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ZiShu (1 stories) (27 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-07)
A prophet is one who hears the direct voice of God.
They are very rare.
You can still live a normal life and serve God. You do not have to become a pastor. However you must use your abilities to help others.
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-06)
Best wishes for your fasting time! May you be blessed with encounters and dreams that make you happy and give you even more good power. Best wishes also to anyone who reads this - may many people, by your example, turn to doing right, i.e. To treat every human being the way they wish to be treated themselves, to help any creature in need, and to keep from condemning others. Many Churches run empty in Europe and North America and there is good reasons for this. But you are one of many examples for the fact that Christ is NOT the Church but very much stronger, and that He will show up again and again no matter how badly people do wrong with His Gospel. I am sure we have lost most of His teachings by 2000 years of time. But even if one only has the Golden Rule quoted above and the Lord's Prayer and nothing else of the Gospel, he/she will do right and go to Heaven if he keeps to that.
jobuid (guest)
12 years ago (2010-10-05)
Monica, are you female?
I am so happy that you dropped comment. True to your words where you said "I was confused and upset because I have no one to tell this too in my life", I have also remained confused too from childhood and no one to tell my experiences because it always sound foolish to people. Even my mum does not understand but now she does. She has just informed me that someone gave her a prophecy about me before she had any child- I am the first bone. She only revealed it to me after I threatened to kill myself that I am a spirit, why am I not like a normal person.

I have learnt to love people, men and woman as if they are all my siblings. As I grow, I become softer and loving and fear God the more without knowing it. I do not understand why I am loving all man kind as myself, even those who hurt me and cheat on me, I found myself praying and wishing them well. I see people from the spiritual view instead of what they did wrong to me, funny enough many people have started to call me daddy for no reason. When friends gossip about others, I find myself correcting them that such discussion blocks progress- whatever you can't say in front of anyone do not say it at his back.

Yes, the warship you said you saw in the vision hovering in the sky, I saw it too. It was so mighty and large that human could have taken a billion years to build such. I am sure it is man and his technology effort to fight back what came upon the earth in the last day since they do not understand, it is normal that man will try and bring out warship to fight back.

What I experience every now and then is astral projection and casting out evil spirit by using the name of Jesus without even knowing- it happens whenever someone sleeps beside me. It appears an evil spirit or being attached to the person is able to recognize who I am in the spiritual then comes out and try to kill or destroy me. My inner spirit then comes out as well with full force rebuking the evil force or being, I see some or just feel some.

True to your word, majority of people are blind, they are in the dark and know nothing in the spirit- all my experiences always seem foolish to them. I have stopped drinking and smoking not because I want to but because God actually entered a normal human, a woman in a church and spoke to me. She was acting as if she has been possessed- spoke in a tongue we did not understand before she began to speak in english then a force besieged me and great fear came upon me as she began to speak in english. The experience was terrific as it was life changing. The fear I felt instantly stopped me from tasking anything alcohol or cigar.

I was warned severally by prophets before then, I refused to listen to their prophecies and warnings until I went to church that day and it happened. Mind you, I did not go to church for more than three years before that day.

Now, I have accepted that God has chosen me to heal, cast out demons and help financially. In my yahoo messenger, I now have beside my ID "Tradition of Christ[His morals]". So I write short words of wisdom daily and send to all the people in my contact; I share my practice with them which I do call the tradition of Christ. I talk about praying for your enemy instead of causing them, never attempt to sleep with a neighbors wife, making it clear that there is more blessing to give than to receive and so on. These are things I have began to practice without knowing it.

It is a sin for me now to hate anyone, it is a sin for me now to do secret things that are not right, it is a sin for me now to wish another man downfall- somehow, something inside me is directing my and changing me behavioral pattern and love for mankind. I think it is divine. I have started to pray for people and now intend to go for 30 days fasting and prayers without food, just fruits for God to totally reveal himself to me and use me as a vessel because I am tired of running from my true self.

Prophets said many people are queuing and waiting for me, that God said he will not come from heaven and touch people that is why He has chosen people like me. I keep asking why me, me of all people. I seldom go to church but alas my heart is a million purer and loving to most people I see are church goers. They do things I do not understand, I see them as totally blind to the truth- they have no morals. While people are running to crusades to receive miracles, I look for a suffering kid to help so I can receive the word "thank you, God will bless you". That prayer form the suffering kid is bigger than all the miracle people went to crusade to find- they go there with a mind set that the prophet is powerful instead of God. They get the reward of a prophet and not God after the service.

bunni1011 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-05)
Hi jobuid,

I can relate to a lot of things you've been experiencing... I've never really been a church goer either but last year I started to have spiritual experiences. My first was when I was napping and a man came to me in my room and had something glowing in his hand... He then touched my arm which felt like electricity running through me and ever since then I've been touched by God in my life. And the dream you had about the second coming of christ... I had one similar to that as well... There were no houses and everyone was fleeing and there were huge ships or spaceships hovering in the sky... Also had a dream that jesus came to save us after that but I'm still trying to get my dreams to be less foggy because it's so new to me.

I feel we are meant to speak... I was just on the phone with my mother today because last night I prayed the rosary before going to sleep... And while my body was asleep my soul or spirit felt like millions of energized electrons orbiting inside me... It didn't hurt at all but it was really hard to snap out of it. I was confused and upset because I have no one to tell this too in my life... I now understand it all came from God when I read your stories.

If you are given the gift to travel to people in your sleep and heal them... Please embrace it because I have yet to find my gift in this life and you are so lucky to have known yours.

God has saved you, and now he gave you the most amazing gift to save other people. You don't have to change the way you live daily... Live your life one day at a time but use the love you were blessed to have inside you, every second of that day. It feels natural when we have God inside us. It seems that you have already began to love everything in your life so I don't think it will be hard for you. And when you said you feel peoples pain... I do too. I think that's another reason why we were chosen... Not everyone has such sensitive feelings to feel others pain. We use our soul, spirit, and body more than others...

I now look at life with divine love for all things after my experiences... And we were given this ability to see spiritual life and help the others who are so blinded.

I understand why your questioning these things... I still am. In time God will speak his words and why he wants us to save mankind. We can't doubt God's intention.

My words come from a sincere place in my heart,


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