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I Met My Spirit Guide During Astral Travel on 2009-08-17

First of all I would like to start off by saying how thrilled I am that I came across this site because, and I know I speak for everyone who is using this site at present, it helps us realize that we aren't going insane. People are actually having the same experiences as me and that is wonderful. ...

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hi there and thanks for the comments... I wouldn't say that it felt like heaven or I guess what I think heaven would feel like... It was like a lovely forest, I was ducking and diving amongst the trees... It was beautiful... The people weren't angels, they were just regular people, like you or i...

I didn't actually get a good look at margaret... I could just feel her presence at my side, flying with me... And could see a faint outline if I turned my head to the right... I felt so safe with her... You know as if I was in awe of her... Like a pupil is towards a really nice teacher... That's how it felt I guess...

As for experiencing another episode... I'm afraid to say no I haven't... Part of me you see is a little afraid of the unknown, I felt like I could very easily have gone back there a few nights ago, my eyes were closed but started going crazy... Like side to side and round and round... Freaked me out a bit as they felt out of control... I could hear hundreds and hundreds of voices all mumbling... I remember saying in my mind please don't make me go there tonight, I'm afraid... Then eventually my eyes went back to normal closed state and the voices faded away then disappeared... I really wish I wasn't so afraid as in my heart I want to go back there, but am frightened I can't get back to this world... I hope this makes sense 😨
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