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bontole (guest)
3 years ago (2015-05-20)
I would think that in this life time you came to continue your spiritual journey where you left on. In this body, every body will forget the assigned tasks to do but the seed remains unquenched deep within you. Then came a time when the higher beings responsible for that had to stir you spiritually up in the most appropriate way for you to continue your quest for the Absolute. You have been reminded that you are the immortal soul living beyond time and space. You will search until you find your own way back to GOD.
nikki (2 posts)
3 years ago (2015-05-20)
I also experienced that when I was in 17 and the idea is the soul go out when you have lot of feelings of tiredness or stress maybe. I was asleep and I feel I fall down, I see the back of my body lying on floor and behind that floor is a hot place I fell in that actually make me thirst easily. When I look up I seen my body like lying on a glass, and I told myself I need to get back before some lost soul came in that empty shell. But I don't easily get in yet I seen a soul waiting for me, then we went inside the mirror and that soul actually got question on her mind that she asked me why her husband have to kill her. She showed me how the murder happened and after that I got out in the mirror again and seen my body lying sleeping. That is the most terrifying event happened to me and I fall again to that hot place behind the floor and when I float to go inside my body its like a glass and I can't get inside. I pray the Lord's Prayer and immediately I get in a super speed way and I wake. I can say that the only thing that make me in is the prayer but I have question how can you control your soul from going out your body?
pmimie (1 posts)
3 years ago (2015-04-29)
I can relate to what you are saying. My experience started some years ago when I was around 15 years of age. I was at a cousin's wedding when all of a sudden I was experiencing a strange feeling and I fell down. All of a sudden my soul left my body and all that I could see were people watching with shock and my body was taken inside the house and only immediate members of my family were allowed. I could hear and see everyone who was around from above. After some minutes my soul was back into my body and my mother was crying helplessly not knowing what was going on. Every one who was present was in a state of shock not knowing what was happening to me. After some minutes my soul went out of the body for the second time and I could still see people from below and I watched as they lifted my body to a different room and and just a few members of my family were allowed to get in to the room but there was this other old men who I did not know but he was acting like he was part of of the family and very funny no one seemed to notice or care about this old man. As my soul got back into the body, the first words I said was to ask this man what he was doing and why he wanted to kill me. The old man did not answer my question but he just looked at me and gave me a smile and it was like other people who were in that room did not hear our conversation so the old man just ignored me and immediately, my soul went out of the body. By the time my soul got back to my body, I slapped the man just across the face and people who were around were surprised and said I shouldn't hit the man and I told them that the man is a witch but they did not believe what I was saying thinking that maybe I was loosing my mind. After slapping the old man, my soul went out of the body and the old man started manifesting his evil plans in the open and those around were now convinced about my accusations. Immediately my soul was back to my body but this time around for good. I still do not understand what was happening that day even up to today. This whole experience was the opening of more out of the body experiences but others happened at night while sleeping. I would see my soul moving from my body leaving behind my then 2 children and moving so fast into the upper realms. Sometimes there would be 2 forces pulling my soul from different sides like it was a tug of war. Whenever this happened, I would pray that God save me from the misery because the experience is not enjoyable and it is energy consuming and very scarry because most of the times when this happened, I would wonder if my soul was going to come back to the body or if that is the end of me. These episodes stopped after I gave my life to Christ. I am 36 years of age and I enjoy my sleep. 😁
Penelop (guest)
3 years ago (2015-02-24)
her possession was too much and I clearly felt she is abusing my soul and holyness for her sexual pleasure.
I even started to suspected that maybe she is stalking me for real... So I decided to move to a region where many Christian and Catholic live, so I hope I will feel safer
Penelop (guest)
3 years ago (2015-02-24)
I'm experienced the same, I'm Catholic as well, I know exactly which person who cursed or prayed something to my soul, after I experienced my soul left my body, I started to see that person's shadow and heard of her voice trying to take over my body, I believe she is not Catholic neither Christian, I first felt that that person cursed me or into some kind of cult because I felt like she is controlling my body, it is like obviously that person trying the best as she can to discard and distracted guardian and holy spirits coming from higher place... It is like she took my soul and she is so possessed, I even felt like her life and my life has been switched... I also saw my left soul, and she is abusing my left soul for sexual pleasure, i'm living in buddhist country, about 500 or 600 years ago, in this country Catholic and Christian have been murdered just because of religious differences.
It is like she is trying to despite something I pray for to protect myself, clearly it is the holy spirit or soul where I used to connected with other Catholic and Christian people I had within myself has been taken away by her, weird thing is she seems like a psychic person and often seemed to know things I never told her, so she is possessed... And before every time I feel full of holy spirits in me and surrounded me feeling strong, she often got scared of me, she is scare of holy power and holy blessing... I hope I will survive... More strange thing is this person was my former boss at a work, and at that work I was discriminated just because i'm Catholic (most of people at that work are non Christian and Non Catholic) I even thought that maybe she is in cult or something, it is horrify feeling I experienced that when I was sleeping I felt her and she was drilling the core of my body with her shutter spirits or something and I could felt her trying to possess in my body... I don't know what religion she is (I even suspected that she might be in cult), and her purpose of doing this to me, I even felt like she is crazy enough in her head that she wants to kill me or something...
I hope Jesus and God have eyes on me... All I can do is go to church everyday, but I feel like my left soul never comes back...
Timfaraos (131 posts)
3 years ago (2015-01-20)
My uncle had a near death experience when he died for a few minutes on the operating table! His soul rose to the ceiling, and he saw his body on the op. Table, with all the doctors and nurses running around, trying to bring him back to life!... When he came back, the doctor told him: you died for a few minutes! My uncle said: no I didn't! I was up there! And I heard what you were saying to the nurse, and I saw that nurse go out of the room and come back in... And the doctor said: that's impossible! You were clinicall DEAD, and your eyes were CLOSED! So there IS life after death! (And when I told this story to my friend, he said his mother also experienced the same thing!) God bless!
darkassassin92 (37 posts)
3 years ago (2014-12-13)
Im interested in astral projection it could be astral projection out of body experience?
DavJr (2 posts)
3 years ago (2014-12-13)
Hey man, I don't know all the specifics and details of your situation, What I can say is very similar situations have happened to me. Fealt like those dreams you can't wake up from and the feeling that your spirit might have left the building... Its a very unsettling thing but for my own personal experience, Faith, forgiveness, and the Light of God Almighty, the creator of everything is the route that I had to get on and am currently STILL holding onto in order to be free. Spiritual Warfare & Spiritual Abuse can happen to us by ways of not even knowing! God/jesus/love is key. In the end it all ties together and when our lives are lacking of it the can fall easy victim to those and other dangerous things. Remeber God is there for you no matter what. Stay strong & good luck!
aku (1 posts)
3 years ago (2014-09-09)
It's also on me.
I meet so many strangers.
They are different from us (human). Sorry, it sounds ridiculous.
And, it seems when another person hear about it, they don't like to believe.
Thanks a lot, buddies...
Helmor (1 posts)
3 years ago (2014-09-08)
Hello everyone who may read my post.
I don't even know if people still come here, since this post is kind of old, but just yesterday I had my first astral experience. It was quite terrifying and scary. I took a nap at about 4 pm, and I had a dream which was really realistic. My senses were way sharper than in any of my dreams, and I felt as though I am conscious (Lucid dreaming). I knew that the dream isn't real, but that did not surprise me because I had a ton of lucid dreams in the past. My dream just kept getting more and more ridiculous and boring, and I decided I wanted to wake up. I thought that the quickest way would be to try to move my body. I was lying faced down on the bed, and slowly started raising my spine. The second I started doing this my dream ended, and I was now hearing very, VERY loud vibration sounds. This scared me, so I started shaking my hand until I completely woke up. I believe I could use my hand because only a part of my back was out, not my whole body. I see number 33 very recently, and my brother is sometimes doing thelema rituals in the room I hang out in. I don't know how and if this is connected to the astral, but I hope someone had similar experience. If you did, send me message on my e-mail.I left the adress visible on my profile. Sorry if this was kind of long.
apetraitis1 (1 posts)
4 years ago (2014-07-31)
Hello, I had similar experiences too, so I thought it would be interesting to share it with you too. About a year ago I went to my bed on regular daily basis, and what happened after was terrifying and unforgettable. I was almost asleep when suddenly I saw bright light coming towards me, I also felt like hearing high pitched sound which level was rapidly increasing. I remember at that time I had a friend staying in my room, and once I tried to shout for a help, I felt like being paralised, I could not even take a breath or make a move, my heart with every second beated slower and slower until then, when light and sound sucked me in. Once it happened I felt anormous fear chaining my soul, as I was no longer in my body. It was weird, but at the same time as real as something I can not explain. I saw my room perfectly though I wasn't awake and there were three souls. Two at the back of the room, standing not far from the door and one just right next to my bed. I got really confused and frightened. Then one suddenly looked at me and asked, 'what is your name'. I was in such a shock, I didn't have what to say and my answer was, 'i will tell you my name once you'll tell yours first'. And then spirit said 'my name is Arturas'. And that is what scared me most. It was my name that spirit introduced itself with. I just felt how all surroundings started to blur and my heart started to beat. Suddenly I was flushed back in to my body and woke up being all sweaty and shaky. At the same time my flatmate woke up, he said he couldn't fall asleep and I asked if he can pass me the bottle of water because I wasn't feeling well. After an hour I tried to fall asleepp again and the same thing happened. Bright light coming towards me, highly pitched sound, and paralisation. This time I kept repeating, 'no, no, not again', and I passed out. But this time I woke up next days morning. After all that happened I coulnd not go to bed for about a week or so without having a fear that it might happen again. I didn't tell to anyone yet of what has happened, thought they will think I am a fool. But I am not. I know exactly what has happened, and it was real. No doubts. So that's my story. Now you all know. Hope you will share some thoughts of yours, or at least will give some good advices. Peace!
sunshine_2_sunset (1 posts)
4 years ago (2014-07-11)
I have done this before and so has cousin's my friend. It is called spirit walking or at least that's what we have been heard it is called. It felt like someone was tearing my soul out of my body. I actually went all the way out of my body and walked around my house. When I was walking around my house I saw other spirits. One of them I saw was my dog that had past a few years ago. After I saw my dog I was very scared so I ran back to my body as fast as I could. Then next thing I knew I was awake lying on my bed breathing very heavily.
llauterb (4 posts)
4 years ago (2013-12-27)
Dear JPR, first of all everybody suffer from this thing of soul leaving the body. Every night our spirits leaves our bodies to do things, most of us remember this vaguely in the form of a dream, some like you can do this in "awake" situation.
We don't die by this since we are connect by a sort of wire. Difference here is you remember the entire experience like some others has posted here. Pse note that the posting from create07. It is a very important one, everybody has a task to do usually to help others spirits (those still living in the body and others that are already in a after life situation), in his specific case he was late to help this group do his job.
Pse don't think as EricNielsen posted that everything is good in the other side, that is completely wrong since depending your feelings you can visit regions of much suffering, despair, depressed, sad and other bad feelings. Depending on your "tuning" you can go for good places and bad places.
Before you go somewhere, prey and prepare yourself mentally for work for good and only for good and work from heart and love in what you will do.
darkassassin92 (37 posts)
5 years ago (2013-08-18)
From what I read dmt might be the cause of the afterlife effects meaning that it might be a hallucination than a afterlife. Do you think afterlife is a hallucination or real?
brittneyQ (1 posts)
5 years ago (2013-04-24)
hello! 😊 I am an indigo child and have recently been having constant out of body experiences, which is your spirit leaving your body and roaming around and so forth. I haven't actually had control over it like you have, but any time I have left nothing bad has ever come of it, you will always come back when you wake up. Sometimes you will be confused as to why you are where you are instead of where you were. (:
create07 (1 posts)
5 years ago (2013-01-20)
ive also had an experience like this... I felt it coming on. I know I must have sounded crazy but I told my friend "i feel like I'm going to shoot up into heaven/space/another dimension when I go to sleep". I was scared of the experience happening because it had never happened before. I put off going to sleep for a good while and when I finally went to sleep I felt the strange pull (vacuum like) the next thing I knew I was in a place of comfort and could feel the love within me as well as all around me. I was sitting at a table with several elders and everything was in its most perfect form. Highly pigmented and everything had a beautiful glow. They said to me kindly "you've lost 1 year/ Your a year late" When I asked why I all of the sudden woke up. I don't understand the meaning behind this and can only guess a few things. ❤
stealthfire (3 posts)
5 years ago (2013-01-10)
I wouldn't worry about your out of body experience trust me your not alone I have had them as well as many other different spiritual experiences which has intrigued me to find some answers but not really any available all guess work really the feeling of being pulled out of your body is just because those feelings are new to you it becomes less frightening the more these happen if you can manage to leave your body then remember that your not in human form no more you are a soul traveller so the second body as I call it is controlled by thought not by your muscles think about going somewhere and you will instantly move in that direction as for god pulling your soul out lol I think not I see god as the god force energy which is invisible to the naked eye but is everywhere omnipresent say I wouldn't worry you will be fine read up on a man called sylvan Muldoon he will explain better about soul travelling and there's also a book by albert taylor ph.d. Called soul traveller.
ssn (1 posts)
5 years ago (2012-12-14)
ive got the same experience twice. Was terribly scared and woke up forcfully...
KamaKazi4Christ (2 posts)
5 years ago (2012-12-12)
Hold Fast!
Be encouraged, because at times we may feel alone but rest assured folks we most certainly are NOT alone. Yeah, theirs a fight going down but as it's stated multiple times it's already been won by our Lord Jesus Christ and his triumph over death.
I too have expierienced what each of you have and it's nothing to fret about. So stay your thoughts from going astray and thank God.
marvis (6 posts)
5 years ago (2012-11-18)
one cannot die before a pre destined time. The soul will only merge with the bigger consciouseness when it has worked out its karma. So don't be afraid. I have known many people who have had such experiences. They ascribe them to theirpast lives they have lived as hermits
marvis (6 posts)
5 years ago (2012-11-18)
The eastern philosophy says that we are the soul and not the body. The chief cause of sorrow is too much identification with the body. Or body consciousness. In western philosophy god and soul are separate entities whereas in eastern way of thinking this is called dualism. Soul and god are the same thing
.with the soul being as powerfull as god. This concept maybe hard to agree to. You may ask how can the soul be as big as god? God and soul are not bound by physical laws. Size is a physical phenomena.
Both god and soul are formless. Both are just pure consciousness.
We are bodies made of the five elements. And consciousness when added to the body makes it move. Like petroleum in a car making it go. But the petroleum is not the car and is not related to the car.petrol,when removed from the car won't miss the car. But rather move on with its job I.e move
another vehicle
cynthia (2 posts)
5 years ago (2012-09-25)
well I believe you god is realy trying to take your soul. Like he did mine. Why don't no one believe that god can realy take soul out without you dieing? 😭 I haven't got my soul in my body right now an god is comunicating with me and knowone believe me.
kitkatz (1 posts)
5 years ago (2012-09-04)
Yes I have had this happen. God (jesus) is a God of sound mind and peace. NOT OF FEAR. EVIL INVOKES FEAR. This is evil oppression. Do not give to it. To overcome this, within your soul call the name "Jesus" and claim the "blood of christ" on your mind, body and soul. Rebuke whatever it is and tell it to do back to hell from which it came. Be firm and have faith. If you can not speak this out loud then speak it within your soul. For it is written, that you overcome evil with the blood of christ, your testimony and not fearing death of the body. If your soul belongs to Jesus Christ then nothing can ever take it. Stand strong and do not invite this in anyway ever again. For greater is he than is within you than he that is in the world. You are within a spiritual warfare that you can not see. Have faith and rebuke and claim the blood.
heldhere (3 posts)
5 years ago (2012-08-27)
I am very confused... After sharing my experience here, I felt very uplifted for several hours... Then I began to feel unwell... And today I feel very confused as to why this happenned... Has anyone else had such an experience?
heldhere (3 posts)
5 years ago (2012-08-26)
Hi jpr, I really appreciated your sharing about your experience. You are the first person I have heard share about such an experience... I too went something very similar... About 11 years ago, this one night while I was just sitting alone at home and feeling unable to cope with life. All of a sudden I felt like there was a huge vacuum cleaner in the sky, vaccuming myh life energy out of my body... It was happenning very fast and I knew that I would be dead by midnight... I called a friend for help and then another person at a support centre... No one could help me... So I just sat there and said very loudly, within myself..."If you want me here, you better do something" and just like that the energy came zooming right back into my whole body... In a flash. I was stunned and amazed. This was the first time I became clearly aware that there really is a life energy, giving me life... It really helped me to feel not alone. To this day, this experience gives me strength to keep living when I face major challenges. I know that I am not alone... I am directly connected to the source of life.
EricNielsen (1 posts)
6 years ago (2012-07-22)

I read your story and thought that I would add a little information in the hope that it will help a little. First, you must understand that none of this has anything to do with you religiously. These experiences are of a mystical nature and are connected to all human beings regardless of their beliefs.

Another point that I wanted to make was that this is not your soul that you are experiencing--This is your astral body. With your astral body you explore the Kingdom of Heaven, in western religious terms. As the Soul you are in the Kingdom of God.

Don't get me wrong, everything is God therefore, everything is God's territory. Using the symbolism of the Tree of Knowledge; think of it as a dividing point between the two Kingdoms. This physical world is outside the Kingdom of God, in the Kingdom of Heaven. And if you were to leave your body and look around you may discover other realms to explore.

When you operate in the territories of the Kingdom of Heaven, you will have the ability to act as you do in this life. In other words, to decide to come and go and also analyze what is happening as you have your various experiences, etc. This will be the case regardless what higher realms or worlds you go to.

What you are experiencing in the astral world is not the Soul. To experience the Soul you have to be closer to God, so you would be on the other side of the symbolic Tree of Knowledge. In this territory you know you are your Soul because there, there is no you to remember or any memory of the world from which you came. When I say this, I mean NOTHING from this world comes with you over there. Not even your present concept of what God is comes with you to this place.

In the Kingdom of God, you just see mentally as a witness. You can't even analyze what is happening to you at the moment everything is taking place. Instead you must wait until you leave the Kingdom of God and return to the Kingdom of Heaven and this physical realm, to contemplate what had happened. In the Kingdom of God there isn't a sense of self. That you acquire at the symbolic Tree of Knowledge on your way back into the physical realms.

For future travels out of body, let your-self go and explore. Don't worry about dying. If you get to experience the Soul, as I have, you will see that the information we've received is true - the Soul which is our real Self, does last for an eternity.

Even if you leave your body and stay in your room, take advantage of the moment and just sit outside of your body and continue to meditate. Who knows, maybe that will help you to drop the astral body and finally experience yourself as the Soul?

I've had an out of body experience and your right it is scary. When I slammed back into my body, I nearly jumped two feet high out of my bed. Remember you are the creator as He has manifested himself as you. There isn't a real you, only the appearance of you, so there is nothing that can hurt you, but your imagination.

Believe this above statement and go learn about what's out there then find a way to help others to not be afraid of dying and death. Tell your stories and let everyone know that they will always be okay in life and in death.

If you are interested in learning more about how I know this, please feel free to visit my website:

Very Respectfully,
Eric Robert Nielsen
Meditation and Centering Prayer Expert
Jewels79 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2012-06-21)
During sleep, I have also have left my body and went to various locations. The first time it happened it was very traumatic. I was in a dark van with someone who I did not know. I was there for a second when the man was shot and I could feel his pain and fear. I smelled the smell of cigerette smoke. When I woke up I could feel the pain and was gasping for air. I woke my husband to ask if he could smell the smoke. This happened at 2a.m. The next morning while watching the news I saw a story of a man in a speed radar van was murdered. They said the only evidence at the scene was the smell of cigerette smoke. The crime happened around 1:50a.m. I truly believe I astral projected and was there with this man.
tiger (1 posts)
6 years ago (2012-05-28)
Hello jpr,

What you have described has happened to me before as well. It ocurred about 6 years ago. Like you, I feel like I am a spiritual person and the more I progress on this journey the more in tune I become. One night I had awoken to find myself floating up to the ceiling, so close that I could see the tiny holes that are in the ceiling tiles. I wasn't scared, I didn't have time to be because I felt my conscious mind leaping into action saying "No no no" as if it were afraid I would die if my soul left the body. I felt pulled back into my body and this has never happened to me again. I know I wasn't dreaming. 100% sure of it. I believe we take these astral trips a lot more than we realize, we just aren't aware of it.

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