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I seem to have 'awakened', though I never had any plans too! I have experienced many things these past 8+yrs, from angels, to ghosts to the very unexpected and wonderfully peaceful experiences of seeing Jesus. I go day by day, and Divine is with me I've learned, at each step in inner growth and faith I take. In grace,abreann~
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My Awareness Of Divine Keeps Growing on 2010-01-05

To say that my perspective has changed in the past 6+ years about whether God/Divine/I AM's presence can truly be felt in my life would be an understatement! I've always felt there was 'God', but never considered actually feeling and experiencing Divine in my daily life. (I never expected to experie...

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I was raised in a pentecostal christian environment, and my mom and gramma and granmpa all spoke in tongues! I never had the 'gift'...and it may sound funny, but as a child, I felt inadequate about not being able to do so! Even now, as an adult, I do not speak or interpret -but I do believe it is a way God shares through those that speak and then with those who interpret.

God knows what you are capable of, and doesn't judge. God knows you are a person of importance, whether you think you are or not~
Date: 2010-01-04
Though I tend to have a lot of 'medium' type experiences (ghosts, etc) that seems to have blossomed in my life the past 6 years or so... I have also had some pleasant experiences that I have been VERY grateful for. A sort of Heavenly 'reprieve' from the more obscure ones I have alot. 😨

One such pleasant experience was at the grocery store! Kids in school, so off to do errands went I; and at the grocery store I'd turned into a aisle that no one was is at the moment. I suddenly felt 'empty' (like you'd mentioned), no fears, stress, worries, lists of things to do in my head; not a thing. How nice! It made such an impression that I didn't want to move and have it all end! I knew that's what it would be like for my soul to be in Heaven. Not all tied down in nerves and emotions like I am in daily life.

It was probably only a few seconds, but I recall it very vividly! I haven' tried to 'find' that place again... I just appreciate that I got to feel that freedom of physical oppressions for the moments I did! ❤
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