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Little Butterfly on 2009-07-19

This story begins in 1976 when I first moved to oahu, at the time I was 22 and living in Kaaawa. I had gone at first to help build a large house on the beach next to the light house look out at Diamond Head. When the job was finished I sold my return ticket and looked for a place to live. A frien...

My Light on 2009-07-11

I was living in Kona, Big Island at the time and my life, at best, was lost. I was married, my 3rd and it was going down faster than the other two. I had always had the Creator as a someone to talk to most my life for advice and times of hardship. At this time in my life I was at an end and didn't f...

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Date: 2012-11-26
I read this story again today 11-22-2012 and read one of the comments about aliens, first I'd like to state I've had many exps since then and I know that's not the case. The light was actually a HUGH light maybe 20/30 ft wide right over my head and was at one point over me all the way to the horizon as far as you could see and very bright, if it were aliens me being on the beach in kona on Alii Dr 2 miles from town many many people would have called in to reports this, but the next morning not that I had ANY doubt, I found nothing in the news at all. If you truly apply yourself to your spirit half you too will develop exps that will let you know we are just growing children.
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