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Fly Away Pete on 2009-07-31

Living in the county is considered by some to be quite a blessing. Some say it is because there are so many beautiful trees, others say it is the fresh air. For me it has been the picturesque landscape, vast areas of billowing trees and green grass. Everyday as I make my way home from the city I enj...

God Is Always Listening on 2009-07-22

The death of a close friend seemed to spiral me down into the depths of despair. Thoughts of such a chilling crime left me frightened and feeling alone. He had been murdered just a few months ago. The shock was still vibrating through every fiber of my body. It had been a random shooting and it was ...

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Oh My! I am astounded by your story. I sat at my desk reading and I felt shivers and an intense feeling of awe... I have so enjoyed this experience and I will look forward to your book... I had no idea about Elvis though... Why has he appeared to so many... May I have your e-mail address if you visit my stories ("Fly away Pete and God is always Listening") and click on "Selena" you can get my e-mail address would... Love to chat... 😁
Date: 2009-09-18
How beautiful, I pray that God allows me to hear his angels sing... I think the truly special hear and see these things... You are Blessed 😁
I have read your story and that is so amazing. However you do not mention did it feel like you were in heaven or were the people you encountered angels. What did margaret look like? What did you feel about her... And have you experienced another episode since that night.
I have really enjoyed reading your story. I only pray to have such enlightenment. You are very blessed to have received this "special invitation" as I call it. Only a few are chosen... I hope you realize how extremely fortunate you are.
Franca 😉
Date: 2009-08-14
I am a bit confused... Are saying that this entity is an angel or a demon... Or something in-between. You did say it was peaceful, but not friendly... Can you xplain more.
Date: 2009-08-10
Loved your story, you are truly blessed to have ssen Jesus. Know that you are loved, enough that he came to you to show you the way... Most people will never get that experience, what a blessing, he most love you very much.
God already gave you your answers... All you need to do is listen. I think you know that. Believe with all your heart and he will worry about all the rest for you. It is what it is. God has planned your future already, just trust in him and let your faith do all the rest.
God bless you in your life
Hi Regina, what a lovely story. I pray that
God touches your sisters heart and guides her on her journey back to the people who have always loved her.
I will quote this, as the content is from "The Inspired word of god"

"Isn't it presumptious to come to the throne of grace if we haven't been gracious to the people in our own lives?"
how can we approach a God of mercy if we ourselves have such bitterness.
Thank you for your comments... And on your advice I have found your story and I have enjoyed it immensely. Yes, your friend came back to fix what he could not while he was here. It was probably his pain that caused him to speak to you so curtly, but when he was pain free in heaven he came back to make things right... Your act of kindness in this world was not forgotten in his New World
Be Blessed
This experience seems so magnified, I can't begin to imagine what you must have felt. You are blessed... Thank you for sharing, and you should talk about it more...
Franca 😉
Date: 2009-08-04
I am so happy for you... This is just my thought... Perhaps it wasn't a spell but God who was listening... Anyway what is important is that you are going to be well again.
God bless you
Date: 2009-08-04
That is so amazing... I can't believe you are so young... How did you come to write on this web-site...Thank you for sharing this story and I believe you are right. I have heard that when we start to see visions of past and deceased loved ones it is often to bring us some news. Perhaps your Grandmother came to lay her hands on you. All blessings from God. It is my personal belief that our loved ones who pass way pray for us and help to grant favour for us here on earth. Your Grandmother was praying for you
May God give you continued good health
You are so blessed, to have seen the Christ... I hope that dream or vision never leaves you...
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