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leonard litch
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United States
married three children. Retired attorney. World war 11 veteran, pt boats and LST. Had many other psychic experiences starting as a child in 1935. Majored in criminal law and sociology. Ex legislator, banker, real estate developer. Student of jz knight, caYCE AND other channelers. Very interested in re-incarnation, after life, life extensios,nutrition, exercises. Most interesting experiences as a student of mark probert who channeled "yada"
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Voices From The Light on 2009-09-09

I was driving home with my wife and daughter late one night. Going in a northerly direction on a two lane road. I heard a voice within my mind stating "stop;, don't turn" I looked over to see if my wife said or heard something. They were both asleep. When I was about a block behind another car, I fe...

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