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Reflections On Mt. Shasta on 2009-10-17

Last night I drove back from Yreka to Mt. Shasta at dusk. I was the only car on a flat highway, headed toward the mountain. Now, I must tell you that Mt. Shasta can be an awesome sight, rising two miles up out of a flat grassy plain, in winter's dusk. The sunlight's last rays were a mixture of color...

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Date: 2009-10-25
Do not have any form of regret. The voice spoke to you because it could not get through to the bereaved because of their grief. It will get through to them, just takes time.
You are so lucky and may hear other messages in the future. Like a swimmer entering cold water, you do not have to dive in. Just the fact that you visit sites such as this means you are a spiritual person and have the discernment to be able to take your time.
Re: Reflections on Mt. Shasta

Thank you to Best (guest) and Alakeshwar. I don't know if this will reach you individually or if this reply is a sort of chat room that is posted as an answer to a comment. Someone please tell me if you know.

Anyway, I will keep on submitting. I'm quite inspired to write on the beauty here at Mt. Shasta and new ideas just keep popping into my head.
This is truly a beautiful story and I hope you get this email, as I'm sending it days after publication.

I have Divine experiences as well with my mountain here in California. It's not as high as the Himalayas, but it is mystical and quite beautiful at sunset. I hope these folks publish my story (I just submitted) so you may get a taste of a similar experience.
This shows that Spirit encompasses us all and the same religious experiences occur even 18, 000 miles apart (we're on different sides of the planet). If you wish to communicate, I'm at rymtshasta [at]
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