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The Mechanic on 2009-07-19

This is an experience I had with someone at a car dealership. I brought my car in to get it inspected. As I was sitting in the waiting room I heard this very soft gentle voice say Mr. H. I stood up and looked over at the doorway. I noticed a guy about 5'8, Blonde hair and blue eyes walking my way. H...

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Date: 2009-08-06
Hey guyz!

Thank you all for the response! I have not felt anything sence that expierince. But, 4 months before I had this expierince I was meditating and It felt as though I was moving upside down and side ways. All of a sudden it felt like I stopped and this tingly warm sentation started in my feet and ran through my body up to my head. When It reached my head the inside of my head was vibrating with energy like it did with the guy I met.

Lots of love
Blake 😜
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