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My great great grandmother was a romany gypsy (the phycic ones not the chav ones who think they are tough when they are not). I can sense danger before it happens. I worship mother nature and my Garden is like a nature reserve cos I love nature. My Garden has a little corner which is all glittery and full of beautiful flowers. That bit is for the astral faries.
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Witchcraft Saved My Leg on 2009-07-27

I have been wiccan since I was 11 years old. My first ever spell was a wishing spell. I wanted a kitten so much but mum never would get me one and I tried a wishing spell to get a kitten. I didn't think it would work but I hoped it would, then a few months or weeks later, Mum said I could get a kitt...

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Date: 2009-09-16
Dylancasey, thankyou for the suggestion but what do you mean by there will be no looking back?
Date: 2009-09-16
Selena/franca, on my mum's side I have Romany Gypsy ancestors and my fathers side were christians and when my Father was alive he used to make me believe in God and whenever I talked to God or begged for help at hard times nothing happened. My mum and Mother nature helped me find my path - wicca. We should all find our own paths. Thankyou for commenting and I'm glad you found your path:)
Date: 2009-08-05
Thanks guys. I can't wait for my operation but I am a bit nervous because the last operation I had was extremely painful afterwards. I have been warned that it will be hard after the operation but eventually I will be able to walk without support, but time flies by and soon I will be walking properly! Xx
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