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I am Zi-Shu
I believe there is more than the surface that we see in this world.
I have been interested into the paranormal for a long time.
It is because I've been seeking the truth of this world.
So far the truth I've found is Jesus which means I'm a Non-Denominational Christian.
God is the Father and Creator of this world.
There is indeed a battle out there. We cannot see it because the space time continuum does not allow us.
I have my own experiences with many things in this life.
I can help anyone that seeks the truth and has demonic or other type of spirit/creature problems. With the power of God, I will vanquish them out of existence.
E-mail me and I will get back to you.
God Bless
Angels, Demons, Shadow Creatures, Ghosts, Spirits, Mythical Creatures
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3 Angels In My Dream on 2009-08-31

This is a very short experience. I just want to see if anyone knows what this mean. I had been praying to my Guardian Angel for a while now. I've been praying with certain Catholic Prayers and Angel prayers I've actually learned from this site. There have been things going on in my life that eith...

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Date: 2013-07-01
Yes, this scroll has exactly to do with Revelations. I will not say where, you have to figure that out for yourself. It is something I'm not allowed to reveal yet until the time is right.
Did this man have black hair?
I think you may of seen Gabriel. He is the Angel of Death and God's direct messenger.
Was he really tall by any chance? I think he may of took a human form for you.
Date: 2011-06-22
Nice vision.
All that you have described is very true.
Those tall demons were prison guards. They hate humans and God very much.
Do you remember anything more about the Angels that you saw? Most Angels are over 7ft. However the 4 Archangel Brothers are well over 12ft.
Some Angels may not give their name because they may not trust us, unless God permits them to do so.
God Bless
A prophet is one who hears the direct voice of God.
They are very rare.
You can still live a normal life and serve God. You do not have to become a pastor. However you must use your abilities to help others.
this is a common mistake, humans do not become Guardian Angels, they are seperate beings that were never humans
We all are assigned a Guardian Angel or more at birth
Hmm it does sound like astral projection. I have this ability given by God. I call this an ability because I can naturally control it.
There are also other uses of this ability that I will not say yet.
Teleportation is possible though it requires quite some training. All he had to do was think of your name.
Date: 2010-09-22
This sounds like a incubus demon. Either way it could be some type of soldier demon.
They attach themselves to you when they find something interesting about you spiritually.
I see demons almost everyday, but I also feel and sometimes see something of God a lot.
Satan himself can choose any form he likes however his original form is of a beautiful Angel.
If you ever encounter this again, pray for Jesus to come to you, or you can try asking St. Michael to come fight this demon off.
Date: 2010-05-19
I became Christian when Jesus approached me in a similar dream.
God Bless
Date: 2010-05-19
Actually Angels do have gender, mainly Guardian Angels and some ArchAngels. The gender is categorized by only physical looks only. This is according to my own Guardian.
I asked if he could turn into a female he responded "no"... There are many other things I can say to back this up, for one thing, Marriage in Heaven. Anyway...
Gabriel has black wings but he can also have white wings depending on how he represents himself.
I do know that all Angels have their own special color, and for Guardians, only humans can see their Angel's color. Is red your favorite color? I should ask my Angel more about colored wings...
But yes you can get this Angel to speak to you, ask this Angel if it comes from God, then before you sleep allow him to go into your dreams and you can speak to him there.
Hmm is it me or this seems like a money making ploy? You don't follow what you preach.
Email me, I can possibly help give you the answers you see from God.
That portal you saw, how long ago was it?
My spiritual awakening deals with many different situations. Many of my experiences are similar to yours.
God Bless
Hello Ashley,

I come in Christ's peace.
I understand and know what all you've been through. You have been shown far deeper than most people about the spiritual warfare that's going on.
Spiritual warfare is what I deal with. What I mean by that is...
I fight along side with God.
I cannot say most of it.
I can help the person you pray for. It's possible God had lead me to your story.
Send me an e-mail.
God Bless
Date: 2010-04-16
I can astrally project as a gift from God. However I can only do so around 3am-7:30am. The time of peak spirit activity. I use this gift to not exactly travel around but to... Do something else for God.
Maybe you have that same purpose as me and a small handful of chosen others.
God Bless
Date: 2010-04-16
That is your Guardian Angel, possibly your main your. It seems she is a female according to you. That glowing spot on your leg is just a mark she left you to know when she is around. It is to assure you that you are safe. She touches that spot because she seems to believe you like it. My friend's Angel does a similar thing.
Glowing orbs are Angels. Though of course you should test it to see if it's a devil in disguise. Just say to your Angel, May God's Peace be with you. You should also ask for her name. When you find out your Angel's name, her connection to you will be powerful and you will open up strong spiritual powers possibly.
God Bless
Date: 2010-04-16
Thank you all for your responses.
I have found out the meaning of this scroll. I don't think I am allowed to reveal it yet... However if you want to know, just look up the most symbolic things I have mentioned in Google or somewhere else. This scroll deals a lot with my purpose for God.
[at] jools4u There Angels were not mine. I haven't yet to ask them who they were, but they have appeared to others before.
[at] Wisher Hmm, I see where you are going with this. However I am sorry to say that it has nothing to do with my sins. However it is something MUCH MUCH greater.
Those are Angels singing to you. Because I have woken up to the same type of singing. There was nothing on that the music could of came from.
John, People do not hear choir music from stress related sleep disorders. My friend has stress related sleep disorders all the time. He has been diagnosed from doctors. There is nothing mentioned about how one can hear this kind of singing perfectly from sleep disorders.
Chrisse, the Angels were singing to you because the Holy Spirit came to you to relieve you because you deserved it.
God Bless
God is protecting you. He gave you your perfect Guardian Angel since birth. That Angel is with you everywhere you go.
Date: 2010-01-04
There is no such thing as scaring Angels. They actually scare us sometimes so that why they chose to take form of beautiful people to make us comfortable when in truth some Angels may look frightening, however Fallen Angels look far worst.
You have to watch out, Fallen Angels can take the form of beautiful Angels as well to trick us. Greet each Angel you meet with May God Peace be with you. You also must test the Angels of God, do they come in the name of God and to reveal their selves in name of Christ. Only the Fallen ones will answer no.
Do not be afraid of speaking to everyone about these Angels, they are meant to reach out to people like they have done with you.
God Bless
Date: 2010-01-04
Wow, nice experience.
Though Gabriel usually appears with black wings. You should ask next time, if they come in peace with God, and what is their name.
God Bless
Amazing, Hallejulah!
Don't worry you are not dead when you have these experiences. You are simply pulled out of your physical body and your spirit body is views these experiences under God's will.
Yes The Holy Trinity is real.
I've had a few experiences myself. I need to work on more of thinking about God before I sleep.
God Bless
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