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He Is Damned Who Does His Name on 2010-01-18

I have noticed some dream stories on this site and I just had to tell you about the one I had that still resides in my head very vividly! It was 1999 and my mates and myself starting talking about the end of the world and what would happen on new years eve that year. Well as I'm writing this n...

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Hey Guys!

Wow you certainly know your Bible stuff I have to admit!:-)
Thanx for all the comments there!
"Mikesway" is a stage name I use while playing music that I write and perform.
It makes more sense when I am solo as I do my own thing when it comes to music... As for life, Id like to think that I do make my own choices, I do truely believe in the Freedom of Choice for all!:-)
My Main love is Music. Its the only ting I know I can do... Just like you guys with the whole Bible Gig ye got going in these comments.
I am just an average guy who discovered the TRUE meaning of life a while ago... And what I truely believe it is, is Happiness in any form you decide to use. You just cannot live life being completely miserable... Its just no way to be at all.:-)
Hello HansMichaelChi,
Why did you say "Beardguy"?
The writing's on the wall is very cliche these days I think...
That could mean anything.:-)
Hello DP (Guest),

I hate to hear that you THINK that you are on a very low in your life but it can't be all that bad... Can it?
I mean tomorrow is another day and another chance to turn it all around!:-)
If the glove don't fit then go get another one that does.
You don't need any spiritual experience to show you a way to go about your life.
Trust me.;-)
Hell Gregory,
On the Train issue, If you say that trains symbalise... "take you one place to another on a fixed path/track". Then my question would be why there was no engine to this train? I mean Train Coaches can't travel on their own.
Especially only one.
And as for the Voice. "it was definately talking to me. And it was like a warning. So I doubt Satan would warn me about anything nasty, if you know what I mean?:-)
end of spiritual article