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Recently I was very sick, well actually I almost died because I had a very bad fever and chest infection. I was christened as a catholic, I believed, yes, but I wasn't a practicing catholic so no I never really went to church.

Last week I was in bed feeling so sick, and it just got worse as my head was throbbing and I was vomiting very badly, I also had a fever. I was also coughing so much and this went on for about 4 hours when I thought this is it, I am dying.

I just thought I want to die right now I want to give up. Then I took this huge deep breath, I think that was when I stopped breathing and my body was slowly shutting down, when I felt like I was traveling through a dark tunnel, I was traveling fast like flying.

Then all of a sudden I saw this light and it was so bright, the brightest light I have ever seen. I could see myself standing near the light when a hand came through the light and a man wearing a white long cloak had his hand and arm extended toward me. It was like he wanted me to take his hand and come with him. But I didn't take his hand, I could see myself crying and I was saying I believe, I believe, I believe.

The man had a beard and shoulder length hair, his skin was very white. I would say he must have been God or Jesus. He said to me "you are only human" and I have put you on earth for a reason. He said he will never go back to earth as he has been there before. He then pointed and said, "that is Earth" then pointed behind him and said "this is ETERNITY".

His hand was still extended and it appeared that he wanted me to take his hand but I didn't. Then all of a sudden I just jumped up in my bed and took in this deep breath. I felt so SHOCKED and couldn't believe what just happened to me.

To all who read this I can assure you that this was REAL, VERY VERY REAL. I went to hospital and was there for one week to recover. I never take drugs or drink alcohol, I am a 32 year old mum of two boys, and live in AUSTRALIA.

I believe that I was dying, and that I have met God or JESUS, and he offered to take me to heaven or gave me the chance to go back to earth. Obviously I chose earth, my life has changed now as I am so much more tolerant towards people and so much more caring towards others.

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Someone (guest)
8 years ago (2010-04-18)
Oh brother. Don't worry Yishair, you're not the only one rolling your eyes at this blind faith and interpretation in the context of one's very narrow religious view.

I've had OBEs (lucid dreams from a waking state) for a good part of my life and know for a fact that they were nothing but very realistic conscious trips into my mind after countless experiments (people fail to realize how powerful our minds are). I've wept on my knees at blinding, all-loving golden light only to wake up and understand that I had simply bathed in my own love to its full, unhindered intensity, given our hyper-emotional state when dreaming, lucid or not.

I'm not saying there isn't more to what we know, as quantum mechanics, for example, can demonstrate, but to take some old translated stories (which were apparently hand-chosen by men among a dozen scripts long ago for the purpose of controlling their people the same way our government controls us today), and treat them as truth above all else is just naive. Oh but I suppose this is the devil speaking through me, the same way he buries dinosaur fossils to mislead us all... Oh wait, I guess that means that petrification isn't real, and mud doesn't turn to sedimentary rock.

Either way, I suppose it's easier to believe in something than to live without answers.
JK (guest)
8 years ago (2010-04-17)
To Yashair: What do you put your faith in my friend, is your faith in science. I have seen God work in my life, tangibly. I have all the historical proof that I need to believe that Jesus was the Son of God, born from a vigin and died on the cross at Calvary and God raised Him to life on the third day. Many of todays leading scientist are turning away from the popularity of evolution and boldly stating that there had to be a Creator. If you like to read and you are not anti-faith, get the book "A case for Christ. It was written by Lee Strobel a world renowned investigative reporter for the New York times. He is the person that cracked the Son of Sam murder case-not the cops. He was known all over the world as a reporter that only believed what he could see and touch-he had to have tangible evidence to believe in something. One Sunday his wife came home and was changed. He said what has happened. She stated that she had been reborn and had given her life to Christ. Lee thought it was just another phase she was going through but her Christian life grew stronger. Being the hard nosed investigative reporter tha he was, he went on a 5 year investigation of the Bible of Jesus and his life, death and resurrection. He interviewed the leading authoities in every major religion, athiest, he attended Chritian and atheist debates (at one debate between a leading atheit and a Theologian 300 people gave their lives to Christ due to the outcome of the debate). At the end of his investigation the evidence was overwhelming and he knew that he could prove in any court in the world that Christ was who He said He was and Lee had no choice but to make Christ the Lord and Master of his life. Read the book and decide for yourself. Something has made you bitter and you have hardened your heart towards the the Loving God that created you. Get a Bible and actually read it, get Lee Strobels book and read it-see for yourself.
Believer1977 (guest)
8 years ago (2010-04-15)
I saw a light.

I have recently had an experience that I want to share.

My Gran was very ill with cancer, she was also 82 years old. The family had been told that she did not have long left and it would be a matter of days.

I went to the hospital to join my Mother, Uncle and Aunt. We took turns to sit with her 24 hours a day in her final days. I was with her on the night that she died. I loved her very much, as we all did. She was well liked and respected in the local community and was invloved in the Church. I had no proir experience with anyone who was dying, but I felt strongly that I should be with her.

On her last day, when there were three people in the room, I really felt like there were more people, I also felt a sense of comfort. As my Gran died I felt sad that she was leaving, but I was very calm and not scared as I had expected.

About five minutes after she had died I saw a light next to my uncle. It was gold coloured and quite bright, it slowly grew smaller then disappeard. My Mother has gone to Church for a long time and she enjoys being invloved with the church. I have not willingly gone to Church for 20 years since I was a child, I had found it hard to have any faith. After that night, I now feel reassured that there is life after death and I might even start going to Church.

Has anyone witnesses anything similiar? Did I imagine the light?
Yishair (guest)
8 years ago (2010-04-03)
If you say that you had some sort of super-natural experience, trying to get others to believe you is ridiculous, no matter how self frustrating it would be. There's a danger in anyone who believes that someone talked to a pseudo-scientific being, because denying scientific tangible evidence and calling someone who is willing to accept new ideas, a scientist, closed minded, means that you do not understand what open mindedness is, and are easily persuaded. Also, that means you are highly biased, extremely closed minded, hard to reach, and stubborn.

I find it strange how people look into a book written thousands of years ago as something to prove something tangible wrong. That's why people deny evolution when it can be proved with carbon dating, and they deny the world is billions of years old, when that too, is tangible evidence. If you don't want to look at tangible reasoning and proof, you can look at a dinosuar bone, carbon date it, and scientifically prove its 150million years old.

I also find it strange how some one who believes in some pseudo supernatural concept, trys to persuade me there right. When I say, I will accept your story once you give me tangible evidence. Then I am called closed minded. That is not how the world works, and in a court of law, you would be laughed at and discharged.

If I have tangible proof that a person was doing drugs, and this proof was acquired threw blood tests, him saying he just didn't take it, and claiming that the drugs got in his blood stream in another way is rid and not how the world works.

It seems that no matter what tangible proof I can give you, you will always be write. Whatever. Then your just un-manageable. If you want to put scientific logic, reasoning and tangible proof to the side, proof that is proof that can be seen just threw observation, for example you can see for yourself waht evolution is threw breeding horses--but if you want to put that to the side and just look at the bible, if god gave us freewill, why can't two people who love eachother marry (homosexual). Ooo I get it, it's freewill, but it's only what he says you can do. Theres no reason why masturbation is wrong, and threw tangible evidence, evidence that you can see with your eyes, it is natural and good for your health, but hmmm. I guess god doesn't want you to do that either. He seems to not know a lot about the reality in which we exist.
Well Wisher (guest)
8 years ago (2010-03-18)
Lost1...this is for you.

You seem to be searching for answers but you are not finding them... Instead you are going in circles...

Ask yourself the questions.

Am I leading a good life?
Do I treat people well?
Am I honest with people?
Do I give respect to people?
Do I do good deeds... So that Allah / GOD will be pleased with me?

Or am I doing bad things I should not be doing?
That go against Allah / God's commandments?

I hope that you find guidance.

If you seek the truth... Then quietly in silence... Whilst alone sit and pray to Allah / God.
He answers all prayers that are done sincerely to him.
He will lead you to where you need to go.
May be you need to look at another religion... Just think about it!
Well Wisher (guest)
8 years ago (2010-03-18)
Dear All,

Allah / God has NO image... As he is everywhere, he is the unseen, the most powerful and the most merciful.

Most of the prophets never even got to see Allah / God... Except I believe Moses... And even then he was unable to look at Allah / God because of his glory.

Allah/ God has created angels and we have one with us all the time... Some like to call them our guardian angels as they are with us to protect us from harm by Allah / God's command.

The angels are created from pure white light (and they do not have a gender as such as they are not human)...

So Natalie your thinking is correct.

Though most of Allah's / God's angels have male names like Gabriel, Michael.

But remember it is not Angels who save us... They only obey Allah/ God.

So if you believe an angel has helped you it is because Allah / God commanded it to do so.

As Angels do not have free will.

Do not be tricked by Satan (i.e. Devil) he plays with our minds and hearts.
Lest you be lead astray.
Just a guest (guest)
8 years ago (2010-03-17)
How come you said: "Last week I was in bed feeling so sick" and after a while "I went to hospital and was there for one week to recover."
And after that, you wrote that your life has changed and you're so much more tolerant towards people... You came out from the hospital like 10 minutes ago and you're already writing this?
Just had to say this out loud, since I'm so bored of people who just create stories and then laugh at peoples comments.
cara (guest)
8 years ago (2010-03-04)
I think maybe you dream had some meaning, like you should intrpret it. For example you said you were crying in your dream. I believe I believe, have you been saved confessing that Christ is you lord and savior. By that I mean, saying I belieeve Christ is my lord and savior, I believ he died for my sins and God rose him from the dead. The fact that in your dream, he reached his hand to you and you didn't take hold of his hand. Maybe it means he wants to save you, but you need to reach out and take his hand and confess with your mouth and believe in your heart. Its in the bible. Its in the bible that only if you are born again will you be saved. John 3:3 in reply Jesus declared. I tell you the truth, no one can see the kindom og god unlesshe is born again. Read john 3:3 and 3:14through18...Im just telling you to look into your dream ask god to give you deep revulation to what it ment. God bless and remember Jesus love you... Cara
mik (guest)
8 years ago (2010-01-20)
what a great story. But I would have wanted to choose earth to say goodbye to my family then go to heaven for eternity.
Rebecca (guest)
8 years ago (2010-01-17)
I was on holiday in Bulgaria.
I was 8 years old at the time. Playing in the sea, not even up to my knees. With my sister.

Then the sea dragged us both back, I went further out than my sister. The sea was so rough I was trying to swim but waves washed over my face, I couldn't breath. When I went under It seemd as forever, it sounded as people we're singing, making it relaxing. It didn't fase me, that I was drowning.

Next thing I knew there was a light. A bright one.

A man in gold/white robes, and a stick. White hair, longish white beard too. He was smiling at me with his hand out, as if I should have gone to him. Many people were beside him, smiling at me.

I got told no one could get me, but my dad. He got me. Life guards said the sea was too rough to even get close to me. My parents said it was if my dad ran on water.

I always belived in God, now I know for sure he's real.
Daydreamer (guest)
8 years ago (2010-01-11)
That probabley taught you a very important leason. I hope you remember that. God Bless you and thank you for sharing this experience! ❤ Katie
Amrit (guest)
8 years ago (2010-01-08)
why do you think of god do you know?
Because god be it male or female what ever you think, what ever your cast he or she is the only one who really loves you & all, the crap we did is forgiven we eat food and why because there is taste you can't enplane really how much you love some one to scratch your back why is so much pleasure there? God is trying to enplane us what bad what's good look around it is so beautiful love god for god loves you a lot no more can I say yes I saw him/her. You do you hear him every day but? You give exegesis so do I
Johnny Tragedy (guest)
8 years ago (2009-12-03)
I, too have seen God. It was in Galveston, TX. As far as we had driven, we should have been in the middle of the ocean. Everything seemed so surreal. It got very foggy. I was with a friend. It was 2 am and the place was deserted. We saw a flashing light in the fog and stopped and got out of the car. My friend walked off somewhere and I climbed a hill that appeared to be next to my car. All of the sudden, an immense feeling of terror followed by the warmest most intimate feeling I have ever fealt came over me. I immediately fell to my knees and began weeping. I looked up and saw a shadowy figure standing over me. Its size was tremendous. It did not speak but put words in my head, then slapped me across the face. I felt it physically slap me and when its hand hit my cheek, it felt like it turned to sand. Just like that it was gone and ever since that experience life has changed for me in so many ways. I can't really even try to describe the ways in which it has changed. The most amazing thing abotu that TRUE story, is that two nights before I woke up in jail beat up with a broken jaw after blacking out drinking jagermeister. The instant the hand hit me, my jaw was healed. My friend who was with me and had wandered off spoke to me of a very similar experience that happened to him. I assure everyone that God is very real and the mysteries of the universe are much more complex than we tend to believe. Keep the faith. (guest)
8 years ago (2009-09-24)
hello there. I'm a 24 year old male and I have two experiences with God. One time when I was a little boy, I almost drowned. Right before I was rescued, I began to see an all white light. Also, I once had a dream of either God or Jesus. He had a white beard, white hair and his skin was pure white crazy huh?
Natalie (guest)
8 years ago (2009-09-15)
I am not a very spritual person. I don't go to church and I have HUGE issues with the idea of blind faith. I am not an athiest, but I am a skeptic.

However, having said that, I have genuinely experienced an encounter with god.

There was no white beard, or gold anything. I was in bed following an operation and he stood on my left hand side. I was in pain and alone. It was not a dream and he did not say a word. He put one hand on my forehead and the other on my upper left arm. Not only could I see him, but I could feel him holding me. It was a unique and comforting experience. One that I will never forget.

I am sorry to say though, that while the figure was male, he was unidentifiable. My interpretation of this is that we shouldn't build up an image of what religous figure should look like. I'm not going to say that I saw Jesus as such, because so many religions conflict about the concept of what god is. All I know is that I was visited. I could have been a guardian angle, it could have been God.

I didn't seek god, I didn't have to try, but when I was alone and in deep need of support, somebody came to my side to comfort me.

I would never normally push my beliefs at anybody, but I feel that I have the obligation to share what I saw.


Greg (guest)
8 years ago (2009-08-17)
My story is not as epic as some of yours, but for me it changed my life and actions. I knew there was God, Jesus, and the holy spirit, but like many at times the devil would tell me don't believe that, you can't see him, its all man made, have fun live in darkness, life is to short, so for many years he would get me off the path, and it really made me miss out on the blessings that God wanted to give me. At that time in my life the bible was to confusing or so the devil would trick me to think. But God was speaking to me, my ears were just shut. As I am sure some of you could be doing now, so let me stop rambling, this day changed my life and thoughts.

My Mom got cancer, lung the worst, smoking does kill believe me, if you smoke please stop! Anyways she was told she had 5 months to live, She had a great relationship with Jesus, so she was scared but strong in her faith, so she passes: (, and that Sunday at church with my family the pastor asks people to come up to get saved, but he also added for the first time that he would be praying to the holy spirit and if you wanted to join him to come up. So the four of us go up, I am 37 or so at this time a few years ago, my Dad is 62, my 2 nephews are 16 and 14. So the pastor is praying the church is rocking with the spirit, and I ask Jesus to please let me know my Mom is in heaven with him, so I get a dream that shows my Mom standing with a bright white cloud it seemed just kind of wrapped around her, God gave me what I wanted to know, but like a moron I ask God again, was that my Mom and it was so clear that I have no idea why I asked, and with a jolt he said why are you so not believing, what more must I do, and he then showed my Mom who loved to play softball hitting a ball and skipping to 1st base, then the vision was gone. Ok I can't lie happy but freaked out, was that real, is my mind playing tricks on me, I have to tell my family, but wait were all so fragile, maybe they will think I am crazy, we get to the car and I can't hold back. I said to my family I saw Mom in a dream and she had short Hair, before I could tell the story my dad CUTS ME OFF, AND SAYS, she had it in a pony tail, So I think to myself ok lucky guess and as I almost tell the rest of the story my oldest nephew says It was strange I saw grandma playing softball, so here you have 3 people and only I know my vision and with out telling the story they told it for me, I knew right there that never again will I ever think or let the devil try to confuse me into thinking God is not real, look around us the world is made by the greatest artist ever, and the more I read the bible the more God gives me answers, you must read it's so important. And you people that try to play conclusion reporter of people's dreams how can you, because God made us in his likeness, and to be honest God can be anything he wants, anything, so these dreams you can't really say for sure what it was, and saying that the devil was leading her to the fire, not sure on that because everyone will stnd before God 1st. So how can the devil be trying to lead them to the fire already, THEY WOULD HAVE TO BE JUDGED BY GOD. Lucky for us God is amazing, to send us Jesus the perfect lamb for the worlds sacrifice, no other man was without sin so he had to die, we should all trust in what the bible says, and if your not reading it, your answers to every question is there, he did not create us to destroy, but to have a loving relationship, and forget everything else just pray to him right now and have that special talk, he loves us all. And if your not sure if he's real ask him to come into your life, And if your saved right now and not feeling him try this transform your mind by reading the bible daily, that will transform your thoughts, and that will change your actions that might help you get Gods blessings. And have him expose more to you, think about all in the bible how the most random people were used to spread Gods wishes, were with the master never be scared, This is a fight every minute, stay strong. And for you and your family this is for the KINGDOM, everlasting life, I can't wait to see it. Thank you all for your stories and God bless you.
shelley (guest)
8 years ago (2009-08-17)
Well,I had a vision of God once. Like you said He had a white beard and hair. He had in His right hand a sceptre of gold. His crown had numerous gems in it and it wasn't exactly on His head but rather on His forehead. He didn't say anything to me. I was never the same person since that vision.
Dixie (14 posts)
8 years ago (2009-05-22)
Certainly if it had been your time to go. You would have went. I believe when its your time to go. Its your time to go.

And so as was said to you, ' I put you on Earth for a reason.'
psychicgirl (guest)
8 years ago (2009-05-19)
ok I am psychic and I know God is real I can seriously feel him but when I started reading this I felt something and I think you were touched and protected
lost1 (guest)
8 years ago (2009-05-05)
in addition to that mentioned and in more relevance, how is one able to distiguish the difference between gods message and the devils work. I am someone who tries to remain as open minded as possible and seeks guidance in the most varied of forms, I feel myself being told to do and not to do certain things, convincing myself it maybe god but really acknowledging its not and I don't know where its comming from. A while ago I received advice and was told just to try and listen to god, just take note of the things around me, god may not speak to me directly or I may not realise it but just be more aware and I try to do that. Sometimes I interpret things or allow certain feelings to be pin pointed to that of gods direction and I know its not but then what happends when god really is trying to tell me something, make me more aware and I disgard it because I have known to be lead by my own misconceptions? I don't think I can tell the difference between my intution, paranoia, gods message or the devils manipulation. [please read my message below also.] in the past I have often battled with myself in terms of personal problems and my thought process and its ability to make me feel as though I am going crazy, I don't know if this is the devils work and his way to stop me pursing certain goals that would distrupt his plans but since straying from god I feel as though the lord has taken away that peace within my mind that enabled to feel normal, and slowly I'm going backwards. Plus stressing about it only makes things worse but I feel like I'm becoming the same mentally unstable person I use to see myself as, until one day I realised how I wasn't like that any more, until I strayed from god and noticed myself fading away. This isn't enough to make me just start praying as though there is no problem, I can't do that I have to find what is preventing my relationship from god, I wish we could just talk so he could tell me why he is and does what he does, the bible isn't enough it may be all I have but I don't know the words to ask the questions for the answers I need to know!
lost1 (guest)
8 years ago (2009-05-05)
(im 19 years of age- didn't know where to slot it so put it here) in terms of experiences, although no where near as detailed and complex as others was the feeling I got in my when I got saved, the undescrible build up of? I felt. Only visting someones elses church and not really understanding much about it until after I believe made the feeling more than just created in my mind. The time also when I was in church and thinking about issues weighing on my mind when the service was stopped and and man came up speaking about how someone in here needed help and guidance and they needed to come to the front now, I was physically pulled out my seat by an unidentifiable force, didn't voluntarily get up, I only felt in control of my body once in the isle an near the front of the alter, I think I knew I needed to get up but being so paranoid of what others may think I didn't permit it myself, and don't know if the next one counts as an experience but since wearing contact lenses for years I had reached the point where they had damaged my eyes, having gone to the hospital one day I was told to stop wearing them, something I had decided to ignore as I went to sleep that night thinking about how I could not possibly stop wearing them due to my own insecurities, having told nobody apart from my boss at work about my vist becuase I needed to miss work, the next day I woke up to a text message from one of my two christains friends saying, he had the craziest dream last night that I was blind. And was being led by two men he didn't know. He came over and asked me what had happened but I don't remeber what he said I told him. This was a while back. Anyway I believe it to more of a "coincidence" that the day I am told such information which I chose to ignore, a friend dreams I am blind, I think god told him because I would have interpreteed the dream as just paranoia. I do believe god has had impact in my life but...

I am somebody who has struggled with my faith for a very long time now. I was christend as a baby and went to sunday school throughout my childhood and then became distant in my early teens. Later on (few years) I became more concious of my religion and my need to change, I also felt I lived by gods influence but found it hard to dedicate my life to being a proper christian. I am very on and off with my faith, I have never doubted gods existance but found it hard to detacth myself from the earthly pleasures that could diter me from being closer to god. Having become better at this as time went on I began to see slight change within my life, I began attending church for a few months and was conciously making an effort to live better and incorporate god and the appropriate way of living into my life more. Thing is I have been through quite abit in my life and when things seems to beter I and suddenly go back worse I get upset, I feel as though god is not with and because my mind can't comprehend his reasons for allowing me to feel this way I shut him out. I understand that in order to grow I have to overcome and in times of dispair I should be closer to god then ever before but I find it so hard to do this.

I watch people around me, old friends, people who have such amazing relationships with god, that seem to be apart of him so easily and it hurts to know that I have been trying for so long and feel I'm getting no where. People who have not been particularly good or seemed to have no conection with him whatso eva have just grown immensely and even helped me on my journey, I just feel like I'm not getting anywhere.

I no I can be lazy, and very impatient but I have gotten to a point where I have grown apart from god in the past 5 months and it really bothers me. I'm one of those people who benefits a lot of a push or encouragement, reassurance and just 2 know I have people who can help but the two main friend I have who have helped me I feel have kind of drifted from me, anytime I approach the situation of seeking advice it almost as if it gets made unable to happen. I feel all the progress and difference god was making in my life is unwinding, I feel like I'm regressing (fink that the word- going back anyway) like everything he dun is being taken away because I'm not as close to him anymore. I can't remember what event started this distance between me and god but it lead me to be put off by what I see as him being a dictator who is jus allowing all these bad things to happen, I know I sound like a narrow minded non-believer, I got past this point but I feel like I'm going back. I cnt get bk to how I was with god until I feel as though I understand why I feel like I'm being left to struggle, why many people are, my mind can't comprehend the sick things I'm realising everyday and although at the hands of the devil, god still permits them. I don't mean to offend anyone, and the ting is I know I still love god and want to get back on track and will eventually but thefact that I'm not at is what is bothering me, I don't even pray anymore I don't feel comfortable doing so, I feel like the devil is taking advantage of the fact as well. Anytime I try to seek some kind of comfort in the fact tat god might be still on my side, I gets elimintaed by the occurance of something else, I really don't know what to do anymore, sorry for the irrelevance of this being to do with experieces. (sorry about punctation and stuff, I typed this pretty quickly)
getsumtruth (guest)
9 years ago (2009-04-13)
2 Corinthians 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

This means the devil can appear to be anything that his followers OR future victims need to see to be deceived

You said He said he will never go back to earth as he has been there before

The bible tells us god will return to the earth and live amongst his people once the antichrist and the wicked are dealt with. If that being of light was god then god Just lied to you when he said I'm never going back to earth. And as we know the lord thy god can not lie. Brother that was the devil himself trying get you to take his hand and pull you straight down into hell.

If you cross over don't you ever, never go anywhere with any being. The lord thy god knows his sheep he ain't going to set there and tell you you gotta take my hand or please walk this way into heaven. God is all powerful when you die he won't have to grab you or say this way to heaven you will already be there.

I've also heard story's of people that died and said a being of light they thought was god took em by the hand and it started geting dark he was trying to lead them into the fire. Obviously Sarah you are not saved if this is happening to you. Don't believe none of that once saved always saved that's not bible doctrine that's mans doctrine. And man does it to his own destruction
LovesxWarrior (3 stories) (15 posts)
9 years ago (2009-04-08)
This is an amazing experience! I'm glad you posted it. I have had some spiritual experiences and yet I still have a hard time having faith through everything so it's nice to be reminded of Him.

Usually I have dreams of the end times, and in my most recent one I saw Jesus and God on a very white, bright cloud. The interesting thing was that God appeared in the form of a large white lion next to Jesus. It was pretty cool!

Thanks for sharing this experience!
kevin (1 stories) (4 posts)
9 years ago (2009-04-06)
I am glad that you have seen. I hope you take that with you for the remainder of your days here.
traemaster (guest)
9 years ago (2009-04-01)
i can believe that but he might not have had his 2nd coming I saw god in the sun and it was the best thing I had ever seen
cecille... (guest)
9 years ago (2009-02-12)
thank you very much for your story... Because I'm so confused about god if is true or not... Now I know god is true... Thank you thank very much...
Rosie (guest)
9 years ago (2009-01-16)
Thank you for your story. I had a similar experience only I was not sick physically. I did not see God in the human form or go to the entrance of eternity but my experience was very real. I believe you saw God when you almost passed from this world to the next. I glad you decided to stay here for awhile longer for your children. God Bless You!
anon (guest)
9 years ago (2009-01-15)
thx for posting but I have a question... If heaven is about freedom to believe, happiness and glory isn't that what earth is about as well... Depending on your view of life?
Amy (guest)
9 years ago (2008-12-28)
If anyone out there wants to read an awesome book, I have read hundreds and this is the one I would take on a deserted island "A NEW EARTH" BY ECKHART TOLLE, it actually literally wakes you up as you read, give it a try, what do you have to lose. Oprah did a huge event on it. As for the experiences we have all had, they are our own beautiful experiences, and we know in our hearts that they cannot be discounted, we know what is real and what is supposedly discounted by medical science, I'm sure if the doctors went through the same experience they wouldn't say it was just because of a fever or mind games, but maybe Derren Brown would disagree ha ha, joking. By the way if anyone wants to know what happens to a persons viewpoint when they are totally possessed by demons drop me a line and I will tell the other side of the exorcist it's pretty interesting if you want to know. Had an experience with heaps of witnesses including the police while living in a haunted house, life is full of surprises huh.
Ethericenergy [at]
Amy (guest)
9 years ago (2008-12-28)
I just posted a comment to you, then afterwards read some of the other comments that people had written, i.e. About Jesus having darker skin etc. If you are interested I read in a book called "FINGERPRINTS OF THE GODS" by GRAHAM HANCOCK a very detailed following regarding a man returning to earth perhaps God, wearing a long white cloak, holding a staff in his hand, being of pale white skin with a white beard. What you saw was real and should not be discounted by anyone else's judgement unless they were there with the same vision, thank you for sharing your experience, perhaps people should listen prior to trying to analyze and evaluate something that is from a different dimension and a gift and something that they have not witnessed themselves before discounting it. Text book theories don't justify the moment do they mate, stay true to yourself, and thank but disregard the feedback of sceptics, that's their trip, not ours hey.

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