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Hospital Visitor on 2010-03-04

Last Thursday, February 25th, 2010, I had surgery to remove a 3 cm mass from behind my thyroid gland. Because of the nature of the surgery, which was near my windpipe, I needed to be monitored overnight for swelling. After recovery I awoke in room 310, which I shared with another woman. Each hal...

Warning Song on 2010-01-21

On my way into work at 5:15 AM on January 19th, 2010, I had something interesting happen. I was just pulling out of a gas station parking lot after filling up my truck's tank, when I heard what sounded like a clip from a song, coming from inside the cab of my truck. Wondering where the sound cam...

Dad on 2009-11-25

Normally, I'm one of those people that dreams on a regular basis, yet rarely remembers them when I wake up. If by some chance I awake in the middle of a dream, I might remember bits and pieces of it, only to forget it when I start to think of something else. To better remember my dreams, I start...

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Date: 2010-03-28
Thank you, Nancy. Yes, it is very possible that God sent someone to comfort me: an angel, a family member, etc. Thank you for your comment.
Hi Alicia,

First of all, we share the same name! Secondly, I, personally, believe that at certain, special times in our lives we are given help and/or direction to keep us on track. Perhaps you just needed a nudge to remind you to take better care of yourself? I, too, had to give up donating blood when I found myself anemic. I waited the recommended 8 weeks between donations, but it wasn't enough for me. As a result, I had to promise my doctor that I would leave the donating up to other people.

Donating of yourself, and your time is a wonderful, beautiful thing. However, we need to remember to keep ourselves safe and healthy in the meantime. I believe this was simply a gentle reminder of that.

Thank you, Alicia, for all that you have done, and will do in the future.

Date: 2010-02-01
Thank you, HanMichaelChi. Are you saying that you actually hear those exact four words; "You don't want to"? Or are you just commenting that you hear the words you need to hear in a particular circumstance?

Also, what do you mean by "normally the Wind blows from a normal corner"? Sorry, I'm just curious.

Date: 2010-01-25
Hi Ann,

Not sure where you got that I was asking for help from spirits in this story. I had two dreams, not spirit communication. My dreams, I believe, were from God.

Thank you for your comment, though.

Date: 2009-12-09
For reference, the psychically gifted woman I mention in my story is Anne Temple. Her website is:


In love and light,

Date: 2009-11-23
Hi Ashley,

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I would recommend that you pray and ask God for guidance. It is very possible that you, like your grandmother, have a gift. And if you ask God, He can show you how to use it, and also how to protect yourself.

Also, I don't believe you scared off the angels. If the cloaked being was a demon, the angels would not have left the room. It may have simply been letting you know to spend more time with your grandmother.

Once again, thank you for sharing.

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