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A Kumar
I am a begger living on alms thrown in my begger's bowl by Lord Shiva hoping always to find a little place at his feet and do good to his children yet time and again wordly desires and compulsions make me sad, I become desparate and pray to him harder to keep me on the path of bhakti
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Guruji Blessed My Infant Years After Passing Away on 2009-07-01

My father met my Guru Ji (spiritual teacher) about two decades back. My father was an atheist in his youth. His first name was given to him by a spiritual Guru who is probably the most famous Guru Ji from India. My father was of course an infant when he was given his first name. While naming my fath...

Example Of Sacrifice In Allahabad on 2009-06-26

About a decade back I was a young man doing a small job in Allahabad. Since I always go to a temple of Lord Shiva on Mondays I started hunting for a Shiva temple in Allahabad since I was new to the city. I finally found Mankameshwar temple in Allahabad on Saraswati ghat. As is common practice for...

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May Lord Shiva give him a long life and awesome health! Lots of people have some little disability it is nothing to worry about!
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