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Saint Pio - The Scent on 2010-01-19

I was at a Padre Pio day in a religious centre in Clonfert Galway, Emmanuel House of Prayer. The day began with prayers and a talk. They had a relic of Saint Pio there. After the talk they put on a cd about the life of Saint Pio. The very second the video began I got a scent. My daughter was besi...

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Date: 2010-03-22
I believe St Faustina brought my daughter's fiancee through a serious operation. I was in the chapel holding her relic as he was on the table. He had a remarkable recovery. I can only give one explanation. My daughter was offered a scholarship while I was there another time praying for her health. It wasn't what I asked for but...
Maybe you need to be exorcised?
I know somebody who was. They weren't even aware they had a problem.
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