face will come through from time to time, but that is it.

I do have visions however and they are very vivid, not a speck of evil in any of them because I simply do not believe in it.

Take care Robert

Keep the Blue Side Up!

Dear LauralovesPaul66,

Wow, I am honored to read of your Holy encounter with the Holy Spirit... I firmly, truly believe it was the Holy Spirit Baptism. I had my first encounter back in April of 2010... And it is very, very similar. I have my testimony on this site if you are interested in reading about it. If you are like me, I have been searching nonstop for others that have experienced this Holy Spirit conversion... For close to 2 years now! My life has done a complete 360 thanks to our beloved Lord! Something amazing and glorious is going on throughout the world!

After close to 2 years of researching... As well as a glorious complete personal total Spiritual conversion, and many, many subsequent divine encounters... I feel strongly that God has unleashed his Holy Spirit in a "new way never seen before on Earth!"

I personally feel that during this time, this new wave of Holy Spirit encounters is happening to His children that are "ready" and "open" to receive His spirit... And we need to pray for the others to follow. As our Beloved Lord said, "the first will be last, and the last first!"

I personally feel that the ones that are ready "now" are experiencing this wave of very similar Blessed encounters of pure transformation through God's love for His children... Many are strikingly similar to your encounter... A Holy Spirit Converson, or Baptism, Infilling, etc...

As I look back, I realize that He had been trying for soooooo many years to transform me with His Spirit... But I had been so full of myself and my own selfishness, I was blind and had a deep fear of the unknown... So I didn't let Him inside... I was scared of the unknown. But once I put my total 100% faith in Him, and just let it happen... He came to me! And wow... I had no idea what I was missing!

I have found that many explain their encounter as an electrical real presence surging through their body, mostly at night while they are quiet and in bed, some waking from a sound sleep at night suddenly, to His presence ~ some during intense meditation or reflection. For me, just before He sent His Holy Spirit surging through my body, my soul, my spirit... I had been intensely thinking of Jesus' suffering on the cross... With deep, pure pain inside my soul for How He suffered for us... Other people describe feeling God, or the Holy Spirit, Angels, the Blessed Mother, etc. Flowing through them like a life force, or electrical current, or God's Holy Breath ~ that is transforming them from the inside out... Some also describe seeing a light during their visitation, or hearing God's voice, or divine music, or a touch from God, etc. Etc...

One thing that everyone who has this divine experience seems to have in common is a gradual change for the better and a closer relationship with God.

I can testify firsthand, that I firmly believe that your experience, is just the beginning of God drawing you to a deeper union with Him. Just trust in Him and let all the fear go.

My favorite book that helped me understand all that was happening to me is from St. Teresa of Avila, her book explaining the mansions. I can't recommend reading this book enough! It is amazing! She is amazing and had many divine encounters!

I pray for many, many Blessings for you and your loved ones. I am so happy for you! Please keep posting of your experience... I truly am interested in hearing how your relationship with God progresses after your initial encounter!

Sending thoughts love, peace and strength your way...

Scarlett ❤ ❤
There appears to be a direct connection with the state of mind during an NDE or OBE and the experience itself. There are many reports of people living in fear or severely depressed having dark or negative experiences in the lower levels of consciousness. However, all is not lost you can change your mind and move into the light. See the story of Pastor Howard Storm.
In an altered state of consciousness you create your reality instantly so be careful what you are thinking and make sure you have a positive attitude.

Yes, you need to give up sex with women until you are married. The scriptures are clear on that.

God bless you,
Just read this story, it was one of the "random" stories. Great and wonderful experience for sure!
You are blessed to have been given such an amazing sign that we are indeed never alone~ ❤
Hope you always hold that vision close to your heart~

When I was a young girl, my parents worked shift work and I, at 7 or 8 years old, still slept with mom or dad, whomever was home that night. My first dog, Pixie was a poodle/hound mix and was never a barker. One night I woke up to Pixie's incessant barking and looked out the bedroom window to the back yard. She was in a pen and with teeth bared, she was staring at a luminescant bright light hovering just above ground. It was the size of a car tire. She had never bared her teeth before or barked like that. I touched my face several times to see if somehow I was dreaming... I began trying to wake up my father and of course at the same time, looking back at the light several times in the process. By the time dad awoke the light was gone. My birthday is 7-11. I have another light story to share but will do so separately on another comment. Good to know others experienced this. I live in a place where many Native American Indians once thrived and I've always thought it a kind Native spirit and God's light blessing me as a young child. It does seem that thoughout life I've always touched people as a person of light.
Hey Teana I hope my advice can help you out.
Jesus talks about being reborn again in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. When he says being born again he means literally like a baby and not physically but spiritually. The process takes time but I can tell you that the outcome is so great and you are going to wish that you have gave your life to Christ a lot sooner. Now that you are reborn and truly believe in Christ meditating helps out a lot but something that can be more efficient is prayer. Just drop down on your knees and surrender all to God because he gave his one and only son for your sins. That is the ultimate sacrifice! Thank him everyday for that:) And now its time to start studying his word, I would recommending starting in the new testament because it starts off with all the miracles and parables that Jesus taught and did. And also because our rules are more from the new testament so it would be a lot clearer for you than to start with the old testament. God Bless you Teana and I will pray for you to continue working on your relationship for God through Christ!
Hi and Thanks scarlett2 for your interest in my God inspired book, hope you find it.

Foundations I am very happy that you have achieved an honour as you have done in poem. I pray you do very well with your book, and it feels great that someone else understands how the hands just go mad on the key board with no control, the thoughts just keep coming.

I also enjoyed your poem straight from the heart and soul. Thank you. ❤ ❤
Thx, Kathleen! I was using Bing to search... Guess I gotta go back to good ole' google! Peace always, Scarlett 😁
Hi Scarlett,

I found Gerry's book by typing "The Looking Angel Gerard Cec" into Google search.

Hope this helps!
My turn, I'm 24 now. This happened when I was 8 to 12 not sure when. I don't remember my past all that well but something like this... Was rather hard to forget. I've told myself it was a dream or super savage imagination but, something I saw on the news got me thinking. How the individual in the news talked about the demons moving mouth. I don't know if it was a demon or what kind of spirit or energy but it was a see through dark shadow with no human shape just a outline shadow. No arms or any other body part I could see. Only its eyes and mouth which where not human. They weren't even eyes or a mouth. Just a different kind of shadow. Two different color of shadow. Dark and not as dark and the eyes didn't move but the mouth piece on it did and it wasn't a mouth like you or I. Could and did open up wider and the shape was jagged. I was tossing and turning in bed and what I do when I can't sleep is I open my eyes to see how heavy they are. Haven't don't it since that night lol. It was in my bedroom and the thing was just a few inches from my face paralell to my body. I member the voice and that it was a language that I had never heard of before or since. As soon as I can I plan on getting hypnotized or put under some sort of trance so I can find out what it said. I can and should have written down word for word what it said but I tried telling myself it wasn't real for such a long time. The voice was deep and raspy and not what I would call human either... I'm not on here trying to get someone to believe me or to tell me what it was. I know I need to find out what it said to me. Had a "male" voice but I still call it an it. I just thought maybe someone would like to hear... Read this. What if the language is one of them old dead ones huh... Ohh yeah, beast status and not like 666 beast I mean like animal, savage status. I hope when I found out what it said it is something important or relevant and not something I should have heard years ago haha anyways. I send positive vibrations to all who read this. It's long I know, sorry haha but I'm not just going to say. Something spoke to me and done. This is meaningful to me. I was scared then but now I'm just angry at myself and curious. Wish me luck people!
Hi GERRY! I can't locate your book when I do Internet search.? Where can I find it? KATHLEEN~thx for the kind reply! Blessings my friends... Scarlett ❤
Hi Scarlett,

Thank you! I am so happy that you enjoyed my poem 😊.

With love,
KATHLEEN~ beautiful poem! It brought tears to my eyes. GERRY~ I am going to check out your book... Looks really interesting! Will let you know my thoughts after I read it...Blessings... ❤ Scarlett
Hi Gerry,

Your book seems awesome! Congratulations! I read a bit of it over the internet and found it very interesting. Looks like I'll be buying it! And as for my poem, I must clear up that this is a collection of poetry from poets around the world. I entered a contest in the World Poetry Movement and was chosen as ONE of the best poets that was found worldwide. My poem will be included among all of the winners. I do, however, plan to put together a book of my own sometime in the future with all of my poetry. When I write I also feel like I cannot keep up with my thoughts, as this is the time when I feel a deep connection with God and the words flow through me. I feel most at peace when writing and absolutely love doing it!
Have a great day! With love,
Thanks for replies KATHLEEN and DAVID (I made it upper case so you don't miss it)
Lovely poem Kath, and nice to know you have a book being published. Not to take the wind from your sails, but I had one launched last year. The Looking Angel under Gerard Cec.
I was just the writer and could hardly keep up with my thoughts.
I know there are answers to many serious questions, that was my inspiration.
Any way David I asked if it were disfunctional because nothing happened for some days.
Have a great day 😊 ❤ Gerry
Dear Heavenonearth,

I don't know how I missed your stories before... But I am very grateful I found them this morning... And I am truly humbled and full of joy to read your words of wisdom given to you by our Heavenly Father.

Thank you for sharing, and I hope you will post more follow up stories.

Your words, especially in your latest posted story, have given me a surge of passion as I continue my journey on my newfound path to oneness with our the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. ❤ Thank you for making a difference in my life!

Many Blessings my friend,

Scarlett ❤ ❤
scarlett2 in Thy Holy Spirit
*QUESTION ~ Has anyone else noticed that a lot of testimonies regarding Spiritual conversions are happening around Easter time? Both before and after Easter? My first experience included... 3 days after Easter Sunday 2010.

My thoughts are that although people describe their experiences differently ~ depending on their own individual beliefs/culture...for instance, Holy Spirit baptisms or conversions, encounters with God, Jesus, the Blessed Mother Mary, Angels, etc. ~ they all seem to share an awful lot in common... I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on this?

Kim, thank you for sharing your amazing story! I am very happy for you... You have been very Blessed by God and I am honored to read of your miraculous encounter! Please keep posting!

Blessings my friends, Scarlett ❤
scarlett2 in Immaculate Mother
What a blessing to have the Blessed Mother Mary come visit you! You are being mightily protected and guided, and surely you must please our Father very much to receive such a rare and heavenly blessing! Peace to you my friend always, Scarlett ❤

P.s. Thank you for sharing your beautiful encounter!
Hi David and Gerry,

I did see the answers in front of me, not realizing that they were indeed responses to questions that many have had. Sometimes we really do need to think and see "outside the box" as it were, and take time for reflection within ourselves. This is when the answers do become clear.

I recently asked within if I should put a poem I wrote on this site, and I now see that I have received my answer! This poem is due for publication (copyrights belong to me) in a book called "Stars in our Hearts" due for release in April 2012. It is my personal experience to discovery of the divinity within me.


Finding answers isn't always clear
You can look for them both far and near
Yet right before your very eyes
The answer lies without surprise
In ways that may seem absolute
The certainty is but the truth
You seek but somehow
Do not find
For this my child
Has made you blind
Don't search so far
Because I'm near
You cry for me
And shed your tears
Yet here I am
Before your eyes
I've never put on a disguise
In plain light
I possess the day
To lead you straight
And not astray
Be confident in all you do
For the answers lie but within you...

With love,
Hi Kathleen

The questions are there in front of you, they are for the larger audience to contemplate and have been asked by others before and will be asked by others in the future.

That is the beauty of this site, the questions, like life, come full-circle because there are always new people arriving at this portal seeking the same answers.

This site is not dysfunctional, perhaps in a little breathing-session right now, but very much alive. As in life the greater awareness of the information on this site comes not from the regency of a given post but how they all inter- mix with each other.

It takes a little bit for the moderator to run through all the submissions before they see the light of cyberspace.

A freind once said

" if you wish to see who I am, look in the mirror"

If you wish to now the answer to a question you cannot find, let the thought of what it might be resonate deeply within and you will be surprised what the question and the answer truly were.

Is God male or female?


God simply IS

Keep the blue-side up

Hi Gerry,

When I sent in my story it was only published a few weeks later. So don't worry, I am sure it will be on the site soon.

What are the questions that you would like answered? I read your story "Look to God within and feel the Heat" but I did not find any questions... Let me know what they are and I would be happy to respond! 😊
With love,
Hi Foundation, it was on this site under the heading:
Look to God and feel the heat...

Is this site disfunctional, I sent a story over a week ago and nothing as yet.
Hi Gerry,
I would love to answer the question but I did not find it. Is it on the pychic experiences site?

scarlett2 in Peaceful Visitor
I too have seen a petite ethereal lady after being awoken from a sound sleep for no reason. The first time, I awoke to see her almost gliding past my husbands side of the bed as he was sound asleep. The second time I awoke and saw her going down the corridor of our bedroom. Both times I noticed the sweetest scent, almost like a rosy talcum powder... For me, I have no doubt it was the Blessed Mother coming to comfort me in times of need or despair. I prayed and asked for her to ask her Son for a miracle so I could have a baby... After years and years of infertility treatments, I never gave up hope... And our little bundles of joy came soon after.

To have the Blessed Mother come to you with the infant Jesus, is very, very special! And very rare. You must be a very special person and dear to God's heart... I am honored to read your story!

A few years after the Blessed Mother first came to me - I received my first visit from the Holy Spirit in April 2010. (I have posted my story on this site)...I call it my Holy Spirit Baptism! Lasted over 4 hours! To feel God's presence enter your being is something that immediately changes your destiny... I have only grown closer to Him in all ways ever since!

Many Blessings to you my friend,

Scarlett ❤
Hi to Foundation and Naturalscience. I have sent you a message in the other page will you respond? ❤ ❤ ❤
Hi Gerry and NaturalScience,

This site has seemed "dormant" lately. Hopefully it will pick up again! I agree with NaturalScience, God bless everyone who participates on this site!

I hope that you do find an ego definition NaturalScience. Sorry that I was not able to be of help to you. But I am confident that your defintion will come along when least expected.

hope it was not me, trying to come to a valid "Ego definition" (which is still missing) by discussion on this page, who made it "inactive"...
God bless all people who read and write here.
Testing this page seeing if it's still in action
I repeat testing
judgefloro in The Light In The Lord
Dear Michael,
I thank thee for publishing my story of the mystic Lights.
God does not speak to us in a language we do not understand. He talks to us by way of His Lights. Amen. Judge Floro
Hello optimystic1111 =4 April
1:11 1st November 2012
444 = 12 = 3
555 = 15 = 6
If you minus 555 from 444 = 111 = 3
On the third of April there is something you must be cautious of.
On the first of November you are seeing a change which will be big or small depending on what you do with April.
Take care you are reached out and now do what your intuition tells you, and remember there are no such thing as coincidents. Gerry ❤
Thank you for all the comments and feedback-I greatly appreciate them all. I do filter what I talk about with others because I know it might sound out there to some. The other day, on Presidents day, I went hiking. As I was crossing the bridge I noticed that someone had stuck decals to one of the signs reading 1:11. As I was returning from my hike to go home I opened my phone to see what time it was, and what do you know, it was 1:11. Synchronicity I guess. 😊
Onawingandaprayer in Is It A Spiritual Awakening?
Hi Teana

Gerry has summed-it-up quite nicely and all you feel is normal, if you can call it that, for what is normal in this situation!?

I hear poeple talk about dreams of death and destruction, so I wonder if I am missing something, I have never heard or seen a demon, never been attacked by one and all I see and feel is the warmth of my visions of Yeshua (Jesus).

It is different for everyone so go with the flow and see where this adventure carries you.

In time you will feel like you are literally walking on the moon and filled with joy. As time goes on you develop a deeper understanding of who you are and why you are here. Keep looking within through meditation for that is your connection to the One.

I am still not a religious person, however I have become a deeply spiritual one. Some will argue how can that be, but it is true for me. Think of it as Religion is the communal ideology of whatever faith you belong to. Spirituality is your own personal experience of the Divine.

You are not alone in this new awakened era, so if you deem things like this to be an experience then they were, if you don't, then they aren't.

It is all your PERCEPTION of what happened, nobody else can say otherwise, perhaps give an opinion and express their personal experiences along the way. What resonates within you is what it is...

Take care

Hello I have read your story and noticed nobody has replied, I feel sad for you when you need answers.
Many people at the moment are being self aware, this is due to the changing factors worldly. We are now in a new transition and this is called the awakening.
Over the course of history we have gone through many, the last is commercial or the give me give me attitude.

The self awareness is about spiritual understanding, a few will change with it, and many will die for lack of spiritual understanding.
Many are lead astray thinking they are on the right track, they talk to dead people which is wrong by God.
The true followers of Christ will only here His voice and not of demons. What I am saying is scriptual.
If you need more on this check out my email.
Love Gerry
What you experienced is called bhanga or inner body sensing - it is the energy field of your body which is actually the representation of your consciousness.

Sensing this vibration can be spontaneous (as in the case of most people who commented here) and can be achieved voluntarily in a very easy way of firstly tuning in to the vibrations of certain organs.

The sensing of this inner body vibration is a tremendous portal to the beyond and to spiritual growth, don't waste it on "candies for the mind" such as astral projection, you can't imagine where this thing can take you spiritually.

You can find much more about this inner body vibration and how to sense it in Thanks to that post, I sense it nowadays constantly, day and night and it brought about incredible spiritual experiences.
It is a Catholic legend which is very old. Catholics have a prayer ceremony, done mostly during the Fasting Time before Easter, in which the way of Christ from Court to Crucifixion and His dying on the Cross are remembered. This "Cross Path" ("Kreuzweg" in German) has fourteen "stations", and one of it is the scene of Veronica wiping off dirt of the face of Jesus carrying the Cross.
They call the cloth with which she does it a "sweat-cloth" - something like a handkerchief is imagined by ordinary European people.
But no one ever told or wrote that handkerchiefs were already in use in Antique Oriental regions!
Thus I when once meditating on Veronica's little help for the Saviour it came to my mind that, firstly, she must have resisted the guards for doing it, and secondly, where did she take the cloth from? It could not be a flap torn off of her clothing, this would have been too complicated. Too slow. Things must have been going on real fast then. A matter of seconds, as in Rescue Medicine.
Thus it must have been - her woman's headcloth, or veil! And at once the whole scene played off before my inner eye the way I described it, and I recognized her as an utterly courageous woman throwing off conventional prejudices for the sake of Charity. A Punk of God. This she was in that moment.
Naturalscience, I have never heard of St Veronica who did this action.
The only ones I have known was a man who carried the cross for a little distance for Christ, and a woman that wiped the face of Christ.
Can you direct me to a genuine article about her?

Thanks ❤
Hello NaturalScience,

I had never heard about this wonderful woman before! She did indeed show a selfless act of love and I am glad that you shared this with us. Let us all learn from this story and share in her courage!

To you Kathleen the story of true love is that about Maria Magdalena. I got a very similar favourite story which is about Christ and Saint Veronica (this is my first name in real life). It is not in the Bible but all Catholics know it. I imagine it to have happened as follows:
Veronica was some ordinary Jewish Mom in Jerusalem who probably was shopping for Passah when she saw the rows of guards at the edges of the street which always were there when a criminal was led out for execution and curious as she was - as all women are - she looked out who was the criminal today, and then with some shock she saw it was that same good Rabbi whom she had heard preach some days ago... Why was he led through the streets as a criminal? And how badly ws he treated! Gosh, he even had a crown of thorns upon head and dirt and blood run into his eyes so he could hardly find his way and walk, under that heavy cross he was carrying... She saw all this peering through between the guards and then - she perhaps said later she must have lost her reason for a moment and she did not know why she was still alive after this rash action... - then she PUSHED AWAY TWO GUARDS WITH HER ELBOWS and THREW HERSELF BEFORE THE RABBI AND TORE OFF HER HEADCLOTH to wipe off the blood and dirt so he could see again. See what she did? It was much the same as it would have been in Islamist Afghanistan. To tear off one's headcloth in the public, as an adult woman, was like stripping oneself naked... It was scandalous. Moreover, she had shown resistance to the Police!
But that Roman Military Police, as it seems, did not take her for serious enough to arrest or batter her, and so she suffered no harm.
And Our SAviour, whom she had tried to help a little by throwing off her cultural embarrassment schemes, so the story ends, made an image of His Holy Face remain in the headcloth she had stripped off; and this cloth, it is said, still exists to-day as a Holy Relic in an European Cathedral.
God give all of us St Veronica's Civilian Courage!
Hello David,

I was elated when I read your response to me! I went to sleep last night feeling a sense of calm and peace that I could not get over. My prayer is that everyone can love the way Mary did. Simply love one another, no need for words and no explanation required.

I have been asking truth from the holy spirit, and have many visions and love songs played for me. I don't know what is going on. A friend had told me to trust the truth of the holy spirit, yet I find myself unsure if this could be the truth, or if I have it all wrong?...

My most recent vision was that I was in a croud and suddenly Jesus appeared, and I knew who he was immediately. For some reason he swooped me up and hung me upside down. I remember feeling hurt and rejected as the others in the croud laughed, and wondering "Jesus how can you do this to me?" But as quickly as those feelings came to my being, they left me. Jesus took it all away, and I knew I would be OK. And then we were gone...

Onawingandaprayer in Memories Of Multicolored Light
NatrualScience...and many others!

So what are you and the billions pining for the ACTUAL Kingdom on Earth doing about it to bring it forth?

Are you just sitting back and wallowing in pity over how bad things are, pouring your energy into perpetuating the problems, yearning for bliss and haven't given much thought about how to acheive it!

"What can one person do against the wretched people who run this planet?"

"My life sucks, who are you to say this to me?!?!?!?"

"I have no money, how can I change things?"

"My husband will beat me if I speak my mind"

"Easy for you to preach over cyberspace, you are not at the coal-face!"

"What makes you so special!"

You are all saying, millions of us are saying the same things every day.

No you can't prevent many things that happen in this world, yet, but how was it that in countries that not so long ago were ruled by ruthless dictators and now the people are seeing a glimmer of hope for the future.

They asked for change in THEIR own way...

It may not be happening quite to our WESTERN standards or liking, but then again who says the western way...

If you needed still more proof, look at what is still happening in Syria, everyday the innocent are butchered, much like the christians in the arena, or the Christian crusades of the Holyland which left a trail of death and destruction still enduring in the hearts and minds of muslims in the Middle East to this very day. Everyday people just wish to express there human freedoms, sounds like the Isrealites under Roman rule doesn't it.

Yet within every generation a small voice is heard that does change things. Some will argue life is no better now than it was 2000 years ago, I beg to differ, for if you cannot see it then you really do have your eyes closed.

The souls of many are on pathways we cannot envisage or even comprehend why. Why does a newborn baby suffer so much only to die within days of the miracle of life we call birth.

A friend of mine said to me; "don't try to apply human logic or understanding to the journey of the soul, it is way beyond us"

He was correct in many ways and thinking about that makes it easier, not pleasant at times, but easier to understand and cope with things that go on daily in this region of the world I currently live in.

All we are asked to do is simple, to have the joy of the Kingdom here on earth WE AS HUMANS MUST CHANGE OOUURR WAY OF THINKING ABOUT EACH OTHER.

The Arab/Israeli conflict can be solved, but it will take ONE very brave person to stand up and shout from the top of his or lungs ENOUGH!

All it takes is to change the life of ONE person, the snowball effect will takeover from there, that is all we need to do. If during the course of your life you manage to bring about the change to peace, love, respect, dignity, love of your fellow man, love of yourself, love of life, seeing the godness within another and having them see it and believe it as well.

If you can acheive this within yourself first, putting aside the humanly fears of insufficiency, social positioning, hatred, jealousy, vengence, exploitation, corruption, plotting, looking-down-upon another you deem less worthy. If you can look to the DAY, not at what happened yesterday or 2000 years ago, but today, tomorrow will sort itself out.

My brother-in-law had a serious accidnet many years ago and he has a very simple view of life now. They have very little money and yet he places his faith and trust in whomever he believes will provide. They always manage to pay their bills, put food on the table and take the occasional holiday.

He says he doesn't know where the money comes from, but when he needs it, it is there, he can't explain it, he just says it must be a form of heaven here on earth.

He is very much correct, he has changed his life by changing his view of life and his fellow man. Yes he still talks about the global situation but now with the eye of the "observer" and not the participant (for we are all particpants in one situation or another).

Billions on this planet are the participants and I believe in time that will all change, but it starts with just ONE person.

The snowball effect took root last November after what some beleived was the end of the mayan calender. It is beginning, will our generation see the results, maybe, maybe not, but that is okay the long journey has begun.

If you go to your death-bed knowing that at the end of the day you not only changed your own mind about life, but were able to help another, or cause another to stop and think about his or her own life, then you have had a succesful life.

A friend went to his bed very happy and content in the knowledge that despite all he endured in life, he was able to see another look at her life from a different perspective and see her move forward. She still struggles with some of lifes day to day issues, as we all do and will continue to do so, for that is life. I see her writing now and I know she has moved many steps closer to her own personal vision of the Kingdom within her.

If you measure your success by the number of buildings you own, well I guess that is okay for you. I prefer to see success in the form of the souls we can help move forward. For in this process, over time, human attitudes will change considerably and the CONCEPTS of the Kingdom of God will be firmly rooted within each of us, as well as on this physical plane and nothing will change that.

Have a great day, live large and enjoy everyday of this gift we call life, love, God

Why a Kingdom of God on Earth? Because it is urgently needed. Hear the cry of kids unhappy, hungry, beaten. See the abused and exploited women all over world. BEhold the forests chopped off, the seas overfished, the overkill weaponry, and Fukushima exhaling death.
"If I did not speak, the stones would cry out" said Our Master Jesus. How could He be bound to leave this Earth in its miserable scrapyard state and build His kingdom only elsewhere? Remember we do not have the total of His teachings anymore, there has been much rewriting, deleting and faking during Church History. Of course it was comfortable for the Churches to make people think the Kingdom to be a mere Beyond affair. But all Christians who really made things better down here also believed in a future Kingdom down here - secretly at least!
Hello my egotistical friends. Here is my view to, "what is ego".
Without ego we do not move forward but become stagnated.
So ego is good in this sense, but bad in the sense we feel we are better than them.
Ego gives us the need to compete and improve, this is good for progress.
But when the ego is bigger than us and it rules, we become blinded and have less feelings for others.
This is the simplicity of it.
Well, I don't really know how to explain the whole electricity thing, but I saw on a TV show once that when a girl with strong psychic abilities and ties to spirits walked by a nightlight the light grew brighter in response to her presence, so maybe it's something like that- just a strong spiritual connection where electricity will react to you and your presence.
I really don't know about the number thing either, but...
Well, let's say that when I experianced a flash of light like you did it turned out to be a very good thing, and I felt like I was touched by God. I felt very special, and you should too. Remember that no matter how small or insignificant we may at first appear in the grand scheme of things we all have our own role to play in life, something that God has planned especially for us. This bit of knowledge has carried me, and I hope someone else finds it useful too... 😊
Anyway, I think the light just shows when we're really spiritually intuned, or something like that; although, from what I've gleaned it only seems to happen when it's least expected...
goldstar in My Spirit Animal
I'm going to have to disagree with you on this subject. I have a black wolf that has guided me to the path of God where none of my other friends could and quite frankly helps me get through life in general. So I agree with Onawingandaprayer's belief and that God and the Holy Trinity works in mysterious ways that we don't always comprehend or can predict, but that doesn't make it any less real.
Onawingandaprayer in Memories Of Multicolored Light

Okay we agree to disagree, I see your path and am truly happy for you, may that journey be a fruitful one.

Just one question though, why do people continually seek the Kingdom here on earth. Even Jesus rebuked his disciples for thinking it was or ever will be an earthbound Kingdom, I guess this a question for the viewship-at-large whom visit these pages.

Have a great day

Onawingandaprayer in Memories Of Multicolored Light
Hi Kathleen

Whenever I read the passage, listen to it being discussed and now in your telling, I always feel like I was there as a witness to the event as well.

Yes it took Great courage of Mary " who is this women?"

That same type of unconditional love of the Master was not seen again until Catherine of Sienna. I think it will be seen again, perhaps within our lifetime. If not then upon entry into the Father's Kingdom after leaving this physical existence.

Continue your amazing journey...

Hello NaturalScience and friends

When I think about Ego, it brings me back to a familiar story in the bible. It is the story of Mary of Bethany anointing Jesus. A long time ago there was a man that she truly loved and she needed to show him how deeply she cared. This love may not have been looked upon as right in the eyes of her peers, but she herself demonstrated an act in which she was forced to let go of her ego. Mary went with the feelings that were contained in her heart instead of what her ego was telling her was "right" or "wrong". Her ego may have been telling her "Who do you think you are! You're not important enough, or smart enough, or pretty enough to anoint HIM! He's Jesus, you're only Mary! Not to mention the fact that you are a WOMAN!" But, regardless Mary simply put those thoughts aside and conquered them and acted out of unconditional love. Just imagine what she must have been feeling. She knew what the crowd would think of her - the negativity, the comments, the embarassment and humiliation, however within her she mustered the courage to prove her love for Jesus and to overcome her own "demeaning" thoughts about herself. She knew what was right in her heart and acted upon it regardless of the outcome. The love that she had for Jesus may have been viewed as "wrong" in the eyes of man, but she saw through it and only acted in the present moment regardless of the possible outcomes. And much to her delight her actions were praised by Jesus and their love and understanding of one another prevailed. They saw the bigger picture. Love has NO boundaries, it simply is and extends on and on. For me, if something feels right in YOUR heart and love has no boundaries, then who or what can say that it is right or wrong? The ego constantly tries to stop us from being who we are by imposing walls and boundaries.
Be astounded which Random Quote showed up (I mean, at the right side of this web page) immediately after my posting the former!
It was this Holy Word of Jesus:
"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments."
See how "coincidence" supported my last post?

And this little game even went on! The next quote that emerged at the same place was of Mahatma Gandhi whom I deeply revere and it read:
"A religion that does not care for practical things in daily life is no religion."

So let us go of Ego definitions, which seemingly are theoretical, or at least deal with states of mind which are not within our personal reach - they can be bestowed to us but not induced with any degree of certainty - and better meditate on the Commandments.
Some ego definition from a Buddhist that showed up one minute ago as a Random Spiritual Quote is this:
"Ego could be defined as whatever covers up basic goodness. From an experiential point of view, what is ego covering up? It's covering up our experience of just being here, just fully being where we are, so that we can relate with the immediacy of our experience. Egolessness is a state of mind that has complete confidence in the sacredness of the world. It is unconditional well being, unconditional joy that includes all the different qualities of our experience."
Well, it is very desirable to have the state of mind described by the Buddhist teacher. But is it possible to keep within it over more than some minutes? Can anyone remain in "unconditional joy" who has just made a coffee for her guy, with love, and hears from him as the only reaction "you made it too strong, don't you know I got that stomach ache?" If someone can do so he or she is no longer a normal human but a Buddha - which is a kind of miracle.

Thus, can the State of Mind really be the central question in Spirituality? From my view, no. The central point is how to behave, how to do, in daily life, no matter if you feel sad or joyful, no matter if you are a knowing or an ignorant person. It is by the Law of Karma that we get into confusion about the truth, and it is by the Law of Karma that we gain a glimpse of the truth and that our knowledge grows. The miracle of egolessness was given to me for short periods of time. Afterwards I became an ordinary person again. This is only natural.
Gifts from the Spirit come and go. But Laws and Commandments remain.
Onawingandaprayer, there is nothing to grapple with for me (or "my ego" whatever this part of my person may exactly be) in your answer about what God Is.
I know that HE/She/It is more real than me, for I am mortal which God is not. And I know God is Real - not some brain game made up by humans.
Formerly I had to believe that God exists... This blind believing phase was just a forerunner, thank God. If I still were in this stage I'd have no say ("When I was a kid, I thought the way kids do" says St Paul), and thus would not dare to write one single word on a spiritual WWW site.
It is not for my own path that I started the subject of Ego definition - my former comments in this thread clear up why.
Kiani surely understands that the Ego definition matter really has something to do with her report.
You too I think. It was no digression.
But now it is over for the moment and for this thread.

One guest here wrote "When I feel the truth I nearly think myself to be a fool for not feeling it always."
Welcome to the Club, sister! This is why we pray "Father Thy Kingdom come - Thy will be Done as in Heaven so on Earth."
Only when the Kingdom promised has come we will be free from that foolishness which is the everyday reality of almost all of us, even of Saints. Then the truth will be part of our normal feelings, without effort.
How often I wept bitter tears about this state myself I have forgotten. I can well imagine how ardently also my grand-aunt, that heroic little Franciscan nun, desired to feel the truth always. I once found her diary. It was full of quotations taken from Catholic Mystics who had fully realized God.
She did not feel the truth always, and I do not, and even James - I suppose - did not; for the Kingdom still has not realised itself on Earth. This is a fact but NOT our fault!
But she did all she could do to make it come nearer - within that blockhead frame to which we still are confined. And she taught me to do the same. If we fail to do the good that is within our hand's grasp it IS our fault.
Dear friends and Foundations, if you are refering to what I believe God to be, man or woman. I have found that because people don't know what He looks like, they try and envisage him with some form or other. These are to what you may have heard. He is light, He is in everything and atom, He is in us all. Some give him an appearance with white hair. Here is the truth to who God is. Most say that we are connected, yet don't really believe it. Here is the mystery of God, (hopefully my story will be published here soon) Imagine the water in the oceans, every drop is seperate but together they make one. We are the same, we are individual but are one. We are connected with thought. These thought waves are universal and in every square inch, but they go in one direction, to the centre, and that centre is God. God has no form but is thought, we are thought. With out thought we are non existant. Thought comes first, then action follows. Love, Gerry ❤
Onawingandaprayer in Memories Of Multicolored Light
Hello naturalScience

Well Kiani must be wondering what happened to the thread about the experience this all started with!

I can see you are on this pathway to discovering the what and why of the Ego, okay I see this is eating you up inside. If this is the case then seek your path and find your answer.

I can't give you one because the route of the ego plays only a minor part within me now and frankly it is of no consequence or issue to me now. I see life from a very different view point than I did even 6 months ago. Every now and then the ego will try to raise its' opinion, when I realize it I quickly move beyond it with other thoughts, hence no issue any more.

My friend discover your pathway to the definition of what you seek, then you may find in the end what many have already discovered.

Here is something for your ego to grapple with, I last asked you to define God.

Here is a basic answer:

God said "I am that I am"

Or simply put "God Is"

That statement is much more than a 2 word answer, a deeper understanding of this shows a much greater awareness of life, love and of course God. In the end this is all that matters...

Dear friends, the definition I seek is really needed. It is not enough to find a definition for one's own - because most of us are not far advanced enough, well oriented enough to do so. Those who need a navigator in distinguishing right from wrong, as one uses in driving, could profit very much of an Ego definition usable for everybody. Even more because the word "Ego" is much used in so-called spiritual subculture TO DEMEAN oneself or others. A definition which prevents this would save many good-hearted persons of suffering and confusion.
But OK let us delay this question for the moment. Not because those are right who think "why strain my own brains for theological definitions, God will provide for that"... Such a train of thought does not show Trust in Providence but Yielding to Indolence;-)
And not because I believe to any extent in "spiritual authorities" to provide us with it -
Only for the fact that by now no answer came which could give some approach to the global definition sought. It all remained on the all-too-local level of personal feelings -
With the exception of Foundations who, being open for global responsibility, provided us at least a personal definition which leads to new ways on a more global level.
For if the future Ego definition would contain the clear condemnation of "submission and self-denial" which she gave in her personal statement,
It would take off some part of the ground on which the word "Ego" has been abused almost world-wide for demeaning one's own spontaneous impulses and desires, and for controlling / suppressing / misusing others.

We now have at least made up a platform to start.

Perhaps others who read this later will provide more mental "bricks" for this new building. Or, even better, someone who has been working earnestly but in isolation about the same subject, perhaps as a theological author, could read our discussion "by chance" and find some precious missing link in it.

God bless our Reason! Reason, logical Thought, is in no way inferior to other qualities of our minds. It has only been misused too much in the past. This is why some, quite wrongly, identify Reason with Ego...
Call me Kamini. This is the name which Sri Muni Raji, Chief of Haidakhan Babaji Devotees, gave me in 1992.
Both of the things you write of are fascinating. I can relate to each, in my own fashion; also not of typical experiences/acceptance/understanding. Your encounter with the universe does not shock or surprise me. My thoughts are that we are closest to God, when surrounded by those things in nature, because they are 'pure' and contain the Love of our Creator. I too have been impulsive with my questioning, as many others have unquestionably been. In terms of your hearing thoughts from an outside source; I've had that also. Your experiences sound as though they are much more extensive than mine. I do have my own understanding/belief about what my events are about; of course I may or may not be correct! Anyway, if I can 'share' my most recent one - this happened while I was driving. It was early morning and I was making my long drive to work along rural country roads, and I was praying as I drove. I heard this in my head, "Even unknowingly, you have our blessing". I pulled over in the approaching Village and wrote it down in the record part of my checkbook - for lack of a note pad. I felt that it was very special and I was afraid I would forget the exact wording (obviously it was not sourced from my common vocabulary!). Thank you for your story, I enjoyed it (and appreciated the fact that I could connect with it).
Wishing for you: Friendship, Love, and Health - Treetoucher
You already have the answer to your question. You Feel it is true and you Know that it feels right. You have the key now, to open that door and start your own personal Spiritual journey. My personal journey started when I was six years old. I Knew, that something I was being taught (religiously), was not true - I could Feel it was incorrect. I do not practice a set religion, even though I was raised in one. I am very Spiritual though; have a strong faith in God, and Feel the love of God through all living things. I have had experiences with several species of birds, which were not chance encounters. One amazing event was actually a 'sign' that answered a question I was contemplating/talking to The Holy Spirit about, while sitting in a meadow. Spending time in/with nature is a 'religious' experience for me. I am filled with the pure essence of God - which is love - when I am with the air that touches my face, the grass between my toes, the birds telling their stories, the smell of the earth, and the hum of the tree to my touch. I have been blessed to have seen an eagle twice, but I did not have an encounter with one - that is a wonderful experience for you. I would personally go with what you Felt from the eagle, contemplate the meaning/message, and see where it leads you.
Wishing you Friendship, Love, and Health, Treetoucher
lynnaz in Happy Birthday
That made me tear up too. I know you wrote it in 2010 but I'm still happy for you in 2012. I think we always get what we need but are really bad at deciphering needs from wants. Mistaking one for the other hurts and causes us to doubt our worth. And having lost my cat after 18 years, my heart really goes out to you during that time in your life. Didn't think I'd live through it and was positive I didn't want to. The kitten I got 6 days later -after swearing off pets forever- is glad I had a a change of heart though. Life does go on and there's no shortage of living things that need to be loved. Hope all is well with you. Take care.
It's not blinding but I sometimes see a white light shining down at a slight angle from behind me. It's like I'm in front of the headlights of a car but I'm in my home with my back turned away from the nearest street actually and now that I think about it there are closed heavy curtains are on all of my windows anyway. The last few times I noticed the intensity varies a bit- dimmer or brighter but I can't figure out why. Thought it only happened while I was at the computer listening to music. Last week however; it happened while I was lying on the couch reading the Bible of all things- something I don't do reguarly. I hesitate to even mention this for fear it'll make me seem like I'm realy out there- but my boyfriend and I were making love last year and it happened with an intensity I'd not experienced before. I didn't say anything at the time thinking I was the only one seeing it but not long afterwards- he asked me what I thought that light was. That really freaked me out. Neither of us have a clue what it may have been and it hasn't happened since even though our relationship has grown stronger. Other than that time, I've always been by myself and it's always happened at night. The streetlights turning off is an oddity I've only known one person mention happens to them. While driving with a friend in high school (1987-ish) a streetlight went off and he said "94." I asked what he meant and he told me he'd counted the streetlights that turned off as he passed them. Said he'd been doing it for a while. Don't know him anymore though.
Hello NaturalScience and David,

I re-read my ego "defintition" and it is indeed what I have struggled with internally. So, this is what MY ego has been doing to me to prevent ME from being WHO I AM. In essence, to provide a definition for someone else becomes senseless really. So NaturalScience you are absolutely right. It's usability may not be good for you, but for me it makes perfect sense. I needed to hear for myself what it has been doing to hinder me. Am I making sense LOL!? As for the word "demean", well that is exactly what I have been doing to myself since childhood. It means to put one's self down.

And NaturalScience, this is a copy from one of your posts: "Thus your path is true and valid. It is even more so as you seemingly don't belong to any sect or church that gives you a fixed dogma and a fixed language for spiritual matters. You belong to those who prove by mere existence that there is a Beyond and a Soul. Don't worry about the "Ego matter"!"

YOU are the beautiful person that you described above!

Hello Gerry,

I find this comment fascinating actually- something to ponder. For me God is in everything/everyone nothing excluded. I agree that it does not matter who or what you think you are, that God is indeed within all.

I would love for you to elaborate more on this wonderful insight that you have been given!

With love,
anneke8 - That's true. I've no answer to what happened, I like to believe that God was winking at my sister & me:)

Kathleen - wow, that's an inspiring line from the bible. Mass prayers always have a powerful effect.

NaturalScience - you can call me Manoj. Let me know your name too:)
NaturalSceince - nice to see you again:) I'm not so active here on this site, sorry. Ya, this happened when I was just 7 or 8, my sister & I were just aping the cartoon characters. Whether it'll work for us as adults, I don't know but our impediment now seems to be our rational mind.
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Kathleen and NaturalScience

Good morning from the sand-pit, what resonates within both of you is the definition you are both seeking. I have been following this thread with a smile as it can get quite interestinng if it continues!

The religion of the future will not require absolutes, only man requires absolutes, worrying about whether one guru or another is right just doesn"t matter, what resonates within you is all that matters.

Afterall only humans are trying to prove the existance of God.

In heaven is a man whom fought with his ego/inner demons/ what-ever and yet the world knew him as nothing but a man of peace and love. He portrayed that every day of his awakened life.

Definitions were of no consequence to him, it just was not worthy of giving it/them the time of day.

Faith is very much an individual matter and if one wants to cloud it or define it with clear determinations of "legal definitions" then go ahead. Personally I prefer to see what is within each of us and react to that than whether my Ego is appeased or not.

As for the faith and religion of the future, well I think that is being sorted out already and we are seeing the results slowly developing around the world now.

One last question, since it has morphed into a thread about definitions:

NaturalScience could you please DEFINE IN DETAIL EXACTLY WHO, WHAT, WHERE, HOW IS GOD?

"Keep The Blue-side Up"

Dave M.
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Thanks for the comment and interesting fact. Much appreciated.
Dear NaturalScience, many try to put a figure to God and many want to put a sex to HIM. Here is a mystery that many women do not like to hear.
Man, meaning male was made in their image, (heavenly) woman (female) was made in the image of man, hence (WO or FE) in male. God has no gender, but woman comes from man and not man from woman. God also argued that their is no queen of heaven, meaning female, hence, then he is masculine.
The idea of God being only man distraughts many woman, it shouldn't, when we stop fighting and appreciate one another all will go better for us. 😉
after reading all the ways god introduced himself to so many of us who don't know him. It makes me want to get to know him all the more.
Wow!Im in aw right now with what I read. Your experienced moved me. I Cried but they were happy tears cause gods love is so amazing. He wanted you to know that he is real and that he loves you. God bless you.
Hi NaturalScience,

I am not sure what this song has to do with our conversation about the ego, however it was placed very strongly in my thoughts this morning. It is called "Linda Ronstadt ft. Aaron Neville - I Don't Know Much". I listened to it on YouTube after it was placed in my thoughts and as I listened it felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest! It had deep meaning for me. Maybe all there is, is pure unconditional love...

Hello Anneke8,

I have been trying to address this issue with my friend every since. He usually changes the subject. I will continue to work at getting him to talk about his account of what happened from his view. I'm not so sure what he claims now but he has been avoiding me, brushing me off "nicely". I hope I can answer your questions someday, sooner than later.

In love,
Hello Foundations,

Thank you much for your kind words.

In love
Hello Mano,
Do you remember me?
I in turn will remember your childhood method of sending good vibes from the TUMMY instead of from the heart region. It feels as if the former is easier to imagine, and thus to USE for fulfilling wishes, than the latter. I'm going to try.
Believing that God is real always remains an insecure thing. A forerunner. What we are meant to achieve is a glimpse of KNOWING that God is real. Perhaps even to know that that He/She/It is MORE REAL THAN ME... The true Faith usually follows such a glimpse. It is a rare and difficult thing to believe in God while living in a state of absolute spiritual blindness.

The fact that lots of humans do believe without a vision of their own is due to our human ability to make another one's vision our own by imagination, by feeling what the prophet we study may have felt, and see what he may have seen, thus building up some true Faith while we still are without a visionary base of Faith in our own lives.

While we are kids we take our image of daily life from parental teachings, stories and movies. Later on we (may) build it more and more upon own experience. The same it is with our relationship to God.

I thank the Lord for making you a grown-up believer.
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Hello VeryAwake!

This is so beautiful. Your words penetrate deep to my soul and I thank you for publishing this experience.

With love,
Hi Manojharisree,

I love this experience! It reminds me of the bible passage from Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them."

Dear Kathleen, I feel elated at your taking my results of rational thinking for something serious.

For there is also a third wrong definition of Ego:

Some say that only if one can go without thoughts, without using one's reason, one is without Ego.

WOW, it would be Paradise on Earth if we did not have to use Reason but only Instinct, and if we could switch Thought off whenever we want it!

But the daily experiences that
- not all things can be solved or decided from pure belly-feeling (I did exercise in this and it does function in many respects but not always!)
That we all think all day long and only very seldom, as a mercy of Nature, have seconds of no-thought (even the most trained Zen people don't have much more no-thought time to boast of;-)) )
Give proof that this too is not the true definition.

See, if you exercise in hearing the inner voice and write this down it will yield a good answer for YOUR individual life. This is good and righteous.

But my aim is bigger.

I want a definition of Ego to be found
Which is usable for what Catholics call "Check of Conscience" by every normal person in every daily situation,
A definition that covers all aspects of life
And which is so useful that it will never and in no aspect of life lead to irrationality, absurdity, or madness.

This definition to my account is still missing - no matter in which book or in which Guru speech you seek it... WORLD WIDE. It is all just partial aspects, or - more often - misunderstandings leading to mad and wrong actions, what you will find.

But such a "world formula about what is Ego and what is Real Self" will be an absolute necessity for the Religion of the Future to come.
This is why I question the WWW world about it here.

For, it is in Spirituality the same as in mundane life: Clear directions will normally lead you to a good result. Unclear ones normally make you end up in a mess. But if the mess is a spiritual one, who will rearrange it?
ZiShu, it could have been Gabriel. My mother saw Michael, and she said he was as tall as a lamp post and as beautiful as any man she ever saw.
My granny (long dead) saw the devil like he looked when he was an angel. She said he had curly black hair and beautiful blue eyes. I can imagine that he was the most beautiful of them all.

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