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When The God Shows Up


I have had some faith in a "higher power" for most of my life, but drifted away from my Christian childhood roots and had not attended church for decades. I was going through a relationship problem and was slightly depressed. My friend, Pastor Bob, showed up in my life after many years away. While telling him my "tale of woe", he invited me to his new Christian Church. Because we had been friends for many years and belonged to another 12 step program, I felt obligated to attend his prayer meeting. I promised him I would be there and promptly "blew him off" several times before my guilt forced me to drive over to the church, one cold February evening, to pacify my good caring friend.

I remember thinking to myself "OK, I'll go and see if God shows up!" My defiance and closed minded attitude growing like a weed in my head,

Until, I drove into the the parking lot. I was early (I wanted to get it over with) and the lot was vacant. Then all of a sudden, I burst into tears! Not ordinary tears but weeping and weeping. It wasn't a sad or bad thing. I felt I was being cleansed and had this overwhelming feeling that I was home! I also had a feeling of peace and calm. This lasted for about 10 minutes when Bob pulled into the parking lot. I quickly dried my eyes. I didn't want any one to see me (a 220 lb Irishman), crying.

There were about 7 or 8 people attending this prayer group. I had time to tell Bob about my experience and he just smiled and said let's go in and pray.

Well, pray they did, and I was immediately overcome with the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt in my life. Love is the closest word I can conjure up. It was the most secure wonderful all encompassing experience! From head to toes! Gods Love. I am 65 and have been "around the block" with alcohol and drugs but NEVER felt anything close to this. And I remember thinking, "Oh my God, there is a GOD!

It lasted for weeks. Although the initial experience has subsided, I am proud to say I am a full fledged Christian and have been for 3 years.

I never thought I would say this sincerely, but, Praise the Lord!

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