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Teachers In My Dreams on 2009-08-04

Anyone ever drifted off to sleep, and in the state between actually falling asleep and being asleep, pictures, voices and what seems to be film scenes begin to "pop-up" in your minds eye? Or have dreams of galactic reference, like the sun bursting into tiny fragments, multiple horizontally aligned m...

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Date: 2010-02-15
Everyone who has responded has helped me greatly, and I sincerely appreciate each of the comments left. Please continue to respond to this post, and look for future post about recent spiritual experiences I have endured as well.

'We'...the entirety of humanity will figure these great spiritual mysteries out together, along with the help of the Divine One, Great Angels and Mother Earth.

Peace, Love and Unity ❤
Date: 2009-09-17
Nancy,Fossilera,and BeautifulDay... I thank each and everyone of you for responding from the heart about the "Dream Teachers". I sincerly apologize for the long delay in responding but please know that I appreciate you taking time out for me.

I've heard about Spirit guides and I will defintely check out the book you recommended BeautifulDay, and check out your story as well Fossilera.

You have all been my personal Spirit Guides at this moment and again, I thank you... ❤
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